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In almost every spy movie or tv show I’ve ever seen, someone at some point has to diffuse a bomb. Jason Bourne, James Bond, or Jack Bauer deftly cuts the blue, red, or black wire right as the timer hits 1:00 minute left. The clock stops. Everyone in the theater exhales the breath they didn’t realize they’d been holding. And then the clock starts counting again, only more quickly than before. Oops, wrong wire! What now?

No Spies Here!

There are so many reasons I would make a terrible spy. I am the type of driver that gets lost 20 minutes out of my neighborhood, not the kind that “loses” the bad guy while speeding off in my super fast Aston Martin. I am probably the last person you know that learned to text, so I’d have no luck with all those fancy spy gadgets. But the biggest reason I would be a terrible spy is that I don’t think clearly under pressure.

Which is unfortunate, because that would be a nice talent to have right now even if I’m not actively committing espionage. What the heck am I rambling about? I’m talking about the fact that I thought I had more time. My plan was to write an ebook, finish a series on Real Food for Busy Moms and another on Real Food for Less, prep for another giveaway and write a few inevitably controversial posts here and there. Four to six weeks is enough time, right? Apparently not.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

That ticking clock that I’ve been keeping rhythm with sped up over the weekend. Or was it me that slowed down? I think it’s the latter. I went to bed at 8:30 pm on Saturday night and slept for 12 straight hours, THEN managed to take a two-hour nap a short time later! How am I going to get it all done on THAT kind of schedule, especially when daily life also means cleaning for house showings, trying to dig our baby stuff out of storage, and driving to the ends of the earth to find a glider/ottoman set? The short answer is that I’m not.

So . . . please bear with me. I love blogging and I miss you guys like crazy when a day goes by and we don’t chat about one subject or another. But some days I am just going to have to live with that and get ready, because this baby has given me a few warning contractions just to prove he/she is serious about this whole birth thing. So if posting is a little light here and there, it is only so I can finish researching for a few posts that really matter to me (and hopefully to you).

Speaking of posts that really matter, here are the ones that you made matter with all your awesome comments and debates! If you want to pick up any of the debates feel free ; – )

Oh, and I am still doing the giveaway! Details coming soon.

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One Response to Countdown

  1. Pippi says:

    Take it easy! I’m 35 weeks and I’m taking so many shortcuts right now. I’ve even let my daughter watch dvds which almost never happens in my house (I highly recommend the Planet Earth series for late pregnancy exhaustion, by the way. It’s interesting and it’s not trying to sell me or my daughter anything. The only downside is when you have to explain things like the alligator eating the wildebeast or the great white shark eating the seal). That baby needs more of your energy than we do — as much as we’ll miss your thoughtful posts :)

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