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Feeding Babies

on January 23 by

One Response to Feeding Babies

  1. Amanda says:

    Hello Heather,
    I purchased your Nourished Baby ebook and love it. I have a few questions about feeding my baby an egg yolk. I tried to figure this out by reading about it on Chris Kresser’s Healthy Baby Code, on the Weston Price website, and I even referenced Nourishing Traditions, but can’t seem to find the answers to my questions.
    1) Should the yolk by runny or not- Most places say boil it 3-4 minutes which I found makes a very runny yolk
    2) What does this statement means (and if I could it too long will the enzyme content not be intact) “Yolk should be soft and warm, not hot, with its enzyme content intact”
    3) Do you need to remove the white/clear layer around the yolk? I struggled to do this with such a soft/runny yolk

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