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Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To Know

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Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To Know

[info_box]Dear mamas,

No doubt you will wonder at some point in this post whether this is the time for this conversation. I’ve struggled with the same question. In the end I decided to publish today because pretty soon the constant drone of media coverage will cause parents to tune this story out. Oh sure, they’ll be more terrified than ever and so will their children, but for the most part mainstream coverage of these events breeds nothing but a sense of fatalism.

But what if many of these events are preventable? Twenty years ago parents didn’t worry that their children would be gunned down in fifth period – now no one can keep track of the number of shootings. A lot of things have changed for sure but I believe one of the most relevant changes is the the mass dosing of our children with pharmaceuticals. If your emotions are too raw right now please bookmark this post for later.

~ Heather [/info_box]

Depression Hurts. Prozac Hurts More.

Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To KnowLast December a Canadian judge ruled that a 15 year-old boy murdered one of his closest friends because of the effects of Prozac. The ruling will not be appealed.

Though the case was against the boy and not Prozac’s manufacturer, Eli Lilly, you’d think they’d have a thing or two to say about allegations that their drug causes homicidal tendencies.

But no.

Maybe that’s because despite their slogan – which has now been transferred to Cymbalta – they know that it DOES.  They covered up the fact that it caused suicidal behavior for 15 years, so why not this?

Did You Know . . .

That FIVE of the top ten most violence inducing drugs are antidepressants?¹ Of these, three are regularly prescribed to about 1.5 million children in the United States. Two other medications that made the list are ADHD drugs also commonly prescribed for children.

According to CCHR:

[P]eople with no prior history of violence (or suicide) became homicidal and suicidal under the influence of antidepressants. … However, despite all the documented violence-inducing side effects of these drugs, the FDA has never issued black box warnings on antidepressants causing violence or homicide despite the fact that at least 11 recent school shootings were committed by kids documented to be on or in withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.” (emphasis mine)

Did antidepressants play a role in T.J. Lane’s decision to murder his classmates yesterday? We don’t know yet. But as a Wyoming jury found in the 2001 case of a man who murdered his wife, daughter and granddaughter before committing suicide while on Paxil, there is ample evidence that antidepressants should carry a black box warning for violence and homicide just as it does for suicide. For those who need more than a few anecdotal stories, here is a collection of 4,800 news stories “with the full media article available, mainly criminal in nature, that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) or that were part of FDA testimony in either 1991, 2004 or 2006, in which antidepressants are mentioned.”

Please take the time to watch at least the first video and then  – if it convinces you like it did me – share it with everyone you know. Parents are groping for answers right now, so let’s give them real ones. We can’t wait 10 more years for the FDA to get this one right

Antidepressants And School Shootings, Suicide, Addiction

Micheal Moore Calls Pharmaceutical Companies Criminals

What Clinical Trials Say About Antidepressants and Homicidal Behavior

This one overlaps a little with the video above but the 1½ minutes are absolutely worth watching.

Random Mass Shootings And Violence

Follow up post: 7 Natural Remedies For Depression

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71 Responses to Antidepressants and School Shootings: What EVERY Parent Needs To Know

  1. Harmony Andkids via FB says:

    I have a lot to say about this post. But instead of going on and on about my personal views, my own experiences, my research ect, I’m simply going to say this : not all depression needs meds. Some do. Not all drs are good. Some are. Since we do not know all the details , we cannot yet judge.
    Instead let us hold the families and community in our hearts today. Let us extend our hands to those in need, and remember that we are all human.

  2. Elizabeth Beattie via FB says:

    No one is saying wait until the grief and shock has passed, but at least wait until the facts are out.

  3. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Elizabeth Beattie – I can certainly understand why you feel that way. Some here seem to feel that this is a good time to discuss this topic because it is not just about the particular facts of this event, but an overall trend that anti-depressants may play an unintended role in. Others would rather wait. I can see both sides, and am hoping that everyone will participate/not participate in whatever way helps them process this tragedy the best <3

  4. Lawana Schrieffer via FB says:

    Thanks for posting Jill.

  5. Kathryn Michelotti via FB says:

    Thank you for posting this. Perfect timing. Your message of being an informed consumer/patient is understood loud and clear.

  6. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Thank you, Kathryn Michelotti <3

  7. Annie Walsh via FB says:

    Thank you for posting this. I think the timing is appropriate regardless of whether there is a link to last night’s horrific massacre. People are always struggling to find answers to why such tragedies occur and the correlation here (in your article) is so striking.

  8. judi says:

    Please go check out….Dr. Anne Blake Tracy has done decades of research on drugs and what they are doing to people….horrifying. I have a son, who is going off his meds(prescribed by ”knowledgeable, caring doctors”!), and has been doing so for 19 months now. It has been a tortuous time in our lives and is not over yet. The good thing is, we have seen lots of improvement in him….anger issues? Practically non-existent!

  9. shelley says:

    I was on antidepressants for 10 years or more, had all kinds of problems when I was on them. I went to jail for assault and got all kinds of other charges. Now I’m drug free and my life has improved. Although I had some terrable withdrawl symptoms when I tried to get off the meds but its been two years now and I’m better than ever and have not been in any trouble.

    • rachel says:

      Only 5 mgs. of Paxil destroyed my emotional life 15 years ago and it took me three years to get it back. I KNOW that these drugs cause these school, movie, and mall murder/suicides. The FBI, FDA, and big Pharma know it too. But admitting the truth would cause repercussions I guess they don’t want to deal with. So having us blame ourselves for our broken social systems solves their problem. These drugs are derivitives of LSD and remember how dangerous the government always said it was in the sixties? Remember the people that jumped off of roofs on the stuff? The drug companies want profit. Why are we so interested in women’s heart health all of a sudden. To get women on statins (a heretofore untapped market). Why are the levels for blood sugar being lowered (to get everyone on the new drugs) why are blood pressure readings now needing to be so much lower after all of these years (to get people on the new drugs for that too. But, the anti-depressant coverup is truly a crime against humanity.

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    […] dass er auf Prozac oder sonstigen pharmazeutischen Anti-Depressiva war, Medikamente, die schon oft in Zusammenhang mit Schießereien auf Schulen gebracht wurden. Aber nicht nur Pharmazeutika stehen mit […]

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  12. johnathans_jiggle says:

    So where do the rest of us start that don’t know how to feed ourselves to a healthier life?

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