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Coconut Oil For Radiant Skin, A Supercharged Metabolism And – um- A Stretchier You!

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Miranda Kerr Has A Secret

And it’s not Victoria’s. If you’re not familiar with her, the – ahem – runway “angel” is also the natural birthing wife of Orlando Bloom. Earlier this year she raised a ruckus by releasing a nursing photo with her newborn son that is more discreet than anything I’ve seen in a VS catalog – **sigh** –  and controversy is knocking at her door again.

Cosmopolitan magazine recently quoted the Australian supermodel as saying that coconut oil was the key to her clear skin, lustrous hair and svelte figure.

“I’ve been drinking it since I was 14 and it’s the one thing I can’t live without,” quotes Cosmo. “I will not go a day without coconut oil. I personally take four tablespoons per day, either on my salads, in my cooking or in my cups of green tea.”

“Experts” emerged from all corners of the earth to denounce her endorsement of “unhealthy” saturated fats (despite what the research shows), and in the end Miranda released a statement saying she was misquoted. Her blog currently states that her intake is 4 tsp, not tablespoons.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if she released that “correction” simply to silence the angry mob– no one knows except her. Either way, she’s right. Coconut oil is one of my favorite beauty products because it’s so versatile!

Glowing Skin

Extra virgin coconut oil happens to be very rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical formation (free radicals cause skin to lose elasticity). It’s antibacterial and antifungal, too, which is beneficial for maintaining clear skin. And because it’s molecular structure is relatively small, these benefits penetrate deep into underlying tissues that most moisturizers can’t reach. Of course, it smells really good too!

All healthy fats aid in hormone function, but coconut oil is special. Bob the liver reaaaaally likes coconut oil because – well, because Bob gets to sit back and do NOTHING! You see, coconut oil contains rare medium chain fatty acids (MCFT’s) that break down almost immediately when they come in contact with saliva and gastric juices. So rather than convert to lipoproteins (fat & protein), coconut oil converts directly into energy. So we have a fat that isn’t stored as fat in our bodies, moisturizes from within, and gives Bob a break so he can focus on clear, healthy skin.  Win win WIN!

Psst! Did you know that WHERE acne erupts can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your body? Certain areas of your face are linked to specific organs. If you have acne, matching the areas you most often break out with the corresponding organ can tell you how to focus your efforts nutritionally. For more on this (including a facial reflexology chart), check out this article from Mail Online.

About That “Fat Not Stored As Fat” Thing . . .

Coconut oil has been proven to increase metabolism. As a bonus it also kills the one-eyed green monster behind those raging carb/sugar cravings (which, if you were wondering, is likely to be candida).

Lots of people like to add a spoonful to their morning tea or coffee. If you’d like to give this a try, start small! Begin with 1-2 teaspoons and work up to 3-6 tablespoons per day.

Don’t want to lose weight? I take a few tablespoons to increase the lauric acid levels in my breastmilk even though I need to keep a little fluff on. The body is a wise – it’ll figure things out. Moving on . . .

Coconut Oil & Essential Fatty Acids To Prevent Stretch Marks

So, um, when my mom discovered that I was going through “the change” in a Dillard’s dressing room we had the talk.

Right then, with everyone listening.

But aside from the normal embarrassment,  puberty had other complications for me. My new body came with scars. Stretch marks, to be exact, all across my hips.

Fast forward through two pregnancies. Despite the fact that I neared planetary proportions both times (see exhibit A →) I didn’t get the stretch marks I expected. They say genetics plays a role, and that may be. But unless someone did some very tricky stuff with my DNA while I was sleeping the only thing that changed was my diet. I think it would be presumptuous to say that coconut oil will prevent stretch marks in every case – I know of some well-nourished women who reported getting them.

However, I do think that the inclusion of healthy fats like coconut oil improved the elasticity of my skin.

Coconut Oil As Sunscreen

According to DNA and cancer researcher Dr. Elisabeth Pluorde, antioxidants work better than sunscreen to prevent cancer when taken internally or applied directly to the skin. They do this not by blocking UV rays which help our bodies make Vitamin D sulfate and reduce our risk of breast, colon, prostate and many other cancers, but by mitigating the sun’s oxidative effects.  For an deeper look at why virgin coconut oil is considered a sunscreen by many check out this post. (Please keep in mind that this is virgin coconut oil only because it contains the highest level of antioxidants).

Coconut Oil Soap

Coconut oil can also be used to make a bubbly, cleansing bar of soap, and you only need three ingredients!

How To Select Coconut Oil

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know: centrifuged virgin oil retains the most antioxidants, cold-pressed virgin is next best, then there’s expeller-pressed and refined oils.  The last category isn’t very useful for beauty purposes, but you can still cook with it and get lots of good MCFT’s! And then there is coconut oil extracted using neurotoxic solvent like hexane. I would avoid the last category.

(Where to buy coconut oil)

Thanks Alexandra, Abbey, Morgan and Carrie for suggesting a beauty post. This was fun! 

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Photo credit: Hugo971, Chiot’s Run

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83 Responses to Coconut Oil For Radiant Skin, A Supercharged Metabolism And – um- A Stretchier You!

  1. Gina Avilla via FB says:


  2. Abbey Byrd says:

    YAY! Time to head over to the Health food store! 😉
    By the way, the facial issues corresponding with organs…AMAZING, and very concerning! My most problematic areas on my face are the areas corresponding to my Heart, stomach, spleen AND pancreas! YIKES! Looks, like some serious changes need to be made!

    Loved the post, Thank you so much!

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  5. Jen says:

    So, I spent a ton of $$ buying 2 gallons of tropical traditions e.v.coconut oil & I think I’m allergic to it. My lips are getting really red, itchy, warm to the touch… :/

    • Heather says:

      That’s awful, Jen! I’m so sorry! Do you have any other food allergies or is this a freak occurrence? If you contact them and they won’t take it back let me know . . . maybe I can help connect you with someone that would like to buy it from you.

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  7. AMANDA says:

    OKAY. The link that you provided with the “research” is funded by the “Coconut research center”??? This doesn’t at all seem a credible source of information. More like a company trying to sell books. Can you provide better scientific research on this before endorsing it to everyone as some kind of miracle oil that we should be ingesting a lot of? My suggestion is to look around and try to avoid the companies that have something to gain by having you believe that this is the healthiest oil out there. I love coconut oil, don’t get me wrong. But from the research that I myself have done, it doesn’t look to be so black and white.

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  12. Brittany says:

    You mentioned that you got stretch marks from puberty but none during pregnancy. Did the coconut oil work to fade the stretch marks from puberty? I didn’t know about all of this when I was pregnant and am looking for ways to heal/fade my stretch marks. Thanks!

    • Heather says:

      The coconut oil didn’t do anything to help my scars, but there is a formula in my DIY Beauty Book that might help. Everyone is different so I can’t promise anything, but it might be worth a try. Also, derma needling might be worth looking into.

  13. The “Naughty” Skin Care Ingredient You Absolutely Must Try! « The Mommypotamus says:

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  14. Lauren says:

    Hi Heather, great post, great site! How can I tell if/when coconut oil has been process w hexane? the one I’m using now is certified organic, but it’s labelled “vigin coconut oil” and does not make mention of processing methods. thanks!

  15. April says:

    I love coconut oil and like many others have commented, use internally and externally. I have read a few things, however, about using it sparingly if you tend to have high blood pressure. I have read other articles that say it helps lower blood pressure. Can anyone shed some light on the two different sets of information? I really don’t want to use it sparingly–love it!

  16. Heather II says:

    Just a note on stretch marks – they are age related as much as any thing. My mum
    Is a midwife and said young mums (teens) tend to get much worse stretch marks than older women. I too had terrible puberty marks but nothing during pregnancy, so maybe not coconut oil helping you there. I’ve just discovered your blog. Enjoying having a look around and getting inspired…

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  18. Leah says:

    I want to invest in some good-quality coconut oil for cooking AND for skincare and beauty. I have read that unrefined is BEST for hair and skin care. Would you say that is pretty accurate? And, I haven’t cooked much with coconut oil, but plan to start. I want an oil that will not make everything I cook taste like coconut. What is the best type to look for in those regards?

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