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Don’t Miss Out! Last Day To Join The Heal Thy Mouth Summit!

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Have You Heard?

The Heal Thy Mouth Summit – a 7 day online conference featuring 21 video presentations from top holistic dental experts – has been extended one more day! If you didn’t have time to tune in for:

  • Dr. Julian Holmes on what to put on a child’s teeth if they have baby tooth decay to slow it down (or even stop it) while you work on diet. It’s not fluoride, y’all!
  • Also from Dr. Holmes, the dental treatment that helps remineralize teeth!
  • Dr. David Kennedy on which foods/supplements help the body detox from fluoride
  • How to water a garden so that the plants don’t uptake fluoride from the municipal fluoridated water (Dr. Kennedy)
  • Dr. Zeines on why your tongue never lies. His breakdown of how to determine what it going on internally based on the tongue’s appearance was fascinating, but I didn’t agree with his dietary recommendations. (Sarah Pope and Dr. Cate Shanahan were spot on, though!)

You can check them out for FREE today, just pop over here to join the conference!

Did You Miss A Presentation You REALLY Wanted To See?

Like maybe:

  • Dr. Blance Grube on how to figure out which dental filling material is compatible with your unique body chemistry
  • Ramiel Nagel on the 2 main foods to eat to reduce our risk of decay by 40%
  • Dr. Akira Sato on the powerful feedback tool to determine if a food we eat is irritating our immune system or is compatible with our body

If you can’t fit it all in today, you may want to check out the The Heal Thy Mouth Summit Take Home Package. It’s currently on sale for $79, but the price will go up tomorrow. The package includes all 21 presentations (including audio/video and transcripts) plus bonuses valued at over $150.

Click here to take advantage of the sale!

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