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A Quick Family Update

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Daddypotamus here. Some of you have asked what’s going on that caused Mommypotamus to cut back her frenzied blogging production last week. Heather felt she hadn’t clarified and might cause some of you to wonder or even worry, so here’s the skinny:

Our House STILL Hasn’t Sold

Yes. You read that right. After paying to have the house inspected, the buyer terminated the contract. No negotiating on price or repairs, even though the defects found were pretty minor. Just canceled. We have now had TWO contracts fall through since August. Our property is officially off the market while we regroup, cry, and drown our sorrows in a tub of crunchy peanut butter.

My Career is in Transition

I am looking for enough contract work to replace the income I’ve been earning at my job these past two and a half years. I’m also talking to some companies about full-time employment.

We reached a place in the past couple weeks where my stress level was off-the-charts bad, and my physical health suffered for it. Now I’m seeking the Lord for the path that best suits me and our family’s needs.

I knew the job change was coming. The signs were leading to it. Unable to find qualified sales staff, the company wasn’t able to bring in enough new business this year to make up for the ones who backed out when the economy tanked. And then to hear a week later that our house contract was terminated was like getting punched in the stomach by someone you love.

On the flip side, I’ve known for months that it was time for change. Sometimes, I think God allows situations to escalate when we don’t take the hint and move on of our own free will. For the sake of my own sanity and personal growth, it was time for change.

Times of Testing

There are moments in life when not just one thing goes wrong, but several things happen all at once. It’s a whirlwind. It doesn’t let you regain your composure or play it off as no big deal. You get raw, unedited emotions, and sometimes the worst come days later once recuperated from the initial shock.

I don’t claim that difficult circumstances come from God. That’s not part of my theology. But I know difficult times test our character and show where we’re really at. When you have your hopes set on an outcome, and that outcome is aborted halfway through, as in the sale of our house, you get to see yourself a little clearer based on how you react and respond.

I’m pleased to realize that our marriage has grown stronger than I realized. I’m pleased by how we’ve come together during this time. We’re not without our flaws, but I apparently underestimated us. Though no one loves trouble, I love what I see working in us through the troubles we’ve survived these past few years.

A Lesson Learned

A bargain is not always a good deal. That’s a lesson to be learned from our experience. Over the years, I’m less and less proud of how we acquired this property. My negotiating tactics may have brought us a good price, but it was a taxing burden on the previous owners. God’s massaging my heart to desire to see both parties in every business transaction get a good deal.

I also think this plays out in our regrettable decision to go For Sale By Owner. I don’t really want to debate with anyone who’s had great success with it. The reality is that I have not. We’ve worked with these wonderful real estate agents to help us find a house for the past two years, and I think now I should have gone with them to help us sell.

The lesson is this: it’s not enough to pursue a bargain at all costs. Bargain acquisitions are not necessarily virtues. There are two sides to every business deal, and God has called us to love our neighbors not just in theory, but in our everyday transactions.

As believers, we are all stewards of God’s resources. We are not only recipients of blessing, but channels to pour out blessing and provision on others. And I now see that there are times when God has placed us in a specific position in order to bless someone else through a business deal. To be a channel of provision for them.

But how can we be a channel of blessing while we bleed the person dry? How are we being the light and love of God? How are we living like Jesus? My heart has been wounded by this lesson. I fear I have not loved others as I should. Generosity and love should not be relegated to charity and church. It’s place is front and center in our daily lives.

That’s about it for now. We’re growing and learning just like you. Thanks for being such amazing friends to our family. You are a consistent joy in our lives.


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8 Responses to A Quick Family Update

  1. Melanie Buck says:

    I love you all, I am close by if you need me.

  2. Lesley says:

    Thinking of you guys and continuing to pray for peace through this all!

  3. Scott Wooley says:

    Let’s chat…Your wife read my blog. I’m married to Susan Wooley…I’m the guy with the tumors that just vanished.

    I’m in the biz and would like to visit with you regarding your home. I’m not a realtor and I’m not trying to list your home. I work for a builder and have been in real estate for 10 years and I know a ton of people…We actually have a GREAT friend in common…his name is Jesus..

    Call me-

    All the best,
    Scott Wooley


  4. Poppy says:

    This post pleases me greatly. I am so proud of you and Heather.

  5. Rena says:

    I love this blog! What a diamond of a revelation. I have felt that way for a long time in business. Negotiation is not about sucking the life out of the other party but doing what is fair and just for everyone. I am so sorry for the rough road you and heather have traveled to here but man there are many blessing to cone for you. Hugs and many thanksgivings for you both!

  6. Kaitlin says:

    I’m so sorry for you! And I can relate…we have been going through the toughest of times lately. They almost led to us losing the farm due to roommate loss, financial difficulties, layoffs, etc. We are taking the risk and choosing to stay despite all these things, but your post really hit home with me. There are many other options we could have chosen that would have been safer, but both of us feel that there is more in store for us here. We feel that God sometimes gives us hardships, not to harm us but to strengthen us, and that’s what’s keeping us going!

  7. david says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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