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Homemade Marshmallow Recipe {GAPS, Paleo, SCD}

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Note from Heather: This is a guest post from Jenni at The Urban Poser– one of my favorite bloggers! Jenni is a mom and yoga instructor who is rebuilding her body with GAPS after a hard-and-fast run in with an autoimmune disorder. Right before “the event” she’d messaged me about buying my elliptical trainer (you know, the one that has been sitting in my garage for FOUR years) – and then she disappeared. It wasn’t  like her to do that, but the thing that happened next was really not like me: I emailed her . . . unsolicited . . . advice.

After consulting with her doctor Jenni decided to try GAPS. Then she rewarded my bad behavior by posting uh-mazing GAPS friendly recipes like these Pumpkin, Apple, Bacon & Chive Biscuits and Coconut Flour Chai Cupcakes. Hmmm . . . maybe I should tell the family interested in buying our hot tub about how I nixed hubby’s B.O. with only three ingredients. Then again, maybe not. :) Here’s her fabulous post!

As The Sun Goes Down Earlier These Days . . .

I find my mind drifting with anticipation to the the smells of chimney smoke in the cool winter air. I can almost taste the warm chai on my tongue along with some chewy gingerbread men and and a few spicy peppermint sticks. But more than  all of this,  I anticipate one of our longest running family traditions. Making home made MARSHMALLOWS!

Now, we don’t make just any old marshmallows. We make vanilla bean, gingerbread, chai, lemon and even peppermint ones. Not only do we love to eat them…we love to give them away. Marshmallows make great gifts and if you pair them up with some grain free graham crackers and a few roasting sticks, you can make some amazing ‘Smore’ packages. (Look for a great ‘graham cracker’ recipe in Heathers new book ‘Nourished Baby‘.)

The marshmallow recipe below uses ‘grass fed’ beef gelatin by Great Lakes. It is also made with raw organic honey instead of corn syrup, making these marshmallows a great option for GAPS and SCD style diets.

Perhaps you’ll make these tasty marshmallow treats a part of your families holiday traditions just like we did.

Honey Sweetened Marshmallows (GAPS, Paleo, SCD) from The Urban Poser on Vimeo.

Homemade Marshmallow Recipe



Grease an 8×8(or larger) pan and line with unbleached parchment paper in both directions.  Leave some length to use as handles when removing your finished marshmallows.

In your mixer bowl, add the gelatin with 1/2 cup of water

While the gelatin is softening, pour the other 1/2 cup of water in a sauce pan along with the honey, vanilla and the salt. Turn the burner to a medium high heat, bringing the mixture to a boil. Place a candy thermometer in the sauce pan and continue to boil the mixture until it reaches 240 degrees (the soft ball stage). This will take approx. 7-8 min. Immediately remove from the sauce pan from the heat.

Turn your standing mixer to low/med. Slowly pour the honey mixture into the bowl combining it with the softened gelatin. Turn the mixer to high and continue beating the mixtures until it becomes thick like marshmallow creme (about 10 min).

Turn off the mixer and transfer the marshmallow creme to the prepared pan. Remember, if using a coating, add it to the bottom of the pan first before transferring the marshmallow creme. Smooth the top (add more coating if using one). Pat to smooth again.

If you are not using a coating then lightly grease your hands with oil and pat smooth. This will keep it from sticking to your fingers. Alternatively you can press it down with parchment paper, leaving it there till the marshmallows are completely set.

Coating options: Try all kinds of crushed nuts, coconut, almond flour mixed with spices, cocoa….

Also try adding spices, coca and different flavored extracts to your boiled mixture.

The possibilities are really endless!

When set, remove the marshmallows by lifting from the parchment paper flaps.  Cut to desired size and enjoy!

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260 Responses to Homemade Marshmallow Recipe {GAPS, Paleo, SCD}

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  2. Rachelle Brandt says:

    Made these – LOVE these with raw honey! So happy my little girl with food allergies (egg, dairy, cane sugar) can enjoy her natural marshmallows! If anyone isn’t wild about honey flavor – the fresher they are eaten, the less “honey-like” they taste.

  3. Bonita says:

    These look DELICIOUS! I’ve been looking for a healthier alternative for marshmallows. Thank You.

  4. Catherine R. says:

    Just pinned this on pinterest! Looks great!

  5. Danielle McKenna says:

    This recipe is an absolute life saver! I crave marshmallows and since getting really sick and depressed and totally ruining my body I haven’t been able to eat them until your recipe! Thank you so much!!! I pinned this one as part of the dehydrator giveaway :)

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  7. Sandra says:

    I tried making these tonight without a thermometer and using agar agar instead of gelatin. They did not puff. The mixture stayed creamy and flat. DO you think it’s because of the agar agar? Also, I boiled for 8 minutes as I did not have a thermometer… maybe that did it?
    Any help appreciated!

  8. Judy Thomas says:

    OMG, these are not that hard to make :) I love the video.Thank you, I have always wondered how to make them and they look ok for me to give it a go. Awesome recipes :)

  9. fahriye says:

    I am craving for marshmallows these days o_o and i am so happy to find a healthier way to eat these soft and yummy things.Thank you so much and i will try this recipe as soon as possible:)

  10. Sarah says:

    Is the peeps tutorial ready? I am interested to know how to make organic colored sanding sugar sans food coloring dyes.

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    […] Once it is cold enough we will be heading outside to roast these homemade marshmallows! […]

  12. Jessica says:

    These turned out fantastic! Tasted just like marshmallows. Whatdoyaknow!? Thanks so much for sharing! I always love finding raw recipes for tasty treats that us health conscious people feel like we have to just give up. :)

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  14. Rachel says:

    I thought you love ‘real food’. Do you know what gelatin is made out of…?

  15. Lori says:

    I just tried making these and I think I may have done something wrong although the recipe is so simple that I can’t imagine how! I was mixing for over 30 minutes total and after 15 minutes of hand mixing (with electric mixer) it wasn’t getting thick at all. So I started adding more gelatin with water little by little. It still didn’t get as thick as I think it was supposed to. Any advice? It was still more liquid than marshmallow cream consistency.

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  17. Chris @abmachines says:

    Wow Marshmallows are one of my favorites! Great video! Thanks for sharing that video and your recipe!

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  23. Eli says:

    Alright, so, I made them few days ago. LOVED them. But, given my lack of experience in the kitchen, I had to experience that learning curve thingy first hand (well, i always thought that Id’ get things right from the first try).
    I did watch the video and thought it was VERY easy and straightforward (which it is). Which is why I didnt feel like re-watching it again before actually making them. Because if I did, I would have probably picked up on a little detail (pouring the hot honey into the gelatin SLOWLY), which might have saved me about 15-20 minutes of holding a hand mixer until my hand is numb shaking and the mixer is so hot I can’t touch it anymore, and all this without ever achieving the fluffy texture I saw in the video.
    Oh well, learning curve that is. I poured it into some container and put it in the fridge and then I had some and it was still delicious. A little sweet, but that’d be good for satisfying a sweet tooth. I’m actually very happy with my learning curve, and I also know for next time to make half the recipe because that was too much (only I eat it).
    So, ladies, if you so happen to make the same mistake as me in the future, worry not, it still turns out delicious.

  24. Tre says:

    These are definitely on my to-do list!

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  27. Sandy says:

    Do you think wax paper would work? I ran out of parchment flash freezing coconut butter pancakes this morning :) Thanks!

  28. coley says:

    can you store this as marshmallow cream?? and skip the actual marshmallows? i want to use it as a sundae topping!!!

  29. Ashley says:

    I tried making these tonight, but I couldn’t get them to a fluffy consistency. I used my Blendtec (I ran it at different speeds for a good 10-15min) because I didn’t have mixers on hand, do you think this is why they didn’t turn out fluffy?

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  32. Elly says:

    Hi, I just made these again, (after forgetting about them for 6 months or so), and had to come back to say thank you. They are so, so good, and are perfect for an occasional treat that I can feel slightly un-guilty about, while the kids think mum has lost the plot and given them ‘real lollies’. Thanks again :)

  33. Suzanne says:

    Ok mine were super dense and not at all like fluff…did I over mix? Is that possible?

    • Suzanne says:

      And what exactly is the ‘soft ball’ stage you are talking about? I was just going on time because I don’t have a candy thermometer (Farberware Millennium Stainless Steel pot is what I’m using if that makes a difference)

  34. Paleo Maple Carrot Cake + My Paleo Patisserie Review - MommypotamusMommypotamus | says:

    […] with you. I love Jenni – and not just because she use to stop by my house with a plate of homemade marshmallows every now and then – but I didn’t think this book was for me. I am not a food artisan. […]

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  36. Sarah says:

    My daughter wants pink strawberry marshmallows. Do you think I could replace half of the water or all, with pureed and strained strawberries? Thanks.

  37. Melissa says:

    I am anxious to try this recipe. My concern is that honey is supposed to become toxic after 145F degrees. Do you have more information?

  38. Susannah says:

    Does honey help with the consistency? I would love to try these with stevia or monk fruit but didn’t know if these would thicken?

  39. Nichole says:

    Is there any point in using raw honey in this recipe? Does boiling the mixture negate the positive things about raw honey? Should we save the raw stuff for recipes where we don’t heat it like this?

  40. Deborah Raymond says:

    I made this for my husband who is on the SCD diet. I wanted him to have some “normal” comfort foods for our camping trip. They were easy as pie to make, and looked lovely. The texture is heavenly. I don’t enjoy the strong honey flavor, but it was a blessing to have this recipe. One note: don’t roast them over a campfire, they simply melt. lol

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