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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

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It’s My Birthday Weekend!

Unfortunately I have run out of embarrassing confessions about toilet phobias, rogue ducks and why I find it necessary to insult my husband. But, oh, I have PICTURES!

Does This Make Me Look Younger?

Any Superhero Can Wear a Cape.

Seriously mom, those bangs. WHY?!?!?

Why Yes, I DO Prefer Wearing Headgear ‘Round The Clock (Even Though The Ortho Said Just At Night)

Yup, That Goofy One On The Left Is Me!

This Is My Kitty Phase

. . . It Lasted Awhile

Fortunately, This Did Not

Is That Captain Crunch? Well, That IS Embarrassing!

And Uh, Who Does This?

Or Wears THIS?

Not Me! At Least Not Now. I Am Very, VERY Normal

Thank you for spending this year with me! MUAH!

Photo Credit: Will Clayton


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21 Responses to Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

  1. Alexis D says:

    Happy Birthday to You!!! I am sure we ALL have embarrassing pictures haha :-) Thanks for sharing yours & hope you have a fantastic day!!!

  2. Daniel Dessinger says:

    Babe, I LOVE that you published this. These are some classic moments. And even though it’s a day early, Happy Birthday. I love you like no other.

  3. Soli Zat Johnson via FB says:

    Happy birthday!

  4. Justyn says:

    LOL! My daughter is asking me what’s so funny! Thanks for sharing for our entertainment!!! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! :-)

  5. Justyn Lang via FB says:

    Happy birthday!!

  6. Tina Warren via FB says:

    Happy Birthday! 😉 (today is my father’s bday, too!)

  7. Christin says:

    Happy birthday to you! Thanks for being so real and open with your readers–especially on your birthday! 😀

  8. Bridget Parker says:

    Happy birthday, Heather, you share this day with me!! How cool is that…2 crunchy moms with the same day of birth!!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    and the goofy one on the right is ME! I haven’t seen that picture of us in years! probably wouldn’t be as cute for us to dress the same 30 years later. those were great, thanks for sharing. happy birthday (one day early)!! have a great birthday weekend :-)

    • Heather says:

      It hasn’t been QUITE 30 years yet, but I think you’re probably right about that! When I pulled this pic out it really surprised me to see how much Lily favors you. Lucky girl!

  10. Kristen Mandujano via FB says:

    Happy birthday heather! Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  11. hihorosie says:

    ha ha funny pics! Happy birthday!

  12. Iben Henriette Olsen via FB says:

    Happy B day- my sisters as well 😉

  13. barbara Alger says:

    What’s wrong with these pics. They’re all adorable!

  14. Melodie Towers via FB says:

    Great photos Heather! Happy Birthday!

  15. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Thank you, everyone!

  16. Esther says:

    Happiest of birthdays, dear Heather! May you feel very loved and cherished :)

  17. Anna D says:

    Happy Birthday! Wonderful idea with the pics, it made me laugh. All the best!!! Keep the good stuff coming

  18. Emily Brown says:

    happy birthday, Heather!!! I love this post……can’t wait for another year of YOU!! :)

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