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Thriller, Comedy or Love Story- What’s YOUR Birth Story?

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Fart jokes are not funny. Poop pellets flying through the air while birthing a baby . . . now THAT’S funny.

But birth is more than a string of one-liners. It’s thrilling and sacred, too, like being kissed by eternity while staring down a 300 pound linebacker in a powder puff game gone horribly wrong. I’ll tell you, though, there is one thing that birth is NOT.

Birth is Not a Performance

Soul-splitting contractions. Mucous plugs. Breaking bags of water. It’s too all-consuming to waste energy on pretense. The unvarnished reality is part of the beauty. I love how my college friend Elisabeth put it:

I felt wildness and shock pouring out of my face, like someone who wasn’t hidden in the rock when God was walking by. I remembered a photograph of a laboring woman with that expression, and I remembered she was smiling, so I smiled, and rode it high and hard and wild.

Hemlock’s Birth Story

That is the stuff birth stories are made of.

Though the particulars can take many forms, birth stories always have the capacity to point us to truth. It can be the truth about holding on, letting go, falling in love or making love a choice. But whatever it is, it is REAL.

So please, share YOUR story with us! Simply sign up with the linky below using the URL to your specific birth story post (and not to your blog homepage…this will help find your post without having to search your blog for it).

It would also be lovely if you would do two things:

  • Leave a comment on 2 other birth stories – we all love kind words!
  • Link to this post from your blog so your friends can share in the fun. :)

Ready? Set! Share!!!

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15 Responses to Thriller, Comedy or Love Story- What’s YOUR Birth Story?

  1. Sarah Reddick via FB says:

    Yay! Excited to read them all…I linked here and on the blog post!

  2. My “Home Birth” with Little C | | Thank Your BodyThank Your Body says:

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  3. Our Natural Water Birth Story - Naturally Confused Mom says:

    […] story was shared with The Mommypotamus. Buffervar dd_offset_from_content = 40; var dd_top_offset_from_content = 0; This entry was posted […]

  4. Amanda Z says:

    I hope no one minds – I’m sharing the story of my son William’s birth – by emergency c-section at 23 weeks. If you’re an expecting mommy, and avoiding negative thoughts, please skip it. If you want to read about amazing health care personal and the benefits of medical intervention, I’d love to share William’s story with you.

  5. Emily says:

    NOTE: my stories (a c-section. a VBAC. and an unassisted home birth) are NOT well written. they were done when I got the time after each baby and have never been edited. I used to think that I wanted to go back and “fix” them but each time I go back and read them I like them the way they are more and more. I remember where I was, what I was going through when I was typing. So forgive the grammar/spelling etc. They stay “as is” :-)

  6. Kirsti Vossler via FB says:

    I still haven’t gotten a chance to write Anna’s! I’ll have to get in on the next go-round. Can’t wait to have a chance to read them all, though!

  7. Andrea Patterson Sangjun via FB says:

    I just submitted mine. I have three but the first one is so long I had to break it in two parts. :) I’m enjoying reading everybody else’s stories right now!

  8. Sharla says:

    I just submitted my birth story and it is not “crunchy” at all but it is emotional and I thought it might be an intersting read for some.

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