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First Moments After Birth Captured

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“The Doctor Said You Were Weeks Away . . .

But the next morning I wet my pants. At work. And then I went to a therapy session with one of my clients, because well, you know what the doc said.  **Weeks away** [head smack]”

This, mamas, is the beginning the story my mom has been telling me since before I could tie my shoes. To you, it may look like yet another episode where the hippie marries the suit and everything goes haywire. And it is, but it is MY episode, and through it’s telling and retelling my mom poured into me the same conviction that Shakespeare had:

There was a star danced, and under that I was born.

~William Shakespeare

I’ll tell you the rest of my story another time, but today I want to share with you a few lines from other stories. YOUR stories. Thank you for telling them here ♥

“”After 23 hours of natural labor and 8+ hours of pushing, I had a disappointing emergency c-section that was truly a blessing in retrospect since they found a hole in my bladder that could’ve caused it to rupture had I continued to push. I was exhausted but so excited when Luke finally emerged. We kept the sex a surprise and were overjoyed to discover we had a beautiful baby BOY!!! These photos were also a wonderful surprise. Our amazing doula, Margie Wallis, grabbed my camera from the delivery room when our doctor allowed her to accompany us into the OR. I had no clue she took them and completely fell apart the first time I saw. In spite of the fact that it wasn’t the peaceful natural birth I had planned, I’m so grateful things turned out the way they did and we had that special moment captured for us!””

~ Shari Van Vranken


“I LOVE this photo. He is my first child and I don’t think I realized how amazing and life changing the whole experience was when it was happening but as the days go by I realize how special that moment really was. He was so attentive and alert and was really looking around taking it all in. Staring at us with those eyes. Babies are so intelligent.”

~ Jamette Mongia

Published with permission

“I still look at this picture and think it completely encompasses what natural childbirth is all about–exhaustion, pain, overwhelment, joy, love and amazement…all wrapped into this one moment that Lynsey captured with her camera. I am so thankful for pictures like this that made my very hard and difficult labor look “beautiful!”

~ Lesley Spradlin




“After loss of my first daughter, I was blessed with 2 precious little boys. I felt completely satisfied with what the Lord had blessed me with. I love having little boys! My husband and I were overjoyed to find that we were expecting a new baby and that it would be a girl. I experienced a long and stressful pregnancy. My midwife, my husband, and I caught my sweet little Hannah as she made her grand appearance into this world. I was so relieved to have a healthy baby in my arms.”

~ Haley Smisek (photo credit)



“After 8 hours of transition, feeling her squirmy body in my hands and seeing her dark hair made it all worth it. My baby was here, and it was a girl!”

~ Mae Burke

“Mathias Eden shot out in one very motivated push! My husband and I both said “oh my gosh!” while my midwife placed him on my belly and I remember thinking, “whoa! oh man, I feel so much better!”. It was so surreal and so amazing. I feel like I am so much stronger than I have ever been because of my pregnancy and home birth! We have been so blessed by this amazing little soul.”

~ Alisha Hunt


“Birth of my third…first boy!”

~ Stephanie Baldwin

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.19.18 AM.png

“I remember feeling a huge sense of relief after a very quick and intense labor/delivery and such joy to be meeting my 3rd son.”

~ Julie Harding


“I have always loved this shot of my husband holding our oldest
after he was born.  My husband, Brandon’s face just shows me how much he was
in awe of our little one and the love I see makes me smile!”

~ Rena Arnold

“After 26 hrs of labor, I was rushed into C-section and like any mom was overwhelmed when I first saw my son. He had fluid in his lungs after such a long labor so I didn’t hear his cry for a few minutes and even get to see him for what seemed like eternity!”

~ Danielle Walker

“Meeting my daughter, Tyler, for the first time. 12/24/2005. Quite the Christmas present”

~ Tamara Mannelly

Do you know a mama (or 10) who would just love this? Maybe you should send it to them!

(psssst! Check out Part 1 here!)

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19 Responses to First Moments After Birth Captured

  1. First Moments After Birth Captured « The Mommypotamus says:

    […] (psssst! Check out Part 2 here!) […]

  2. Carrie says:

    **tears** Loved this, thanks to all the mamas who shared!

  3. Jess says:

    I am totally hiring a birth photographer now. Love these precious moments!

  4. Theresa says:

    Are you going to post your birth story? I’d love to read it!

  5. Sarah Reddick via FB says:


  6. Against All Grain via FB says:

    Beautiful! Baby fever here too. It’s amazing seeing that photo of my little guy and he’s almost 2 now!

  7. Rita Louise Miller via FB says:

    I have baby fever immunity, or I already caught it. I wlll enjoy reading this for sure. 😉

  8. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    I know that feeling, Against All Grain! The video in Cheeseslave’s post on the WAPF conference starts off with a pic of Micah from last October. He looks so tiny!

  9. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Rita Louise Miller – Haha! Once you’ve got it, what’s a little more fuel on the fire, eh?

  10. Rita Louise Miller via FB says:

    My husband calls such things “Childbirth preparation” My third just needs to stay inside till I get to meet Ina Mae Gaskin. Then she is free to arrive.

  11. Tessie Strohm via FB says:

    Beautiful! Everyone is having babies right now in my group of friends. Baby fever is an understatement lol.

  12. Julie Nelson Harding via FB says:

    Love it! Thanks for Sharing

  13. Sandy (NZ) says:

    I’m at 15 weeks with our first, and tearing up like a watering can at these beautiful photos and descriptions, can’t wait to show my husband! We met our midwife last night for the first time, and started talking with her about the natural, water birth we’d like to have, so add in these photos this morning and everything suddenly seems so much more real and on its way! Thank you so much to the women is this blog community, especially Heather, whose birth stories and photos inspired me to look at having a water birth myself (and a photographer!).

  14. Mary@FitandFed says:

    Gorgeous! As a retired midwife I love to see photos like this. I think my faves here are the ones from Jamette, which really express the intelligence and alertness of the newborn, and Lesley’s, which is such a touching expression of the emotions of birth.

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