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One Giant Undertaking: Cleansing the Daddypotamus

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Standard Process cleanse kit

So here’s the deal. Daddypotamus has put on a few extra pounds over the last several years and he’s decided to do something about it. Thanks to our friends over at Lifetime Family Wellness Center we have fallen in love with Standard Process products, so he will be doing their 21 Day Purification/Weight Loss Program.

If you think my weekly meal plans are intense you will not believe what I have come up with this week. I actually had to create a spreadsheet to figure out what I am doing. I had to, really. Cleanses can be really difficult unless someone (i.e. ME) takes the time to make it interesting. Like, why would you eat a plain olé salad when you could have this?

Zucchini "pasta" with marinara sauce

That’s what I thought. So, instead of Meal Plan Monday I will post a daily menu (plus an extra blog on whatever strikes my fancy). That way, if you ever decide to try this cleanse you’ll be all set! No hours of planning and recipe research, it will all be here ready for you ; – )

Daddypotamus has kindly agreed to let me interview him throughout the cleanse as well as post stats on him. Here is his “before” picture.

Daniel Dessinger pre-cleanse

Some of the recipes in the meal plan I created look really good so I have decided that the whole family will cleanse together. Okay, it’s really because I don’t want to cook two different dishes at every meal. But, the point is we are all doing this together, except Katie and I will be adding in some protein since losing weight is not on our agenda. Well, that’s it. Lunch with friends and then I’m off to Whole Foods for some serious shopping!


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8 Responses to One Giant Undertaking: Cleansing the Daddypotamus

  1. Melanie Buck says:

    I can’t wait, sounds like fun. Way to go Daniel, maybe I will join you.

  2. meredith says:

    One thing I found super beneficial to the cleanse was sweating. Get in the bathroom, let the shower make some steam and sweat for ten or fifteen minutes. It made my side effets much easier (headaches, etc.). Good luck. I’ll send you the chili recipe I adored.

  3. Aaron says:

    Just started the cleanse today, I was very excited when I came across your blog! Thanks for posting the recipes!

    • Heather says:

      You’re so welcome, Aaron. Just a caution: Don’t try the carrot burgers. Most of these recipes were first attempts and while the majority were good, some were utter failures. I tried to go back and add a comment with the recipe on those.

  4. So . . . I Wrote A Book « The Mommypotamus says:

    […] way, for the past eleven months I’ve been tinkering with recipes to complement the Standard Process Cleanse. And though our family is (awkward cough) doing another diet now I thought it would be a good idea […]

  5. shannon says:

    i’m considering trying a cleanse or something. do you think this would be a good start? do you have to take the extra pills or can you just eat the right foods? or should i just buy the book and read the details there? : ) thanks! i might try it when i go shopping this week. have you heard of Perricone, and what do you think?

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