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homemade mayo in a glass ramekinHomemade Mayo Video Tutorial {GAPS-Friendly}

So thick and creamy it will cling to a spoon upside down!


coconut butter drizzeld over fresh berriesCoconut Butter Tutorial

A creamy, dreamy coconut butter that is infused with brain building fatsimmune boosters and micronutrients for radiant skin, weight management and stretch mark prevention.

Fresh coconut milkHow to Make Coconut Milk From Fresh Coconut {GAPS-Friendly}



Open coconut on the beach with straws sticking out of the center. How To Make Coconut Milk From Dried Coconut


Open coconut on the sandy beachHow To Make Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is rich in fiber, low carb and gluten free. And it’s more versatile than you might think!


Whole pastured turkey fresh out of the oven. How To Cook A Pasture-Raised, Free-Range Turkey

You may want to consider preparing your turkey in a brine like most chefs. Here is a basic recipe to get you started.


Jar full of mixed nuts that have soaked and dehydratedHow To Soak and Dehydrate Nuts

In her book, Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon explains how soaking nuts/seeds in a saltwater solution reduces the naturally occurring enzyme inhibitors and phytates in nuts and seeds. Two popular methods are discussed in this tutorial.


Oven dried tomatoes in a bowl on a table with olive oilHow To Make Oven Dried Tomatoes

These tomatoes just might be the simplest thing you’ll ever make. But “simple” doesn’t have to mean boring, flavorless or dull! The smell of these savory little morsels alone will transform your kitchen into a charming little villa on the Italian seaside.


Salmon lox in a bowl

Salmon Lox

A delicacy that even my 20 month old appreciates, so don’t think it is too hoity-toity for the dinner table!


Three jars of bone broth in a row on a table How To Make Bone Broth (Video Tutorial)

Welcome to my real food basics series. We’re going to cover what to eat, why, and how to do it even if you’ve got little humans strapped to you for most of the day. (Literally or figuratively – see the video below) First up, magical bone broth.

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