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Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To Know

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Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To Know

[info_box]Dear mamas,

No doubt you will wonder at some point in this post whether this is the time for this conversation. I’ve struggled with the same question. In the end I decided to publish today because pretty soon the constant drone of media coverage will cause parents to tune this story out. Oh sure, they’ll be more terrified than ever and so will their children, but for the most part mainstream coverage of these events breeds nothing but a sense of fatalism.

But what if many of these events are preventable? Twenty years ago parents didn’t worry that their children would be gunned down in fifth period – now no one can keep track of the number of shootings. A lot of things have changed for sure but I believe one of the most relevant changes is the the mass dosing of our children with pharmaceuticals. If your emotions are too raw right now please bookmark this post for later.

~ Heather [/info_box]

Depression Hurts. Prozac Hurts More.

Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To KnowLast December a Canadian judge ruled that a 15 year-old boy murdered one of his closest friends because of the effects of Prozac. The ruling will not be appealed.

Though the case was against the boy and not Prozac’s manufacturer, Eli Lilly, you’d think they’d have a thing or two to say about allegations that their drug causes homicidal tendencies.

But no.

Maybe that’s because despite their slogan – which has now been transferred to Cymbalta – they know that it DOES.  They covered up the fact that it caused suicidal behavior for 15 years, so why not this?

Did You Know . . .

That FIVE of the top ten most violence inducing drugs are antidepressants?¹ Of these, three are regularly prescribed to about 1.5 million children in the United States. Two other medications that made the list are ADHD drugs also commonly prescribed for children.

According to CCHR:

[P]eople with no prior history of violence (or suicide) became homicidal and suicidal under the influence of antidepressants. … However, despite all the documented violence-inducing side effects of these drugs, the FDA has never issued black box warnings on antidepressants causing violence or homicide despite the fact that at least 11 recent school shootings were committed by kids documented to be on or in withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.” (emphasis mine)

Did antidepressants play a role in T.J. Lane’s decision to murder his classmates yesterday? We don’t know yet. But as a Wyoming jury found in the 2001 case of a man who murdered his wife, daughter and granddaughter before committing suicide while on Paxil, there is ample evidence that antidepressants should carry a black box warning for violence and homicide just as it does for suicide. For those who need more than a few anecdotal stories, here is a collection of 4,800 news stories “with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) or that were part of FDA testimony in either 1991, 2004 or 2006, in which antidepressants are mentioned.”

Please take the time to watch at least the first video and then  – if it convinces you like it did me – share it with everyone you know. Parents are groping for answers right now, so let’s give them real ones. We can’t wait 10 more years for the FDA to get this one right

Antidepressants And School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction

Micheal Moore Calls Pharmaceutical Companies Criminals

What Clinical Trials Say About Antidepressants and Homicidal Behavior

This one overlaps a little with the video above but the 1½ minutes are absolutely worth watching.

Random Mass Shootings And Violence

Follow up post: 7 Natural Remedies For Depression

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71 Responses to Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To Know

  1. Ilana Grostern via FB says:

    Good on you for sharing that, and thank you for the return of the social share buttons! I “liked” the post. Excellent food for thought and I’m sure you’ll get a lot of responses to the suggestion that mood altering meds do more harm than good, but for heaven’s sake, if people just knew how to FEED themselves, well, the world would be a much happier place. ‘Nuf said.

  2. Thank you for posting, I think the timing is right. I so wish doctors would start exploring what is missing in these kids diets instead of prescribing meds. I have seen people in my own family starting antidepressants/antipsychotic go from not-so-good to bad to worse.

  3. Kristen Eppner Ethridge via FB says:

    Thank you, Heather, for being brave enough to speak from the heart on a touchy subject. As usual, you handled it with class and opened the discussion without passing judgment.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. My brother was on multiple anti-depressents and anti-psychotics. He committed suicide last summer. I know in my heart it had so much to do with all the meds he was on. People need to know the truth <3

  5. Heather Stephens via FB says:


  6. I’m terrified by the thought of giving any child mind altering drugs. I made some bad choices regarding drugs as a teenager that affected my perception of reality, and I don’t wish that upon anyone.

    I realize that prescription drugs are supposed to help whereas illegal drugs hurt, but I am of the opinion that ALL drugs hurt. Some just happen to have positive side effects in addition to the hurt they cause.

    That said, I won’t judge anyone for taking medication for other illnesses regardless of how much I believe they can solve most problems through more natural avenues. Altering the mind, however, is a bad idea. For the most violent or dangerous people, perhaps it’s necessary as a short term precautionary measure. But the simple fact is that medication doesn’t heal people.

    Think about that. We become dependent upon medication for our way of life, but it never heals us so that we no longer need it. That’s how we know it’s not the healthiest option.

    • Heather says:

      One of the HUGE reasons I was reluctant to post this is because of the potential for parents to feel judged. My point in writing this is NOT that parents who give medication to their kids should feel bad, or even that they shouldn’t. My point is that they have not been fully informed of the risks of these drugs.

      Should antidepressants ever be taken? I think the guidance of Dr. Mercola is very helpful here:

      ” Depression, or more accurately, un-repaired emotional short-circuiting, can absolutely devastate your health and life. However, using antidepressants as the primary (or only) treatment option is simply not advisable, especially if the one suffering from depression is a child or teenager. Whereas severe depression can indeed progress to suicide if left untreated, antidepressant drugs have been shown to CAUSE both suicidal and homicidal thoughts and behaviors. As mentioned in the featured report, at least 11 tragic school shootings were done by children who were either on antidepressants, or going through withdrawal…

      I believe this is an enormous price to pay for what amounts to highly questionable benefits.

      Studies have found that up to 75 percent of the benefits of antidepressants could be duplicated by a placebo. So not only do these drugs not work as advertised, but the evidence is quite clear that most of these drugs do in fact increase your risk of suicide and violence. Since depression can be a terminal illness, why take a drug that will actually increase your risk of killing yourself—or someone else?

      Please understand that I am not seeking to diminish the impact of mental illness. It is massively pervasive and responsible for tens of thousands of deaths every year and needless suffering in millions of others.

      My clinical experience leads me to believe that the only appropriate use of these dangerous medications is as a last ditch effort when the patient is at a serious risk to themselves or others. (And, of course, they must be closely monitored for lethal side effects such as suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts and tendencies!) The drugs should be continued until the condition is under control and they are out of harm’s way, and then carefully weaned. This is a very similar strategy to going to the ER and seeing an orthopedic surgeon for a cast when you’ve fractured a major bone.

      You don’t use that cast the rest of your life. You use it until your bone is healed.

      The REAL tragedy is that most of the drug companies do NOT view antidepressants this way. There are enormous marketing efforts to classify normal behavior as aberrant or diseased, which then requires lifelong therapy with their drug solution.” (emphasis mine)

      • Linnae says:

        I agree with you- there are some cases of mental illness that do need medication to treat. But I also feel that it should always be the last resort and sadly it almost always is the first thing doctors recommend. I was prescibed high doses of zoloft and it turned out that I acutally had a peanut allergy! The withdrawl I experienced was so awful and i completley understand how people are suicidal, I literally wanted to tear my skin off my body- it was the most awful thing I ever expeienced. I also dont judge anyone for making the choice to turn to medications. Our modern medical community makes us feel that medication is the only way, and I understand how in desparation we turn to people we trust. But they are failing us.

        • Heather says:

          “Our modern medical community makes us feel that medication is the only way, and I understand how in desparation we turn to people we trust. But they are failing us.” Well said, Linnae!

  7. It was the first thing which came to my mind when I heard the news about the shooting in Ohio. Thanks for posting Heather, these drugs are prescribed like candy and no one is looking at nutritionally starved bodies and the brain chemistry connection. It saddens me that the medical profession is in such denial.

  8. Elizabeth Neblett Schneiderman via FB says:

    Great (and so sad) post Heather…I have to say though…it is so upsetting to me that parents just put their children (with the help of a doctor) on these meds …any meds really without really researching the issue at hand. My husband works for a pharmaceutical company ( he works in drug safety) and he also believes that people are too quick to start taking these medications without searching for the real issues and challenges ( he also has a bachelor’s in psych). I feel very strongly as does my husband, that if therapy and counseling were the first line of defense, things like this wouldn’t necessarily happen. It is so upsetting that some people think that a pill can solve anything. It cannot. Yes, I do believe that there are circumstances where some people do need medication for mental illness. But certainly not the amount of people that are currently taking medication for anxiety, depression, etc. It is so sad and so upsetting. :(

  9. Natalie Premeaux Kemp via FB says:

    Wow, thanks for having the courage to share that.

  10. Linnae says:

    This topic just makes me so upset!! I feel for all of those affected- even the boy who felt he had no other choice but to take this action. As a society we are FAILING our kids!! There is WAY too much dependence on medications- and its way to acceptable. I get so pissed when on saturday morning cartoons, everyother commercial is for anti depressants or adhd meds! My son and I were both on anti depressants for a few years and now everyday I regret making that decision, but like most americans, I trusted my doctor and I trusted the media when they said, “medication is the only way”. Thank god I realised before it was too late for my son and I and we got off the meds but it still took its toll. They really do mess with your brain chemistry and make you think differently. I wish that more doctors would look to nurtrition. I wish that more doctors actually cared about their patients and less on their pocket book. I dont know waht the answer is but we need to stop failing our kids and STOP medicating! And until that happens more and more trajedies like this will happen.

  11. Betsy Taylor via FB says:

    Many ‘mental illnesses’ and ‘behavioral’ disorders are a chemical imbalance due to diet and liquid intake choices where the nervous system cannot function correctly. It is sad also to see than many things for our children/teens are ‘status’ symbols like prescriptions, diagnosis labels, braces, etc. right along with dance class.

  12. Sabrina B. Slonim via FB says:

    We’re all entitled to information. Opinions are a choice. Thank you for sharing whether I agree or not.

  13. Joan says:

    What is the solution to antidepressants then?
    I would say amino acids. The book: The Mood Cure, addresses this in detail about how deficient in certain amino acids causes depression, anger, etc and gives 4 quizzes to determine which ones, if not all of them, you are deficient in. It is amazing and simple. No terrible side effects.
    Has anyone read this book?

  14. Sarah Hall says:

    Whoa, this was really well put together. Thanks for addressing such a delicate topic in a way that gives us something to think about.

  15. Julie says:

    Thank you for posting this!!! I’m a counselor that works with children and I’m constantly battling parents I work with NOT to place their child on medication. They often don’t investigage removing things from their diet that might be causing problematic behavior or working on changing their behavior as parent to better manage their children’s behavior. In addition, many of the children I see are going through situational depression. It’s normal to feel overwhelmingly sad when bad things happen in life. Instead of teaching children to coping mechanism to deal with these things, we are teaching them to numb their feelings. Many people don’t know how to go through the process of grieving or recovering from life’s terrible or even minor problems because they’ve been taught that there is a better quick fix. Just like quick fixes in nutrition become harmful so do quick emotional fixes. We were given our emotions by God for a reason. It’s Ok to feel angry or sad. What you do with these feelings is important, we can create a sense of purpose through these feelings. I use all of my emotionally difficult circumstances in childhood to become more sensitive to the children I work with. If I had numbed them out, I would not be able to do the work that I do. That being said, there are sometimes extreme circumstances in which children need medication in order to function or to survive. But every other alternative should be tried first. That’s what medication is really for, all medication. If you will die or have your limb cut off because of an infection, then take the antibiotic. But don’t take it or give it to your children because they have a cold for a few weeks. Sorry for the rant, but I’ve seen too many children medicated casually in my practice often with terrible consequences (the side effects are often more subtle than homocidal acting out, but they are nonetheless very harmful). Thank you again for posting this!!!!

  16. I think there is serious pressure for anyone with mild depression or anxiety to get on medication. Pressure from the media, pressure from the doctors, and even pressure from society as a whole. They make people feel that it is their obligation to medicate any sadness or melancholic personalities or blues or anxiety. “Why aren’t they on medication?” is the whispers. “She isn’t taking her medication,” is a common phrase. Drugs change your personality – your God given personality, whether sunny or introverted, energetic or unenthusiastic. Depression used to mean sadness. After pharmaceutics depression began to equal paranoia and violence. And everyone just accepts it as a matter of course – as if it’s the disease or the chemical imbalance that causes the violence and not the drugs.

  17. Before pharma companies: depression = sadness and melancholy behavior. After pharma companies: depression = paranoid violence. I remember thinking after Columbine “since when do depressed people go around on violent rampages?? Depressed people are usually shy and introverted, not terrifying marauders.”

  18. Before pharma companies: depression = sadness and melancholy behavior. After pharma companies: depression = paranoid violence. I remember thinking after Columbine “since when do depressed people go around on violent rampages?? Depressed people are usually shy and introverted, not terrifying marauders.”

  19. Ilana Grostern – Your last comment reminds me of that old Weston A. Price Foundation saying: “Do you know why these people are so happy? They eat butter” which Sarah at The Healthy Home Economist Wrote about (

    Do most parents know the mood boosting benefits of butter? Of course not. They are being lied to from almost every direction. I have met waaaay too many parents who truly believe they are doing a good thing but cutting out butter and other saturated fats for their children. I admire them for their dedication to their children. Now if we can just get information into their hands that serves their children’s health instead of the interests of industrial food . . .

  20. Ilana Grostern via FB says:

    Well, FWIW, I feed my kids butter directly from the block! I tell them it’s for their teeth, but now I’ll tell them it’s so that MAYBE they’ll stop all the whining :) Thanks for resharing that! I had read it and I FULLY agree. I eat tons of butter and I am generally very happy!

  21. Nicole Stidham – I wish the same thing, too. Sadly, most doctors know next to nothing about nutrition and what would actually help with mood disorders (esp. saturated fats) are discouraged by government policies.

  22. I wasn’t implying that introverted people are depressed! I’m introverted and I don’t attempt to hide it with smoking or drinking or appearing more fun! I just don’t know when the word “depressed” became synonymous with “violent” like it is now. When a tragedy happens, people tend to say “they were depressed” like that explains it away. I don’t see the connection between the two is what I’m saying!

  23. Ilana Grostern via FB says:

    The connection seems to be the drugs they were taking, Melyssa! Not the condition itself.

  24. Graceful Homemaking – I am so sorry for your loss. Stories like your brothers are what deepen my commitment to getting this info out there. I cannot even imagine what this year has been like for you – hugs mama <3

  25. That’s what I’m saying! Oh boy…I’d better stay out of this conversation, I must not be explaining myself well!

  26. Melyssa Williams – I think you make perfect sense. Though Kathleen Pelton does make a good point that people handle depression differently (some withdraw as you noted, some drink and smoke, etc), the fact is that only in the most severe cases does depression turn to violence. And in those cases 99% of the violence is turned inward in the form of a suicide attempt. The tendency we are now seeing for “depressed” individuals to go on rampages is a completely new phenomenon that neatly coincides with the introduction of psychiatric drugs.

  27. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers via FB says:

    I think this topic is much more complicated than “the antidepressant made me do it”. A person on an antidepressant was having issues to begin with. Just because they “snapped” after being prescribed medication, doesn’t necessarily mean the medication caused it. I totally agree that taking medication is not something that should be taken lightly, and many doctors are far too quick to put people on drugs. But I know from personal experience that antidepressants have also helped people. There is already a stigma against depression and mental illness. Articles like this that throw the baby out with the bath water only reinforce that stigma.

  28. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers via FB says:

    Also, violent rampages are in no way a recent phenomenon. What is recent is instant media saturation that brings stories of violence into our homes immediately after it happens and continues for days on end.

  29. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers – One of the drug on the top ten list is one I once talked my husband into taking for ADHD. In the years before I discovered real food I suffered severe depression related to an emotionally traumatic event. The reality of these conditions is not lost on me, but what I would say is that in their own studies the makers of Prozac found that patients who took their drug were 12 times more likely to attempt suicide than patients taking other antidepressants. Not 12 times more likely than the general population – 12 times more than other people who were depressed enough to have sought out medication. What this tells me is that certain drugs can have a very real influence on suicidal/violent/homicidal behavior. Considering the questionable benefits of antidepressants (Studies have found that up to 75 percent of the benefits of antidepressants could be duplicated by a placebo) I think this risk will often outweigh potential benefits. That’s not to say we should do nothing because it’s “all in the patients head.” I don’t believe that at all. I just think we should explore methods that have fewer side effects.

  30. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers – You’re right that violent ramgages are nothing new, but I would argue that they are new in this particular segment of the population. In the first video in the post psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin says “One of the thing that in the past we have known about depression is that it very very rarely leads to violence. It’s only been since the advent of these new SSRI drugs that we have murderers – sometimes even mass murderers – taking antidepressant drugs.”

  31. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers via FB says:

    This is a fascinating topic, it’s really making me think! I agree with several of your points, but I am also interested in exploring other factors at work. Antidepressants could certain be the tipping point for some people, but I think there is kind of a “perfect storm” at work here.

  32. Leah says:

    It was a very difficult decision for my husband to agree with putting his daughter on antidepressants, as we’re aware of the risks and all of the very nasty ingredients in the pills. Unfortunately, she’s only with us a couple of times per week and we can’t control what she eats when she’s with her mom. She has been in therapy for years, and her anxiety/depression was only getting worse. At 10, her emotions were absolutely devastating to her every day, and (through no fault of her own) were beginning to do serious damage to the family and to her relationships with friends. While we struggle sometimes with the hypocrisy of being careful about pharma, fluoride, etc in our food and water sources, and then purposefully dosing our child, we are so thankful for the changes that have allowed her to have peace again. We know that there will be consequences, but we have peace about it. For the record, I totally agree with everything you say here, and if not for the years of pain and struggle, we never would have been ok with turning to medication.

    • Heather says:

      Thank you for your willingness to be so honest and vulnerable, Leah. It must have been a very difficult decision to make, but it sounds like you did so with great care. <3

  33. Lily says:

    I forget the name of the little girl who killed her younger neighbor, but that case involved prozac as well. Her dose had been upped one week prior.

    I am linking an article from a person who has supposedly received 30,000 pages of confidential documents from a concerned Glaxo Smith employeee that prove antidepressants damage the emotional center of the brain. PLEASE EVERYONE READ:

    I can’t help but think this is all intentional.

    Foods are absolutely implicated in depression as well as more serious mental disorders like schizophrenia. Most schizophrenics are gluten intolerant. It has been shown in many circumstances that symptoms greatly improve for these people when offending foods are removed. My doctor shared his knowledge of a case where a woman was completely relieved of all indications of her psychosis when dairy was removed from her diet. Orhtomolecular nutrition has also proven to “cure” people of certain mental illnesses, when consistently taking high dose of specific vitamins. (Namely B’s). There is so much evidence that correlates lack of nutrients, inability for the body to utilize nutrients and food intolerances with mental issues, that we should be looking to correct diet first before taking dangerous and damaging drugs.

  34. Heather- Could you send me a message? I would like to ask you for some resources on this topic and give you some background information. I would greatly appreciate it.

  35. Betsy Taylor via FB says:

    Many times it may be the interactions of drugs as well as side effects – then when you add Monster drinks, Red Bull, etc. the side effects are really ramped up. has a feature called MedNotes where you can actually do an interaction report with all of the drugs you are taking, supplements, OTC, etc. as well as conditions and foods.

  36. Carrie Blaesing Dadey – Message sent

  37. Whittney says:

    Interesting post and I’m sure you can guess that this is not surprising to me. I have never {Praise the Lord} dealt with depression. I have however had a physical {female} condition in my early 20’s that was caused by overuse of antibiotics I was taking for severe sinus issues. Anyway, a specialist suggested I take a low-dose antidepressant to help with nerve damage. I did it without any thought and when I didn’t feel that it was helping the nerve damage 2 months later, I just stopped taking it. The result was weeks of not being able to function emotionally or physically and months of recovering not from the female issues, but the antidepressants. My eyes were truly opened to the seriousness of those tiny little pills. Very serious indeed.

    Another thought when reading this is what circumstances cause these parents and their children to “need”/turn to antidepressants to begin with? I would suggest the breakdown of the family {divorce and absence of male in home}, cultural obsession with self, work and money are the root of the problem. Might I also be so controversial as to say that the education model in this country itself can cause severe mental anguish?

  38. One thing about these SSRI’s that I think isn’t as known to parents as it should be is that they are fluoride based drugs. So every time you take them you get a good dose of fluoride. I’ve talked with some that are avoiding fluoride in their tap water, but have family members taking SSRI’s unaware of the organofluorine compounds in them.

  39. Lauren says:

    Since the tragedy that took place on Monday, I have like wise thought about posting on this serious issue. I can tell you that the first place doctors want to go is anti-depressant prescriptions. It is as if it is a blanket to cover all symptoms and problems. Unbelievably timely, Dr. Mercola’s newsletter had an article “He Murdered His Best Friend After Taking This Best Selling Drug” on Saturday February 25, 2012. We refused to put our teenager on anti-depressants and I would refuse to ever take them. Clearly this is a major issue and I wonder in my heart if it doesn’t explain T.J. Lane’s behavior. Chardon is a little over an hour from where I live. It is a community that we have family living in and no matter where this would have happen it is heartbreaking but this time… it was so close to home.

  40. Barbara Alger says:

    Excellent, Heather. I had the thought that parents need to “Just say no to drugs….for my child.”

  41. A. B. says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post, Heather. I wonder if you have ever heard the story of Maryann Godboldo, the woman who had to fight the state to take her daughter of mind altering drugs and even had tanks and a swat team sent to her home. We need to stand up for our rights and protect our children. This video brought tears to my eyes

  42. […] rate?(1) That’s just a smidge better than a placebo! Considering that they may cause homicidal tendencies I believe it’s time we rethink our approach. Depression is REAL, and it deserves to be taken […]

  43. Maria Castro says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this, my heart aches for these children and their parents who search for help and instead the opposite. I feel the same way about sharing this because some parents might feel judge, but at the same time I would feel terrible if I didnt share it and someone I know would have their kids under the medication and receive negative side effects. It is so sad that they have not brought this up to parents for the media to share, why are these facts not taken into consideration. If the kids were drinking and doing illegal drugs they would have brought that up but since it was a prescribed medication they feel that it has nothing to do with it. I do believe that children and even adults are affected by a combination of the use of those drugs plus music and TV etc…they say it has nothing to do with it but it really does, keeping those little minds safe and clean is very important to how they develop.

  44. I’m sharing this with everyone I know…

  45. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers via FB says:

    Can we let the facts come out first please?

  46. Holly Massie via FB says:

    while we don’t know yet if this man was on these at all or just angry, disturbed, or even possessed ….. I do beleive this is a much more timely article than the ones blaming the tea party,etc already! … thank you for this, for your courage and for your empathy

  47. Thank you, Wild Oaks Poultry Farm. <3

  48. I have 17 days left before I leave the us and move to Ecuador. The answer is not a pill, it is also in the “food” people eat, the chemtrials and all the other crap in “food” and “plastics”. It is out of control period

  49. Kourtney Kimberlin Summers – I struggled with whether to share this post because I feel the same way, but whether this man was on anti-depressants or not I believe it is an important part of the overall discussion. People will create policies and parents will make choices to medicate children based on the conversations presented in the media about how this might have been prevented. Maybe it will in some circumstances, but there is also the very real risk that it could cause others to become violent. I honestly wish we could wait to have this conversation until later, when the grief and shock has passed. But unfortunately it is my experience that the media has so over-reported by that point that no one is listening anymore. I am that this post seems untimely to you, and I can certainly understand why. As I said, I struggled with whether to post it, and I am still conflicted about it.

  50. Jenn Keller via FB says:

    Excellent timing for this post. Great article. Thank you.

  51. Harmony Andkids via FB says:

    I have a lot to say about this post. But instead of going on and on about my personal views, my own experiences, my research ect, I’m simply going to say this : not all depression needs meds. Some do. Not all drs are good. Some are. Since we do not know all the details , we cannot yet judge.
    Instead let us hold the families and community in our hearts today. Let us extend our hands to those in need, and remember that we are all human.

  52. No one is saying wait until the grief and shock has passed, but at least wait until the facts are out.

  53. Elizabeth Beattie – I can certainly understand why you feel that way. Some here seem to feel that this is a good time to discuss this topic because it is not just about the particular facts of this event, but an overall trend that anti-depressants may play an unintended role in. Others would rather wait. I can see both sides, and am hoping that everyone will participate/not participate in whatever way helps them process this tragedy the best <3

  54. Thank you for posting this. Perfect timing. Your message of being an informed consumer/patient is understood loud and clear.

  55. Thank you, Kathryn Michelotti <3

  56. Annie Walsh via FB says:

    Thank you for posting this. I think the timing is appropriate regardless of whether there is a link to last night’s horrific massacre. People are always struggling to find answers to why such tragedies occur and the correlation here (in your article) is so striking.

  57. judi says:

    Please go check out….Dr. Anne Blake Tracy has done decades of research on drugs and what they are doing to people….horrifying. I have a son, who is going off his meds(prescribed by ”knowledgeable, caring doctors”!), and has been doing so for 19 months now. It has been a tortuous time in our lives and is not over yet. The good thing is, we have seen lots of improvement in him….anger issues? Practically non-existent!

  58. shelley says:

    I was on antidepressants for 10 years or more, had all kinds of problems when I was on them. I went to jail for assault and got all kinds of other charges. Now I’m drug free and my life has improved. Although I had some terrable withdrawl symptoms when I tried to get off the meds but its been two years now and I’m better than ever and have not been in any trouble.

    • rachel says:

      Only 5 mgs. of Paxil destroyed my emotional life 15 years ago and it took me three years to get it back. I KNOW that these drugs cause these school, movie, and mall murder/suicides. The FBI, FDA, and big Pharma know it too. But admitting the truth would cause repercussions I guess they don’t want to deal with. So having us blame ourselves for our broken social systems solves their problem. These drugs are derivitives of LSD and remember how dangerous the government always said it was in the sixties? Remember the people that jumped off of roofs on the stuff? The drug companies want profit. Why are we so interested in women’s heart health all of a sudden. To get women on statins (a heretofore untapped market). Why are the levels for blood sugar being lowered (to get everyone on the new drugs) why are blood pressure readings now needing to be so much lower after all of these years (to get people on the new drugs for that too. But, the anti-depressant coverup is truly a crime against humanity.

  59. […] dass er auf Prozac oder sonstigen pharmazeutischen Anti-Depressiva war, Medikamente, die schon oft in Zusammenhang mit Schießereien auf Schulen gebracht wurden. Aber nicht nur Pharmazeutika stehen mit […]

  60. […] For more information read: Antidepressants And School Shootings – What Every Parent Needs To Know […]

  61. johnathans_jiggle says:

    So where do the rest of us start that don’t know how to feed ourselves to a healthier life?

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