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Broccoli Grape Slaw {GAPS-Friendly}

Nourishing healthy fats and calcium-rich broccoli are just two of the huge pluses this recipe has going for it. Here’s another one: This is the only veggie dish Daddypotamus actually asks me to make.

Cauliflower Mashed Fauxtatoes {GAPS, Paleo & Primal}

When you need carby goodness and potatoes are not an option, try these!


IMG_8816-001Bayou Dirty Rice

This perfect meld of spices and sausage will have you saying “laissez les bon temps rouler” no matter where you’re from.


Honey-Glazed “Sweet Potatoes” With Homemade Marshmallows {GAPS-Friendly}

Warm, sweet and syrupy with a layer of fluffy meltiness over the top!

Pomegranate & Persimmon Melange

This simple salad melds the bold, tart flavor of pomegranate seeds mixed with the mild sweetness of the meaty persimmon. Rich in immune building vitamin C and mood lifting B vitamins, this little melange is a great way to celebrate the season!

Avocado Chutney

Rich in vitamins A, C and E along with healthy fats that boost metabolism, this chutney is good for body and soul!


Wilted Greens with Toasted Sesame Seeds & Mango

If you’re feeling adventurous, try this amazing wilted salad with an asian green such as mizuna, mustard, bok choy or chinese celery.


Spicy Carrot SaladSpicy Carrot Salad {GAPS-Friendly}

One of my “go to’ quick and easy recipes . . . if you’re planning on serving this to your family double it because you will eat half yourself. No really.

Betteraves Melange ~ Grated Beet & Carrot Salad {GAPS-Friendly}

This light, simple melange is a delightful Vitamin C and antioxidant infusion! Serve chilled as a refreshing alternative to slaw on a hot summer day when it’s too hot to cook.

Autumn Harvest “Pasta”

Sundried tomatoes, capers and grated parmesan top faux pasta (spaghetti squash). This dish is a sneaky way to get your kids to eat veggies. . . and like it.

falafel-final Easy Paleo Falafel

This easy dish, which tastes like a hush puppy with the added flavor cumin and parsley, is a favorite of both kids and adults.


spanish rice 2 Easy Spanish Rice

As the story goes, Spaniards brought rice to Mexico after collecting it in Asia, and this beloved recipe with its tomatoey goodness and hint of mild peppers was born.

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