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Birth Story Bash: Celebrating Your Story – October 21

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Photo Credit: Nina Matthews Photography on Flickr

Steam is rising from my favorite red mug. The  day is clear . . . no commitments, errands to run, or phone calls to make. It’s just me, my babies and your stories.

I have idea what’s coming. Poop pellets? A homebirth with an ambulance and firetruck in the driveway? How about a surprise delivery in the back seat of a car?

My children’s births weren’t that dramatic, but I still managed to have a lot to say about them (here, here, here, here and here) and I’m sure you do, too. It’s time press “Publish” and get this party started!

Please share YOUR story with us!

Simply sign up with Mr. Linky below using the URL to your specific birth story post (and not to your blog homepage…this will help find your post without having to search your blog for it).

It would also be SUPER-NICE if you would link to this post from your blog so your friends can share in the fun, but it’s not a requirement ; – )

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51 Responses to Birth Story Bash: Celebrating Your Story – October 21

  1. Shannon says:

    I just finished reading your birth story and was so inspired. Thanks so much for sharing it. I think my favorite line was “I don’t imagine there will ever be a time when wetting my pants will be as delightful as it was right then.”


    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Shannon. I LOVED reading your story. It had me on the edge of my seat toward the end. I think I cried for relief when you put him on your chest and said “baby, baby.”

  2. Whittney says:

    Left mine! Can’t wait to read them all!

  3. Lesley says:

    Just linked to it!! Its Lexi’s story. As I had mentioned, Austin’s still has not been completed. And while I let some comments hang over me like a big bag of guilt last week for not finishing it
    … I have come to peace that I am still not ready. Only I can know when that time will come and when my memories of that birth can be celebrated! I don’t want Austin to read my story and hear pain…I want him to hear my joy in his birth, so I feel that until I can get the yuck completely out and purged, and then write with some more clarity, I will continue to wait. I really feel that I have healed so much when I talk about it…its the whole putting it down on paper that makes me begin to tremble.

    • Heather says:

      Let the guilt go! No pressure from us to tell YOUR story before you’re ready. Thank you for sharing the story of Lexi’s birth with us. I know you will get there with Austin’s and it will be full of joy.

  4. Joanna Moore says:

    Linked my first one, about to link the second one too! Looking forward to carving some time out to read everybody else’s!

  5. Caitlin H says:

    I just linked Denver’s birth story. our midwife was Donnellyn with All About Babies midwifery. It was an amazing experience and i’m excited to share it with this community.

  6. Mandi says:

    I just linked a few – hope that’s okay. Loving reading all of these!

  7. Hannah Tallo says:

    It was so fun to go back and read mine again and edit to add some more details that I had left out! Can’t wait to get to reading on all these other stories! I may not get anything else done today!!

  8. Tanya Nguyen says:

    Just linked Giovanni’s Birth Story. Love your blog, thank you so much for hosting this, can’t wait to read all the wonderful birth stories. I still can’t believe I am a mom sometimes and I often go back to read gio’s birth. Loved every minute of it, exhausted, but would do it again.


    • Heather says:

      I read mine often, too. I find it helps on a hard day to look back and realize how little they were. They don’t stay that way for long and it helps me be grateful for the time I have with them . . . even when I’m exhausted, covered in poop, and trying to eat while standing up and nursing :)

  9. Rachael says:

    Posted…I wasn’t going to, since you don’t really know me :)…but since we just found out #2 is on the way, I got nostalgic so I figured why not. :)

    • Heather says:

      Congratulations, Rachael! I hope you’re feeling well :) Just FYI, I don’t “know” several participants, but that’s what I wanted . . . a chance to get to know ya’ll better.

      • Rachael says:

        Smoothie helped delay the morning sickness today, so hopefully it will continue working. :)

        FYI, Esther’s the one who got me started on your blog back in March I think.

        • Heather says:

          Rachael – I couldn’t comment on your blog for some reason but I just wanted to agree with Dr. Kroeger. She really was extraordinarily cute!!! Glad he didn’t hold her in, lol!

  10. Angela Aitken says:

    Linked up my most recent birth…it’s still so fresh in my mind (8 wks out). Thanks for doing this Heather! Such a great idea that we can read others’ stories and process through our own experiences by getting them down “on paper.”

    • Heather says:

      Woohoo! I remember connecting with you awhile back but didn’t realize you already had your baby (I’m bad with dates). Can’t wait to read it!

  11. Sheila says:

    When I saw this, I had to hurry back to my own blog and read Marko’s birth story. Wow, it seems so long ago! It’s not very detailed – maybe partly because even a week later, I couldn’t remember as much.

    Can’t wait to read everyone else’s!

    • Heather says:

      It IS so hard to remember. Daddypotamus tweeted throughout both of my births, which I loved because it gave me a timeline and details to work with when I sat down to write. After such long labors with both my memory was kaput, so it really helped. Thank you for sharing . . . can’t wait to read your story!

  12. dianthe says:

    i just posted the links to both of mine – Sydney’s link includes her slide show and Myles’ link includes the slide show, the link to the actual story and Dr. Cindy’s version of his birth – we like to do it up around here! 😉
    i can’t wait to read all the stories – i’m going to wait until tonight so i can cry without interruption – i always cry when babies are born! ♥

  13. Margo says:

    Linked mine #20. It was interesting to write because it was longer than I thought it was and I even left things out. I am enjoying reading the birth stories. I feel some confirmation in reading others stories. Thanks Mommypotamus for doing this!

    • Heather says:

      What a wonderful comment! Validation of our experiences with birth is what I was shooting for, so thank you for saying that! Looking forward to reading your story!

  14. latisha says:

    well, i was going to take a little bit off from commenting since i am at the top of your side bar. i dont want you to think i am really stalking you. but this is just another reason why you have become my latest blog crush.

    i havent written my#2 yet and never posted #1 online to link but am a birth junkie and loved reading these. thank you for continuing to provide great content whether real food or not. i love your style and the mood you set here. lots of love and positivity but without the fluff and inauthentic vibe that can often accompany rainbows and sunshine. we may meet God by taking different paths, but I have a feeling our walk is really the same when it comes down to what matters. and this sentiment is felt throughout this space in your posts and your readers and why it makes it easy to spend time here. thank you for being you and sharing it with us.

    • Heather says:

      I couldn’t help but smile when I read this comment, Latisha. Thank you so much. By the way, I am enjoying a few cups of fennel tea each day thanks to your wonderful post. I LOVE that post. Just reading it makes me feel calm and pampered. I can almost smell the fragrance of crushed rosemary and I read . . . it’s incredible!

  15. Genevieve says:

    Hi Heather and everyone,

    What a fun idea! i can’t wait to see them all! Well, my birth story is VERY fresh in my mind since Griffin is not even 6 weeks old, so close to you and Micah!

    All in all, giving birth was an intense, beautiful, violent and sacred event. Afterwards, I swore I’d never have a unmedicated birth again. Now, with some distance, I might be up for the challenge :).

    • Margo says:

      I too thought “no way, no how, nuh uh” will I ever do that unmedicated again. But God has a wonderful way of making you forget! Now that my little one is 3 months old I say “I would do it all over again”. Plus it is quite humorous to see peoples faces when they ask you about your birth and you say all natural-no drugs! Plus I also loved how alert my little girl was from the very beginning of her life!

      • Heather says:

        Daniel likes to play a little game with me. When I’m in labor he asks me how many more times I want to do this. I glare at him and say “THIS IS THE LAST ONE.” Then he asks me at about a week, then two and so on. It’s to funny how my answer changes. By about four weeks I have completely forgotten the pain of childbirth. Although I can easily recall the discomfort of being nine months pregnant, the memory of labor pain is totally inaccessible to me. Now, just six weeks after Micah’s birth I am already thinking about a sister for Katie!!!

        • Genevieve says:

          LOL! I know! I want to get pregnant again NOW which is so funny because Griffin is only 6 weeks! It’s like “easy chief!” One day at a time :)… I have a feeling Katie would LOVE a sister. Wish I had one myself.

        • ElisabethCS says:

          okay, so I have to chime in.

          Right before I started pushing this last time around, I said “this is it, I can’t do this again, this is the last baby”…then even before the placenta is even out, I say “okay, in a couple years, we can try for another”. Everyone laughed.:)

          • Heather says:

            Oh wow! Come to think of it I was back on the baby bandwagon more quickly with Micah than with Katie. I wonder if my resistance will weaken with each new baby . . .LOL!

      • Genevieve says:

        Yes, God does! Otherwise, this planet wouldn’t be inhabited by people! LOL! It is funny. I was talking to my health insurance the other day and she said “well, we are waiting for the bill from the anesthesiologist.” And I told her that I didn’t have an epidural and she was speechless. Quite a moment! He… he…

  16. ElisabethCS says:

    Well, I haven’t written Gibson’s birth story yet. I kinda felt I needed to get Gwyneth’s written first.
    One down…two more to write. But not tonight. I’m off to bed. well, at least til Gibs wants to nurse.

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  18. Tana says:

    Hi Heather, I am commenting late. My stories were long and many, so I gave the abbreviated versions, LOL. Thanks for your inspiration. It really stirred up a lot of thought inside that I am still processing.

  19. latisha says:

    i keep saying i want to be 4-8 months pregnant and give birth again. the baby…not so sure at this point, but it’s still early. but id give birth every month if i could.

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  21. Joy says:

    So much fun reading other mommas stories. We never forget the day our children were born, the details, the events, the laughs, the tears, how we felt, how we didn’t feel! Thanks for giving us a forum to express ourselves together! I added this link to my blog.

  22. Melodie says:

    Sorry I am late to the party. I linked up both of mine. My crazy c-section story and my proud home birth after cesarean story. And tweeted it too, you know, to make up for my tardiness.

  23. Theresa says:

    I linked up my “not so perfect birth story and my perfect little boy.” Love hearing/reading other birth stories! It’s always an amazing story, no matter how it goes!

  24. pomomama aka ebbandflo says:

    i didn’t realise how fragmentedly (?) i’d posted my birth story

  25. Michelle says:

    I love birth stories! Thanks for the great idea of gathering so many of them together! I just added mine. It is a little wordy. Can’t wait to get started on reading all of them!

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  27. Kathryn Nordyke says:

    I am super duper late in the game here and didn’t even bother to edit my first baby story! BUT, I was determined to follow through with my commitment! Now to work on baby story number 2! =) This is loads of fun- and a brilliant idea (by the way)

  28. Kathryn Nordyke says:

    just posted baby number 2! This is very therapeutic and just what I needed to do.

  29. Katy says:

    Just finished putting in mine. Now off to read some!

  30. latisha says:

    finally. here’s one.

  31. Kimberly says:

    I’m late to the party, but I added mine from my most recent birth! It was a magical experience.

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