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5 Reasons Kids Should Pack Their Own Lunch + $125 In Lunch Gear From MightyNest!

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“Mom, I’m HUUUUNGRY! What’s for lunch?”

I turn around, hoist babypotamus a little higher on my hip, and say, “I don’t know, Katie. What are you making us for lunch?”

Thirty minutes later I post her answer on Instagram: Shredded chicken with caramelized onions and capers with avocado, made without any help from me. Y’all, she’s SIX. I was kidding when I asked her what she was making, but she took my remark as a statement of confidence and ran with it.

Now, I’m no rocket scientist, but based on The Glorious Day In Which Someone Else Made Lunch I figured it was time to let Katie prepare her own healthy snacks and meals for homeschool meetups.

I’m not gonna lie, I love my newfound freedom. Though I’m always in the kitchen to offer safety guidance or suggestions as needed, I’ve been amazed by how much more capable she is than I realized. That’s why I’m excited to partner up with MightyNest to ask you to join me by doing something new this year:

Let’s equip our children to pack their own healthy lunches! 

Wait. What? Let children pack their own lunches? It might sound dangerous or questionable at first, but lets take a look at the “Why.”

Mighty Nest4


5 Reasons Kids Should Pack Their Own Lunch

I’m sure we can all agree that there is no magical age that determines when a child should start packing their own lunch. For those who aren’t quite ready, filling water bottles, snack bags and containers with fruit can be a VERY good first step. However at some point they’re going to be ready to do more, right? Here are five reasons that’s a very good thing:

1. It teaches them about proper nourishment

Katie and I are having some great discussions about food, like why it’s not a good idea to pack only bananas. She’s learning to listen more closely to her cravings and make healthy choices for herself. My hope is that by starting early, this perspective on nourishment will stay with her through her teen years and beyond.

2. Kids eat more

When kids makes the choices, they’re much more likely to eat their food because they’re proud of their accomplishment. They’re eating THEIR choices, which makes any food taste better!

3. It takes the load off Mama

Let’s be honest, Mama deserves a break. You’ll have one less responsibility in the mornings, which buys you time to change out of those PJ’s.

4. It’s empowering

Children start the day off gently with the mindset that they have power, that they can be trusted, and that they can do whatever they put her mind to.

5. It instills responsibility

Our goal is to equip our children with the mindset they need to thrive. Making lunches is yet another way to  guide them toward a brilliant future.

The benefits sound pretty great, right?

If you’re wondering how to make this work on a practical level, here’s what we’ve found helpful. First, we ensure that Katie is perfectly safe by only providing child-safe utensils and standing very close by while she learns different kitchen skills. I also like to make sure that we have a few lunch-sized leftovers in the fridge from the past few meals for her to choose from.

We also provide her with containers that prevent messy leaks and other discouraging mishaps. This has been HUGE for us, which is why I’m so glad to be hosting a fabulous giveaway for $125+ in lunch gear from MightyNest.


Why You (And Your Kids) Will ♥ This Set

Katie and I hand-picked every item for this giveaway with you in mind. Katie based her selections on what looked fun, and I based mine on durability and functionality. Here’s what we came up with:

You’ll love this set because it takes the frustration out of packing lunches. There are fewer messes, spills, hot items that should be cold, cold items that should be hot, and epic emergencies in which two foods touch each other. (Please don’t tell me that just happens in my house.)

Plus, it’s much easier to keep things organized and kids love the independence it brings.

Mighty Nest3



Want To Win All This Amazing Lunch Gear?

Pledge to involve your little ones in preparing their real food lunches this year via the widget below, and you’ll automatically be entered to win all these goodies from MightyNest.

And because MightyNest is committed to inspiring and supporting mighty living, they’ll donate 15% of anything you purchase through them to your local school.  A typical lunch gear order donates more than $10 to the supporter’s school, and MightyNest’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 for schools this school year – how great is that?

Which giveaway item would your child use the most?

Leave a comment and let us know!

This giveaway is sponsored by Mighty Nest, a company committed to helping families make simple changes for a healthier life. Thank you for supporting the companies I love, and allowing me to share them with you.

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280 Responses to 5 Reasons Kids Should Pack Their Own Lunch + $125 In Lunch Gear From MightyNest!

  1. Sandi says:

    I’d love to try out the bamboo utensils.

  2. Lisa says:

    A good thermos. Because we need soup days in North Dakota!

  3. MaggieMay says:

    I’ve been looking for a perfect set for my daughter and my boys… My daughter (the Vegan) finds it difficult to pack her lunch everyday… This would be perfect for her…. My Son the picky HS eater… will probably convert in packing his lunch after seeing this nifty set… and my baby the 1st. grader took the initiative to pack his lunch… we’ve been talking a lot about how we could improve our nutrition by making changes.. School lunches are sometimes the only one good meal a child gets during the day… but we need to change the meals we provide for our kids.. Consider the health of Children as well… It can’t be that much more expensive to make a change in school lunches…… Can it??

  4. kylie ogloff says:

    I think my daughter would love the thermos. She loves hot soup in her lunch on a cold winter day and the one she had last year broke by the end of the year and as it got warmer out I forgot to replace it.

  5. Tuyet says:

    My little girl is 3 years old and just started daycare where she needs to bring a lunch every day. Bento box style lunches works for her eating habits.

  6. Sheena says:

    We try to reduce our trash so we pack for pretty much every car ride. And my daughter is allergic to basically anything artificial which has turned our lives upside down, in a good way! It has been a journey well worth it. So again, we do a lot of packing! Prep. is key for clean green eating. Tall insulated food jars/thermos would be great to keep those cold foods cold in this hot Fl heat! Thank you for doing what you do!

  7. Ingrid beesley says:

    I love the easy small containers and the fact that they are leak proof. The mighty nest lunch gear seems amazing. Especially the adorable bento box. I hope we can win some my daughter is starting school for the first time and we won’t have any containers like this. My husband was out of work & he just found a temporary job so money is pretty tight. Happily we don’t have to pay for school but we do have to pack and eat lunches because going out is not an option. Thanks. :) Stela Rose & mommy too :)

  8. Judy says:

    The lunch bag. She takes her lunch everyday. Doesn’t like the cafeteria food. :)

  9. Jen A says:

    Really want to try the bento box, and the leak proof containers would be a huge bonus

  10. Jenafer Barker says:

    The water bottle would get the most use. We take water with us everywhere! Secondly the reusable snack bags, my “baby” is entering Kindergarten and will have to have snacks every day. My eldest is entering middle school she will probably confiscate the bento box and bamboo utensils.

  11. Cara C says:

    I personally love the utensils, but I’m guessing the water bottle would be fought over among my kids.

  12. Tracey says:

    Two first-second grader kids who need bento boxes and a toddler who needs everything (now that she’ll be in daycare some hours a week!)

  13. Catelyn Olivares says:

    My three year old son loves deciding which healthy foods he will eat for the day. He will be starting school very soon so he is needing all lunch supplies but the reusable snack bags sound great!

  14. helen says:

    My son would love the thermos and the fact that it is leak free. I would love the bento box; but i guess this is not about me. :)

  15. Jenna says:

    My son is just starting school next month and I am eagerly trying to get everything he needs together. I would so so so love to get the lunch pack set and have entered to win. We don’t use plastic anything in our house so I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to pack a lunch without using plastic baggies and such! <3

  16. Terah says:

    oh how fun! I have two going to school this year, we’ve been working on packing their own lunches but I love the idea of teaching them to make their own lunches! I know they enjoy their lunch more when it’s packed into fun tins and lunch boxes :o)

  17. ABBY E says:

    She would use the ice pack! She is obessed with icepacks! LOL

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