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Anatomy of a Legalized Abduction

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My Fave Coral-Red Polish . . .

Is toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor free, but the most important of feature of Persiphony #114545 is that it easily scrapes off with my thumbnail. Because let’s face it, sometimes “spa treatments” have to happen in the car while Daddypotamus drives. Motherhood is glamourous like that, you know?

I’ll bet you do.

Maybe you feel oh-so-Katharine-Hepburn as you’re throwing a towel over vomit-covered sheets and crashing back into bed, or serving “breakfast for dinner” three nights in a row, or remembering that batch of whites you forgot in the washing machine two days ago. Or not. If right now you’re still deciding whether finishing this post is worth your extremely valuable time I totally get it. But let me ask you this:

Do You Have A Sister?

Or a daughter, or a best friend that you’ve known since “Truth or Dare” in the fifth grade? Or hey, do you have a son that will one day grow up to marry a sparkly-eyed girl and give you beautiful grandbabies?

Because if you do, you need to know that on the very day she gives birth, your sister/daughter/beloved daughter-in-law can have her baby taken away and then be forcibly ejected from a hospital for daring to question the Hepatitis B vaccine. Nevermind that the disease is commonly associated with illicit needle use and sexual activity. Nevermind that she said she would consent the the vaccine if they would confirm via blood test whether the child actually had Hep B.

Nevermind all that. A woman you love – who should have been tucked into clean sheets by tender hands – is sleeping in her car just hours after giving birth. Every three hours she  walks to the nursery to ask for permission to nurse her own baby.

And the sweet babe, who should be enjoying warm snuggles with her mama, is processing a load of HbSAg cloned into GMO yeast and the neurotoxin aluminum hydroxide approved by her social worker. Have I mentioned yet that the Hepatitis B vaccine is associated with liver damage and increased risk for Hepatitis in adults?!?!?

Mamas, This Really Happened

And it’s not an isolated event. You can read the full story of Jodi Ferris and her baby “Annie” here, but I can tell you so many more.

If we were to take each of these stories apart, I believe we’d find that they have an anatomy of sorts . . . a body of beliefs that allow them to happen. First, parents are considered too incompetent to make their children’s healthcare decisions.  Physicians and government agencies such as CPS and the FDA should be the ones making these decisions, we’re told, and any person who disagrees with the prescribed treatment should be taken to court for parental negligence.

What we’re witnessing is the rise of the Therapeutic State – a merger of government and the healthcare industry in which parental rights are violated in the name of “what’s best for the child.” Agencies across the country are overreaching their role in what amounts to legalized abduction of our children.

Tanks – yes TANKS – and SWAT teams are being called out to enforce questionable medical protocols. Just ask Maryanne Godboldo, who weaned her daughter off Risperdal – whose side effects include extreme aggression, breast growth in boys, seizures and increased risk of diabetes – last year. Though the process was overseen by a physician, Child Protective Services accused Maryann of failing to administer a drug prescribed by her doctor and initiated a 12 hour siege on her home. Ariana – Maryanne’s daughter – was eventually taken to a psychiatric facility where she was held for nine months.

You can see the full story including footage of the tank/SWAT team and local news coverage below.

Ten court appearances later Maryanna won her daughter’s freedom, and that is an unmitigated victory for parents everywhere. But is that enough? How you would feel if your child experienced the trauma of a SWAT raid followed by nine months of incarceration and drug “therapy”? How did it take that long for someone to realize this was a completely wrong thing to do?

Two hundred years ago Thomas Jefferson wrote that:

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

He and the other founding fathers of our country had no idea that the theocratic state they worked so hard to obliterate would give way to the tyranny of the therapeutic state. Back then priests could seize our possessions in the name of God, now they THINK can take our children in the name of health. They’re wrong, mamas, and we must make that point loud and clear.

This Morning I Woke Up . . .

To the deep-throated conversation of cows in our front yard, mist rolling over the hills, and a rich melody of birdsong you just don’t get in the ‘burbs. Micah slept in my lap as I wrote, his sweet breath warm against my arm. It was kind of perfect.

In the beautiful light of this morning even I find it hard to believe the nightmarish stories I’ve told you, but they’re true. There is no hype here. This is not sensationalism. Today we face a new challenge, a Therapeutic State in which doctors have the political power that priests used to hold. This is not something our forefathers ever imagined, but it is something they prepared us for when they laid the foundations of our country. We are FREE, and we must remind our government of that.

What You Can Do

  1. Become informed. Did you know that there is a non-toxic cancer treatment with better success rates than chemo and radiation? More importantly, did you know that if your child was diagnosed with cancer they would be denied access to it? The new documentary Cut, Poison, Burn is a riveting look at the industrial cancer complex from those who have been there. Looking for info on vaccine waivers? Check out the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC).
  2. Share. Think of how many people have no idea this is going on – but would want to. Then tell them!
  3. Support Bill: H.R. 2736 If you would like to support patient rights to choose the modality of treatment for your disease or illness please write to your state representatives and senator. Tell them to support HR 2736 introduced by Congressman Dan Burton from ID (R). Here is a link to find yours. Wondering what’s in the bill?? H.R. 2736: Access to Medical Treatment Act 112th Congress: 2011-2012 would make it legal “To permit an individual to be treated by a health care practitioner with any method of medical treatment such individual requests, and for other purposes.”
  4. Sign Petition to approve Antineoplastons Did you know that there is a non-toxic cancer treatment with better success rates than chemo and radiation? More importantly, did you know that if your child was diagnosed with cancer they would be denied access to it? Here is a petition to the Obama Administration to gain final FDA approval for Antineoplastons, a cancer drug in FDA trials since 1995, with results publicly audited by Congress.  (Update: Congress has denied the petition)

Thanks for taking the time to read today. There are way more fun and interesting things to check out on pinterest, but you stuck this post out and for that you rock.

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45 Responses to Anatomy of a Legalized Abduction

  1. DeAnna Summitt Hensley via FB says:

    That is a tremendous movie – it makes you want to hold that family in your arms and never let go

  2. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Cut Poison Burn? I completely agree, DeAnna Summitt Hensley! Meeting Jim woke me up to a reality I was completely ignorant of. I remember him telling me that when Thomas died they had a four year-old son, a beat up van, $2 million in debt and $4 to their name. It would have been so give up at that point, but the Navarro family went on to release their documentary and speak all over the nation. They are my heroes.

  3. Christy Thompson via FB says:

    Sickening. Just sickening.

  4. Steffanie England via FB says:

    Thank you.

  5. Erica says:

    It seems they responded to the petition to approve Antineoplastons by just saying no. That’s not surprising. All of this just scares me. Most, if not all of the drugs to treat EVERYTHING contain derivatives to which we’re allergic, but this is not a concern of the medical community. I already struggle to get diphenhydramine and ibuprofen compounded to be allergen free…I won’t have a prayer for anything else should we ever need it. The alternative treatments are our best options because they are usually compounded for specific needs and for each individual case.

    There’s really too much money in government, it seems to drown out the voices and wants of the masses.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for letting me know about that, Erica! It’s disappointing to hear but I’m grateful that you updated me on where that stands. And I hear you on the drug thing. I was given Cipro as a teen and the room started spinning. Natural options work far better for me.

  6. Sarah Outlaw via FB says:

    Such important issues. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Debbie says:

    So glad you are getting the word out about this issue! Parents know and love their children more than any institution ever could. Check out the Parental Rights Amendment, too: Sign the petition to support an amendment to the constitution that will protect the rights of parents to raise and make decisions for their children (including health and education).

    • Kirstian says:

      Parentrights is a very good place to start. Another place that is standing up for baby “Annie” is the HSLDA. The home school legal defense fund. They are protecting parent rights. On their website they will tell you about things happening to families in your state.

      • Heather says:

        Great suggestion, Kirstian! I love that HSLDA is taking the Ferris case even though it’s not directly related to homeschooling.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Debbie! I will go check them out right now!

  8. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    You’re so right, Christy Thompson. I would much rather write about the fun we are having out here in the country, but the beauty, freedom and peace here is not something that happened by accident. Our forefathers fought to give it to us, and we must do the same for our children. Thank you for reading <3

  9. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Thank you for reading, Steffanie England and Sarah Outlaw! Honestly, this is stuff I’d rather not think about, but we can’t afford to ignore it. <3

  10. Misty aka Elvisgirl says:

    Not only patient rights (very important & thanks for bringing attention to this!), but a Parental Rights Amendment could be the turning point for issues such as these. Have you heard of ? Did you know that the moment you drop a parent drops child off at public school that you give up your parental rights? They can teach/tell that child anything they want and the parent have no say in the matter? Because parents have a choice of public, private, or home school, when a parent chooses public school, they give up their child to the state, because (supposedly) the government will do the best job in raising that child (these are not my words, but those of an argument from our educators and lawmakers). Parental rights carries over into situations like those you’ve mentioned about medical care, including surgery and vaccinations. Sadly, we need both of these, because as adults, we want to be able to chose our own methods of treatment, too.

  11. Robin says:

    Thanks for this post, Heather. I keep hearing stories like these and it makes me sick to my stomach. My husband and I have often contemplated the need to flee the country to find our freedom. It’s important for us to remember our rights and do our part to help protect them. Thank you!

  12. Brittany Garrett via FB says:

    This is the 3rd time I’ve read the story about the Ferris family. My heart breaks every time, and I can only imagine the heartbreak of the Father as He sees the sin and corruption that rampages. It is especially comforting to know that in the end Truth wins! As Nathan and I prepare to move out of the country in the next year or so, when I hear stories like this, I just can’t wait to leave! But then I remember that we have the right and the obligation to fight for our rights. It’s not just our military’s job to do that! We are blessed with many rights and rather than sit back and let them be stolen from us by our own government, we need to man up and fight!

  13. Autumn Bissonnette via FB says:

    My heart goes out to these families…

  14. Rebecca says:

    May I ask a question? Please understand where I’m coming from here…I know it’s hard to convey sincerity and tone of voice over the internet. I have recently started to become pretty crunchy; growing up on a farm and having a lot of these values instilled in me from childhood was a contributing factor, but as I got older the social norms took over. I’m now going back to my roots. One thing that’s baffled me for years is why those crazy ladies would NOT want to vaccinate their children? Didn’t they know that smallpox and polio and all sorts of horrible diseases have been eradicated because of vaccines?

    Well…now I’m one of those “crazy ladies”….sort of! As a mom of two boys (3 and 2, both up to date on their vaccinations), I’m now second guessing vaccines and now I’m stuck. (By the way, my oldest boy is autistic, and I’m not saying it’s because of vaccines…the jury is still out for me on that connection…but I just wanted to throw that out there). There is information for and against it and it’s hard to know what to believe. I had chicken pox as a child, and I didn’t die from it. In fact, it probably STRENGTHENED my immune system. But what about smallpox? People coming over here from third world countries are bringing it back to the US. How do I find peace that I’m doing the right thing in NOT vaccinating? How do I find info that I can trust…and that would help my husband understand? I WANT to not vaccinate, but I MUST feel like I’m doing the right thing for my kids and not harming them. But I don’t want to only find the answer I’m looking for (if I want to believe something, I can always find evidence to support it), rather, I want the truth.

    Does this make sense? I’m sure you have all probably had the same internal struggle of trying to find what was the right thing to do for your family, and I’m trying to get there, too. My pediatrician said we can space out the vaccines and do just one at a time…which I guess is better than all at once. But I’m still not sure they’re necessary. The one thing that keeps holding me back is the thought that all these other childhood diseases no longer exist because of vaccines, so how do I wrap my head around that?

    Sorry this is such a long comment. I have the utmost respect for you, Heather, and love your blog and all your advice! I just thought that these great ladies here would have some guidance for me while I go down this road. If all of this is too much for comments, someone can just feel free to e-mail me if they want. I applaud you for this post, because no matter what a parent decides is best for their child, they shouldn’t be forced to put medications and drugs into their child that they think is not beneficial to them (or is harmful). I’m absolutely with you on that! Truly sickening. There is this mentality in government lately that they know what’s best for OUR kids…case in point, the child that got her sack lunch taken away for not being nutritious and is instead served “pink slime” chicken nuggets and tater tots – disgusting!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful comment, Rebecca! I promise I will sit down after the kids go to bed tonight and write my thoughts on this for you <3

      • Erica says:

        Me too Heather, me too! I have chosen not to vaccinate anymore, but I too would like the information in a plain and simple manner, so when I’m challenged by people for my decisions I can stand my ground in an intellectual way! This was a fantastic post. Thanks for all you do.

    • Heather says:

      Hi again! It’s 11:30 and I have not forgotten your question. Unfortunately the boy is sleeping in my lap and my computer is about to die, so this is going to be real quick. I highly recommend that you read Childhood Vaccination: Questions All Parents Should ask ( It’s a fairly thin book and it doesn’t use a lot of medical jargon, but it is by far the most compelling read I know of on the subject. I am going to write a series based on it someday, but it will be awhile because I need to find the time to do it justice :)

      • Rebecca says:

        Heather, thank you so much! I’m so glad you understood where I was coming from with my questions. I will read this book and hopefully I will feel more at peace with a decision. It’s going to take research and lots of PRAYER!!! But I really appreciate you shedding light on this subject.

        I’ve been absolutely disgusted by the amount of government involvement in families. My autistic son is in a Pre-K program for half-days, and the gov’t run “Head Start” is right across the hall. I’ve been told the parents aren’t allowed to pack a lunch or feed them breakfast, because the school has to provide gov’t approved food. No food is allowed for birthday parties or school parties, such as cupcakes. Nothing homemade, everything has to be store bought. The teachers line up the kids to brush their teeth after every meal and snack. I just can’t imagine letting them have that much control over my kids and taking the responsibility away from me. And that’s only MINOR things! Although, I can’t help but think that the subtle message you send to kids is, “Your parents can’t take as good care of you as we can, you can’t trust the lunch your mom would make so we’re going to feed you” etc. But I digress……thanks again!

        • Heather says:

          Gosh, I had no idea Head Start was like that. How sad! I’d love to hear from you after you’ve read the book, Rebecca. If you want to discuss stuff on a more in-depth basis then just let me know :)

          • Rebecca says:

            Yeah, it’s why I wouldn’t put my kids in there, even though we qualify because of our income. But fortunately, since my son is special needs, we qualify to the PLUS program, which is an integration class with 20+ kids, 4-5 of which have varying special needs, one regular teacher, one special needs teacher, and three teachers assistants. It’s an amazing program in which my son has improved and thrived! But as advanced as he is (3 years old and reading at a 1st grade level), I’m almost certain I’ll home school after pre-k.

            I’ll try to find that book and we’ll talk later! I’m excited to read it. Thanks for all of your help and for speaking out. My husband, who’s a little slower to embrace these new ideas from me about home birthing and vaccines and such, was outraged by this story. I was surprised he showed that much interest, but it certainly got a conversation started!!!

          • Heather says:

            I think it’s only available on Dr. Koren’s website, but it is worth the read IMO!

    • AmandaLP says:

      I am planning on having kids in the next few years, so I still have a ways to go in my research. But, this chart really put things in perspective for me: While I do think that some vaccines are good, I’m not going to blindly follow recommendations unless they have been 1) prone to work, and 2) are better than the alternatives.

      Also, we care so much about our bodies and the food we out into ourselves, it seems strange that we would allow ourselves to be injected with some mysterious fluid of unknown origins, and with known chemicals that we would never allow in our food ( )

      • Heather says:

        Kudos to you for thinking about these issues before you have kids, Amanda! You’re so right that it’s strange to care so much about what we eat and then inject known neurotoxins into our bodies.

    • B says:

      Rebecca and everyone –
      You could also read the book by homeopath Kate Birch called The Solution: Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative. You could find a homeopath who uses these safe alternatives.

  15. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Brittany Garrett – You’re so right! Daniel and I actually considered moving out of the country after we had Katie. Part of that was because we wanted to live abroad, part of it was because of the stuff I wrote about today. In the end Tennessee was where we felt we needed to be, so you can bet I am going to fight! We are a free people. Sometimes we just need to remind those we have elected of that.

  16. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Mine, too, Autumn Bissonnette.

  17. Ranie Jordan via FB says:

    this sort of thing really does happen… We were threatened w/DSS (CPS) when our then infant preemie daughter had severe anemia & we refused to allow “them” to admit her into the hospital (during the peak of cold/flu season w/sick children around) AND refused blood transfusions & a Rx for iron… We were told it would be 18+ months of iron “therapy” before she was “normal”. With food & herbs- we completely resolved her anemia in less than 3… but, was the teaching hospital interested in this seeming “miracle

  18. Ranie Jordan via FB says:

    ]opps… finger hit “enter”… NO- the hospital was NOT…

  19. cheryl says:

    THANK YOU for posting this! this info needs to be shared and we as parents need to work hard to defend our rights!

  20. Lindsey says:

    It appears the petition has already received a response from the White House:
    “The timely review and approval of safe and effective new treatments are central to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) mission to protect and promote the public health. In fact, over the past 12 months, FDA approved 35 new medicines, including three cancer drugs that were approved in less than six months. This is among the highest number of approvals in the past decade.” –Janet Woodstock

    They don’t get it, do they? They just don’t get it. We’re not asking for more drugs that will inevitably cause more symptoms, side effects, and problems. Apparently the FDA hasn’t seen the documentary on antineoplastons…or they would know about the side effects of their “safe and effective drugs”.

    I hate to be the one to say it, but our government is incompetent. They wouldn’t know an effective and SAFE cancer treatment if it was staring them in the face and waving a neon sign.

    As for the poor mothers who are dealing with the vaccine monsters, I just have to say that I would be absolutely terrified to have a child in this day and age. My children are 8 and 7, and I was unfortunately not educated about the dangers of vaccines when they were born. We have not vaccinated in over four years, and I tell every pregnant woman that I know, “I don’t care whether you vaccinate your child or not, but please make an informed decision whatever you choose.”

    Thanks to our government, I think I might be better off raising my children in a cave. At least they’d be protected and I’d be allowed to be a parent, instead of having CPS tell me what’s best for my child.

    Thanks, Heather, for this post. I hope it opens lots of eyes.

    • Lindsey says:

      By the way, of course they won’t approve the antineoplaston treatment (or the Gerson Therapy, for that matter). After all, the FDA and other gov’t agencies make a lot of money off pharmaceutical cancer treatments. Where their money come from, if God forbid, a cure to cancer was approved???

    • Heather says:

      You’re so right, they DON’T get it. Or they do, and they just don’t care. I’m not sure which it is.

  21. Bethany Slusher via FB says:

    If you live in TN how were you able to not give your kids vac. when you only have religius and medical exemptions?

  22. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Ranie Jordan – Good for you for standing your ground! How sad that they ignored a protocol that was so clearly successful :(

  23. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Bethany Slusher – We just moved here from Texas. It is my understanding that vaccines are required to enroll in school, which is one of the many reasons we have chosen to homeschool. I believe we’d qualify for the religious exemption if needed, though.

  24. Kendra says:

    Yikes! That is just HORRIBLE! I’m a childbirth educator (LCCE), and I hear SO many horror stories from women about birth in the hospital… just add this to the list. I feel so fortunate to live near the amazing birth center in Chapel Hill, and was raised (in Knoxville… :) )) by a mom who ran the birth center there for years.

    Midwives at NACC certified birth centers (not all midwives are created equal) are so great with things like this. I cannot imagine them forcing any of these issues. I know not everyone can use a birth center, but I’ve found them to be exemplary in the care they provide in every regard, including this one.

    Birth centers are such a great model of informed consent, and I used to get heart palpitations just thinking about having to go to transfer to a hospital, even the supposedly “progressive” ones in our area.

    It’s just sickening to hear this story! Esp just for hepatitis!

  25. Parents Say Hospital Kidnapped Their Daughter | The MommypotamusThe Mommypotamus | says:

    […] was ejected from the hospital and told she could return every three hours to nurse her baby. (source 1, source […]

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