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A Potamus New Year Plan

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Happy New Year, Y’all!

Did you make any resolutions? Reflect on what you are most grateful for in 2012? Or maybe you spent the night with a crab named Lester, whom you **may** have against your better judgment allowed to be named before dinner?


Wherever you were on the last night of 2012, you were also in the Potamus house. Well, a stick figure of you, prominently displayed on our white board under¬† “People we have ridiculously awesome things planned for in 2013.”

Yummy recipes with photos that make you want to jump through your computer screen and stuff your face? Check.

An interview with THE birth photographer (whose National Geographic entry ingnited a firestorm of comments) plus posts on:

  • Why childhood fevers may prevent cancer
  • How to boost your fertility with egg whites (we’re not talking about eating them, y’all!)
  • And more?

Triple check. Giveaways for stuff you REALLY want? Oh yeah. I’m telling you, seriously good stuff will be happening here in 2013. I also set some personal & blog goals:

  1. Find a piece of land to start a farm. Daddypotamus is working on his Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) this year, and we’d like to shift from 1st time renters to 1st time Tennessee land owners.
  2. Prep our new land for a garden. It may take us the better part of the year to find a property that suits our needs (and budget), but we’d like to spend the winter at least prepping the land for planting in the Spring 2014.
  3. Potty train Micahpotamus. He is NOT interested . . . yet.
  4. Always use the “w” instead of the “s” when attempting to type “awwww.” Typing with a damaged hand can lead to very awkward comments, you know.
  5. Teach Katiepotamus to read. She’s been learning how to write her letters, and it’s time to step up our game and get her crackin’ the books. Maybe she’ll find her inner bookworm and we’ll find an extra hour or two for potami games (like reindeer games, only somewhat less graceful).
  6. Launch the 2nd Edition of Nourished Baby. It’s gonna include more than a dozen new recipes and will come in portrait mode rather than landscape so it’s more readable for iPads and tablets. And it’s coming SOON!
  7. Launch a new online class covering some of the most relevant health topics to parents (and future parents) of small children.

That’s my list for 2013. Thanks for spending 2012 with me. May your life be filled with bright blessings this new year!

What Are YOUR Plans? (Big Or Small!!!)

Photo credit: Maplemama

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11 Responses to A Potamus New Year Plan

  1. Whittney says:

    Awesome! When I was paranoid about my fertility being ruined from having {stupidly} been on birth control for many years, I told my Dr. that if my body wasn’t doing the right thing I could always help with egg whites. He thought I was crazy. :)

  2. Alice says:

    Happy New Year.

    Not sure if it’s just me, but I’m getting a lot of 404 errors when I try to follow links on this fab site – i.e., tried to go to ‘circumcision’ and ‘purposeful parenting’, but no luck.

    Hope it will be ok soon – you are a wise, interesting and thought-provoking woman and a great go-to place for a wake-up call!


  3. Noel McNeil says:

    Love the list and can’t wait to see all you have planned!

  4. Ann Marie @ Village Green Network says:

    SO excited for the Potamus family!

    My goals: Quadruple our ad revenue, help you get your first class launched, remodel the kitchen and bath, get pregnant one last time!

  5. Bethany says:

    Sounds exciting! We are embarking on our first gardening adventure at our place as well. I have a long history of killing house plants so we’ve got our fingers crossed! Lol

  6. Tina says:

    What is your husband going to do with his PDC?

  7. Shereen says:

    Awesome! Didn’t realize you were in TN – me too! What part?

  8. Alexis D says:

    Regarding the second edition of Nourished Baby, will 1st edition owners have access to the 2nd edition? I loved the book :)

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