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Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

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If you’re new here you may have missed how I kissed toothpaste goodbye and watched two of Katie’s cavities heal right before my eyes.

Sadly, confidence in my cavity correcting superpowers has been waning lately. As I said back then, there was still a lot of healing to be done in her mouth. And as you can see in the picture below, that didn’t happen.

At the time I wrote that post Katie still had two decalcified incisor teeth and the tips of her front teeth were so thin they were almost translucent. We implemented Ramiel Nagel’s Cure Tooth Decay protocol (which  is based on Dr. Price’s research) and almost immediately her front teeth solidified. The enamel near the top of her incisors regained their luster, but overall they became increasingly discolored.

I failed, and I felt the sting of it every time she smiled at a stranger and they looked at me wonderingly. I wanted to explain that I wasn’t negligent . . . that she’d never even had a processed food, but truth is I agreed with their disapproving looks. How could I let this happen and not do anything about it?

Because I didn’t know what to do. A dentist (who is a family friend) told us that the decay wasn’t spreading so it was best to avoid amalalgms and just let it be. But what if it was spreading and we just couldn’t see it? What would I do if my choice caused her adult teeth to be damaged??? I had to find out.

“This Is Alex And She Needs Her Teefies Checked”

Katie signs in her babydoll and “fills-out” some insurance forms. I make a mental note that my bank deposit receipt is now doubling as a medical record for baby Alex, but just can’t stop gaping at the copy of Cure Tooth Decay front and center on the bookshelf, followed by the Cancer Is Curable Now DVD and Homeopathic Medicine at Home.

Mental calculations on the likelihood that we’ve been sucked into a parallel universe with better healthcare are almost complete when Dr. Petre walks in. She takes a look in Katie’s mouth and gives me the grim assessment, “We can fill them or  I can try to save as much as I can until they fall out,” she says, then leans back in to probe a little. Shock floods her face for a moment and she smiles at me. “These teeth are completely hard! How is this possible??”

“Well, I’ve been using that Healing Tooth Decay protocol in your waiting room for a couple of years.”

“This is what we preach day after day but almost no one actually does it! You are a good mama!” ***Blush***

Understanding the words coming out of her mouth feels like solving quadratic equations while birthing a baby. They look so decayed and crumbly, but Dr. Petre tells me that Katie’s teeth are healthy and strong. A stained, crusty layer of decay is all that’s left of her “weak” teeth, and in just 15 minutes she’s polished most of it off. There are still a few deep stains we couldn’t get to because Katie was afraid of the drill, but here’s her new smile.

In case there’s any doubt, we had Katie’s teeth assessed by a dentist two years ago. He described them as weak and porous. The fact that her front tooth broke off without even so much as a fall says it all. There was little hope they’d make it to her 6th birthday intact and yet yesterday those very same teeth were deemed strong and healthy. Yay for Weston A. Price!!

I pulled up the toothpaste post so that I could link to it this morning and found that, ironically, it was written one year ago today. Totally not planned, but isn’t it amazing how things come full circle?

Do you have a question or story about healing tooth decay? Please leave a comment below!

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192 Responses to Can a Weston A. Price Diet Reverse Tooth Decay?

  1. Nikki says:

    *** fillings… whoops!

  2. Erin Pietrak says:

    OMG! My son had a tongue-tie which was fixed at 2 months old but his 4 front teeth are all brown and rotted looking. Yesterday a kid asked him why his teeth were brown, he’ll be four so he didn’t think anything about it but I want to avoid the him the pain of people making fun of his teeth and to be honest I feel like a terrible mother because of it. I’m going to see if I can find a dentist to maybe polish his teeth. I try to follow a traditional diet but he does eat grains/sugar at times. Thanks for sharing your story, at least I have a better understanding of why this happened!

  3. Missy says:

    Hi Heather, I’m a little confused as to what products you used to cure the tooth decay:) I saw a few links to amazon but wanted to make sure I was seeing everything. Thank you

  4. Happy Birthday To Me!!! | The Mommypotamus | says:

    […] there is still visible damage to her teeth. I feel completely responsible. UPDATE: Her teeth are completely remineralized. […]

  5. Rebecca Meals says:

    Heather, so I’m curious if you have any info about this. I’ve researched and can’t seem to find any. If you have decay to the point of having a tooth break, is it too late to fix? Mine broke, and I had a hole in my tooth (molar) and you could see the insides through it. The dentist ground it down and put a crown on it and it still hurts. Is it too late to do something holistic since he already ground it down? I considered just having him take off the crown, but I figured I’d have so little enamel left that it wouldn’t really protect my tooth and nerves. :-/

    • Heather says:

      Hi Rebecca, I think your guess is probably right regarding healing, but if it were me I would contact a holistic dentist about the pain. At the Heal Thy Mouth Summit last year I heard that infections under crowns can happen and need to be addressed.

  6. Anastasha says:

    Thanks so much for the blog posts! My 6 yr old son was recently told by a dentist that he has 8 cavities (all his baby molars). Instead of drilling, we started 2 weeks ago on the “Cure Tooth Decay” plan…eliminating grains two weeks ago, adding raw milk last week, added Fermented cod liver oil this week, added bone broth last week. I’m wondering, and I’m sorry if I just missed it, how long did it take for your daughter’s tooth to remineralize? The 1st photo was Easter. How long until the dental checkup with the hard tooth? I don’t want to bring my son into a dentist and have them say he has cavities if they are in the process of remineralizing and I should have waited a while. Thanks so much and I’m hoping my son’s dental history will be healed just like your daughters!

  7. BruceGrubb says:

    One thing I would like to point out that Weston Price was not the only one of his time who recognized the relationship between nutrition and tooth decay. Here is just a sampling of of papers studying nutrition as away to prevent and even reverse tooth decay:

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    And less someone thinks Price’s ideas belong to another time here are some more modern works:

    Adler, Christina J; Keith Dobney, Laura S Weyrich, John Kaidonis, Alan W Walker, Wolfgang Haak, Corey J A Bradshaw, Grant Townsend, Arkadiusz Sołtysiak, Kurt W Alt, Julian Parkhill & Alan Cooper (2013)
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  8. Dentist in Chicagoland says:

    How have her teeth come along since this post? It’s been a couple years. Thanks for the post.

  9. Carrie says:

    Any thoughts on what to do it you are already following the diet but cavities cropped up anyway?


    • Nicole says:

      Not everybody has the right body chemistry for the WAPF diet. I did not. The bottom line is that you must have enough calcium in the right forms and the right chemistry to transport that calcium and energy to rebuild. It is not as simple as organ meats and CLO. We use RBTI for remineralization and it works. I healed from serious chronic illness and tooth issues and my children’s teeth have no issues, except for some minor fluorosis in one daughter whose mineral protocol is not always followed, which lets some environmental fluoride through here and there. Otherwise, it’s an amazing system and very DIY.

      A person with acidic chemistry, or with high urine ureas, or chronic hypoglycemia, or a combination of these, will fare quite badly on GAPS/WAPF. There are people with a compatible situation, but if health worsens on WAPF, stop and take a second look. You can make things worse if you fight the body’s needs in this way.

      • LucyB says:

        Hi Nicole, Can you explain RBTI, GAPS/WAPF diet, and “high urine ureas”? I’m new at this. As I do have an acidic chemistry (according to some acidity tests I took from my Naturopath), and chronic hypoglycemia and plenty of dental issues I have been looking into the Cure Dental Decay protocol (by Ramiel Nagel). Thank you.

      • BILL says:

        Search for boron/borax as related to calcium. Game changer.

  10. Heather says:

    My daughter is 21 months and has 2 cavities in her front top teeth. She still nurses at night and probably will continue to for a while. I read your blog on lip ties and tongue ties and contacted Dr Kutlow for a diagnosis. He said she has a 2.5 lip tie and to get it fixed and restore the teeth. I know you didn’t fix your daughter’s lip tie and a wondering if I can restore my daughter’s teeth without fixing the tie? Thanks.

  11. sarah says:

    My daughter is 20 months and has a large cavity on her front tooth and in last three days another large one has shown up on second front tooth. I had no idea until today that a lip tie can cause this when coupled with night nursing. She is still co sleeping and night nursing and when I called about laser surgery for the tie I was told since she isn’t vaccinated she will not be eligible for surgery. And based on her reactions at her eye doctor appointments, she wouldn’t be a candidate for non general Anesthesia since she has full on panic attacks even sitting in a doctors office/exam room. I don’t want her to be put under, so I feel like the surgery isn’t an option. If I don’t get the surgery will dietary methods still be effective? No matter what I try i can not get her to take any cod liver oil so I’m concerned that the cure your tooth decay diet wouldn’t work. She doesn’t eat processed foods, grains or sugars, so I truly think that it must be the tie and night nursing that has caused the problem and decay. If I cut out night nursing will that help? I just don’t know what to do! I brush her teeth before bed every day with coconut oil. Should I use something else? I have a glimer of hope that you were able to heal your daughter’s teeth but I know that you had the tie fixed, so I’m concerned that if I don’t have that done, the diet (if I CAN get her to take FCLO which is wishful thinking) won’t help if the tie is still there. Any thoughts would be beyond helpful as I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by the rapid appearance and “spread” of the decay.

  12. Jerome Battista says:

    Hello..last year we go to a dentist to undergo tooth extraction with my moms tooth decay however we were surprised when the dentists told us that she cant be extracted because shes having a high blood pressure or hypertension. What should we do? Im wondering what may happen when we proceed to tooth extraction when my mom is hypertensive? pls help.

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    […] Preventing Tooth Decay: […]

  14. Ivy says:

    Do you (or anyone reading this) have any knowledge of amelogenesis imperfectica? My 15 month old seems to be in a similar position as your Katie was. We saw a dentist for the first time yesterday, since her teeth seemed to be cracking/crumbling and were discolored, even though we don’t eat sugar/processed foods/grains, take lots of FCLO, and use remineralizing toothpaste. The dentist said she may need to get her teeth capped, which would require general anesthesia, and I want to avoid this at all costs. Both my husband and I have excellent teeth, and she has never taken an antibiotic or any medication, and I didn’t take any meds with her when I was pregnant — apparently this is a recessive genetic trait, and I must carry it, which is why she has it. I’m distraught, but not hopeless. Any thoughts/advice would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

  15. Angela says:

    Do nursing mamas have to follow the diet protocol in order for toddler tooth decay to potentially heal?

  16. katlynn says:

    I am so glad to have found this! My 14 month old had a lip tie until he recently split it on our coffee table (and here I thought I was safe to bring it back out) he has also been breastfed since birth. About a month ago he got thrush for the first time, I opted to use gentian violet. With it I noticed a weird stain on one of his teeth. As I felt the tooth I was sad and scared to feel a large chip on the surface of it. Immediately I was spazing out trying to think what it was and why his tooth was so bad! I didn’t think he could get decay from breastmilk, but did not know it was possible due to a lip tie! We have a long wait until the dentist appointment, and I have been nervous to have to wait. After finding this I ordered Dr. Christophers herbal tooth and gum powder. I am so anxious to receive it! My three year old has okay looking teeth, however he does have celiacs and it has caused weak, pitted teeth. I’m told they’ll always be “bad.” Thank you for such honest posts in regards to your daughters teeth. I

  17. Cynthia says:

    I was searching for information to try and heal my 17 year olds cavities and came across your site. I haven’t been able to find any evidence that permanent teeth can be remineralized…all I’ve found is temporary teeth. My daughter has always had beautiful teeth. Yesterday, I took her to a new dentist for a cleaning/exam. I was shocked when they told me her x-rays showed that 19 teeth have cavities, some have multiple cavities. The dentist said the cavities are large and wants to fill them all. I am desperately trying to find some sort of alternative. She flosses every night and hadn’t been experiencing any pain…we are dumbfounded by the x-ray results. Any advice would be appreciated.

  18. Caroline says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for posting the article. It’s given me hope that I will be able to help my daughter.

  19. Oil pulling benefits more than cleaning teeth | CaraMiaWhy says:

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  20. Nadia says:

    What specifically in the protocol did you do? I have read that book and today i noticed 2 white spots on my 18 month olds 2 front teeth so i’m thinking we need to get strict on food and supplements. Green Pastures cod liver oil…? no bread?

  21. Heather says:

    Hi Anna, I’ve written several posts on this subject and thought I had updated them all, but apparently not! I suggest that you see the note at the end of this post:

    I absolutely cannot say what anyone else should to, but if it were me I’d opt to pull them and have spacers put in to prevent the rest of the teeth from shifting. In fact, this is exactly what I did when, despite all the progress we made, my daughter developed a cavity that went past the enamel.

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