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Daddypotamus: Post-Cleanse Interrogation

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We crossed the finish line!!! The 21 Day Standard Process Marathon is officially o-v-e-r.

It was a different race for each member of the family, but I think I speak for all of us when I say woohooo! Obviously it was hardest on Daddypotamus, who actually had to restrict his diet. For me, the challenge was waking up before 6am to make breakfast and pack his lunch. Katie had to give up some of her favorite foods temporarily . . . homemade bread and beef mostly. Big sacrifice for a two year old.

Gigi’s sacrifices are not being counted because tomorrow she heads off for a week long vacation in Playa Del Carmen. At a place that has seven restaurants. And a service where you custom order your own pillow. And did I mention her sister is taking her for free? So yeah, her sacrifices are not being counted ; – )

I had a pretty good run until I fell flat on my face this last weekend. On Saturday I couldn’t tell if I was having extremely strong Braxton Hicks or some early labor signals. I’d been a lot more active than usual (and so had baby, for that matter), but since I’m only 27 weeks we put everything on hold and let my body cool down just in case.

Daniel had an incredible attitude for the full three weeks. Sad to say, I was expecting a backlash, but he never did anything but thank me for my efforts in meal prep. Can you believe this guy? Maybe he was cheating and running to Taco Bueno after I fell asleep. I don’t know, but I intend to find out during my post cleanse interview. So let’s go chat up Daddypotamus, shall we?

H: Hi there.

D: Hey, pretty lady.

H: First question, did you cheat?

D: No. I didn’t. I ALMOST ate a handful of Katie’s granola snack the last day of the cleanse, but I stopped just shy of my lips and let her eat out of my hand instead. To give the MOST honest answer, however, you were there when I cheated at Bliss Raw Cafe. I ate faux spaghetti and meatballs, and the “meatballs” had yummy nuts in it. But that was the only time I cheated.

Don’t think I didn’t think about it every day, though.

H: What was your favorite recipe?

D: You’re gonna hate me for this, but I honestly can’t remember eating anything before yesterday. So I’m gonna go look through the cleanse recipe posts real quick and gather my thoughts…

Not surprisingly, my favorite dishes came after Day 11, when chicken was allowed. Here are a couple of my fave recipes:

I think the two most satisfying meals were the Mushrooms and the Roasted Chicken. I gotta say, though, I have a whole new respect for lentils. Me and lentils, we’re like “this” now (fingers crossed).

I’m not a vegetable lover by any stretch. I love that which gives me energy. Lentils, meats, cheeses, eggs, starches, etc. I’m not saying this from an intellectual preference – just sharing an observation. I seem to enjoy most that which can keep me going. I think I’ve had such severe issues with energy levels that I tend to overeat that which can be burned immediately. I’m sure you (Heather) or the Haggertons could explain this better than I could.

H: How do you feel?


  • Tired
  • Humbled
  • Able to breathe
  • Less self-conscious
  • Quieter in my mind (fewer noises)
  • Moody (more frequent depression)
  • More Tired

Tired, mostly. Like I haven’t been at full capacity for a long time now. I feel kinda like I’ve been fasting; i.e. more humble than usual and aware of my flaws. When you live in a constant state of choosing to not meet your desires and cravings, all kinds of wonderful flaws and emotions start popping up like those heads you pound with the hammer at Chucky Cheese.

I read something recently that my friend Gene wrote. I can’t prove this scientifically, but he says he’s learned that

“when you put on weight your fat stores memories. Or as brain pickers (psychiatrist) say that your fat remembers moods and as you lose the weight you can remember the depression that you were in that caused you to gain the weight in the first place.”

I don’t know if that’s actually true, but I will say that I’ve noticed a LOT of mood swings lately. And I’m not talking little mood swings. I’m talking big ‘ol grandaddy bi-polar, somebody-better-not-piss-me-off mood swings.

I hope Gene is right. I would like to think that these feelings are signs of flushing out both physical and emotional toxins. I’d like to overcome that which has come to the surface and come out of this a new and improved man. I’m not promising that, but I wouldn’t turn it down, for sure.

H: Where do you go from here?

D: You know, that’s a good question. I’ve been asking myself that for days. What now? How will I approach food now that I’ve experienced this cleanse?

There are several factors at work:

  1. It’s VERY hard for me to deny my flesh. Part of that is a blood sugar issue that always seems to be fluctuating too much. So I can’t really just hold out for the most healthy homemade food if I get caught in one of those weak, tired, and about-to-fall-down moments.
  2. I actually feel better about life when I eat healthy organic food. But it’s a weak sensation. How do I describe it? It’s like quiet time with God, only less mandatory (maybe). In order to quiet ourselves and listen for God, it’s like a little mini-torture session each time. The first 15 minutes are hell on earth. Or they can be at first. But I experience this slight pleasure that over time begins to permeate my being. It’s VERY slow working, though. Eating organic is like that. I feel this slight pleasure that might grow if it weren’t always competing with the fructose-powered pumping surge of elation I feel when I eat at Taco Bell or the like. Life is about choice… Choosing between what feels quiet yet clean, wholesome, and good, and that which is loud, jarring, exciting, and a little violent.
  3. I have control issues, and when I hear Heather starting to plan my daily snacks until Kingdom come, I get this itch in my craw. I like to think I have options, and not feel pressured. So the more freedom you (Heather) offer me, the more I can enjoy it when I make the best decisions.

So where do I go from here? Well, I talked it over with Jim Bob and it sounds like the next step is a liver cleanse. I’m going to give myself the rest of July off (I think), and then look at doing a special double liver cleanse and see if I can survive it. It’s my hope that once my liver has been focused on in a serious cleanse, my body will be able to handle food and moods and all sorts of things better. It’s pretty amazing what a congested liver will affect in your quality of life.

So that’s the next thing. Not sure what comes after that.

[2011 UPDATE: The amazing and effective GAPS Diet came next! Read about it here.]

Oh, and I’ll be paying attention this next week to my sinuses. I haven’t been able to breathe very well for years, because of some collection of something (sorry) stuck somewhere I can’t get to in my sinuses. That whatever-it-is has been removed (I had a snot fountain for several days and a phlegm coughing week as well during this) and I feel MUCH better in that regard. If it happens to be a food allergy, I want to know. The most likely possibilities in my mind are dairy, wheat / gluten, and corn. I’m going to experiment and see if one of those makes me feel significantly worse.

Food is VERY important to me. It’s perhaps the greatest pleasure in my life. Or it has been. It’s been that one thing I’ve used to comfort myself most often when I feel ignored, unloved, unappreciated, insignificant, or incapable. I know that it has had a power over me that is unhealthy. Or to be more precise, I know I’ve abused food in my life to substitute for other things God intended. And I am hopeful that this is a powerful step in a gradual lifestyle change.

Thanks, Daddypotamus! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished. I will keep snack planning to a minimum ; – )


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5 Responses to Daddypotamus: Post-Cleanse Interrogation

  1. Heather says:

    Hey Daddypotamus, I forgot to ask: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO GET ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY NOW???

  2. Sassy says:

    Wow! he did great! I’m on day 8 and your recipes are going to make the next few weeks a lot better. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to reading more.

  3. Laura says:

    Have either of you ever tried a liver cleanse? I’m thinking about it. The only one I’m aware of is raw apple juice for 2-3 days, then a dose of grapefruit juice/olive oil, then 4 doses of epsom salt/grapefruit juice every few hours on D-Day (well…D-Night). It seemed like very few people I’ve read about had problems in the days after. Do you know of any good documentation on the subject or any other types of liver cleanses?


  4. Jenny says:

    Wow!! I really appreciate and respect “Daddypotamus’s” honesty!! It’s very refreshing :) I can def. relate to really enjoying and valuing the pleasure aspect of food, but I’ve always kind of judged myself for that. I think to myself “Well food is fuel, so why are looking for it to be more than that?” Hearing Daniel speak so honestly (and accepting!) of his feelings towards foods helps me to feel better! More accepting…more “normal” :) I can also relate to “using” food to help make uncomfortable feelings “disappear”. Again – this helps me to accept myself :) Anyways…thank you for sharing! I am really enjoying this blog!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! :)

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