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Homeopathy 101: Remedies For Teething, Separation Anxiety and More!

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So, either we had the friendliest UPS driver ever . . .

Or I made **quite** an impression back in Texas. Now I’m guessing, but I think his uncanny ability to recognize me in checkout lines across the city had something to do with the ten thousand humiliating ways I have answered the door:

  • with one eye decked out in mascara and eyeliner and one plain jane at lunchtime
  • in the same pair of ratty pajamas two (okay three) days in a row
  • doing a happy jig because I’ve finally found my keys (which were, of course, still in the door!)
  • having Katie publicly grade my potty skills (because yes, that IS what potty-training toddlers want to talk about!)*

Now you’ve probably guessed by now, but most of these events happened during my first encounter with teething, aka the milestone that turns bright mamas into zombies and happy babies into inconsolable puddles of misery. Though we eventually found relief with these tried-and-true teething remedies, my success with chamomile-based homeopathics like Hylands teething tablets was zilch.  Sound familiar? Well then, you probably have a pulsatilla kid!

A PulsaWHAT?!?!?

According Dr. Begabati Lennihan, a Harvard grad and author of A Healer In Every Home, pulsatilla is the second most popular homeopathic teething remedy.

Pulsatilla is our top remedy for ailments for small children in general, when the child is sweet, clingy, cuddly, needy, demanding of attention and affection, and easily changing from tears to smiles when comforted . . . When this type of child is in pain from teething, they are likely to be whiny, to want mom to hold them, and to burrow their head into mom’s check.”

Does this sound like your little one? Then skip the chamomile and go for the pulsatilla! If on the other hand your little one “is absolutely screaming with pain” then chamomile is probably what you want. According to Dr. Lennihan, the remedy needs to fit the child and not just the discomfort, so children who feel better with pulsatilla usually don’t get results from chamomile and vice versa.

Looking back, Katie was definitely a pulsatilla kid, so it’s no wonder we never got any results with Hylands! (Of course, there are kids that are neither pulsatilla nor chamomila, so if these don’t work you might try one of these. Also, if you’re looking for more natural remedies for teething, check out Teething Talk With Katiepotamus)

Does pulsatilla help with anything else?

Yes! As baby gets older, pulsatilla can often help with separation anxiety or difficulty with new experiences like potty training.  “When you give these kids Pulsatilla for teething – or any other condition that calls for it – you’re likely to see ‘positive side effects’ like a three year old who suddenly announces he’s ready to use the potty” or who wants to go to day camp instead of staying home with mom!

So how do I give my baby pulsatilla?

It’s simple . . . and very safe, too! According to Begabati, “These remedies have been used safely for 200 years now for millions of people – including babies. The FDA has approved them for babies and small children!” (emphasis mine).

The most important thing is just to make sure your little one doesn’t choke on a remedy pellet. Here’s how to avoid that:

  • If you get a kit from Natural Health Supply, the pellets are tiny, like a grain of sand, and you can safely tuck on inside your baby’s mouth.
  • If you get a “blue tube” from the health food store or online., the pellets are bigger, the size of a pea, so you’ll need to crush them into a powder and put a bit into your baby’s mouth, or dissolve in a little water.
  • You can also dab this water onto your baby’s lips or even onto the temples – the remedy will absorb through the delicate skin – and you may feel more comfortable applying the remedy externally instead of putting something into your baby’s mouth, especially if you’re new to these remedies.”


Did you like this post? Let me know and I’ll post remedies for falls off the high chair,  sprains, bites, and more from A Healer In Every Home soon!

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60 Responses to Homeopathy 101: Remedies For Teething, Separation Anxiety and More!

  1. Katie Mennel Gleason via FB says:

    i love hylands

  2. Kristen Eppner Ethridge via FB says:

    In our house, we have been known to refer to some of these as ‘baby crack.’ Not sure what we would have done without our homeopathics.

  3. Holly Massie via FB says:

    They worked great for my kiddos and even my teen but I appreciate the article! Homeopathy is definitely a science of what works for that person and not just a general give all ….

  4. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    I think it’s great stuff, Katie Mennel Gleason and have seen it work wonders with little ones. I always wondered why we didn’t get the same results :)

  5. Rebecca Block via FB says:

    I wonder if pulsatilla would help wean my kid who fits that description. ;-P

  6. Erica Gorham via FB says:

    Interesting! Thanks Heather!!

  7. Meg Bailey Gustafson via FB says:

    After working with a homeopath, I have learned that each child is different and it’s not as simple as one or two symptoms, though sometimes that will tell you which remedy. I have never had much results from Hylands, but part of that is there are many different ones in there and small amounts, so, hard to pinpoint which would be helping them if any. I have one child that always seems to need puls, another cham, and another one called tubs. I would personally not just start giving every teething child puls, and would consult a homeopath for most effect results.

  8. Sabrina says:

    I think I have finally found the homeopathic book I’ve been looking for.

    • Heather says:

      I think it’s a great book to get started with, Sabrina! It’s written in a fun, easygoing style and gives simple ideas for getting started with remedies.

  9. Martha Chiavetta via FB says:


  10. Elise says:

    love this post! thank you!

  11. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    I agree, Meg Bailey Gustafson! Hope it doesn’t sound like I am saying all teething babies should be given pulsatilla. My main goal in writing this was to highlight that each child is unique, and that if chamomile is not working pulsatilla is the next most likely option (if the child fits the description), and then there are other remedies if that doesn’t fit :)

  12. Melissa Holloway via FB says:

    the hylands worked great for us, so will this stuff help too?

  13. Sabrina Bowen via FB says:

    Honestly, I never tried hylands… We used Chamomile Tinctures and Whiskey – worked great…

  14. Samantha says:

    I am always looking to learn more about homeopathic remedies. Great post. I’d love to hear more from A Healer In Every Home!

  15. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Melissa Holloway – According to Dr. Lennihan, pulsatilla kids typically don’t respond to chamomila and vice versa, so if chamomila is working I’d probably just stick with it. (And of course there are littles who don’t respond to either and need a different remedy!)

  16. Alexis D says:

    Definitely need to check out that book!

    • Heather says:

      I think you’d really like it, Alexis :) It’s broken down into super short chapters that you could easily read during a nursing session :)

  17. Julie Jones via FB says:

    Hyland’s always worked great for Cicely and do for Evan too!

  18. Meg Bailey Gustafson via FB says:

    I totally agree most are cham or puls for teething.

  19. Julie Jones via FB says:

    Cicely didn’t hv too much of a problem with teething though. Evan has always had a terrible time. Amber necklace, Hyland’s and on rare occasion gum-omile oil is what works for Evan.

  20. Meg Bailey Gustafson via FB says:

    I was just going to add, the tricky thing without working with a homeopath, and just trying this and that, is that when you have more than one remedy in your body, it can make the one that is “right” for you, not as effective, etc.

  21. Meg Bailey Gustafson via FB says:

    I think that teas like chamomille and catnip can be quite effective, as well. and since they work differently than the homeopathic remedies might be helpful for figuring out cham or puls? Just a thought….

  22. jill says:

    are they meant to chew on the amber necklace or just wear it?

    thanks for all the great tips!

    • Megan says:

      Hi Jill, they don’t chew on it, the resin from the amber absorbs into their skin & helps with inflammation.

      • jill says:

        got it – thanks!! i may give this a try on baby #2 who is 5 months old…and getting ready to teethe…o boy!

    • Heather says:

      Hi Jill! They’re just supposed to wear it – the warmth of a babys skin helps to release succinic acid, which is a natural analgesic.

  23. anna says:

    How many pellets of pulsatilla do you give to a baby? And is it 30, as shown in the picture? Thanks!

    • Heather says:

      Hi Anna! Each container lists the amount of pellets in one dose (usually 5). From what I understand “the dosage is influenced by frequency rather than quantity, [so] homeopathic remedies are quite safe however much is taken at once; it still constitutes one dose. If the remedy is taken by someone other than the patient for whom it was intended, it will have no effect anyway as it will not match their symptom picture. One of the delights of homeopathy is its safety, however keep your remedies away from small children or you may find your collection is wiped out in one go!

      If small children do swallow a large quantity at once, the sugar content of the remedy may cause transient diarrhoea.

      The homeopathic equivalent of an overdose is when a remedy is “proved” or begins to cause the symptoms that it is intended to cure. This can happen when a remedy is taken for very prolonged periods, so don’t continue with a remedy once it has worked in order to prevent a relapse, it’s quite unnecessary and actually counter-productive.” More info at

  24. Creative Christian Mama via FB says:

    I encourage mamas to be very careful with anything containing belladonna if there is a family history of seizures. It is a neurotoxin and I witnessed a baby having a seizure and swallowing his tongue from ingesting hylands teething tablets. :-)

  25. Christina says:

    Yes! Definitely keep posting ab homeopathic remedies. I love to learn more and more ab how to remedy things. Thanks for your insight!

  26. Marilee says:

    Love this post, I’d love to see more like it! Very informative. :)

  27. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Thank you, Creative Christian Mama! I did not know that!

  28. Amanda says:

    Hi Heather! I love homepathy posts! more please 😉 is A Healer in the Home your favorite homeopathy resource?

    • Heather says:

      I’m new to homeopathics so I can’t say I’ve read a ton of other resources, but I think A Healer In Every Home is a great quick start guide!

  29. Sarah Trease via FB says:

    Worked great for my daughter and also for me when I needed a root canal all of a sudden. Ibuprofen did nothing, but stealing my baby’s teething tablets was great! Go figure.

  30. Sandy (NZ) says:

    Interestingly pulsitilla’s the remedy my homeopath’s treating ME with at the moment for this pregnancy. I wonder if this will mean this baby’ll come out a pulstilla child like her momma? :)

  31. Megan Lee Kimmelshue via FB says:

    Oh wow, THANK YOU! I have twins – it works with one of my girls but not the other. I’m definitely going to try this!

  32. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Brilliant idea, Sarah Trease! I did something similar for Katie when she had her first trip to the dentist :)

  33. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Megan Lee Kimmelshue – I hope you’ll come back and let us know how it works out!!!

  34. Jacqueline Dyck via FB says:

    We used Hyland’s teething tablets and they worked really well for our son. :)

  35. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Lol, Kristen Eppner Ethridge! That’s what we call raisins!

  36. Julie H says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this- I’m going to try this with my youngest! Going to check out the book as well. Love all your information

  37. Kim says:

    Pulsatilla is probably one of my favorite homeopathic remedies. Works a wonder on thick snotty mucus too.

  38. Kelly says:

    I am confused about the dosage. Everything online is just confusing me more. I purchased the 6x but I don’t know how many to give. Any thoughts?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Kelly! If it were me I would follow the dosage instructions on the bottle and/or check the makers website for more info :)

  39. Jennifer @ 20 something allergies and counting...down says:

    Hahahahahaha. I love the UPS story! I can’t believe nobody commented on it yet. How are we not best friends already? 😀

    I would love to have an easy homeopathy reference book at home. I’m going to add this one to my must read list.

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    […] here for the scoop on 5 more things you can do to make teething easier, and here’s one on why Hyland’s teething tablets don’t work for everyone (and what to use […]

  41. Alpa says:

    Pulsatilla by itself is NOT FDA approved. It is, however, listed in the FDA poisonous plant database.

  42. 7 Causes of Diaper Rash and How to Treat Them Naturally | The Mommypotamus | organic SAHM sharing her family stories and recipes says:

    […] Comfort measures for teething may reduce drooling. This homemade teething oil is my personal fave, but here are some other things I’ve found helpful. Also, if you’re a fan of homeopathics check out this post. […]

  43. Sara - My Merry Messy Life says:

    Hi there! So, I’ve purchased Pulsatilla per your recommendation, however, I noticed on the bottle is recommend for colds with thick, yellow nasal discharge and I notice this isn’t mentioned in your post. Why is it recommended for teething?

  44. Lyndsay says:

    I revisited this article, my daughter is finally getting her last molars. After reading the link I decided my daughter sounded more like a “ingatia” situation. I also picked up pulsatilla, it seemed to fit her daytime behaviors. Well, last night was the first time in two plus months that she has slept all night long. I am so thankful her (and my husband) were finally able to get some rest!

  45. Miss. Marine Pants » E komo mai. Nou ka hale! says:

    […] have had quite a bit of success treating the The Little Miss’ separation anxiety with Pulsatilla and Rescue Remedy. The combination of the two remedies seems to “take the edge off” and […]

  46. Christina says:

    I just purchased the puls from Amazon. How much do I give my 8 month old and how often?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Christina! I’m not able to give recommendations for specific situations, but if you contact the manufacturer I’m sure they will be able to help :)

  47. Arienne says:

    THANK YOU!!! I’d LOVE to hear about falling-out-of-high-chair remedies… I’ve had a couple who manage to wriggle out and fall off no matter what I do… Adorable little Houdini monsters… :)

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