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GIVEAWAY: Two Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Sets ($130 Value)

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Enter this giveaway and we could both win!

What’s The Price of Nonstick Nirvana?

If you’re using your old stash of Teflon cookware, the answer is somewhere between “Polymer Fume Fever ” and a chemical warfare agent. Yep, that’s right, of the six toxic gases that synthetic non-stick coatings are known to release, some can kill pet birds, while others can become a chemical warfare agent known as PFIB. (source1, source 2) The latter is the case especially with stovetop drip pans.

If you’re thinking you need to ditch your nonstick stash pronto but don’t want to give up your perfect omelettes, don’t worry your pretty little head. When properly seasoned, cast iron skillets work beautifully as an alternative to Teflon. You’ll wonder why you waited so long to make the switch!

Why I Love This Set

It’s made in America, can easily be re-seasoned with non-GMO oils (here’s how), and can go from stovetop to oven to table . . . not to mention the occasional campfire! Oh, and unlike easily chipped Teflon surfaces, cast iron can last several generations. Enter this giveaway and we could both win!

Want This Set For You And A Friend? Here’s How To Enter

I love this set and I’m so excited to be giving it away. But one is not enough, because I want you share in the joy of giving, too. So, when you share this giveaway with a friend (via email, social media, smoke signals, whatever), you could both win! Here’s how:

1. Click on this link:

Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Set (It will take you to to read about the product. Just come back here and carry on with steps 2 & 3.)

2. Sign up for my newsletter.

You want to do this anyway, promise! Just last week I sent out a newsletter that gave subscribers first dibs on a free online parenting class. By the time I announced it on the blog the next week it was already half full! You can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t like hearing from me, but you need to be subscribed at the time of the winner announcement to be eligible to win.  I never sell or give your address to anyone – pinky swear.

3. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter the giveaway.

This giveaway is open to everyone, but the cast iron sets will be shipped to continental U.S. residents only. Winners who are residents outside of the U.S. will receive a gift card for the lowest listed price for the prize on Amazon.

 4. Bonus Entry: Share this giveaway with someone you love.

As I mentioned before, you can share in whatever way works best: social media, morse code, telegraph, email. Just say something like, “Cast iron loving friends: Enter to win this Lodge Cast Iron Set from Mommypotamus and we could both win!” Easy peasy.

Congratulations, Melissa Jean!

You and your friend, Brandy, won this month’s giveaway. I’ll have a set in the mail to each of you soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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38 Responses to GIVEAWAY: Two Lodge 5-Piece Cast Iron Cookware Sets ($130 Value)

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway! I really love cooking with cast iron, it would be great to have a Dutch oven. I would share the skillets with my sister :)

  2. alberta


    I love my cast iron and would love to add more pieces

  3. Ginger


    Oops! I accidentally filled out the “new here” option and it won’t let me undo it!

  4. halima


    So excited that the cast iron set is up for grabs. Fingers crossed!

  5. Monica


    I didn’t realize the second option was for new subscribers, but then I couldn’t undo my entry. Also, how do you get the preseasoning off? I only saw info about removing rust in your post about seasoning the pans.

    • Monica


      Let me rephrase that, I don’t think the baking soda and potato can remove the seasoning. I did that with all of my pans and nothing but rust came off. It’s my understanding that unseasoned pans are gray (I have some old ones that were unseasoned), and all of my pans stayed very black after using the baking soda.

      • Gay


        I find the easiest way to strip cast iron down to bare metal is to put it in your oven and do a self clean cycle. Gets them nice and clean and ready to reseason.

  6. Kelly


    Oops! I did the same as Ginger.

  7. Michelle


    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Sherri


    My sis gets first dibs:) love this blog!

  9. Gail


    I’d love to give this set to my daughter. :-)

    You are still at the top of the list of my favorite, most respected bloggers!

  10. Paula


    I used to have a set of these pans and loved them until a relative, who will remain nameless, was babysitting during dinner time and thought that she should soak them after cooking in them!!! Talk about RUST. I never was able to get them properly re-seasoned and gave them to Goodwill. I would love to try again – the guilty party is no longer allowed to touch my pans!

  11. I accidentally put my e-mail address in the 2nd entry, not realizing it was only for new, referred subscribers. I don’t mean to have all 3 entries filled out, if I’m only supposed to have the 1st and last ones. I’d undo the 2nd entry, if I knew how. ‘Hoping you can either help me with that, or that it won’t hurt my eligibility/chances.
    Thanks for this great, generous giveaway!

  12. katharine


    me too. woops.

  13. Jodie


    Tysm for the Lodge giveaway! I really like Lodge cast iron, it is well made here in the USA and is not taking jobs away from americans, but giving them jobs. The cookware is fantastic too. I could not cook without my Lodge cast iron fry pans, and baking pans.

  14. Eva says:

    I did the same thing on the 2nd one also! It would not let me edit it either. SORRY!
    I would love for my youngest daughter to get a set of these! She just said she would like to have some.
    Thank you for the chance to win them.

  15. Don Roberts


    For those of us who live in Alaska, if we win could they be sent to an address on the mainland?

  16. Melissa


    Several of my friends have Dutch ovens and their meals prepared in the ovens are SPECTACULAR so I am so praying I can get this one so I can prepare these delicious suppers. Thank you for giving all of us an option to win this. Much shalom to you my friend.


  17. Rose


    I love cooking on cast iron but I recently came across some info that Lodge uses GMO soy on their pre-seasoned pans.

  18. Kendra


    this is nice ;)

  19. crissy says:

    This is just the information I was looking for, thank you! In the market for new cookware, wish me luck :)

  20. kim


    Well I think we can all use these pans, but please pick me LOL

  21. Valeria Rome


    Just found your blog and I LOVE it!!! I’ve always wanted cast iron but have yet to make the purchase. I keeping my fingers crossed!

  22. Cathy W Schmidt


    My mom used cast iron for years on the old wood stove. Somehow food seemed better cooked and tasted great! It will be great gift for someone to have in their kitchen! Unfortunately, Mom’s cast iron disappeared and not in my kitchen!

  23. Shelley Hoskins


    So excited! I would Love to replace my old set with these safer, non-toxic cast iron ones! Thank you! <3 :-)

  24. Stephanie


    Heather, What a great giveaway. Thank you!

    I have a cast iron skillet that I received (by my request) as a Christmas present from one of our children and his wife. It’s so easy to season and take care of. And it is more non-stick than any other type of pan I’ve used. A great ensemble like this one (especially the dutch oven!) is just what I’ve been hoping for and would happily share with a friend or daughter-in-law!

  25. kelli


    What a wonderful. Set

  26. Kristen B.


    Just wondering if the winner was posted yet (and maybe I missed it?) or if the winner will be posted soon?

    • Heather says:

      Oops! The winner was selected and I’ve already been in touch with her and the person who shared this community with her (who also gets a set). Unfortunately, I totally forgot to update this post with the announcement. Just did that – thank you for the reminder!

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