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Nourished Baby Book Release!

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Remember how I told you I wanted to be a smutty novelist? Well, dreams really do come true!

Sort of.

As it turns out my original subject matter was a **little** off, but the dream of writing a book is alive and well. Oh sure, there was that little gap between when I was eight and when I turned – ahem – where was I? Not discussing my old age with all of you, I’m sure! Let’s see . . .

Oh yes, there was that **brief** twenty-year interlude before Daddypotamus started against my will, set up Twitter accounts without my knowledge, and then harassed me until I wrote. And now, there’s a book.

About Babies. And REAL FOOD.

Did you know that real food can help kids avoid braces? It can also prevent - or even heal – cavities, clear up eczema, help your kids focus in school and improve their moods. Did you know that how we nourish our daughters in the early years of their life may determine whether their hips are wide enough for an easy, complication-free labor?

Yep, food is that powerful. And we as parents wield that power for our children. I don’t know about you, but in a world where McDonald’s scrambled eggs contain 20+ ingredients - instead of just, you know, EGGS -I can’t say I put much trust in the industrial food complex to help us with our mission. If ever a generation needed real, nourishing food, it is the one we are raising. I wrote this book to help parent sort through what that looks like in real life.

So, Uh, Are You Going To Tell Us What It’s Called?

Oh right! It’s called Nourished Baby, and it covers everything from how the actual birth experience affects food cravings to tips for cultivating your toddler/preschooler/older child into an adventurous eater.

There’s a whole lotta stuff not published here, too, like photos of my breastmilk under a microscope, the secret I use to get my boy to take his cod liver oil, and of course lots of baby-friendly recipes that your whole family will enjoy! I loved writing it for you and I hope you will love reading it.

And Now, The Giveaway!!!

To thank you for sticking it out with me this summer while I posted less often in order to finish this project, I’m giving away an Amazon Kindle preloaded with a copy of Nourished Baby. If you’re not sure why you’d want a Kindle, here are some reasons:

  • You can tour Oregon in the fall without recharging once. The battery lasts up to a month!
  • Download books in 60 seconds with built-in Wifi
  • Like free? There are literally thousands of free Kindle books now available through public libraries and
  • Free Cloud Backup. Amazon automatically backs up your library in the cloud, so you never need to worry about losing your books. Re-download wirelessly anytime for free.
  • Buy Once, Read Everywhere. Kindle books can be read on your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Mac, PC, or web browser with their free Kindle Reading Apps. Oh, and their Whispersync technology synchronizes your last page read so you can always pick up where you left off.

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675 Responses to Nourished Baby Book Release!

  1. Vanessa says:

    How exciting!! (Your writing accomplishments, and the give away!)

  2. Vanessa says:

    I do like you on facebook already!

  3. Vanessa says:

    And, my best advice, currently: wait until baby is showing clear signs he is ready to eat before starting solids. :)

  4. Kimberly says:

    I am already subscribed to the monthly newsletter :). This is an awesome give away, and congratulations on the book, that is so cool!

  5. Kimberly says:

    I already like you on Facebook :)!

  6. Kimberly says:

    My best piece of advice for feeding babies is to let them lead you. Don’t force feed them anything, and let them feed themselves. I find my son is much more open to eating things if we let him feed himself.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I would LOVE to read this book (on a Kindle or not, of course a Kindle would be neat ;) )!

  8. debbie says:

    Already a subscriber..
    Can’t wait til ur book comes out!

  9. Subscribed to newsletter!

  10. Aimee Greenman says:

    Already liked it on Facebook!

  11. Aimee Greenman says:

    Subscribed to the Newsletter! Love the info you provide!!!

  12. Best baby feeding advice—let them eat what you are eating…exactly what you are eating! I fed my baby pureed feed less than 10 times in her baby eating life…and it made my life so much easier!! I just cut up or steamed whatever we were eating –or did some extra veggies or fruit. She could eat apple slices without any choking by 9 months. A lot of people say this is the best way because it encourages development, allows them to stop when they are done and to not eat something if for someone reason it just is not right for them. i *think* its the easiest thing to do if your a busy mom juggling multiple kids and life…they eat while I eat AND there food is our food…easy!

  13. Anna says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter :)

  14. Aimee Greenman says:

    I Facebooked the give away!

  15. Sharmista says:

    I’m already a subscriber. :)

  16. Sharmista says:

    I like you on FB.

  17. Anna says:

    And I like you on facebook!

  18. Sharmista says:

    I facebooked it!

  19. Anna says:

    I’m already subscribed

  20. Annemarie says:

    Already subscribed! Good luck with the book.

  21. Breza says:

    I just subscribed to your newsletter!

  22. Aimee Greenman says:

    My best piece of baby feeding advice is variety, variety, variety! I offered my kids a large of variety of foods to try and they like almost everything. I love being the weird family that has kids who ask for artichokes and asparagus and broccoli. LOL!

  23. Sharmista says:

    My best advice… feed baby what the rest of the family eats, even “weird” stuff. Then they get a taste for what you normally eat.

    Can’t wait to read your book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Anna says:

    I facebooked it!

  25. And I hope you don’t mind if I DO say that Micah is adorable on the cover!!! I stood in a massive ant pile to get that shot!

  26. Anna says:

    And my best advice is to never tell your children something is “yucky.” Expose them to all kinds of foods — not just chicken nuggets and macaroni. My son (three) eats everything from Vietnamese food to German fare and seafood of all sorts. Friends are always asking what my secret is. I tell them I just let him eat!

  27. Emily Brown says:

    Congratulations! I’m sure the book will be more than excellent! I signed up for your newsletter….what an awesome giveaway!

  28. CathyG says:

    Already a newsletter subscriber.

  29. Holly says:

    I am already a subscriber! How fun!

  30. Chet snider says:

    I subscribed and I also already liked your page on Facebook. That’s 2 entries

  31. Holly says:

    I shared the link on facebook.

  32. Holly says:

    I already like you on FB too!

  33. Rachel says:

    I facebooked it!

  34. Holly says:

    And my best baby food tip: it’s been awhile but — it’s easy to make homemade food at the same time you’re cooking for the rest of the family, then freeze in ice cube trays for portion control! :)

  35. Kelly says:

    I am already a newsletter subscriber and have liked you on fb. Thanks!

  36. Jessica says:

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter!

  37. Jessica says:

    I’m already a fan on Facebook and I posted about the giveaway!

  38. Jessica says:

    Whoops. Here’s the comment about me posting the link: “I Facebooked it!” :)

  39. Avacado is great for babies. Easy to digest with healthy fats! Smash it up.

  40. Kimberly says:

    I posted this link on Facebook…I already “liked” you (on FB)…I emailed 5 of my friends about this giveaway and my best baby feeding advice is always have them try new things (once their little tummies are ready). Out of my 5 children I have some who like to eat the same things over and over and others who want something different all the time but the common thread between them is everyone has to “try” new foods. As a mom I make MANY recipes and I don’t cater to any one person at the table each meal is meant for all to try. Hopefully as they grow they will be more and more adventurous with food. Thanks for all your wonderful posts!

  41. Heather says:

    i like u on facebook

  42. Heather says:

    posted link of facebook

  43. Elisa says:

    Liked you on FB and just entered for the sweepstakes! Looking forward to Nourished Baby. :)

  44. Heather says:

    I have a strange breastfeeding question. I stopped breastfeeding my daughter way too soon because,,,, wait for the kicker,,, I produced too much milk. The three separate lactation consultants I visited said I produced milk for triplets. Because of the mastitis and gagging my daughter, along with a slew of other problems I stopped breastfeeding at 3 months. What could I have done to reduce my amount of milk?

  45. I’m already a happy subscriber, Facebook liker, frequent question asker and follower but let’s get real! I’m not going to win, so, where the heck can we buy the book!? I am so proud of your accomplishments! What an inspiration you are to all of us! Congratulations!

  46. Megan says:

    Signed up for newsletter!

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    Already “like” on FB!

  48. j whetstine says:

    already subscribed to newsletter

  49. Jenny says:

    I subscribed. I think I may have already been, but I did it again :) to be sure.

  50. j whetstine says:

    my best baby feeding advice… they are all so very different. my first baby absolutely refused to eat until after she was one and my second was affectionately known as “the avocado muncher” before he was nine months. babies don’t come with instruction manuals for reasons — there aren’t hard rules — just love.

    • Denise says:

      Glad to hear about your daughter… my little girl (9 months) will eat very little. She doesn’t tolerate anything that isn’t nearly liquid. I’m trying to stay patient and let her drive this, but I also want to offer up new tastes. Patience, patience patience…… =]

  51. Jenny says:

    I liked you on FB

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    i facebooked your link!

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    of course i already love you on fb!

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    and i emailed 5 health loving mom pals!

  56. Wendy says:

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    I like you on FB

  58. Jenny says:

    Sent your link to 5 friends in an email.

  59. Wendy says:

    Don’t know if this is good advise… but out of sheer laziness I exclusively breastfed my 3rd child for 8 months & by then he was ready for tablefood, thus skipping the whole pureed baby food stage. Worked for us! :)

  60. Mary says:

    I’m subscribed the newsletter :)

  61. I signed up for your newsletter…great site and fun giveaway!

  62. Elizabeth says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter!

  63. Elizabeth says:

    I “like” you on facebook!

  64. Mary says:

    I’m expecting my frist little on in April and I’d love to win this. I have so many questions about feeding babies I don’t even know where to start lol! I hope this book can help me start my baby off to a happy and healthy life that is processed-food free :)

  65. Mary says:

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  66. Ryan Cormier says:

    Liked on Facebook, subscribed to newsletter and sent 5 emails to friends!

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  68. been following your blog for the last few months and I can’t wait to get your book! Congrats! From one GAPSter/Dallas momma to another!

  69. I subscribe to your newsletter.

  70. I already like Mommypotomus on facebook. :)

  71. sarah says:

    email newsletter

  72. Thank you, Elizabeth ‘Chandler’ Rock!!

  73. I am not so sure that I have any great tips, but I’d love some suggestions on encouraging kids that didn’t start off with a real foods diet to be more open to it once the switch is made.

  74. Emily Woodall says:

    I already subscribe…& so glad I do! :)

  75. Emily Woodall says:

    I like Mommypotumus on Facebook!

  76. Krista Grant says:

    I just subscribed!

  77. Krista Grant says:

    I like Mommypotamus on facebook :-)

  78. Emily Woodall says:

    My best advice is to just keep offering hearthy foods again & again but don’t let it become a battle. Be creative in how you serve it up. Keep meal time peaceful, thankful & joyful!

  79. I just subscribed to your monthly newsletter! We have an autistic daughter and her twin is developmentally delayed, so this book is very exciting for me!!

  80. I like you on Facebook already – it’s how I heard about the book and the giveaway!

  81. Krista Grant says:

    Most perplexing question… I started my son off with solids around 7-8 months, and he ate EVERYTHING I put in front of him. The day (literally) he turned one, he started to refuse any and all veggies and almost all proteins, with the exception of cheese and nuts. I’ve heard a number of other moms say similar things happened to them. What happened?!

  82. Alison says:


  83. Krista Grant says:

    Just posted the link on facebook… hoping my friends enter, too!

  84. Krista Grant says:

    Just emailed 5 friends. Thanks for doing such a fun giveaway! Can’t wait to read the book, even if I don’t win ;-)

  85. Already subscribed. What a great giveaway! Congrats!

  86. anna richards says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber!

  87. Gara says:

    I subscribed!

  88. Lori_B says:

    I facebooked it

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  90. anna richards says:

    I facebooked it :)

  91. Gara says:

    I already “Like” you on FB!

  92. anna richards says:

    I already liked you on facebook

  93. Gara says:

    My little girl is 4 months old this Wednesday. She is a chunky monkey, and I think she is getting everything she needs with just my milk. I started her brother on cereal around 5.5 months so I’m planning on waiting until 6 months with her. Should I start with cereal again or go straight to fruits/veggies?

  94. Lori_B says:

    I already “Liked” you on Facebook

  95. Amanda Molina says:

    Awesome! I didn’t even know you had a newsletter! lol

  96. Lori_B says:

    My best feeding advice – don’t know if it’s been shared- Let the kids help in the making/cooking process. They are more likely to eat something they helped with. :)

  97. Angela Campany says:

    Already a newsletter subscriber and sooo excited to read this book!

  98. Vickie W says:

    Should have done this a long time ago! Just subscribed to your newsletter!

  99. Kristin says:

    I signed up for your newsletter. I had your blog already on my google reader list. I love it!

  100. Angela Campany says:

    And my best baby feeding advice is to keep them away from all forms of sugar (except fruit) and excess carbohydrates (too much bread, rice, crackers, etc.) for as long as possible. It really helps them learn to love the right kinds of truly nourishing food before adding “treats” to the mix. :)

  101. Vickie W says:

    I just facebooked it!

  102. Vickie W says:

    Already liked the facebook page :)

  103. Kristin says:

    Just “liked” you on facebook. :)

  104. Amanda Molina says:

    Best advice: breastfeed for a year, at least, and don’t feed your baby junk like rice cereal. :)

  105. Jody says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter!

  106. Jody says:

    I like you on Facebook.

  107. Lynn says:

    This is great idea and can’t wait to see the book. Way to go Heather!

  108. Tiffany says:

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  109. Tiffany says:

    like you on facebook too :)

  110. Alice says:

    I subscribed!

  111. Alice says:

    I liked you on FB.

  112. Tiffany says:

    as for feeding advice- I’ve always introduced savory vegetables before fruit. I get them eating a good assortment of veggies and garlic and herbs before exposing their palate to things like applesauce and bananas. So far we are three for three for veggie lovers. But I would also add that there is no need to rush the food introduction. My first was eating a large assortment of things relatively young, but my other two had no interest in solids until they could feed themselves. It will happen when it happens. :) Really excited about your book!

  113. Margo says:

    Already a newsletter subscriber and totally excited about this book!!!!

  114. Lindsey says:

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  116. iwona says:

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  118. Victoria says:

    I just subscribed to your newsletter! My daughter is expecting, so I forwarded your post to her, too.

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  120. Jennifer says:

    Also, “liked” your facebook page.

  121. Victoria says:

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  122. Victoria says:

    Best feeding advice: add coconut oil or butter to veggies.

  123. Victoria says:

    Emailed this post to 5 lucky friends!

  124. Brynna says:

    I’m a subscriber!

  125. Alexis D says:

    Already a newsletter subscriber :)

  126. Brynna says:

    My advice is to take the time to consider the things we CAN’T see before starting a baby on solids. Just because the common recommendation is a certain age and certain milestones does NOT mean a baby is ready on the inside. We have plenty of other indicators that can give us some insight on whether a baby is ready internally- like type of birth (colonization), method of feeding (breast vs formula), exposure to antibiotics, whether baby has teeth or not (proper enzymes to break down the food in the first stage of digestion), etc. It’s just a matter of making it an important enough issue to take the time to consider those things rather than doing what is easy and going by “4-6 months, sitting up, no tongue thrust”, etc. Its SO worth the effort!!

  127. Alexis D says:

    Pretty bland advice in my opinion but can’t think of anything “great” haha –> If baby doesn’t like a particular food one day, try again another day! And offer a wide variety of foods to get used to the different tastes and textures of foods. One other thing I did with Makena when she was about 9 months old is we would go through the spices cabinet and smell all of the different spices. It was fun watching the expressions on her face :)

  128. Brynna says:

    I emailed 5 friends!

  129. Alexis D says:

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    Of course I already “like” you on Facebook!!!

  131. Alexis Dunigan via FB says:

    I wonder if this giveaway will get more comments than the Water Filter giveaway :)

  132. shannon says:

    already like you on facebook :)

  133. I just signed up for your newsletter!!!

  134. and I like you on facebook :]

  135. shannon says:

    my biggest problem is cooking veggies to taste good and still contain nutrients (but with recipes that are kid friendly and simple) :)

  136. I subscribed and liked it!

  137. rachael says:

    Hi I found you through a friend! I signed up today and I love your page!!!

  138. Ginger says:

    I already like you on FB. Congratulations on the book!

  139. Jessica B. says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter. :)

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  142. Congrats Heather on your book! Woo Hoo! Sounds awesome.

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    emailed 5 friends

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    I already like your FB page :)

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    I just shared on FB =)

  152. carolyn b says:

    for the longest time I fed my babies something different than what we were eating…I wish I didn’t! Expecting my third in a few weeks and when she is eating solids, I plan to make sure she has a variety of healthy foods (that way I won’t have to fight with my kiddos about eating new, healthy foods!)

  153. carolyn b says:

    already like you on facebook

  154. Robin says:

    Just signed up for your newsletter! Yay!

  155. Robin says:

    I already like you on facebook. Actually, I like you a lot. ;)

  156. Robin says:

    My best baby feeding advice probably isn’t all the earth shattering for the folks around “these parts,” but I’m always amazed at how easily people will give their babies food that isn’t, well food! Real food is so simple. We’ve been doing Bably led weaning with our almost 7 month old and it’s AMAZING at how she loves to eat real nourishing food!

  157. Sarah Killingsworth says:

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  160. Sarah H. says:

    Already subscribed to newletter!

  161. Sarah H. says:

    I don’t have a lot of experience with ‘feeding babies’ since I only have one child & she’s only 9 months :) but best feeding advice given to me has been to nurse her until at least a year and to hold off on grains for a year or two.

  162. Sarah H. says:

    I Facebooked it!

  163. Sarah H. says:

    I liked Mommypotamus on FB

  164. Tiffany says:

    AA Email Newsletter Subscriber

  165. Sarah H. says:

    I e-mailed this to 5 friends. Thanks for a great giveway! I look forward to the book coming out.

  166. harmony moore says:

    I Signed up for your newsletter.

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    posted your link on FB. thanks for the giveaway!

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  171. julie harding says:

    best baby advise for eating is to make your own babyfood- super easy! also- advocado and banana puree is a yummy first foods!

  172. Halle says:

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    Finally joined the newsletter.

  175. Subscribed to the newsletter! Which was weird because I could have SWORN I did that last week. :-(

  176. I like you on Facebook, of course. Who doesn’t?

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    Yay! I liked you on Facebook, linked to you, and signed up for your newsletter! I love your content, btw:-) -Marissa

  178. penny hyde says:

    i already like you on facebook!!!! congrats on the book

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  180. penny hyde says:

    I have signed up for your emails!!!!

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    i like you on Facebook! (and also just in general! ;) )

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    I shared it on facebook; i.e., “i facebooked it”

  183. Jenn says:

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    Also have already “liked” you on Facebook!

  185. dianthe says:

    best food advice: offer food over and over and over and over again! that whole “you have to offer a new food 867 times” is true! and with some foods, i’ve found that it depends on their mood – sometimes they love carrots, sometimes not so much – kids are weird. oh, and i never force my kids to eat anything they don’t want to, but i only serve them what the rest of the family is eating!

  186. Krista U. says:

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  187. I subscribed to your newsletter :)

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  194. Delicia says:

    One good advice: Introduce new foods (according to WAPF lists) and don’t assume baby doesn’t like food until you have introduced it 15 times.

  195. Delicia says:

    I Facebooked it

  196. Delicia says:

    Told at least 5 friends : ) about the giveaway

  197. Delicia says:

    Thank you, love all you do : ) and Congrats too!

  198. Erin Bryant says:

    Liked, Linked, Emailed 5 friends, Already receive newsletter, huh. Now advice: We have a lot of food allergies in our family. I have learned over the years of dealing with this that we must give a great variety of foods and rotate them (never eating the same thing over and over again.) This helps prevent new food allergies. Also, as a bonus, your kids will eat just about anything!

    I believe that is 5 entries!

  199. Preeti Menon says:

    Already a newsletter subscriber! I am excited about your book. I want to read it. The other day I had a crazy experience at my dinner party. A friend of mine was feeding her 10 month old baby and she told me that it was the first time he was having a potato. I was shocked. He is mostly on jar foods and gets yogurt from the store as well. Meanwhile, I make everything for my baby including yogurt and feeding him raw milk. This book encourages mommies like me and even mommies who don’t know and want to learn!

  200. Johanne says:

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  201. Rachel says:

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  202. I already subscribe to your email list. I adore you by the way! :)

  203. I emailed 7 friends….not that I want the news to get out about this great giveaway!

  204. My best babyfood advice is NEVER give rice cereal or any cereal for that matter. It is CRAP! Crap! Crap! Baby led weaning is a wonderful approach as well!

  205. I subscribe to your newsletter. Congratulations on your book! :)

  206. I “like” you on facebook already! :)

  207. I have linked the giveaway to my status on facebook, too! :)

  208. tmileski says:

    I need to get my wife in on this!!

  209. Tana says:

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  211. Tana says:

    Best baby feeding advice: We start solids when the baby is feeding him or herself – they eat whatever we are eating when they start grabbing it off my plate – (as long as it is soft). and I have never worried about fruit being a “bad” food to start, since breastmilk, though it changes flavor and concentration of fats and protein all the time, is basically sweet. God must have a really good reason for that, and who am I to question His wisdom?

  212. Tana says:

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  213. I e-mailed five of my friends about the giveaway and gave them a link! :)

  214. Tana says:

    and I posted the link on facebook, too. Oh, pick me, pick me, random picker thingy.

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  220. Since I do not have children yet, (I just like to be prepared for when I do! haha), I’ll be asking a question! haha

    Do babies have different dietary needs than that of adults, or do they just eat the same foods with smaller proportions? I seem to remember reading it somewhere (possibly here), but I have not found much on it since that first time…
    Thank you! :)

  221. Tiffany says:

    Mix breastmilk into pureed foods when introducing them to your baby. It is good for them and helps them accept it better!

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    My best piece of advice regarding feeding your baby is to follow your own baby’s cues. Don’t feel the rush to start feeding him/her solids at 4 months because that’s the “earliest” you can do it…trust your instincts & your baby’s cues. He/she will be just on momma’s milk for quite a while!

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    Best piece of advice – invest in a couple of really good all plastic bibs – they’re cheaper than stain remover & you’ll save yourself a lot of frustration trying to clean spaghetti sauce out of a shirt. Or better yet, let them eat in just a diaper – makes for easy clean-up!

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    My best piece of advice for feeding babies is like you said, feed them actual food! Not stuff from jars at walmart! Cook a stinking carrot, mash it up and feed! Hehehe :)
    And, um, if the smell from said can or jar makes you gag….please don’t put it in the baby…….

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  250. ShellieR says:

    P.S. I am so excited about this book (and th Kindle!). I would LOVE to have both. Our oldest son has tons of severe allergies and severe eczema, and we’re also very interested in how food affects his/our behavior, etc. Even if I don’t win, I am putting this book on my “MUST HAVE” list!

  251. Ronda C says:

    Feed your little one what you eat, minus the spices, if you are adventurous!

  252. Ronda C says:

    Feed your toddler what you eat, minus some of the spices if you’re adventurous.

  253. Best baby food advice? Don’t do cereal! It’s yucky. Start with real food. Lots of probiotic foods if your baby has gas problems.

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    Best advice for feeding a baby? Don’t forget!! LOL — and if baby wants more, give it…and if baby doesn’t want more, don’t give it. Hmmm, I guess my advice for feeding is like my advice for all of parenting — think of your baby as a person worthy of respect. I found my babies often had a lot to teach me!!

  260. Adrienne says:

    Best feeding baby advice?
    Please, please, please don’t give your baby soda…especially not the diet kind. I’m tempted to make up an information card to hand out to the many, many parents I watch hand a diet coke to their kids who are barely a year old, or even in bottles.

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    Best baby advice, forget about cereals!!! They are the worst food to start with, I made the mistake twice… Now that I am pregnant with my third baby, I will do things different, real food this time. Would love to read your book :-)

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    My advice: if feeding the baby rice cereal, add some cinnamon. My daughters loved that!

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  289. My best baby feeding advice is WAIT! I started my first daughter around 9 months and have just started letting my 6 month old play with food. It’s such unnecessary work in my opinion to prepare and feed them when they 4 months. Ive nursed both and was never concerned they weren’t getting enough nutrition. Letting them explore and play with food involved them in meal time.

  290. HaleyLeann says:

    My best piece of food advice would be give them lots of variety and feed them what you are eating.(within reason of course) My kids eat anything I put in front of them. They say their favorite vegetable is broccoli and call fruit “God’s candy”. =)

  291. Jenni says:

    The best piece of advice I was given when my boys were little was…’The close you can get the food to it’s natural state the better, and it must be organic’

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    Best food advice when feeding babies: NEVER underestimate the power of herbs/seasonings.
    For example: nutmeg; has strong antibacterial properties that kill cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth, great for improving memory, aids in digestion and helps reduce “flatulence” (such a funny word that I love), not to mention it’s great in treating anxiety and depression.
    So why wouldn’t we use a little of it with our baby’s foods?

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    Advice? Not sure I know enough to be giving advice…here’s some that was given to me and has been great: don’t get frustrated or angry if baby isn’t ready to eat when you (and everyone else) think he should be. he’ll eat when he’s ready.

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    I suscribed! My baby food comment. Avacado is one of the healthiest foods for babies. For an easy way to have ready made avacado use this recipe

    4 ripe avacados
    freshly squeezed OJ. Blend the meat of the avacado with a few tsp of fresh OJ and peaks slightly when you drop a tablespoon full onto wax paper. Freeze overnight and then transfer freezer tight container. It is a great snack or side to any baby/toddler meal and stays pretty and green. To eat just let thaw to room temp.

  319. Katie says:

    I subscribed! My best advice is to relax and just let things go naturally. This goes for breastfeeding and solid food feedings. Your baby isn’t going to go hungry because she/he didn’t eat much. The less you stress, the less your baby stresses and the happier meal time is!

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    I would have to say that my best advice for feeding babies is to breastfeed as long as you can. The longer, the better! Also, feeding real whole foods is best. Variety is great.

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    My best piece of advice is to keep trying. Just because your baby acts like he or she doesn’t like a certain food, their taste could change, and it could end up being their favorite food ever. If you give up and don’t offer it to them anymore, then you’ll never know!

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    If you want your kids to eat good food, YOU need to eat good food. What your kids see you eating has a HUGE impact on what they will eat. Don’t assume your kids won’t like something just because you don’t like it or it’s not a “kid” food. You might just find yourself amazed to see your toddler choosing broccoli over candy someday. Oh, and read ingredients, not just words on a label. Words like “natural”, “free range” and “organic” don’t always mean it is good for you. Organic cookies and “natural” 7-Up won’t make your kids any healthier than skittles and kool-aid.

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    My question is about delaying solids….do you think there is benefits in doing it? I have a family history of food allergies so I waited till my first son was 8 months and my second is now 9 months and I haven’t started any yet…..mainly because he just doesn’t seem interested but I would interested to know your thoughts!

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    My best advice is feed the baby what you are eating. They will learn to like all foods. :) I am way out of feeding baby years… but I would LOVE to have a kindle and I will enjoy reading your book anyway! :) THANKS for this opportunity.

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    As far as feeding, my LO is 16 months old. Basically my tip is to feed kids the same foods as you! My daughter doesn’t get any special kid foods. We all eat the same meals with wholesome ingredients.

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    The question I’ve been thinking about recently is whether or not to introduce grains in the first year. Any suggestions?

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    My advice is don’t listen too much to what everyone else says. Do what you think is best.

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  358. Lydia says:

    Skip the purees. Would you want to be force fed grey goo? Letting them feed themselves early starts messy, but our son was eating better at 9 months than my nephew is at 2 years. And it takes out the stress of mealtime. No special preparations for baby and mom doesn’t have to spend her meal feeding baby, then holding/entertaining baby while she eats. Baby is part of the group from day one.

  359. Sarah says:

    My best piece of advice is to not let my tastes/preferences negatively influence theirs! Just b/c I don’t like something healthy doesn’t mean I can’t/shouldn’t prepare it & offer it to them. I am surprised at how willing they are to try new things & actually like them – I wish I could time travel back & make my mom introduce more foods to me as a toddler! :)

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    My baby feeding advice… Keep trying foods they seem to “not like”. Their little tastebuds change so much, and what isn’t a favorite one day, may very well be soooo yummy to them the next! :)

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    My best baby food advice – Skip pureed foods and jump right on into a variety of textures. A lot less work!

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    Best feeding baby advice… nurse as long as you can. The one baby I did that with is my healthiest and has THE best metabolism… and is getting great grades in school. I nursed him until he was 16 months old.

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  382. Leah says:

    OK, so I already “like” you on FB, already subscribe to your posts. My best piece of baby feeding advise is to not rush it. No child has ever gone off to college still exclusively nursing. Listen to your baby and let him/her lead. As I continue to learn in a variety of ways as my children grow and change, no child had the same development trajectory. Some babies are ready for solids a 6 months, some not until a year. And it is all OK. My other piece of advise is to feed your baby what you are eating. No need for extra jars.

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    I think my best piece of baby feeding advice would be never do purees. We made all of our own baby food and though next time I’d likely just do baby led weaning, I do think a lot of our success in an adventurous eating toddler is due to the textural similarities of finely chopped food to actual food. Purees kind of creep me out and I can’t imagine the texture is similar to most normal foods. That is just what worked for us though :) Every baby is different!

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    Baby Food question: What are some easy way to ensure your breast milk is RICH for your baby? Any “Must-eats”? I’m worried that somehow my diet will cause my breast milk to be somewhat lacking.

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    Our son was really good with being adventurous with foods when we were making him babyfood (purees). Now he has become a picky eater. Is it better to give him some food, or let him go hungry if he won’t eat what you put in front of him. I think he could LIVE on grapes and cheese if it was his choice, but I am not sure that is the best idea.

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    My question – can I REALLY skip purees altogether?? My 6 month old baby girl is thin and my pediatrician (a fairly crunchy one!) is insistent that do solids for her, and that nursing 4x/day is plenty… And that the calories in our milk really starts dropping at 6 months… Baby girl isn’t too interested in eating “solids” yet. Pureed avocado just isn’t doing it for her… :-/

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    My best piece of advice for feeding a baby……..let them eat what you’re eating!! We never gave our daughter pureed baby food, she always just got a plate of whatever was for dinner. She’s a great eater now at 2, and loves many different foods.

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    My baby food question.. when is a good time to start the first steps of weaning?

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  415. Advice about feeding babies (my baby anyway): I let my son guide me as far as what texture works for him – I expose him to different things (steamed asparagus, veggie sticks, I recently found nitrate-free/nitrite-free turkey dogs for my dairy-free baby and he loves those, soy yogurt, etc.) and see what he likes as far as taste and texture- but then I also try the things he rejects the first time again and again at different times… he hated banana the first like 6 or 7 times and now loves bananas.

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    Best feeding advice is to keep putting the good stuff in front of them, even during the picky stages (which all of mine have gone through at some point). Within a few tries, they are usually gladly devouring the thing that they were rejecting. It’s not our job to make them eat, it’s simply our job to offer them good (real!) food.

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    I’ve been lurking here for a while and enjoy your site! My feeding advice . . . be as natural as possible in what you give their young tummies even though it takes prudence and persistence. Also, be proud, not apologetic when people harass you about how long you breast feed!

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    Baby food advice: Set aside half a day to cook, puree, & freeze your baby food. Place the puree into ice cube trays, cover, & freeze. After frozen, empty them into a labeled freezer bag. When meal time arrives, grab your desired servings from the freezer, heat, & serve. A little half a day effort creates immediate & convenient service to a hungry & demanding baby!

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  437. Newsletter subscriber… the winner can get The Birth Next Door with your birth story on Kindle too!

  438. Best feeding advice – a child under the age of around 36 months needs to be exposed to a food 6-10 times before they will begin to like it. A 7-year-old needs to be exposed 89 times.

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    Best Advice, start exposing them to a wide variety at an early age, before they become picky. Our 3 year old son eats so many different things and is not picky.

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    My best advice is to start with a nutrient rich vegetable like avocado or sweet potato for the first food

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  448. My best advice about breastfeeding babies:

    1) Don’t get discouraged! It isn’t easy for everyone but, with rare exceptions, you can do it!

    2) Listen to your baby and your body, instead of listening to other people and/or watching the clock.

    3) If you need medication to help jumpstart your supply, do NOT use Reglan! (It crosses the blood/brain barrier and causes depression, and it does so quickly. Domperidone is a MUCH safer alternative! (It does NOT cross the blood/brain barrier.) I took Domperidone for two years with no side effects, save some slight headaches and cramping the first day or two.

  449. I just subscribed. Happy that so many people are mentioning you on Facebook–that’s how I found you!

  450. Advice about breastfeeding: If your baby is having trouble nursing, consider using a medicine dropper to prime the pump. My first baby has serious sensory issues in his mouth and could not latch properly because he was screaming so frantically. Using a medicine dropper filled with breast milk calmed him down enough to start feeding.

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  457. I guess my biggest piece of advice would be, skip the sugar! They’ll get enough of it later on in life (unfortunately)! Don’t start w/ rice cereals/oatmeal, start w/ things like nourishing broths and veggies.

  458. Im a subscriber, learning a lot from your blog! Keep up the good work! Would love to win the Kindle!

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    best piece of advice I received about feeding babies…. when the child is 12 months or younger, don’t stress out over solid foods. the baby’s main source of nutrition should be breastmilk, and all other foods are just “practice.” so if my 9 month old only wants breastmilk and bananas for a week, that’s fine! he is nourished and growing as long as i am nursing him regularly. :)

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  466. my advice is to NOT RUSH IT! i was frustrated with my first child trying to get her to eat when the dr told me to, but she didn’t get much in her mouth and wasn’t interested. it took a long time for her to be able to do it herself and actually get food in her mouth. with my second i was kind of lazy and just let him do it when he was ready. and wouldn’t you know, he picked it up pretty quick!

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    Heather, this is a huge accomplishment! I just pre-ordered my copy and sent out an email to 20 friends promoting you and this wonderful resource. Congratulations!
    My fav tip: NT bone broth in sippy cup for little ones. It was one of Curt’s first foods and he still loves it!

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    My question about feeding babies is how to combat pickiness! My child just turned two and barely eats more than a couple bites of the five or six foods that she’ll actually touch!

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    An advice from someone who made lots of mistakes in feeding the baby: eat in front of your baby from birth, so that he/she sees that and his/her appetite builds in time that way.

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    Babies will eat when they’re hungry, so don’t force them to eat. And don’t worry about whether or not they’re eating enough. They will eat what they need.

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    And finally, my best piece of advice. I’m a naturopath, specialised in mothers and children. So whenever I treat a baby of young child with supplements, my best advice to mothers is NOT to taste it. Most taste horrible, but the baby won’t notice… to them it’s not ‘horrible’, it’s ‘interesting’.

    But mommy tasting and hating it means she’ll subconciously gives her opinion to her child “He’ll never eat THIS!’… Oh yes, he will, as long as you treat it like a normal piece of nice food. Same goes for veggies, by the way :-)

  514. Amanda Ronco says:

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    My best advice about feeding babies is to actively try breastfeeding. I know that there are many situations in life when this is near impossible; but, work to help your child(ren) in their early stages of life. I struggled and fought hard for several months to produce enough and to get my baby to drink efficiently. It does get easier! Also, try to calm your baby and sincerely smile before and during meals. Sometimes parenting is a challenge for everyone…it is a daily decision to eliminate selfishness. If you are frustrated and confused, pray to Jesus and consult your family. Chances are that at least someone has either good advice or support for you. Good luck and God bless!

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  522. Stacy says:

    My advice to feeding a baby is make your own and skip the jarred, over-processed mush. The jarred baby foods are all the same texture and tastes nothing like real food. Just throw whatever fresh or slightly cooked unseasoned veggies or fruit in a blender or food processor and voila! homemade baby food. Easy peasy, especially if you just use whatever the rest of the family is having.

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  547. Kim says:

    I am subscribed to your site! Just found you from the webnar at GNOWFGLINS! I used to blend my babies foods before it was it was the healthy thing to do.

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    Not sure if this is best feeding advice – but it’s an easy, quick meal for little ones. We freeze our homemade bone broth in ice cubes. Then I can grab a few and cook it up with carrots and celery for a quick toddler lunch. Super easy and he loves it!

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    My advice: do NOT eat onions! When mommy eats onions (which I love) both of my breast-fed babies have had terrible gas pains. :(

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  556. cheryl says:

    what i want to know is the truth about nuts and eggs and babies? i’ve heard both that giving them and not giving them before 1 or 2 is the right thing to avoid kids getting allergies… but i wonder why? and if there really is an underlying cause such as vaccine reactions or something else….

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    My son is almost 6 months old and I am breastfeeding. He’s below the 50% on the growth charts, and I’m wondering if it’s time to start solids. I have read SO MANY things about when and what, and even things that say “DON’T!!!!” until up to a year. The questions: When should I start my baby on solids? What should those first foods be? Will starting him before 6 months hurt him?

  563. Hilary says:

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  564. Hilary says:

    I used babyled weaning somewhat when introducing my son to foods. We let him play with the food and explore textures and, yes, put it in his mouth and cough sometimes (he never choked on anything). He’s two now and people are amazed at what he’ll eat. Sometimes he initially doesn’t want to eat something, but I don’t push it on him and he usually comes around in his own time and asks for some of it. Sometimes just a minute after he said he didn’t want any. :) I’m thankful that he enjoys eating!

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    I raised my kids in the 80’s on well water (no fluoride) and using ‘table foods’ instead of baby foods. I believe the hot book at the time was Love Me – Feed Me. Not one of my four children needed braces and neither were they cavity prone as children or adults. I also let them touch and ‘play’ with their food to the horror of my mother-in-law – and I let them bang around with the pots and pans (my mother believed letting a child do this promoted intelligence!
    I’m still a crazy grandma that believes in letting my grandbabies explore and create. Yes, things can get a bit messy – but that is what water is for!

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    My best baby feeding advice is to buy a hand baby food grinder that fits easily into a diaper bag or purse so you can feed your baby easily real food everywhere you go.

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  581. Mary A. says:

    My advice is to skip the jarred baby food. We would start with mashed banana or something similar. By 7 or 8 months we would give them mashed table food (the plainer ones without sauces or too much spices).

  582. Tonya says:

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  584. Sarah says:

    My advice is to avoid “baby food.” We bought a food mill and ground up whatever we were eating for that particular meal. My kids love many different foods, love veggies, and are adventurous about trying new flavors.

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    My best piece of advice: Babies do not produce amalayse (the enzyme for starch digestion) until their back molars appear. For some babies, this is at a year, but for others(like mine) it takes as long as two years! So hold off on the grains until you see those back teeth…or they will only rot in your little one’s belly.

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    My best advice is to do the best you can and follow your baby’s cues – not what everyone else or “traditional” thought says is right!!

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    Feeding babies…I fed my son pesto on his pasta from a VERY early age (6 months). Not sure if pinenuts are good (allergies?), but learned that have to suspend what you THINK they will like and let them try crazy things before they know it’s weird or different. He loved Puttanesca sauce with anchovies, capers and olives around 7-8 months.

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    And here is my baby feeding advice for an extra entry:
    Use meat stock for evth you used to prepare with water for your baby (evth but fruits of course :) – much more nutritious and healing.

  606. […] Now, we don’t make just any old marshmallows. We make vanilla bean, gingerbread, chai, lemon and even peppermint ones. Not only do we love to eat them…we love to give them away. Marshmallows make great gifts and if you pair them up with some grain free graham crackers and a few roasting sticks, you can make some amazing ‘Smore’ packages. (Look for a great ‘graham cracker’ recipe in Heathers new book ‘Nourished Baby‘.) […]

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    I read/heard that it takes many times introducing a food before a baby decides she likes it. SO just b/c she won’t eat something today doesn’t mean she won’t like it later. I keep giving her those foods to try.

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