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3 Day Potty Training With Lora Jensen: Day 2

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7:24 am: It’s Day 2 and I want to quit. I’m exhausted. In her ebook, Lora stresses the importance of letting everything else go for this short period of time. Did I listen to her? No. Yesterday I still made three meals from scratch, cleaned the house for a showing, did exercises to prevent my diastasis (abdominal separation) from getting worse,  and blogged. I consider this blog an opportunity to review the day and make adjustments so I’ll continue doing it, but I’m done with trying to be superwoman.

Katie slept great last night. She had an accident and slept right through it. I tossed and turned, obsessed with helping her get to the potty before she went pee in the bed. Laying in bed awake isn’t part of the program, but after a day obsessed with checking on the status of Katie’s bladder I found it almost impossible to “turn off” when I needed to. I finally woke her up at 4:30 am and took her to the potty. The trip was successful, but we never got fully back to sleep after that.

Daniel preserved the integrity of this operation by opting to work from home today. The hour he usually commutes home from work is allocated as a break for me. Bless that man. I need some time to recover from my poor choices, and this is my one free pass. If you are going to attempt this, set EVERYTHING else aside and take care of yourself and your child. There is just no other way.


7:36 am After a sip of Gigi’s coffee I have recommitted. I will do this.


9:21 am Went pee on the floor while engrossed in water coloring.


2:26 pm Dry panties after a 2.5 hour nap! Success feels good!


One of the most surprising things about the last two days is how intensely Katie is soaking in my undivided attention. I had imagined some frustration on her part, but all she seems to notice is that for now we are glued at the hip. Go figure, she likes it.

There is a real world out there, and in that world I need to finish our taxes and locate some maternity clothes I accidentally put in storage. But this experience has reinforced something it has taken me awhile to figure out. Time together does not always equate quality time. Our relationship thrives when I intentionally make her my sole focus on a regular basis. Right now, that means the zoo every Friday morning. The time we spend there enjoying each other makes the other six days of the week a thousand times easier.


I started this day feeling completely defeated. Caffeine got me so far, but what really saved me were the helpful tips ya’ll shared in my comment section. The advice was so good I plan on using every single piece of it to get to the finish line. Thank you and keep the encouragement/help/opinions coming!!!


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4 Responses to 3 Day Potty Training With Lora Jensen: Day 2

  1. Sunny says:

    How old was Katie when you potty trained her? Thanks! Our baby is 21months old and we are wondering when to start.

    • Heather says:

      Katie was about 27 months. Some kids do well earlier, but I was intimidated by the process. It took realizing that I was about to have two in diapers to finally motivate me!

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