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Breakfast Love From Crockpot Betty!!!

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Betty the Friendly Neighborhood Crockpot . . .

Is one of my best friends, and she wants to be yours, too! She’s absolutely fabulous, ya’ll. Give her tough cuts of meat like top round, veggies that need to be used quickly and some spices and VOILA! You’ve got a hearty stew without even messing up your kitchen!!

But you know the best part? When your mom comes to visit and gets you all spoiled with a piping hot breakfast waiting in the kitchen she’ll be there to pick up the pieces when you’re on your own again.


Seriously though, Betty is more chipper in the morning that that nest of robins outside Snow White’s window. So when she says “sleep a little longer, hon, I’ve got this” — DO IT. Then roll out of bed and stumble into the kitchen for warm, breakfasty goodness on-the-spot.I’ve you’ve never met Betty please consider this your formal introduction. To get to know her better, check out the recipes below!

Photo courtesy Health Home & Happiness

 Slow Cooker Baked Apples

Make any morning extra special with this hot cooked, cinnamon-sweet breakfast from Cara at Health, Home & Happiness. The aroma alone will have you smiling before you get to the kitchen, promise! We like ours with a quick side of scrambled eggs and/or sausage. Yum!

For kids who don’t eat super sweet sweets, this will be a real treat.

For a variation on this theme, check out this slow cooker applesauce from The Well Fed Homestead

Bacon “Omelette” Crock Pot Breakfast

Alyssa over at Sweet Cheeks says that “The delicious smell fills up the house as you sleep, causing visions of bacon to dance in your head!” Uh, yeah! This looks so delish AND easy – can’t wait to try it! Since we’re one of those families Betty will substitute butternut squash for sweet potato* and add some cheese as well. Since coconut oil maintains it’s benefits better than olive oil when heated Betty will make that switcharoo for us, too. You can find the recipe here.

* If your Betty substitutes with butternut squash you might recommend she use 1/3 less since it is usually higher in water content.

Southwest Crockpot Crustless Quiche

Oh yeah, this one looks UH-mazing! Betty is making this for us next week except she’s going to sub these pickled peppers for the canned green chilis (we can’t find any that don’t have BPA) and bacon for sausage. (Pssst! Want bacon without all the additives? Try making your own with this recipe!) Or to make this casserole more budget-friendly you can substitute this easy homemade spicy sausage recipe.

You can find the southwest breakfast casserole recipe here.

Do you know a mama who could you a few extra minutes of sleep and a hot breakfast? Why not share this recipe with her?!?!? And if you have a fave crockpot breakfast recipe, please share it!

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20 Responses to Breakfast Love From Crockpot Betty!!!

  1. Alison Wonderland Sheffield via FB says:

    One of “those families”. Love it!

  2. Roxanna Farnsworth via FB says:

    thinking the apple breakfast looks great but not be too kind on my candida- think I’ll go for it anyway!! love the eggs and bacon too :)

  3. Kristine Winniford via FB says:

    After reading this twice, I still can’t get over that your mom makes you breakfast when she comes to visit. That is amazing. The slow cooker applesauce looks good too, I have tons of granny smiths that I need to use up. I’ve noticed whenever I every cook something overnight, usually its just stock, I wake up starving from smelling it all night.

  4. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    I know, Kristine Winniford! She is really and truly a woman worth emulating. Sometimes I feel self conscious as I stumble through this parenting thing in front of her, but then I remember that she was a little rough around the edges when she was my age and she’s turned out beautifully. It’s so encouraging <3

  5. Nicole says:

    Oh I LOVE you! My favorite thing about intro gaps was throwing broth and veggies in the crock pot the night before and having soup ready to go the next morning. This is AWESOME- cause I don’t always want soup for breakfast!

    • Heather says:

      Gosh, I really wish I had known to use my crockpot when we did intro the first time. It makes life SO MUCH easier! Gonna go fire mine up right now – glad you liked this post Nicole!

  6. Suzanne says:

    Instead of green chilis, try Happy Hal’s jalapeno relish It’s bottled in glass although there is some BPA in the lid.

  7. Kirsten says:

    So, if I’m on top of things, Betty can cook both breakfast AND dinner! And then we can have leftovers for lunch! 😀 Sounds like I may have just found my ticket out of the kitchen on busy days.

  8. Ramy says:

    Want pastured bacon without any additives? Try ours! : )

  9. Megan says:

    I have been dreaming about these apples! Definitely gonna have to try them. My crockpot cemented my love for her when I started making the perpetual stock from Nourished Kitchen. Now it is always on right next to my kombucha, multi-tasking and making stock as well as keeping my 10 gallons of kombucha brewing quickly in the winter. Love it. I wish I had known about perpetual stock and this yummy apple recipe while we were doing GAPS! Thanks for the new breakfast ideas. I have been finding myself wishing I had someone who would make breakfast for me even once a week. I think I have found my answer.

    • Heather says:

      I know, Megan! I totally forgot about my crockpot while we were in Intro and it would have made life so much easier. Since Jenny posted her perpetual stock recipe I’ve gone broth crazy – I’m now totally out of chicken bones and my rancher won’t get any more till spring. Boo! We still have tons of beef bones but I like chicken more :(

      I’ve made these apples before and they are so delish. They fill the house with the most amazing aroma and I love waking up to them. In fact, I think I’m going to go start a batch now!

  10. Jesse M says:

    Mmmmm, my kids and I just enjoyed the slow cooked baked apples! What a nice treat to wake up too! I always struggle with wanting to make my kids a nice healthy breakfast but when they wake up they seriously want to eat immediately. So this was great – I gave them each an apple and they enjoyed it while I cooked up the eggs and rest of bfast!!

  11. Rachel Loth says:

    Have you looked into the whole lead issue with crockpots. Ive been avoiding mine as much as possible for years because of it. Then it broke so I havent replaced it. But as a mama of 5 I really, really miss using it! Ive only read that there’s lead in the glaze and nothing to refute that. Ive looked into the clay slow cookers but they are just too small for our family. If you have info that says they are good to use, I would love to hear it! (

  12. Rachel Loth says:

    Thanks Heather :) Ive been researching it all again, looking for more updated info. I found the sites that say HB is ok but then I also found many quotes right from their site saying the same thing as the other companies – they meet the guidelines. Which means it can still have it, but its within the law. They can call themselves “lead free” if they meet them, even if there are small amounts of lead leaching. Thats what concerns me about daily use like bone broth. This was one interesting article I found. This is part 3, there are links at the top to go back to the first part His conclusion is its just not good enough for children and pregnant women. I still dont feel comfortable using any of them. I really wish I could, it would be sooooo helpful. I miss mine :(

  13. Jesse M says:

    Just an FYI the link to the recipe for the Bacon Omelette Crock Pot Bfast is not working, goes to the Sweet Cheeks page but not the recipe….

  14. 6 Tips to Keep You Eating Real Foods Through Big Changes says:

    […] to work for you daily. Do you know you have another sleepless night ahead with the baby? Prepare breakfast in the crock pot and sleep in the next morning! Going to be away from home all day on a homeschool field trip or at […]

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