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Handmade Christmas Ideas For Children {Easy & Frugal}

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Do You Love The Idea of A Handmade Christmas . . .

But dread the thought of a bunch of unfinished projects? This week I’m sharing easy, simple gift ideas that EVERYONE will love and ANYONE can do! So far I’ve covered edible gifts and luxurious beauty products. . . now we’re going to talk about gifts for your little cowboy/astronaut/princess/duck herder!

Hobby Horse

Okay, raise your hand if you rode off into the sunset with a hobby horse growing up. They’re the best, right?

Well then, grab a sock and recreate the magic for your little buckaroo with this simple tutorial from Dandee Designs! Seriously, this was fun to make and a big hit with both kids!

Okay, Micah used it as a walking stick, but even though I wondered if it was too “old-fashioned,” Katie seriously loved it! She thinks it’s for her cousin Conner, and it is. Of course there are two more tucked away in the closet, and I’m totally thinking of making one more so we can all gallop from Lantern Waste to Cair Paravel together.

Playdough With Natural Dyes

Kate from Mini-Eco has created a fabulous tutorial that will show you how to make playdough and color it with blueberries, rose petals, beetroot, turmeric and oak tree bark.

Ohhh, Kate, you are so close to convincing me to hone some crafty-type skills so I can make these bohemian-style dancing bell anklets! I think I need an intervention. HELP!

(Deep breath. Sigh. Moving on.)

Felt Cookies

Admit it. You gaze at projects on Pinterest for hours and then remember you can’t sew. Guess what – today is your day! If you can tie your shoes you can make these easy peasy felt cookies from The Happy Housewife .

They’re the perfect addition to your dress-up tea parties with “The Queen” and/or play kitchen bake-offs. Love the sprinkles, don’t you?

¬†Handmade Tutu’s

I have two words for you:

Ridiculously. Easy.

Seriously, check out this tutorial. Can you believe it’s that simple? No need to limit yourself, though! A few minor adjustments and you’ve got a tutu dress or a sweet number with a big satin bow.

Have you seen a great handmade gift idea this year? Share it below!

Photo Credit: Gwen

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19 Responses to Handmade Christmas Ideas For Children {Easy & Frugal}

  1. nikki says:

    I couldn’t find the link for the TUTORIAL on the ridiculously easy tutu. ???

  2. Jaime Adams says:

    LOVE it. I’m making gifts for all the nieces and nephews this year. Very timely post for me :)

  3. Erin says:

    Great ideas! Thank you!

    Okay, so how do you get on Pinterest? Do you need to be invited? I have asked to be invited like 10 times from the site and haven’t heard anything for months… I feel left out! LOL!

  4. shannon says:

    ooh! love the link on the horse! i think we’ll be making one of those this year!! :)

  5. Emily Brown says:

    Does Katie really want some dancing jingle anklets? If so, I’d LOVE to make them for her! I would repurpose some knit material (I’m sure I can find some in rainbow colors….or just tell me her favorite color)….sized for her ankles and attach bells…..and would have soooo much fun making them for her! Let me know! :)

    • Heather says:

      [Lifting jaw off the ground] Really, Emily?!?!? I’d resigned myself to the reality that I am not going to learn to knit in the next 24 days and decided to use plain old elastic, but WOW! Handmade anklets would be such a treasure for Katie to have and then pass down to Micah (who will then pass them down to #3, I hope!). No pressure because I know how busy the season is, but if it works out we would LOVE and CHERISH them!

      • Emily Brown says:

        Yes, really! :) Crafting/sewing/creating for me is like breathing…..probably like blogging is for you! And, I make sure my December isn’t too crazy, in order to fit in fun things like this!!! :) The only thing I need now is your address….I thought I saw it somewhere, but I can’t find it now. Can you PM it to me? Great!

  6. Alexis D says:

    Love these great ideas for kids! I’m gonna have to make Makena the Playdough with natural dyes because I think she would like it (but never wanted to buy the playdough at the store). And as for the Hobby Horse, I would have attempted to make one but I already bought one here: and think she is going to love it. I might have to make myself a Hobby Horse to “ride” into the sunset along with her :)

  7. Saturday Snippets 12/10/12 | Gapalicious says:

    […] Handmade Christmas Ideas for Children {Easy and Frugal} […]

  8. Bethany says:

    I finished my first felt cookie today. I’ve got about 30 more that are decorated and just need to be blanket-stitched together. I have also made some lavender bath salts and plan to make rosemary cooking salt as well. Thanks so much for the ideas. I LOVE doing crafty things but usually balk at the mess and clean-up time. These have all been so quick and easy.

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