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CNN Interview (And What I Wish I’d Said)

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What I Said

Sorry about the sound issues at the end. Here’s what I was trying to say.

What I Wish I’d Said

Quick note: I did this second video without knowing I was going to share it, so the cutoff at the end is simply because I continued rambling  :)

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64 Responses to CNN Interview (And What I Wish I’d Said)

  1. Jamie Grumet says:

    Heather- Someone sent this to me in an email (I’m just getting to it now) and I honestly was afraid to come on to any of my favorite AP blogs after the cover came out because I was so upset if I let anyone down.

    First off, you did AWESOME. Every single interview I did is so cring-worthy to watch 1000 things I had wished I had said, and so many things I had wished I didn’t say. The worst part was that I did the interviews the day the cover came out and TIME arranged and drove me to all of them. I was in such shock and I didn’t want to play the victim, but I think my desire to not try to make people feel sorry for me ended up making me defend TIME too much in those early days. It was a risk, but TIME took a photo that did no represent the shoot. If I could do it over again I probably would call them out more in the interviews that the families and Dr. Sears were not approving of the extreme and polarizing portrayal of AP. It is so not like that!

    Also, I had no idea they also contacted you! I would have loved to have met you in person.

    I don’t know if you saw this, but I wrote about my experience here:

    Contrary to popular belief, I believe with all my heart there were wonderful people with pure intentions at TIME that wanted to get out the real story. So many people are involved and the ones that make the big decisions clearly didn’t, but even some of the staff at TIME was not okay with what their employer did.

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  5. SeekingResearch says:

    Hi, I’m a more recent visitor to your site. As a graduate student of psychology, I recently did a research paper on AP, and I must admit that attempting to find research sources on AP practices outside of Dr. Sears work was extremely challenging. I found some research on breastfeeding (but not much on significantly extended bf, say, more than 18-24 months) and some on co-sleeping, but I truly came up disappointingly short. In these videos, you state that the research clearly demonstrates that the practices of AP benefit children. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  6. Karolin says:

    Thank you for the video. You are very strong. My husband and I practice attachment parenting. Our child is 14 years old and has been home schooled for 5 years after her teacher verbally abused her in the school and tormented her because of her being of a different race. It took my hubby and i over a year to mold our offspring back to sanity, and we completly took over from there. It was the best decision we made. People chewed us out saying that the child will have a hard time in “Society” if home-schooled. Five years later, our offspring has taken two university courses, already, while home schooled, and now doing a bachelors in Metaphysical Sciences. The day we pulled our child out of the catholic school after another teacher stated that a “child” like her does not belong in the school (becasue of being a different race) was the day our little one’s life just started. I think attachment parenting is the best type of parenting. It reinforces principles and values not to mention morals in our children, and these are the children that get ahead in life. Thank you for all of your Posts.

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