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Does the Tooth Fairy Do Repair Jobs?

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A couple of days ago Katie broke my heart. Actually she broke her front tooth, which almost broke my heart.

Daniel says I am prone to exaggeration. What do you think?

Seriously, I vomited for hours during labor and REFUSED all pain meds because I didn’t want her exposed to anything that might harm her, but the moment she chips a tooth I’m all for knocking her out and performing an unnecessary cosmetic procedure.

Fortunately, a good friend of mine is a dentist. After examining her he talked me out of doing anything drastic, so for now the only cosmetic to-do on Katie’s schedule is getting into my makeup.

Here’s the thing: The dentist told me that her enamel seemed weak. How did that happen?

Let me take you back a little. When I was pregnant with Katie I ate SO WELL. Seriously, I craved Skittles for an entire month but I refused to give in because I didn’t want to eat nasty food dye. And not only did I keep (most) of the unhealthy junk out of my body, I put a lot of great (and expensive!!!) stuff into it.

All that to say, I am a little compulsive about nutrition. I like answers, too. Answers to questions like, why are my little girl’s teeth weak? And what can I do about it? I ordered a book today for the new dental health section of my library. If I learn anything helpful I’ll be sure to post it here. For now, I’m curious: Has anyone else had this kind of experience? Any words of wisdom for me?  I feel sooooo guilty and I don’t even know what I did . . . yet.

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3 Responses to Does the Tooth Fairy Do Repair Jobs?

  1. mlm says:

    Have you made any discoveries about your daughters weak teeth yet? The only things that come to mind for me are dietary calcium intake (perhaps other minerals as well), and fluorinated tap water (or lack thereof). We don’t drink tap water and are worried about so many factors on that front! (too much/too little flourine, trace pharmaceuticals, etc).

    • Heather says:

      Yes, we did eventually figure it out. Katie’s upper lip was connected too tightly to her gum area so that when she nursed milk did not clear properly from her mouth. Milk pooled in that area and caused the decay. :(

      • tt says:

        i hav read your related post on this topuc. my daughter who is 3 having cavity on number 5 both sides. i stopped the cavity for almost i months from progressing further. however past few days i am seeing black spot appeR on it. i checked her upper lip but it didnt look tightly tied. we eat a very traditional diet, follow most of wapf principles, dont know what is causing these cavities.

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