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Blue Mesa Grill: Serving Local Produce and Cheese in DFW

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After a long week of potty training and getting our house ready to list on MLS, Daniel and I were not in the mood to trek to Dallas. Most of the restaurants left on our adventure list are in Dallas (or at least Dallas County), but we’d heard Blue Mesa Grill in Southlake met our local ingredient criteria as well, so we opted to stay local this time. Blue Mesa Grill’s southwestern cuisine menu uses refreshingly unique ingredients such as jicama and mango relish, and they do in fact use local ingredients. According to their website, Blue Mesa Grill began taking steps in 2008 to incorporate local ingredients into their menu.

From their website:

Here are some examples of how we are achieving these [local ingredient] goals:

  • Working with Hardies Fruit & Vegetable Company we found several local farms that supply us with seasonal vegetables. Each season we will feature different fruits and vegetables from these farms. Starting in January ’09 we will be making our fresh fruit margaritas from locally sourced seasonal fruits.
  • The chicken in our Slow Roasted Natural Chicken is from Buddy’s Natural Chicken in Gonzales. It is a local farm that feeds the chickens natural grains and uses no antibiotics or other chemicals. The flavor of these chickens is fantastic – you can really taste the difference.
  • The cheese in our Goat Cheese Enchiladas is from Mozzarella Company, a cheese manufacturer. These enchiladas have become a very popular item.
  • Our tortillas are from Rudy’s and La Mexicana who makes their tortillas right here in Dallas.
  • Our coffee and tea (for our Passion Fruit Iced Tea, too) is produced here in Dallas America.
  • You will see more and more local products on our menu. The sweet potatoes for our chips are purchased from local growers when available. These products tend to cost more money so it is something we are doing selectively. We want to maintain our overall prices and value to our guests.

Blue Mesa has taken steps to accommodate both vegetarians and individuals with food allergies by posted subject related information here.

Menu Options With Local Ingredients

I am not using a rating system, but maybe I should be. If I were I would put Blue Mesa on the lower side of the scale. Although they are more progressive than most restaurants and their food is delicious, the prevalence of corn in their menu means it is almost impossible to avoid GMOs on most of the entrees (if corn is not labeled organic, there is an 85-95% chance it is genetically modified). Also, Buddy’s “naturally raised” chickens aren’t exactly natural. They may not be fed antibiotics, but according to their website the “natural grain” they eat is “primarily soybean meal, grain sorghum, plant oils, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.” If soy is not labeled organic there is a 80-90% chance it is genetically modified. I don’t know what grain sorghum is, but I do know that many oils fed to chickens can be rancid, so overall I am not impressed with the diet of Buddy’s chickens.

So, with all that said, here are my half-hearted recommendations:

4 Way Queso
Classic, Wild Mushroom, Ground Beef-Chorizo or Spinach-Artichoke. Cheese by Texas Cheesemakers.

Downside: Served with corn chips from conventionally-raised corn. Also comes with sweet potato chips, though. I ate those.

House Salad
House greens are spring lettuces, baby arugula and bibb lettuce from Young’s Greenhouse in Witchita Falls, Texas. Thumbs up!

Goat Cheese Enchiladas
Mozzarella Co. of Dallas goat cheese. Served on smoky black beans with jicama slaw and quacamole.

Downside: Conventional corn tortillas and sweet corn cake on the side.

Slow Roasted Natural Chicken with Caramelized Honey Ancho Glaze
Texas raised chickens fed natural grain, slow roasted with a signature blend of 15 herbs and spices. Served with a black bean Adobe Pie and local seasonal vegetables.

Downside: The Adobe Pie is a dome of conventionally-grown corn.

The Verdict

Blue Mesa Grill has taken impressive strides in supporting our local farmers and our local economy. Their food is delicious and their location near Southlake’s town square is charming. If they get rid of that nasty GMO corn I will eat there all the time!

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9 Responses to Blue Mesa Grill: Serving Local Produce and Cheese in DFW

  1. Mae says:

    Wow! That is a lot of corn! Sheesh! You’ve gotta get a copy of King Corn… I’m now on the hunt!
    .-= Mae´s last blog ..Dear Lily (9 months) =-.

  2. Amber Parker says:

    I was wondering how you got started on eating so healthy? And another thing how do you get your family to eat all those fresh foods.It is hard for me to find all the organic foods and to get my family to eat them. I have to sneak alot of things so my children will eat veggies and whole wheat pastas, or bread. I am un able to afford all the organic things and fresh foods are just as high. Any suggestions would be great. I am making a big garden this year so veggies should be ok for a while. I am wanting to do a little canning this year also. So if you have any suggestions I would really love it!

    • Mae says:

      Heather, I hope you don’t mind me replying!

      When I first started my “organic adventure” I went through something very similar in my family as far as shopping is concerned.
      I wrote a post specifically addressing this issue here: feel free to check it out!
      One thing I’m not sure I mentioned is: don’t buy pre-packaged or pre-made ANYTHING! The regular stuff is full of chemicals and additives, and the organic stuff is severely overpriced! You’ve got to learn to cook from scratch- which can definitely be a process all its own!
      As for the kids- we had the same problem growing up, and I know it was tough on my mom, so tough that she just gave up the battle. I say, get rid of all other options. Don’t give them healthy choices that they can reject knowing that they can grab a bag of Cheetos from the pantry after dinner! [I sure know I did! ;]
      And if you have any more children, start them with whole foods from the beginning! My 9 month old has never had baby food, rice cereal or the like, and has no problem eating all her fruits and veggies every day! It’s definitely tough at first, but it’s all worth it in the end!
      .-= Mae´s last blog ..Dear Lily (9 months) =-.

    • Heather says:

      Great ideas, Mae.

      Amber – I think your question deserves a post of it’s own, which I hope to get to soon. In the meantime, why don’t you email me 4-5 of your family’s favorite recipes and I’ll see if I can “healthify” them? You would not believe what’s possible. We make healthy “hamburger helper”, pizza etc. and the family loves it!

  3. Heather says:

    Amber – Rather than post it here(I don’t want to get spammed), I sent you an email ; – )

  4. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    Since I saw someone has visited this page today looking for a review on the Adobe Pie from Blue Mesa, let me just say it rocks.

    I think there are two other dishes I love there, but I most often order the Adobe Pie. Honestly, I should branch out and I probably will next time.
    .-= Daniel (Daddypotamus)´s last blog ..The “Turn the Wifi Off at Night” Challenge =-.

  5. MelissaN says:

    Just bring your own chips! 😉
    As a gluten intolerant/celiac person, I’ve learned to bring my own chips everywhere. I really like Xochitl chips – Locally made and GMO free! and gluten free! 😉 I’ve never had a restaurant give me a problem bringing my own food, especially if I say I have an “allergy” – most chips are not fried in a dedicated fryer, so they would make me sick, so I’ve learned to bring my own. :)

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