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Did We Sell Our House? Good Question . . .

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Daddypotamus here. We’re approaching the final 2-3 weeks of pregnancy, and the reality of baby #2 is starting to set in. A flurry of activity and the challenge of relieving stress in full effect. In case you’re new here or haven’t read about our family vision, here’s the rundown on why we’re in such a tizzy:

First, we’re trying to sell our house. We signed a contract last week, but after the inspection on Saturday, the buyer has called for a meeting. No major problems were found, it’s just an older house and well, that means some things are old. Secondly, Heather is pregnant. She’s not just pregnant, she’s crunchy / attachment parenting pregnant. That means very few shortcuts with Katie (child #1). So there’s a very pregnant Mommypotamus carrying a very active Babypotamus, a very talkative Katiepotamus, nap times, surprise meeting with our buyer tonight, meal planning, blogging, shopping, cooking, and I don’t even WANT to know what else. :)

Challenges Most People Don’t Have to Face

1. Will we sell this house before the baby is born?

This gets more complicated, to be sure. We’re doing a home birth, as I’m sure you expected. Until we signed the contract last week we weren’t sure what our potential closing date would be. Would we be mid-move when the baby decided to come? We hoped not.

Fortunately, our closing date ensures that we will be here several weeks past Heather’s due date. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that it might not work out with this buyer. If our house goes back on the market that means we are back in the house showing circus: Getting calls from realtors at random times requesting to show our house with anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours notice to re-clean the house and abandon ship while caring for a newborn and a toddler. Not fun. Hopefully it won’t happen that way.

2. How will we fit the baby stuff back into this house?

When Katie was born, Gigi lived in her own house. And this house was more cramped than it is now because of all the baby stuff we’ve since moved into storage. Thinking rocking chair / glider…. changing table… diapers… diaper bags… baby toys… strollers… where ARE we going to put all this stuff? We were two adults welcoming one baby into the world in a cramped house. Now we’re three adults, a toddler, and two cats welcoming baby #2 possibly into the same house. My home office may be going bye bye.

3. Getting all the baby stuff out of storage.

It’s not JUST baby stuff in storage. It’s Gigi’s whole house worth of furniture. Yeah… wee!

4. Selling the house and moving with a newborn? Is that possible? Or sane?

We’re set on selling this house. There’s a REASON why we’ve put ourselves through this untimely mess. With all the creative stuff Heather and Gigi are doing preparing meals each week, this kitchen is way too small. We need more play space. More room for a second bed in the master. And, of course, there’s the whole desperate heart-longing for chickens and goats. BAAAAA! You compleeeeeeete me! Sorry. Where was I?

Oh. Yes. Selling this house. Something’s gotta give.

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