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Calling All Mamas: Get Your Birth Stories Ready

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The thing about birth stories is that they are a lot like the babies they come with. No matter how many there are I never get tired of them. Each little face draws me in . . . just as each story does.

I read your stories. Every single one you send me. I know which one of you:




On your mark, get set, WRITE!!!

Call me a birth junkie, but I love these stories. After I posted Micah’ birth story, many of you contacted me to share your experiences and offered to help me process through mine. Whether it was a planned induction, hospital birth or water birth it seems we ALL need to talk about it. One of you wrote:

I’m so glad I didn’t bore you to tears with my novel! I think I still feel the NEED to tell my story because I so badly wanted a natural birth and didn’t get it. I keep re-living the experience, like I have to remind myself that it [the lifesaving c-section] REALLY WAS necessary :)

So let’s talk! Next month (July 14th) I’ll be hosting a Birth Story Bash where you can link up your birth story or photos with the Mommypotamus community. Birth photogs please also link up your slideshows! It’s going to be a great opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about the multi-faceted birth experience. If you have a story to tell but haven’t written it yet GET STARTED!!! To participate just post your story on your blog and visit next week to post the link here.  If you don’t have a blog email me and we’ll work out a way to get your story published.

I hope this goes without saying, but graphic descriptions, photos and video are WELCOME! This is BIRTH! Are you excited yet???

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60 Responses to Calling All Mamas: Get Your Birth Stories Ready

  1. Mae says:

    Here’s what’s so cool about this.
    One of those birth stories up there delivered her baby on the same day I delivered Lily!!! It was AMAZING to read how we were going through such different yet such shared experience at the same time! Can’t wait to read the next group of stories!

    • Heather says:

      Mae – This time around I have connected with moms that birthed one day before and one day after Micah. I definitely read their stories with a sense that we shared something. Hopefully they will share their stories here. Argh, this is going to reset my biological clock, I just know it :

  2. Joanna Moore says:

    woohoo, i made the list! i guessed a few others correctly too =)

    guess i just need to go back and do some editing huh?!

    can’t wait to read some more readers’ stories!

  3. Whittney says:

    Love this Heather! And love, love birth stories!

  4. ElisabethCS says:

    Okay, you’re lighting a fire under my booty.;) I’ll get to writing…

  5. Morgan Mayes says:

    SO excited! whoo!!!

  6. Joy says:

    What a great idea, Heather! You’re doing such a good job of bringing together a breathing, living, online community of wise and lovely mothers (not to mention, funny!). Thanks for facilitating the magic!

  7. Crystal - Prenatal Coach says:

    Awesome idea Heather! I love reading inspiring birth stories :)

    • Heather says:

      Crystal – You have got to be the most well-prepared future mama I have EVER met. I cannot wait to read YOUR birth story . . . whenever that may be!

  8. Kirsten says:

    Yay! Wonderful! I’m totally a birth story junkie….. :) Can’t wait to read them all!

  9. Lesley says:

    Awesome idea. Hmm…made me think though. I have Lexi’s written because it was my healing victorious birth. Never have written Austin’s out to this day…wondering if I can revisit that pain or if its best left alone. HAve wanted to countless times–an have started it many times…but I always get too lost in the details to ever finish…and seriously birth is all in the details! =)

    • Cindy Haggerton says:

      We owe it to our children to write down our memories for them, right, Lesley? I’ll finish mine, if you finish yours ;). No, hopefully this will really be a good kick in my backside to get me to finish what I started… I wrote it all out up until the 8cm part. Great idea, Heather!

      • Heather says:

        Lesley – I agree with Cindy!

        Cindy – How did escape me that YOU of all people have not finished your story??? That is too ironic. Gotta finish before it’s time to write your next one :)

    • Abbey says:

      ~Lesley~I think you should write it! I wrote out my first three (less than victorious births). I think it’s important for us to find the positive in those memories as well as accept the not so positive. I feel like there’s something lacking in all the ‘internet birth stories’…and it’s that; there isn’t much representation of births where mamas ‘do everything right’ and don’t necessarily get the results they are hoping for. I think it’s much more common than some of us think. It’s time to start being honest and up front about ALL birth. Sometimes there is emotional as well as physical healing to be done after all-natural births. I don’t think that is a negative thing at all, and I hope it doesn’t scare mamas, but isn’t the pain part of the bond? Part of the initiation into motherhood? Isn’t the pain, and the unknown, what makes birth so difficult, yet so rewarding? Birth makes us grow as mothers, as women, as human beings, It makes seeing the big picture a little easier. It tests our faith and shows us how very strong we really are, even when it feels like you can’t go on any more, and the pain is more than you can handle, we DO prevail. We do walk away better people (it might take a while, LOL, but at some point, we grow from that experience) And it seems the harder your experience, the better you are able to empathize and help other mamas going through something similar. Think of the person you are today compared to who you were before you had those experiences. Even though you might not have felt strong for your first birth, you were. You ARE so strong for your children! Hugs mama! And write that story (even if you don’t feel like sharing it!)

    • Hannah R says:

      Lesley, I would love to hear the birth story of Austin. I have always wondered what you went through.

  10. Georgia says:

    This is great! Love your site, so glad I stumbled across it! Looking forward to reading all the birth stories!

  11. Hannah Tallo says:

    LOVE birth stories!!

  12. Kathryn Nordyke says:

    count me in- only I haven’t written down the birth stories of EITHER of my children! (gulp)
    It will have to be a part one and part two special! Two for the price of one, if you will. =)

  13. Esther says:

    love it! still can’t believe I woke up startled by the popping sound of my water breaking and then transition pain/cntractions! eeek, I never finished writing Curt’s birth story–so painful and heartbreaking, but so much good and healing came from it as well. maybe I’ll find the courage to finish his story soon…

    • Heather says:

      Esther – Just a thought. Reading both your stories side by side might give another momma the courage to try for a VBAC.

  14. Would you mind if I . . . « The Mommypotamus says:

    […] Don’t forget to tell me about your loves THIS THURSDAY at our birth story linkup!!! […]

  15. dianthe says:

    if i’ve already posted my birth stories (repeatedly – lol!), do i have to re-post it or can i just link to the previous posts?

  16. Joanna moore says:

    Ooh I just thought of something… It would be so cool for dads to tell their side of the story too. After all they are the supporting actor in our movie! Not sure how many of them would actually be willing to take the time to sit down and get their feelings on paper though 😉

  17. Vanessa Stegner via Facebook says:

    Heather- I’m the crazy momma that bombarded you at bible study today! I will be sure to send my Birth story and pics. I thought it was too cool that you guys had prayed with us and our boys shared a name and birth date. I have been wanting to share that so it kinda blurted out!

  18. Morgan Mayes via Facebook says:

    Where do you want them linked?

  19. Mommypotamus via Facebook says:

    Vanessa – I am so glad I ran into you today! Daniel had a huge smile when I told him. I’m available tomorrow or Friday afternoon if you want to meet up and borrow the Miracle Blanket. Oh, an do you have your birth story written somewhere?

    Morgan – Tomorrow I will post a blog with a form at the bottom. Just copy and paste the link into your form and you’re done!

  20. Morgan Mayes via Facebook says:

    Whats a miracle blanket? :)

  21. Mommypotamus via Facebook says:

    Morgan – It’s a fabulous invention for moms who can’t figure out how to swaddle (like me). Gets newborns snug as a bug and helps them sleep longer.

  22. Morgan Mayes via Facebook says:

    Oh, I’ve seen/been given variations on that theme. Probably should have kept the one we got for Logan, for Caleb. Probably would make it easier for me to *keep* him swaddled. I can swaddle fine, but he kicks and worms his way out if I’m not paying attention.

  23. Morgan Mayes via Facebook says:

    Woah… That is NOT like the ones we had. that is AWESOME… (I’m watching their video)… I think I may need that. I can’t swaddle like THAT.

    I’m going to say it’s for business purposes (to justify the cost)… as a birth instructor this would be great to show people… yeah, that’s a good reason!

  24. Vanessa Stegner via Facebook says:

    Heather- I just realized you are putting these up tomorrow. I don’t have it typed up yet but I do have our birth slide show online. It’s at Every time I sit…Jude starts fussing or Elijah needs me. I will get it written soon if not tonight.
    I would so appreciate a Miracle right now as I type this! Seriously that is very sweet of you and I will message you about a good time.

  25. Mommypotamus via Facebook says:

    Vanessa – I’d love to read it whenever it does get written, even if Jude is talking by then ; – ) I’ll send you a message about the blanket in a sec.

  26. Julie Whetstine via FB says:

    great idea! all birth stories give me goosebumps and make me tear up…

  27. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    I hope you will share one or all of your stories, Julie! I would love to read them :)

  28. Diana@Spain in Iowa says:

    I love this idea! I can’t wait to link up my VBAC birth story!

  29. Kathryn Lindenberger Nordyke via FB says:

    Are you wanting people to repost the ones we shared last time?

  30. Margo Snider via FB says:

    Oh my. I love Birth Story-time! Where’s my kleenex!!!!

  31. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    @Kathryn – Yes! That is, if you want to :)

  32. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Margo Snider – Haha! I love birth story time, too!

  33. Kathryn Lindenberger Nordyke via FB says:

    looking forward to it!!

  34. Anna Caltagirone via FB says:

    Yay! I’ve been thinking about sharing my birth story on my blog for a little while now. And now I have a great reason too! 😀

    Love your blog, btw.

  35. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    @Anna – Yay! I can’t wait to read it!!!

  36. Anna Caltagirone via FB says:

    What if we have more than one birth story?

  37. Karen says:

    Thanks for posting these birth stories! I’m 6 weeks away from my due date for my second baby, and I’ve been totally into reading birth stories lately.

  38. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    @Anna – I would love it if you would share them all. It’s fascinating to see how things change from birth to birth.

  39. Brittany says:

    I’m excited! Your last bash was before my little guy was born, so I’m looking forward to sharing! Not to mention the fact that I haven’t written his story yet…and I’ve been meaning to. Looks like this is motivation for me!

  40. Melissa Sapien Aulds via FB says:

    BTW- love your new pic on the site- so pretty!

  41. Destiny Benjamin Vandeput via FB says:

    I put mine in one post so i can participate without it being confusing w/three parts :)

  42. Anna Caltagirone via FB says:

    I’ve got one story ready and finishing the second one today! I’m so excited about this!!! 😀

  43. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Destiny Benjamin Vandeput – Looks great! Love your new layout, btw :)

  44. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    @Anna – Woohoo! I love reading sibling birth stories to see what changes/what stays the same :)

  45. Anna Caltagirone via FB says:

    Actually I’ve got 2 versions of the same birth story. *ducks* Sounds weird, but I think you’ll understand when you read them.

    But I might do my first one too if I have time to re-edit it tonight. :)

  46. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    @Anna – Oh fun! I love surprises :)

  47. Rachael says:

    I posted mine last time around, but I’m looking forward to reading all the new stories that get posted this time. Since I’m currently on bed rest trying to keep #2 in for at least another 4 weeks, that will give me something to do. :)

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