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GAPS Intro Challenge and Giveaway!!!

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Today Is Your Day!

Okay, not today (or maybe it is) – but soon! If you’ve been wanting to start GAPS, the 30Day GAPS Intro Challenge hosted by Cara at Health Home & Happiness is right around the corner! Starting October 1st families in Duluth, Dallas, Delaware and where you live will be starting “Intro” together.

“Intro” is GAPster speak for the intensive healing first phase of the diet. And by intensive I mean soup. Lots and lots and LOTS of it!

But hey! It’s not so bad. Soups and stews make delightful fall meals, and if you get started next month you’ll be ready to feast on goodies from the full GAPS menu this holiday season. You’ll have lots to choose from, believe me.

Yes, there’s egg nog.

Yes, there are cookies.

Yes, you can have pancakes.

And yes, you can even have berry cobbler.

A quick blip through the intensive healing phase and you’ll be there. Pinky swear and everything.

But First, You Must Decide

Will it be the red pill or the blue? No wait, that’s not right! You need to decide on a STRATEGY – otherwise you’ll wake up and realize the broth you need for breakfast is still sitting in the freezer way. too. many. times.


If strategy is not your thing (it’s definitely not mine), What Can I Eat Now? is the essential guide to Intro. I don’t know how people survived Intro before Cara created this 57 page wonder. Or actually, I do, because she sent it to me when we were halfway through our first round. It’s like the difference between cracking a coconut with a hammer instead of a plastic spoon!

Cara covers everything – sourcing foods, switching your toiletries to non-toxic versions (including recipes), reminders to start fermented foods, recipes for detox baths, and of course creative casseroles, stews, and other meals I never would have thought up on my own. Want to take a peek??? You can download a preview here.

And Now For The Giveaway!!

To help kick off the 30 Day GAPS Intro Challenge, Cara is giving away a copy of What Can I Eat Now? here on Mommypotamus! To enter, just leave a comment telling us why you want to start GAPS to be entered to win! The winner  will be chosen via one week from today!

P.S. Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to do GAPS while breastfeeding? Yup! read more . . .

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90 Responses to GAPS Intro Challenge and Giveaway!!!

  1. Sarah G says:

    Want to start GAPS?
    I NEED to sart GAPS!!
    I want to simplify, detox, and loose weight in all areas of my body, life and home, GAPS is the kick start I need to work on the body part!

  2. Kelly says:

    I would love to start the GAPS program with my family. I’m just starting out and learning but so many things are confusing to me. We are trying to go organic and it all seems overwhelming. I just read on GMO’s yesterday and it is mindboggling. Also I have been sick the past year and a half and have lots of digestive issues.

  3. Holly says:

    I’ve done something similar in the past and loved it. We need to get back to better eating as a family, increase our energy, health and clearer thinking .

  4. Briana says:

    Oh my. Well, I started eating real foods (WAPF style) one month ago after doing a lot of studying about nutrition and health. I have PCOS, GERD, Depression, and Anxiety. So far, without doing GAPS, I have been able to have my period for the first time without medication! What a victory that was. I have also lost weight. But I really need to heal my messed up gut =( I’m tired of Gerd and I am super tired of depression/anxiety. I hope I win because I need all of the help that I can get. Thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity. <3

  5. Michelle says:

    We (all 6 of us) want to do GAPS because we are so tired of being sick, some of us are tired of being afraid to eat because we wonder if this food will make us sick or in pain, we are tired of feeling run down and our kids who should have boundless energy of feeling run down, For my child who is an animal lover but severely allergic to be able to ride a horse or visit a friend who has pets, to not loose countless days because we ate something that made us sick, to feel and be healthy enough to adopt again, to never have to sleep sitting up on the couch because something we ate disagreed with us and now we have horrible heartburn, to never have to have surgery due to colon or pancreatic cancer and end up witth a colostomy like my dad and granddad have, to have my baby look healthy, happy and enegetic, not whiny, tired, and overall sick, so my 12 yr old does not feel like an old lady anymore, because or bodies are not absorbing the nutrients we need. That is the short of it.

  6. Zsuzsi says:

    I would like to heal my autoimmune diseaase…and more!

  7. Bethany Nash says:

    We plan to start in February. Baby is due January second, and I’d like some recovery time before we jump on. :) Hubby has food sensitivities, and I’m hoping GAPS will help with my non-food allergies and low energy levels.

  8. Tiffany says:

    To help with my 1 year olds diabetes.

  9. Janelle says:

    I’ve been wanting to try GAPS for awhile now. I have asthma and am hoping that it will heal that!

  10. Felicia says:

    3 out of household has food allergies or issues. We need to detox and get healthy again.

  11. carolyn b says:

    I’ve been intrigued by GAPS for a few months now, and have wanted to put our family on the GAPS program. Although we don’t have any glaring health issues, when I read all the things that toxify our bodies, our family is full of them! I’ve been a bit intimidated by the whole thing, so I great guide would be perfect!

  12. Amanda says:

    The DH & I both have plenty of weight to lose, and I’ve been threatening GAPS for a while. I just never felt like I understood it well enough to implement it.

    What about GAPS when TTC? I’ve been told that detox & weightloss when TTC or pregnant is a bad idea.

    • Heather says:

      A prenatal coach wrote a guest post awhile back on preconception health that may answer some of your questions (

      Intro will definitely cause some detox symptoms, but I think full GAPS is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding (beneficial, actually!) Just be careful to introduce probiotic rich foods gradually.because they stimulate detox. So can fruits and veggies, though. Not detoxing at all is not possible if you’re eating healthy – it’s part of what our bodies are designed to do. If you’re switching from processed foods to whole foods there will be more, but I think the nutritional advantages outweigh the negatives as long as you’re careful. Does that help?

  13. Before I had my first son in 2009, I pretty much lived off of processed food. I ate a hot pocket every day for lunch (yuck, I know). After my son was born, I discovered WAPF and real, traditional food. My oldest son has allergy, eczema, and asthma issues, and I’d like to start the whole family on GAPS to see if it helps. I’ve been pregnant/nursing for the past 3.5 years, and I feel like I need to detox.

  14. Heather says:

    I’ve been considering GAPS for our family for some time, but fear of the unknown has won out so far. I think this would be a great tool to gear us up and get us started!

  15. Alexis Dunigan via FB says:

    I have a copy of this and its very helpful :)

  16. Beth F says:

    I am interested in the GAPS diet to help with energy and weight loss/maintenance.

  17. Jessica S says:

    Can I enter if I’m on GAPS already, but need a hard shove to last more than 3 days on intro? If not, let me know and I’ll just buy the book, lol!

    We’re doing GAPS for food allergies and leaky gut issues.

  18. Mary says:

    I need GAPS! My digestion is all out of whack and I’m always sluggish and feel drained of my energy. I also recently found out that I’m anemic and I’m pretty sure I struggle with ADD issues due to my lack of focus and inability to finish a task from start-to-finish without being distracted. Although I’m currently pregnant so I cannot do the intro now; I would love to have this resource on hand for when I am able to do the intro. I do have plans of introducing full GAPS into my life very soon though :)

  19. Connie says:

    I’ve been considering it for a while, and if I win it would be the kick in the pants I would apparently need ;)

  20. Hilary says:

    Recently diagnosed with gluten and dairy intolerance, which I’ve apparently had for most of my life, and seeing the signs of it in my 2-year-old son, I know that GAPS is the best way to jump start the healing my body needs and help my sons issues stop in their tracks! I can eat grain and dairy free, but I know it won’t accomplish the intensive healing that the Intro does in the same amount of time.

  21. Mae says:

    My aspie hubster, eczema ridden 6 month old, and carb lovin’ 2 year old NEED GAPS, heehee.
    My only concern is that it would be quite a while before I can eat dairy or eggs. Norah’s face starts bleeding if I have even ONE BITE of something with either of those in it. I understand that’s a gut problem, but still don’t know how that would work for us :]

    • Heather says:

      You can def do GAPS without dairy or eggs. It’s not as fun, but maybe it won’t have to last too long. Cara reversed her milk allergy in about 3 months, I think.

  22. Renee N. says:

    Hi Heather! My husband and I both want to start GAPS because we both have various health issues. Especially me. I always suspected some sort of thyroid problems but my lab results always come back normal. So I’m really hoping that GAPS will help us to start feeling better and maybe lose a bit of weight. Thanks for doing this giveaway. =]

  23. Charity S. says:

    I have been wanting to do GAPS with my family for a while, not only to help heal my autoimmune disease, but I am sure it would help my Grandpa with his dementia, and many other small health problems. Cara’s guide would be a huge help in preparing and planning for the whole family!
    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  24. Mindy says:

    After reading about your “Bucket List” I feel really compelled to start the GAPS Diet. I know it is weird (and a little gross) but I’d love to have my own bucket list. I’d love to know what ails my body and how to be the healthiest possible!

  25. Jessica W says:

    I want to start GAPS for the whole family. There are allergies, sensitivities, skin issues, digestive issues, etc. We need to make a change but it’s pretty overwhelming.

  26. JennB says:

    Why GAPs? Why now? To prove to the ones in my life that it does work. To convince them they too can do it! I work with toddlers. How can I explain to a parent about leaky gut when my 3 yo and 1 yo both have cradle cap and eczema! How do I convince another mom that she has candida overgrowth when I myself am still 30 pounds overweight and struggle with sweets! The best way to help these is to lead by example. I have no doubt GAPS is what my family needs and now we are going to jump in and start!

  27. Jodi says:

    I’ve wanted to do GAPS for quite some time. We all have various foods that we can’t eat, eczema, behavioral issues, and, in general, we just don’t feel that well. Now that it’s fall, I think this may be the time to finally start! Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Emily Woodall says:

    Our family has been gearing up to start GAPS…I have already been cooking GAPS friendly, for the most part. The intro phase does sort of make my head spin, though. We did the Maker’s Diet in February and again in July, but I feel like we need something longer-term and more intensive to really heal. I am praying this makes a difference for my little girl, Avery. She has Cerebral Palsy, and along with that she has seizures and Sensory Processing Disorder. She was born premature and spent the first couple weeks of life in the NICU on IV antibiotics and many other things. She is 5 years old now, but still deals with many physical issues as well as attention and sensory issues. I am so excited that Cara is doing this challenge…it’s just what we need to get us started! Thanks, ladies!

  29. Chavonne says:

    I would like to start the GAPS protocol in my family because I would like to see healing occur with the food allergies that my son and I deal with. Mostly though, I would like to thoroughly understand and assist my mother and father in starting GAPS. My father is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia and as a result of the impaired function, took a bad fall last year. After three brain surgeries to heal the brain injury that occurred as a result of the fall (and serious post-surgical antibiotics), I believe that the GAPS protocol might be just thing to kick-start some real healing in my dad. I know some of things aren’t reversible, but an improved quality of life for them both would be an answer to my prayers…

  30. Tracy P says:

    I would love to get our family to eat in a way that nourishes and heals our bodies. I truly believe that food can and will heal your body if done right. Plus, I have been told that i have to take thyroid medicine for the rest of my life and oh how I would like to change that! Thanks for this opportunity!

  31. Kimberly says:

    I want to win this so bad! My husband and I are in dire need of something to “fix” us physically! And I so want to do GAPS, I’m just afraid of all the time and marrow :).

  32. Ana says:

    I would love to start the GAPS diet with my family! My son has had constant tummy aches and bowel issues since birth (even during exc breastfeeding). My daughter had a period of time when she experienced chronic hives due to food allergies. I suffer from hormonal craziness and migraines. Would love to win!!!!

  33. Thanks for posting this. I just signed up for the intro challenge! My husband finally agreed to doing GAPS intro for real (last time we did it he was not seriously committed). I sent him your post about your husband losing 45+ pounds in 6 months. I’m excited to get started!

  34. Chelsea W says:

    My family needs GAPS! Ive got a hubby with asthma and allergies, a son with eczema, and for myself and my other son, i have a feeling we have a lot of detoxing and healing to do! would love this!

  35. That is awesome, Ann Marie! I know people will be very interested in seeing how Intro goes in the broth queen’s kitchen. Can’t wait to read about it!

  36. Susan says:

    I really need to do the GAPS diet. My alternative MD said I probably have a leaky gut given my history. I will definitely start GAPS whenever I get the book, so it would be really nice if I win so I can start sooner rather than later. :-)

  37. Christine says:

    I would like to try GAPS, because going just gluten-free hasn’t helped enough.

  38. Heather Brandt says:

    I want to win so that my son (4 1/2 years old) can start healing his gut. We’ve had unexplainable tummy problems since he had mono this spring. We know he seems to be gluten sensitive and he is sensitive to so many other foods and yet he doesn’t seem better yet. We need to do what it takes to get his gut to heal so he can be the energetic little boy he was before mono.

  39. Amy says:

    We are going to start GAPS soon. Our oldest boy (11) has Asperger Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome and ADHD. Our younger boy (2.5 yrs) shows signs of ASD as well. I think DH, baby girl & I could benefit from it too.

  40. Stacy says:

    We need to do the GAPS diet here because of digestive issues, eczema, and behavioral issues. I am really hoping and praying that this diet will work because I am tired of the doctor’s attempts to try to “diagnose and fix” us with unsafe medications and risky medical procedures. Thanks for the chance to win this helpful guide!

  41. Kristy W. says:

    My son and I have many food intolerances. We’ve been on the Intro for 2 weeks now but we’re still trying to find our way. This e-book would be very helpful! Life is stressful enough! :)

  42. Jenny says:

    I’ve been reading about GAPS for months now. Wondering if I could pull it off. I know I would benefit from it! I think all my kids would benefit from it. My son has had allergy issues since he was born. I think my daughter is having candida issues. I would love to win the book to give me the jump start to get going on this.

  43. Ashley says:

    I’ve contemplated doing GAPS or similar for quite sometime. Mainly to heal the whole family and see if it helps to heal our sinus/seasonal allergies. My son which was premature catches everything that comes around and I would love to see if this is part of the answer.

  44. vina sanchez says:

    I like to start GAPS seeing how the nature of food can have a direct correlation with health issues. I need this book as it seems like a great way for dummies like me to start GAPS. Got a lil newbie and would love for my family to “play” along!

  45. Shannan says:

    I would love to win! I’m wanting to start GAPS to help heal my sons food allergies!

  46. Laura says:

    I’ve been on GAPS for about 6 months, but would love to have this resource. I go back and forth between doing really well on the diet and then eating too many fruits and nuts. This could really help get me back on track, thanks!

  47. Becky says:

    We need to start on GAPS because me and the children have food allergy issues (and I suspect my husband does too). It’s been a long journey for us, but over the past two years, I’ve been learning more and more about WHY we have these issues. The GAPS diet is the way for us to overcome these issues and be as healthy as possible!

  48. Judy says:

    This is so timely. I just was deciding to start GAPS as I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune and have been told I have a leaky gut. This is the only way I know to heal it. I’m so glad to know about this help!! It was feeling rather overwhelming.

  49. Kate says:

    I have serious degenerative arthritis—osteo not rheumatoid, and have had a number of surgeries to repair my joints including a 4 level cervical fusion, a knee repair, a rotator cuff repair, and an ankle reconstruction. Now I’m looking at total a knee replacement on one side and an ankle fusion on the other, both within the next six months. Snce I can barely walk, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any choice. I hate to think about what life is going to be like in my sixties. All the doctors have to offer are steroids,more surgery, NSAIDS and narcotic. I’ve tried tons of supplements like glucosamine. Now I’m thinking the GAPS diet might help. Haven’t seen any data on it with severe osteoarthritis, but it’s worth a shot!

  50. Susanne says:

    My younger son and I have been GAPSing for almost a year. But, I’d like to put him through Intro (he’s been on full GAPS) to see whether it clears up a few things. He loves to cook, and would absolutely *adore* having a special cookbook to see him/us through the Intro period.

  51. Sandy says:

    Help! I’ve been fighting Candida now for 2 years. It’s very hard. I’m on and off the wagon so to speak. I’m planning on joining in and following everyone but can’t afford any “extras” right now.

  52. Mary Korte says:

    My daughter and I have been trying to do GAPS for a week now but there was no way I was going to get her to do intro (she is 15) right off. I am hoping when she starts to see improvements in her health (weight, skin, periods) she will be more open to doing intro. It is fermented stuff that is the wall she refuses to climb. At any rate, I need GAPS. I am 100+lb overweight, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, bad hips, and more. I have been working hard toward WAPF traditional eating and am 95% there. I am grain free but struggling with being 100% starch free (I live in Idaho). Anyway, I have been gearing up to do intro with or without the teenager and I could use all the help I can get. :)

  53. Margo says:

    Wow. I’ve been flirting with the idea of GAPS. I feel my 1 year old would benefit as well as myself and my soda lovin’ husband! A guide is always a great idea!

  54. Julie says:

    I’d love to do the Gaps Intro to help myself with anxiety/depression, my husband with ADD and dyslexia, and our kids to avoid the same issues that I’ve seen beginning to show in them. Thanks! :)

  55. Amanda says:

    It’s been a long process. Both my husband and I were so resistant to diets. Finally, after a bout of gestational diabetes, I went to a nutritionist. Little did we know, that really wasn’t the way to go.

    After several years balking, we decided to make a change. I had a huge hernia, surgery, then follow ups as stitches impacted and got infected. I’ve always been overweight (obese, really), and hubby had been heavy for a while. His mother was on a low carb diet already ( but we had not wanted to do something like that. We started with the couch to 5k program and then the low carb thing came up again. After doing some research, we realised that’s what we _needed_ to do. So we started on the south beach diet and thus far hubby has lost 60+ lbs and I’m one pound away from having lost 60 (with 65-70 more than I need to lose).

    So how does that bring us to GAPS?

    I have ADHD and already see issues with my children. My daughter has allergies, I have stomach issues occasionally with eczema (as does my daughter), and while my husband enjoys decent health, that doesn’t mean he can’t be healthier. A friend recommended the GAPS diet and I began to look into it.

    Our entire system is connected to one another, so why wouldn’t the gut be a source of various problems? After talking to my husband, he’s agreed to give it a six month trial (and I’m hoping to have him convinced by then to do it longer).

    So that brings me to HOW to do Gaps? I’m already on the broth and while I’m not strictly gaps, I’m doing some of the things and I can already tell a difference in how I feel. However, I want to do it all the way. But how? That’s a good question.

    Here’s hoping I can win this book so that I have an easier time figuring out what I can eat. :)

    Thanks for doing this!

  56. Neveen says:

    I’ve been meaning to start the GAPS diet but feel overwhelmed! When is the right time to star? I guess right now. I’m hoping doing GAPS will help relieve my autoimmune disease. Working full time and being a mom full time, this book will come in hand and help me take the plunge. If I have a comprehensive guide, i know I will be able to do it.

    Thanks for the chance.

  57. I am starting GAPS on October 1 and am really concerned how I will be able to do the intro for any length of time. I am needing to do the intro since I have PCOS and both husband and I have ADD his is ADHD and anything to jump-start our bodies towards the healthy range before flu season begins would be fantastic.

  58. Riki Juster says:

    I actually started the Paleo diet back in March, but I had to fly to Israel due to my father suffering a stroke, I stuck to it while visiting the hospital for 5 weeks. Sadly, my father passed and it was during the seven days of sitting “shiva” that the diet went out the window. So many people were bringing us food and beverage! Now that I am back, I decided to do the GAPS diet in order to detox, improve my digestion and lose weight… start anew!

  59. Jane says:

    I’ve been looking into GAPS for awhile. I need the basic “here’s how you do it” to get me kick started. I’m hoping my son will go along with me on this. I know this will improve our health, not that we are unhealthy. Just looking to always be healthier.

  60. Erin says:

    I have been interested in the GAPS diet for a few months now. We have a lot of gut and allergy problems in out family, so this would be very helpful. Being a homeschool mom of 4 and everyone having different allergies to worry about, I def need help like this!

  61. Raj says:

    Hi, the GAPS diet is something I’ve been looking into recently. My 16 month old son has serious eczema, and it seems the majority of the food I feed him leads to more breakouts and intense scratching! The search for grain-free recipes is, to say the least, frustrating. Hopefully with the intro menu planning will be easier and more consistent…much to my husband’s relief.

  62. Mary says:

    I signed up for Cara’s challenge. Been doing full GAPS for some time. Ready to start intro I think. Just did one day of it this week to experiment. I’d LOVE her book to help out.

  63. Renee says:

    I have been wanting to try GAPS for awhile now and would love to win this helpful tool!

  64. Johanne says:

    I’d love to give it a try and see how much better I’ll feel!

  65. Kirsten says:

    I would love to do GAPS with my family because I know there are probably hidden issues that would be healed by doing it! I love the idea of healing the body from the inside out…and using food to do it! This sounds like such a great book!

  66. Kari Miller says:

    I am entering myself for this giveaway….I have done some prep work already. I am focused because I just had baby boy number three, husband is stressed to the max and I don’t want these beautiful boys to suffer. I want the best for my family and to live a truly happy and healthy life together.
    Thanks Heather for creating such an open and honest blog….that I actually read! I’m new to this site and keep finding great ideas. I want to invest in family and the health of the future Ka

  67. Angela Richardson says:

    I want to do the GAPS diet with my family because I want us to be healthier plan and simple. I want us all to live a long and healthy life.

  68. Gmomof4 says:

    I have suffered with digestive issues for years. I have wanted to try the gaps but just haven’t committed. Maybe this is the time.

  69. Alison says:

    You only live once and get only one body. I don’t have a vast knowledge of real foods or where to start to heal, but I’m turning 30 and feeling 80! I need to get myself, and my sweet family, on the right track.

  70. Julie says:

    Hello, I would like to start gaps because my son has a childhood apraxia of speech and I heard that the gaps diet can help but it seems overwhelming.

  71. Erin says:

    What a great giveaway! I’ve been pushing off starting GAPS since July because I feel like I need to get more organized first. Write meal plans, source ingredients, etc. My family NEEDS this but it just feels so overwhelming! My husband has been on heartburn meds for 10+ years, my 2.5 yr old can’t have dairy or wheat and has started to regularly complain that his tummy hurts, and my 4 month old can’t tolerate me having dairy and has reflux too. As for me, I’m battling a massive sugar addiction and have started to develop a weird skin issue which I’m pretty sure is due to all of those cookies I’ve been eating lately :-0 I’ve been dabbling in the NT lifestyle for about 6 months now but need some extra help to push me over the hump to start GAPS! PICK ME!!!;-)

  72. Ginger says:

    I have started down this path (dairy/gluten/ mostly grain free) and I’m seeing positive changes but I don’t think I’ve hit on quite the right diet for me and my very unhappy digestive system. I’d love to try GAPS and see if it’s what I’ve been after. Thank you!

  73. Amanda says:

    This giveaway couldn’t come at a more perfect time! My 3-year-old shows some signs of ASD and I just received my copy of the GAPS book. I am feeling a little overwhelmed with the task at hand, but know I it will be well worth the effort for our entire family!

  74. Jeanne says:

    After 30 years of being a vegetarian, 10 of which were vegan, I have a slow thyroid, I’m overweight by 30 pounds, suffer from migraines, and my gut is a war zone. I stopped being vegetarian 5 days ago, have cut my carb intake by at least 50% (I’m still eating way too much sugar and carbs) and have already lost 5 lbs. I’m very interested in a traditional diet and feel that being a vegetarian has done more harm than good, and the GAP diet the answer to my prayers. My ancestors all lived into their 90s until they came to this country, and I intend to do so too. :)

  75. Mary Behrens says:

    I want to start the intro now, as my daughter is getting married on New Years Eve and we both need to clear up some issues to more fully enjoy that day!

  76. Celine says:

    A friend told me about GAPS and I would love to try with my family of 6! (soon to be 7).

  77. Winner will be announced Friday morning!

  78. Tiffany says:

    I have crohns disease along with some other health issues and I think GAPS could be the ticket. Nervous about starting though.

  79. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been thinking about starting GAPS for awhile and this might be just the jump start I need! I don’t know if I can rope the whole family in but we’ll see. fingers crossed!!

  80. Megan says:

    I’ve just always wanted to do go head-first into GAPS but something has always held me back. I think if I had this book all my “excuses” would go out the window because I’d have such an amazing guide to help me get started! I’d love to win!

  81. Faith Stromback says:

    I want to because I think my husband has yeast and it needs to be rectified!

  82. Alysia says:

    I’d love to start this diet with my family so I can help my clients through the GAPS journey.

  83. Jessica says:

    I would love to start my family on GAPS. I have been feeding us clean and organic foods for 6 months now and would love to take it one step further with this. I suffer from frequent migraines and would love to see if this diet could help me to feel better. Thanks!

  84. Dana says:

    Well we just began our GAPS journey yesterday: spent way too much getting started, burned my first batch of broth (don’t ask), and I really want some sugar right now. *sigh* I myself have suffered from IBS, ulcers, chronic fatigue, POTS, and allergies of every kind for years and now am starting to see that my 10 year old will probably follow suit. So the buck stops here! Per my hubbie’s advice, we’re easing in by starting full GAPS with the intent to go intro after an adjustment period. And October 1st seems like the perfect time! GAPS, POTS, IBS, oh my! Bring it.

  85. Brinly says:

    I have been planning to start GAPS for some time. A friend’s daughter has made drastic improvements in ADHD-like symptoms, and I would like to see the same in my 10 yr old son. Just began reading the officia gapsl book, and would like to start soon enough to be on full GAPS by Thanksgiving! I have already been gluten free for a couple years, but I think myself and whole family will benefit from the change. We have 4 kids ages 3-10 plus one on the way :) Thanks for all these tremendous offers and delicious recipes. The book would be a blessing, but I’d also like to be connected with this community of people who are starting GAPS this month. Hubby is a stickler for good food, and I need help staying focused in change!

  86. Cynthia says:

    I am in DIRE need of the GAPS program. I am 62 and for almost 30years I have suffered autoimmune and autonomic nervous system disorders. I am on 19, yes 19, prescriptions and even take medication to help me stay awake. I eat fairly clean and gluten free but do have sugar. I will continue learning about GAPS. Thank you so much for posting this information!! I found you looking for natural recipes!

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