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Hi there. I’m Heather, the Mommypotamus. This is where you read a little about me, so here goes:

I’m a mom. I have two beautiful children that were born in my living room. You can read their stories here and here.

I’m a researcher. Questioning the status quo comes naturally to me, which is why I rely on evidence-based research to guide my decisions on vaccinations, birth, extended-breastfeeding, circumcision, food and a bunch of other topics.

I’m a doer. For me, life’s pleasures come through the pursuit of the next goal. I love to DO, and to do well. Unfortunately, our society’s obsession with performance often becomes a pitfall. Who wants to be an amazing wife? Supermom? ME! Not to mention the other “master’s degrees” I am currently pursuing: chef, organic gardener, etc.

What’s wrong with this culture we live in? Nothing really, except that it’s totally unnatural. In the past, our desires were moderated by natural constraints. When someone was tired, they slept. Now they down a pot of coffee and keep going. Everything is in hyperdrive. Consider this: It used to take 4-5 years for a cow to reach it’s mature weight, but through the “miracle” of science (i.e. liquified fat, protein supplements, synthetic estrogen and corn feed) it now only takes about sixteen months.

In our attempt to become uber-individuals we have lost touch with the natural rhythms and cycles that bring meaning and enjoyment to our lives.

What do I hope people will get out of this blog? I hope they will encounter ideas that help them re-establish rhythms and a connection to Nature without having to go out and live in the woods. We are intentionally bringing Nature’s rhythms back into our lives, and we would love for you to take part in the process.

Some of you curious types may be asking yourselves, What is a Mommypotamus? If you want to know check out this post.

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