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Homemade Cherry Pie Energy Bars

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Cherries Are The Sort . . .

Who plop on a red wig and start singing “The Sun Will Come Out TOMORROW!” while you Google blueprints for a time machine. Not that you can blame them – sun dappled light and cherry blossom infused breezes do tend to cloud one’s inner “realist.” And those antioxidants, potassium, Vitamin C and B-complex vitamins they’re chock full of? Well, they’d make anyone chipper.

And that, of course, is why I highly recommend that you EAT THEM. It will do you so much more good than one more round of Annie reprisals, and if you happen to work in some equally vivacious almonds and a smidge of cinnamon all the better. In fact, I may just have a recipe around here than might suit you . . . .

Homemade Cherry Pie Energy Bars




  1. Place dates and cherries in a food processor and process into a paste.
  2. Add almonds and spices, then pulse until almonds are well ground
  3. Remove paste from food processor and use your hands to form into bars.
  4. Wrap tightly in wax paper and place in a sealed container. Can be kept at room temp for several days or in the fridge for several weeks.


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43 Responses to Homemade Cherry Pie Energy Bars

  1. Brandi Heuchert via FB says:

    Will be making those!!

  2. Anjanette says:

    I’ve done a simplified version of this before with cranberries, sunflower seeds, and cinnamon. I even shaped them into hearts! ( 😀 I love your version! Cherries and dates would be such a perfect combination!

    • Heather says:

      Lol! Great minds, huh?? I’ve used cranberries too but it’s hard to find any around here that don’t have tons of added sugar, oil and sulphate. I should probably look online!!

      • Anjanette says:

        I found some unsweetened cranberries through a friend’s co-op. I honestly get Craisins sometimes just because they are cheaper, but we prefer to snack on raisins since it’s easier to avoid the additives. Azure standard sells some that are sweetened with apple juice.

      • Jennifer Smith says:

        Trader Joe’s sells unsulphured, dried fruit.

  3. Jenni says:

    LOVE! Can not wait to make these. I think the cherry pie and ginger cookie Lararabars are my favorite ones!

  4. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Hope you like them, Brandi Heuchert! My kids could barely wait for me to finish taking pics before they pounced :)

  5. Diane says:

    Wonderful! My husband and I just got back from California. One of our stops/purchases….a date farm!

  6. Laura @ Gluten Free Pantry says:

    I’m in love with these! Can’t wait to make these Larabars with my kids this weekend! Thanks for such a great recipe.

  7. Elisa Glasser Levine via FB says:

    You just made my YEAR! Its not easy living 5,000 miles from the nearest Wholefoods but this will recipe will make it a lot easier!!!

  8. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Five THOUSAND miles, Elisa Glasser Levine? Of course I had to go look at your page to see where that might be – and WOW! It appears you know some of my favorite people! Gary Benjamin officiated over the potamus wedding celebration on Vieques Island. Good times . . .

  9. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Oh, and I hope you LOVE the larabars!

  10. Elisa Glasser Levine via FB says:

    Thats so neat. Although I grew up in Dallas, I didn’t know them until I went to a discipleship school in Cyprus that they are connected with, small world!

  11. Rachel Miars Layne via FB says:

    Thanks for the great recipes! I just had a lemon larabar and it was SOOOOO good. If you happen to see a recipe for lemon or come up with one, I’d love that also (:

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  13. Sarah L says:

    This looks good. My kids hate dates, but they love energy bars. Maybe this will be the happy compromise for us?

  14. elizabeth says:

    These look simple and delicious. How many does it make? Im about to cook for 21 ppl so want to know how many batches to make:)

    • Heather says:

      Hi Erica! They can be any size you like so how many they make is up to you. I hand mold mine into little hearts :)

    • Lesley says:

      Elizabeth~ I know this is loong past when you needed this info, but I made a double batch of these last night for 22 toddlers and each kid gets 1 decent-sized heart (each weighed 1 oz, and yes, I DO have an awesome kitchen scale!). I couldn’t find cherries that were sugar-free, so I used currants, dates, and a few tablespoons of organic cranberry juice concentrate to add some tart-ness. Also, because it was for a daycare with nut allergy issues, I used sunflower seeds and pepitas. AND, they were pretty darn sticky so I rolled them in coconut flakes. They’re AWESOME! (Extra thanks to Heather.)

  15. Mandie says:

    I’m so glad I found this recipe. My 3 year old loves lara bars and they’s such a great snack but the daycare he goes to is a nut-free school. My son doesn’t have a nut allergy but I’ve had to re-think a lot of snacks so that I can send them with him. I just made a batch of these yesterday and used sunflower seeds instead of almonds. They turned out great and now I’ve added a new snack to the repertoire :). Thanks for sharring!

  16. Candace says:

    These were super easy and are absolutely delicious! My three year old loved helping me measure all the ingredients and watching the food processor chop everything in to “teeeeeny tinnnnnnny pieces” Thanks for this!

  17. Caroline says:

    They’re yummy but should come with a warning… heavy duty food processor only! I broke my food processor attachment for my stick blender, and now over-heated the stick blender itself (reverted to that once the processor attachment snapped).

    Well, maybe you just gave me an excuse to finally buy myself a real one… heheh

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  19. cherelei says:

    love your website I’mm well past baby making age, but love your cherry recipe and yes the amount of nutrition from cherries can’t be beat!’ That’s why I planted 2 cherry trees last yr. and plan to plant 2 more this spring, actually I planted 15 different fruit trees, plus other trees as well, going TOTALLY Green!!! anywhere possible! Good Luck with all in your life and beautiful family too.

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  21. Sarah says:

    I made a (double) batch of these, and had to get stuff at the store to make 3 more double batches, slightly varied. I added in fine coconut flakes and a little coconut oil. Then I played with the flavors a little and made a blueberry cashew coconut version, and a coconut cranberry version to go with the cherry pie. These didn’t last a week in my house. Thanks for the recipe.

  22. Kellie says:

    These look amazing!

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  26. little jo says:

    So when I think of my mom’s cherry pie it always had a distinct almond flavoring — needless to say I added a few drops of organic almond extract to the mix. Now that is what we’re talkin’ about! Oh, yeah!

  27. Nicole says:

    My batch turned out way too crumbly to mold into bars! Should I add more dates to make it sticky? Coconut oil to moisten and bind?

  28. Farrah says:

    Have you ever made these in anything other than a food processor? Would a vitamin work?

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