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Homemade Teething Oil (That Really Works!)

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Do you wake up in the morning . . .

Put both contacts in one eye, find your dustpan in your fridge and your milk on the floor next to the broom?* Have you ever fallen asleep with the car running in the driveway, or pulled into a Starbucks drive-thru and tried to order from the trash can? Well then, you just might have a teething baby on your hands!

Fortunately, there’s an easy, inexpensive and completely natural alternative that really works! Clove oil is a natural analgesic (numbing agent) with a long history of safe use in dentistry. In fact a 2006 study conducted by dentists found it was just as effective as store bought gels. This popular remedy for teething contains clove oil, which is an indication of just how effective many parents have found it to be.*

Because of it’s potency, clove oil must be diluted before application. Below is the recipe I use, which was adapted from a product I recommended in this post on natural remedies for teething.

Homemade Teething Oil

UPDATE: Though there is historical precedent for using clove for teething and there is a company that sells it commercially, newer guidelines provided by Essential Oil Safety do not recommend using clove as an analgesic with babies. Instead I recommend investing in an amber teething necklace. This recipe can be helpful for toothaches, though. 


To Make

Combine ingredients and test a little on yourself to make sure it’s not too strong. Once you’re comfortable with the ratio’s pour your mixture into a clean container. Light oxidizes oil, so a dark amber or cobalt is best if you plan to leave it on the counter. Another option is a clear glass container that is kept in a cool, dark cabinet.

To Use

Shake well, then apply sparingly to gums with your finger tip. Reapply every 1-2 hours as needed. Test the mixture on yourself before applying to make sure it is not too strong. 

Warning: According to aromatherapists, clove oil absolutely must be diluted before application in order to be used safely. As with any remedy, please observe your baby for any potential reactions. There are people in the world that are allergic to water, so just because something is natural does not mean it is beneficial for every individual.

Need More Teething Help?

Click here for the scoop on 5 more things you can do to make teething easier, and here’s one on why Hyland’s teething tablets don’t work for everyone (plus what to use instead).

* This post was inspired by this one on sleep deprivation. Click over if you need a good laugh!


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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. See my full disclaimer here.
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108 Responses to Homemade Teething Oil (That Really Works!)

  1. Heather DeHainaut Anderson via FB says:

    Something to tell your patients! Mary Linda DeHainaut

  2. Kathryn Turner via FB says:

    Yes it does work! I mix mine with filtered water and coconut oil.

  3. Rachel Naro Wiernusz via FB says:

    I like the sweet oil addition! I mix mine with coconut oil and rub on the base of the binkie…the delivery is much easier that way!

  4. Melanie Walker Mathews via FB says:

    Riley Clinkenbeard

  5. Krystine Marie via FB says:

    Lisa T Zar

  6. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Molly Cosens – Yes, I do.

  7. Heather Hill-Cantrall via FB says:

    Rebecca Chase

  8. Danielle Mein via FB says:

    Neelka Smith

  9. Elizabeth Alley Longtin via FB says:

    funny to see this now. i went to my local grocer & asked about using clove oil exactly this way. i was told by 2 pple that they had never heard of using it internally & advised against it. my lo has his front (top&bottom) 8 teeth, but he still has many teething symptoms. i wld say its his biggest complaint by far. anywho, i left the store discouraged & didnt buy any. i guess ill go back!

  10. Monica Serratos via FB says:

    Grace Gilmore

  11. Frances Cullinan Brotherton via FB says:


  12. Amanda Wayne via FB says:

    I make something like this with clove and Chamomile. Normally my little man loves it. He got into my clove EO tonight though and started dancing through the house sprinkling it everywhere. I got my revenge though when he put his hands in his mouth and realized it wasn’t so much fun after all!

  13. Emma Chaves via FB says:

    Perfect timing! Thank you!

  14. Michelle May via FB says:

    The only thing we have found that works well! My 16 month old is cutting his molars we dab a little on a qtip and apply to gums. (Not a fan of putting my fingers in his mouth anymore with all his teeth.) It works well for canker sores too.

  15. Ashley Thompson via FB says:

    Anna Reuter

  16. Maggie Goodman Russell via FB says:

    I actually put about 20 drops IN my tube of toothpaste

  17. Sara Fry via FB says:

    Susan MacDonald

  18. Karen Brett via FB says:

    Candace N’Sean Sonderleiter

  19. Melissa Gustafson via FB says:

    I have organic clove bud e.o. and it says “caution – not for internal use”. Are there different kinds?

  20. Ariane Liberty via FB says:

    They advised me not to use this, not even 2 drops for my baby. There are already natural and organic teething aids that are made safely for babies. I used Camilia.

  21. Gabby Bjorgo via FB says:

    Taylor Cosper keep this in your safari favorites or bookmarks or whatever works pwease?(:

  22. Yolanda Marshall via FB says:

    I wouldn’t use this on a baby for a number of reasons – I think homeopathic teething powders work fine. I used clove oil on my teeth for years as a teenager when my teeth were sore from having chipped a tooth. But too much clove oil can give you head aches which is counterproductive.

  23. Angela Moisant via FB says:

    Thank you!! My 16 mo old is cutting some molars and needs a little more than just his amber necklace that got him through his first 8 teeth without us even knowing he was teething (all came in at once). Will wearing 2 necklaces increase the effects of the Baltic amber?

  24. Tara Pope via FB says:

    is there a link to the 2006 study?

  25. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Tara Pope – I linked to it in the post.

  26. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Angela Moisant – Yes, two necklaces would release more succinic acid than one

  27. Rachael Ijames Grossman via FB says:

    You have to really be careful what essential oils you ingest. They are so powerful. I’m not sure I would ever give a baby EO internally. I will put certain ones on the bottoms of their feet or chest.

  28. Jennifer Shipway via FB says:

    I have made this but tried it on myself first and couldn’t feel any numbing effects. Is there any difference between infants and adults??

  29. Lilelfen1 says:

    Ready for insanity? My 1 month old is teething! In fact, he has been teething since birth. I know….
    O_o this oil is the only thing other than chewing on my finger that has helped even a smidge. Thank you, Mommypotomus. 😀

  30. 12 Months (Birthday Party!) | The Cooper Family says:

    […] seem to be bothered by teething too much, but I do have Hyland’s teething tablets and some clove oil on hand for when her gums seem to be bothering […]

  31. Shiony says:

    Can adult use this too?

    • Heather says:

      Hi Shiony, there are studies which say it is more effective than other analgesics for adult use. I cannot advise anyone regarding what they should do in their specific situation because I am not a doctor. This site shares folk remedies and research that may support their use, but the information is purely educational and cannot diagnose, treat or cure any disease. On a personal note, I would feel comfortable using this – and possibly a less diluted version- on myself.

  32. Alaska-beauty says:

    This is the reason why FDA want to control all the supplements and essential oils. You can’t use clove for babies! Especially in them mouth!
    For kids under 2 years old clove essential oil is poisoning. You will kill your baby liver with this teething oil. Use breast milk as teething liquid -safe and natural.
    Ask any dentist they don’t use clove essential oil they use clove extract- it’s not the same. Clove EO is up to 88% evgenol- extract only 1-5%.
    Dear Heather I hope you realise that one of your followers will use it on couple months old baby to often. Yes it will work, yes it’s natural -so she will think it safe. It can’t be “not safe”- Heather share it in her blog. And later it will harm or even kill her baby. How do you feel about it? Do you really want to put some one baby in jeopardy for your blog popularity? Shame.

    • Mary says:

      Shame on you -for being so rude.
      Anyone (including sleep deprived mommies) that put anything into their babies mouths without thoroughly investigating or researching, would the ones who the blame or shame fell on.
      People should understand by now that even though the internet has many helpful suggestions -it also has misinformation, lies….
      Simply put, you really could have delivered your info with a bit more finesse!

      • Heather says:

        Thanks for your comment, Mary. I did not see the initial one you were responding to until just now. As a point of clarification, I recently decided to pursue my aromatherapy certification because it is always my desire to provide the best information available. In the past few years there has been an increase in information available regarding essential oils, which is why I posted this disclaimer above the recipe in this post.

        “UPDATE: Though there is historical precedent for using clove for teething and there is a company that sells it commercially, newer guidelines provided by Essential Oil Safety do not recommend using clove as an analgesic with babies. Instead I recommend investing in an amber teething necklace. This recipe can be helpful for toothaches, though.”

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  34. 50 Uses for Essential Oils | The Coconut Mama says:

    […] Homemade Teething Oil (That Really Works!) […]

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    […] Oil – Here is an easy recipe for Homemade Teething Oil using this from […]

  36. 10 teething remedies that work says:

    […] I had never heard of the clove oil + olive oil remedy for teething, but based on the responses below, it works wonders. Never heard of it either? You can find out more, including how to make and apply it, RIGHT HERE. […]

  37. Rachael says:

    I have been using Punkin Butt Teething Oil that contains clove and peppermint, two oils not recommended for babies. The makers stand by their product claiming it’s safe. What is your take? What is it that makes clove unsafe? What reactions are known? If clove has been used for so long, why is it suddenly dangerous? Just curious and now worried…

    • Heather says:

      My opinion is that although many children won’t have reactions, some will either have a reaction or become sensitized to the oil. Since we don’t know beforehand how a child’s body will respond, it’s best to exercise caution :)

  38. Paul Thompson says:

    You can also apply other alternative procedures to ease the pain like rubbing your baby’s gums, buy a teething ring that made from firm rubber and always keep it cool — this can give your baby a soothing feeling, offer something edible for gnawing — such as a peeled and chilled cucumber or carrot, and always keep a clean cloth handy to dry your baby’s chin to prevent skin irritation. I hope that helps.

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