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How to Prevent and Treat Mastitis Naturally

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Natural Remedies For Mastitis

Note from Mommypotamus: Hey guys, I’m buried in boxes right now – packing up the house for a big move! We don’t know for sure where we’ll be in two weeks, but I’ll let you know as soon as I do. In the meantime, I’ve got some GREAT stuff lined up for you! Today’s guest post comes from Allison of The Sprouting Seed - thank you Alison!

I prepared in every way possible . . .

For the birth of my son Ezra. I took classes, read books, practiced prenatal yoga and worked on my breathing. I wanted to be ready for what I thought was going to be the most painful part of having a baby.

Little did I know that one of the most painful parts of having a baby can come with actually having the baby, in your arms and at your breast.

Ezra was already a year old when it happened. I thought the threat of mastitis (inflammation of the breast) was long behind us, but boy was I wrong. The whole ordeal first started with a round of ear infections. Rather than use antibiotics, Ezra’s pediatrician and I decided to treat his ear infections naturally. This resulted in lots of sleepless nights, breastfeeding round the clock and sheer exhaustion. By the end of it, I was fried.

Finally, for one sweet night, rather than waking up every two hours, Ezra slept a dreamy 10-hour stretch. It was heaven! I woke up feeling rested, refreshed and also a little lumpy. Though I loved the sleep, my poor milk-engorged breasts were angry. After weeks of working overtime, they suddenly went unused. It was like the anger curdled my milk and left cottage cheese and pain in its wake. I tried to breastfeed in the morning, but there was so much milk Ezra couldn’t even finish the feast.

Despite the fact he hadn’t finished his breakfast, I stuffed the engorged girls into a too-tight underwire; grabbed Ezra and we were out the door. As the day carried on, the lumps got worse. I tried to continue to breastfeed, but a milk blister formed over one nipple and blocked the flow. Big problem.

By that evening my angry right breast drew fiery red lines of graffiti, red arrows pointing to my mistakes. I should have rested. I should have massaged my breast, put on warm compresses, taken the time to empty her. I should have burned that darn push-up. But it was too late.

It was bad. Really bad.

A few hours later I succumbed to the fury of an angry boob. My fever spiked to 103F and I was delirious with pain. It was bad. Really, really bad. I was sick with what I would never wish on anyone for seven days.

My seven-day ordeal was a painful initiation into the sorority of women who have had mastitis. Through conversations and online forums, I heard others’ horror stories and warnings of reoccurrence. And they were right.

It happened again.

With the whole ordeal behind me, I felt a little sassy and started wearing that darn underwire again. I even took on more projects and expended more energy than I probably had to give. Ezra had a few nights when nothing could satisfy save the teat. And well, it happened again. One morning, angry, lumpy boob made another unwelcomed appearance. This time I was ready for her—with natural remedies in hand—and successfully avoided an infection.


Natural Prevention and Treatment

How to Prevent Plugged Ducts In The First Place

  • Keep it regular—keeping a flexible schedule and feeding on demand helps regulate your milk; if baby boo wants to magically sleep through the night or you are away from baby and this isn’t the norm, pumping can help you not go too long between feedings
  • Wear a well-fitting, comfortable bra—underwire can cause pressure and plug ducts, so use with caution!
  • Eat a nourishing diet
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Make sure baby has a good latch
  • For recurring plugged ducts and mastitis, lecithin has been recommended. Eggs are a natural source of lecithin. For more info, go here

What To Do

  • SONY DSCRest, rest, rest! Mastitis is a signal that rest is needed—snuggle with baby in bed as much as possible
  • Nurse, nurse, nurse! While in bed with baby, nurse on demand—get lots of skin-to-skin contact by taking off your and baby’s clothes as this will encourage breastfeeding
  • Apply heat to the breast before breastfeeding—this will help liquefy the milk pocket and get it moving out of the breast
  • Massage towards the nipple when baby is breastfeeding on afflicted breast
  • Massage during and between feedings will help loosen the milk pocket

What to Apply

  • Therapeutic grade lavender essential oil—apply a few drops to afflicted breast a few times a day
  • Poultice—apply a poultice of herbs to the skin a few times a day while resting, herbs that may help are fenugreek seed, rosemary, and dandelion
  • Cabbage leaves—apply cool cabbage leaves to afflicted breast and leave on the breast for about an hour and then remove
    • The leaves can be applied up to four times a day (if applied more than that for a longer period of time, cabbage is known to affect milk supply)

What to Take

Remember to always consult your health care provider. Mastitis is serious and antibiotics may be necessary if the infection does not clear quickly. Disclaimer.

What natural remedies for mastitis have you tried? Which ones worked for you?

About Alison

natural-remedies-for-mastitisAllison Jordan blogs at The Sprouting Seed. She’s a nutritionist with a B.S. in Nutritional Science and a full-time mom. Allison got her start as a breastfeeding counselor and nutritionist at WIC. This was before she moved half way across the world to live in Central Europe, where she learned about real food, vibrant health, and traditional methods of preparation. Allison has found a way to make friends with little old ladies around the world and loves to share their time-tested secrets of life.


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111 Responses to How to Prevent and Treat Mastitis Naturally

  1. John says:

    Wow! Great post! Speaking as a dude, this is quite insightful and gives me new empathy for mommas. Also, the link to Allison’s blog is broken, FYI. It looks like you put “www” in the URL and it seems her blog is just: (no “www”). FYI.

  2. Ana says:

    Homeopathic remedy Phytolacca worked for me in mere hours!!

  3. Chloe says:

    Great article!
    One thing I’d add to the list that was the BIGGEST help for me was advice from older moms that I knew :
    As soon as you start getting sore, lumpy and extra full, and your baby isn’t “emptying the barrel”, get in a warm shower and massage each breast til “empty”.

    Seriously! This has worked for my sister and I every single time!!

    I definitely remember a couple nights where she slept extra long, or where our routine was thrown off by a trip, and my breasts being rock hard. At times my hubby has had to take care of a crying baby in the middle of the night just so mommy could go shower to get all the milk afterward, but its so worth not getting mastitis!!! And the relief is immediate. You just have to do it ASAP. :)

  4. Leslie says:

    Great post and wonderful comments. Thank you for the advice!

  5. Jill says:

    I got nailed pretty badly with mastitis when my son was a toddler–I thought I had the flu until I noticed the red streak coming from an angry red, sore, inflamed area on my breast! I was able to kick it just with hot packing the area with hot, damp wash clothes–frequently. I don’t remember using anything else.

  6. Tiffany says:

    Thanks for the article! I had a horrible experience with my first baby. I must not have had the latch quite right because both of my nipples ended up with large open wounds on them. Then I started getting mastitis. I had to stop breastfeeding and pump for my baby because it was too painful. I kept pumping for her for 7 months. In that 7 months I had 5 cases of mastitis. It was miserable. I wanted to be able to breastfeed so badly. With my second, everything went fine. I still got really sore nipples though but applied lanolin all the time. I am pregnant with my 3rd now and I have a question: Do you know if there is something better than lanolin to apply to the nipples? I have heard some bad things about lanolin. Thank you!

    • Nicole says:

      I had my third child 3 weeks ago and had very cracked sore nipples. I was using lanolin but it wasn’t working. My doctor wrote a prescription for nipple ointment; this was also recommended to me by my lactation consultant. It has mupirocin 2%, betaderm 0.1% and miconazole 2%. It was amazing. Even though it had some medications in it; I needed it for only a few days and haven’t needed anything since then. Much better than lanolin.

    • Angela says:

      Hi Tiffany, my doctor also prescribed the nipple ointment to which Nicole refers – it was amazing and helped immediately. I wished I had gotten it sooner. I did not have to use the cream for very long.

    • Danda says:

      I have read that organic raw cold pressed coconut oil is great for nipples! And for everything else really :)

    • Trinity says:

      When I ha my first, I ended up with horrible open wounds on each of my nipples, too. I applied lanolin and then started adding neosporin hoping it woukd help them heal. I tried nipple shields. It was SO INCREDIBLY painful to nurse. Sometimes there was blood. But I FINALLY got the correct help from a wonderful lactation consultan. She told me that putting the lanolin on my nipples was actually keeping them moist and preventing healing. She said what I needed to do was let them air out, even use a hair dryer on them on a cool setting after each nursing. So I went completely topless for about 4 days and used the hair dryer often, but not every time, and saw amazing results VERY quickly. She told me I could keep putting a little neosporin on them too, so I did. But within a week I was FINALLY able to enjoy nursing pain-free after 8 long weeks of torture! I just had my second son this past September and again my nipples got sore, but nothing like the first time, no open wounds or anything. But I made sure to let them air out!!!! All soreness was gone within just a week and a half this time. I was so thrilled. I never used any lanolin. Hope this is helpful to you and any other mothers who might be dealing with the same thing :)

    • Laina says:

      I used organic coconut oil! Great for the nipples and baby!

  7. Bethany says:

    I get plugged ducts frequently, and mastitis at least once per baby. What I do is drink a ton of water, load up on garlic in my diet, and nurse, nurse, nurse.

    Before full-blown infection, if you point the baby’s chin toward the site of a plugged duct (where it’s lumpy), and massage that part of the breast while baby nurses, it helps keep mastitis at bay. To get in position, use a pillow and football hold, or lay the baby on your bed and prop yourself over baby so that her chin points to the lump (I’ll be honest, sometimes it takes some contortionist skills to get the baby latched correctly, but it helps so much!) Then, if the infection does set it, the garlic, water, and hot washcloths on the infection while pumping and massaging get rid of mastitis. I’ve never had to use antibiotics, even though I’ve had a couple nasty infections.

  8. Mellanie says:

    Great info! My all-time favorite mastitis remedy is Poke Root tincture from It usually gets rid of mastitis within 24 hours.

  9. JanineB says:

    Oh I’ve been there. Many times :(
    Whenever I notice lumps now I do my whole regimen:
    “Happy Ducts” by wish garden
    Massage & heat before nurse
    Cold compresses/ cabbage leaf after/ in-between

    I have prevented a few by doing this religiously.

    Also- what caused it for me a lot of times was wearing my little one in a moby for a long time- i was so bummed because I thought I couldn’t wear him any more but a different carrier made all the difference (Ergo) less pressure on my breast?!
    Hang in there mamas!

  10. Sarah C says:

    This is a great article. I have staved on 2 breast infections using those tips.

  11. Karissa says:

    I have had at least one bout of mastitis with each of my babies, and I was in bed with a high fever for ten days with #3 because of it. It got so bad that I had to resort to antibiotics (the first round didn’t even work!) With #4, I was PREPARED. Before the birth, I had a stash of things to try! What worked for me: cabbage leaves, a natural antibiotic called Phytobiotic Capsules by Wise Woman Herbals, Phytolacca homeopathy, and Phytolacca oil rubbed directly on the red lumpy spots. There were a couple of times that I had the beginning stages of mastitis, and I immediately used all these remedies and have not yet had any mastitis! For those who can’t seem to kick it with just rest and nursing, any of these might be good to try. :)

  12. Marybeth says:

    I’ve always used(only organic) potato pultus. What a relief it was. And of corse ASP get the boob as milked out as much as you can. The real key is as soon as you feel any pain in the boob DO SOMETHING ASP!! Appling grated potatoes,and getting the sore milk out (ASP) was my go to, and IT WILL VANISH.(the other methods will work too, just the sooner you do something the better. The potato/cabbage will defiantly relieve clogs. So when it gets lumpy don’t hesitate to put the grated potatoe on it, let your boob soak up all those juices. Very messy. How to: grate 1-2 organic potatoes(enough to cover the boob nice and thick). Cut out a square of wax paper to cover well each boob. 1-4 wash clothes to cover wax paper. Get an older bra, because if any juice gets on it, it will leave a brown stain. Laying down, place grated potatoe with juice on boob in a thick layer, then place wax paper over to cover, wash cloth on top of wax paper to catch dripping juices, the put the bra on to hold it in place. Make sure the bra is not to small or it can make it hert. You may need extra rags to catch any dripping potato juice. Then I would put on an old T-shirt, lay down a good layer of towels on my bed, one for on top as well, laying down on top, cover me with the towel, bed covers, and get some much needed rest:)

  13. Angie says:

    I had mastitis a few times with my second baby. It was always linked to not enough rest for me. I also keep dairy animals–milking goats and cows, and in learning about lactation in the animal world, I’ve found that iodine is extremely important for breast health. For dairy animals at least, iodine in the form of Lugol’s is critical in treating mastitis.

  14. Lauren says:

    Hello! New to this site and love it!! I was wondering if you could ask on facebook if anyone has ever succussfully treated fibroids or breast cysts naturally. Would also love to know if anyone regarly uses parasite cleanses for skin conditions. Thanks!!

    • Heather says:

      Sure! I’ll ask tonight!

      • ioana says:

        Lauren, i have a breast cyst since my baby was 5 months, now she’s 10 and i haven’t got rid of the cyst yet. my doc told me if it gets inflamated he will take it out with a seringe….i don’t wont to get there:)
        have u found any natural treatment?

  15. Melissa says:

    I used a combination of heat, pumping and cabbage leaves. The cabbage leaves worked incredibly well. Several days into the mastitis I took the baby with me and went to bed. It helped a great deal to rest.

  16. Julie says:

    Raw, organic, grated potato worked for me too…I used this remedy everytime (maybe 10-12 times) with my third child, I wish I had known about this or any of the remedies mentioned in this post when I had my first two children – my doctor told me I “needed” antibiotics everytime. I got the potato remedy from The Childbearing Year, by Susun Weed.

  17. Betsy says:

    Oh man, Mastitis is a nasty beast! I was struck with it twice. The first time I thought I was about to die of a quick moving infection. I went from fine to crying in bed in about an hour, called my midwife and sure enough she knew just what it was.

    What helped me:
    Wish Garden Herbal tincture- Happy Ducts. Works Fast! I keep it on hand at all times! If life gets hectic and nursing doesnt happen as on schedule as I would like I take a couple droppers as precaution.
    Raw Garlic- hourly!
    Apple Cider Vinegar- A shot ever couple hours. Just like the good ole days…. the shots seemed to taste better in a dimly lit bar….hmm……

    Best of luck fellow mamas!

  18. Joanne says:

    2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil per day stopped my recurrent mastitis infections.

  19. Rebekah says:

    Castor oil packs, heat, rest, frequent nursing, and warm showers were my midwife’s recommendations. I took a lot of vitamin C, garlic, and echinacea too. I felt like I had the flu for 3 days, but I got over it without antibiotics. yay :)

  20. Michele says:

    I’ve never had full blown mastitis but when I had clogged or plugged ducts or “on the verge” (as my dr put it) I used raw potatoes. I thinly sliced potatoes and placed them in a bowl of cold water (I added a bit of ice). After about 10 min of soaking you lay down and apply the slices to the affected breast. I always covered with a towel to help with the excess moisture. When the potatoes are dried out (approx 20-30 min) remove them and discard and repeat with a new set of soaked potatoes. You can do this as many times as you like. I have no idea how this works but it did!
    I have had a friend with who had mastitis twice and this was her only method of treatment. And it worked!

  21. Natalie Carrad says:

    Hi, I had mastitis on and off for 6 months. I reverted to antibiotics numerous times as nothing seemed to work and I had to get on top of the infection to function. However each round of mastitis got less and less severe. In the end homeopathic aconite worked really well, none of the other typical mastitis homeopathic remedies worked for me. I suspect I was just producing too much milk and it took 6 months for my breasts to settle down. I know another lady who refused antibiotics and used high doses of vitamin C successfully.

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  23. Danielle Slack via FB says:

    Rabecka Paul

  24. Molly R. Myrick via FB says:

    It’s as if your read my mind. I have it right now, and I’m completely freaking miserable.

  25. Jennifer Yerina Nickell via FB says:

    Omg, I just read this blog post of yours earlier. I am on clove three of garlic and already feeling better. I thought I was immune after nursing my daughter well into toddler hood without any issues. Guess I need to slow down!!

  26. Joann Fouquette via FB says:

    JessicaandBryan Galvez

  27. Delia Trenholm via FB says:

    Castor oil pack did wonders thanks to the suggestion of a friend

  28. Anne Mitchell Murphy via FB says:

    Meagan Carroll, this looks interesting.

  29. Hilary OQ Nelson via FB says:


  30. Natalie Mino via FB says:

    This is what I used just last week. Knocked it out FAST! A TCM Accupuncturist gave it to me. It’s a natural antibiotic that is very fast acting but no side effects. I went from deathly miserable to all pain gone within an hour

  31. Mellanie Sheppard via FB says:

    You can’t have a discussion about mastitis without talking about Poke Root Tincture. That stuff is awesome! I have never seen it take more than 2 doses to knock mastitis out.

  32. Mellanie Sheppard via FB says:

    P.S. I hope this post doesn’t mean you have mastitis Heather! Ouch!

  33. Leah Blecker via FB says:

    For my nursing mama friends.
    Erin Tobin, Ali Becker, Timmi-Jo Pashuta, Chelsea Kalakis-Emery

  34. Mellanie Sheppard – No mastitis for me! This is a guest post from my friend Alison of The Sprouting Seed :)

  35. Yes that’s so true, poke root or its homeopathic form( phytolacca) , is THE remedy, impressive how it heal quick

  36. Kaely Harrod via FB says:

    I had this last week – thankfully just 24 hrs but it was a painful 24 hrs with LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of nursing on the left :)

  37. Good old aconite worked better for me than phytolacca.

  38. Lillian Zuleika Munoz via FB says:

    Erika James… Hope you’re doing better.

  39. i think out of all the times i have ever been sick, mastitis was the worst! Twice after my son turned a year. Luckily i could feel it coming on so i was able to naturally rid it in less than 48 hrs. Lots of rest and nurse nurse nurse!

  40. Kandi Bokma via FB says:

    I treated mine naturally! Within 24hrs after starting the raw garlic my Symptoms were gone!

  41. Natalie Mino, what is the dosage on the natural antibiotic?

  42. Meg Bailey Gustafson via FB says:

    Interesting. Never knew of these. The phytolacca took out mine. Even had three red lines. Also took ACV and soy lethicin (which I usually don’t touch).

  43. Sondra Schuld-Myers via FB says:

    Brittany Price check this out and love you!

  44. Miranda Buell via FB says:

    Adriana start bookmarking.

  45. Carrie Brown Hurley via FB says:

    Angela Jo Ostberg

  46. Jasmine Andrews via FB says:

    I kept getting it until I took a tincture of echinacea, red clover, phytolacca and golden seal. Magic!!

  47. Michelle Primm Blackburn via FB says:

    Lana Harvard VanderMerwe

  48. Melissa Cawley Hentschel via FB says:

    Christina Eaton Stephens & Michelle Waters Phelan – good read!!!!

  49. Laura Steen via FB says:

    I’ve had mastitis so many times, but I catch it quickly and rarely use antibiotics. I drink OJ, eat raw garlic and pump, pump, pump. I take sunflower lecithin and it definitely helps prevent clogged ducts.

  50. Kristen Collins Machen via FB says:

    Acupuncture also works. My fever, chills, flu-like aches resolved immediately. The painful, hard nodule was 90% gone after one session. After the second session, it was resolved completely.

  51. Shannon Blackwell Wilkes via FB says:

    I take Sunflower lecithin at the first twinge…knocks it out every time.

  52. Kelly Gadd via FB says:

    Grated Potato poultice on the affected breast worked for me

  53. Olive leaf extract fixed mine real fast

  54. Sarah Pinkston Hurst via FB says:

    Janet Lynn Miller

  55. Alex Floss… Maybe this will help

  56. Jennifer Sommerville via FB says:

    Mellanie Sheppard, what’s the difference between poke root tincture and phytolacca homeopathic pills?

  57. Cristy 'Fonseca' Kuyath via FB says:

    Ugh, I am just getting over mastitis. Sucks!!!!

  58. Kelly Marie Fry via FB says:

    Malinda Fry :)

  59. Cindy Smith via FB says:

    also use cabage leaves to cool and soften engorged breasts. cabage leaves are the perfect cup for your breasts and held in by your nursing bra.

  60. Kara Y says:

    I started to get mastitis a couple of weeks ago even though I was doing everything I knew how to get rid of the plugged duct. I started to drink cup after cup of fresh ginger, cinnamon, and clove tea and the mastitis symptoms disappeared in less than 24 hours. The plugged ducts were still there though. I have reoccurring plugged ducts even though I do everything you mentioned in prevention…I am very confused, but so far I’ve not gotten mastitis as painful as the plugged ducts still are…

  61. Doug Phillips via FB says:

    cold lasers!!!!!!!!!!1

  62. Mellanie Sheppard via FB says:

    Jennifer Sommerville – homeopathic phytolacca is based on poke root. Homeopathic remedies can work very well, but I find that, in practice, homeopathic phytolacca doesn’t work as quickly as poke root tincture, which is much stronger, and doesn’t always beat mastitis if not started at the very first symptoms. Here is a brief explanation of the difference between homeopathy and herbalism (such as tinctures, teas, etc.) from the Baltimore Homeopathic Study Group: “Homeopathy typically uses medicines in high dilution. Also, herbalism prescribes herbs based on their use in traditional medicine, while homeopathy prescribes them based on the law of similars. However, the uses of herbal and homeopathic medicines sometimes overlap and a medicine is used to treat the same condition, both herbally and homeopathically. The use of Black Cohosh during labor is one example of this overlap.” (So is the use of Poke Root tincture & phytolacca).

  63. Amanda G says:

    I went through my first mastitis ordeal two weeks ago… it was miserable. I found that soaking in an Epsom bath helped with fever and massaging in the warm water helped with the clog.

  64. Jennifer Sommerville via FB says:

    I will not leave home without my phytolacca homeopathic pills, thank you for referring me to them almost 2 years ago, they have saved me many many rounds of antibiotics! I believe my recurring mastitis is caused by a certain food I eat, haven’t been able to pin point it, but glad I have this remedy in my purse at all times!!! I will look into the poke root tincture as sometimes the homeopathic remedy does take 6-8 hrs. to begin working.

  65. Jennifer Sommerville via FB says:

    Amber Wills, thought some of this might be helpful to you, if you are struggling with mastitis still.

  66. ChristieAnn Mathison via FB says:

    NO LECITHIN! !!! ACK! ACK! ACK! evening primise oil Is an amazing emulsfier AND had many other positive affects on hormones. Also making sure You massage from chest wall THROUGH the nipple ENTIRE breast tissue. ..NOT just the sore spot (s). And having husband do it is even better. ..bc we tend to buy go as deep with pressure bc it hurts. ..granted it will make you cry when he does it. … but it’s wonderfully effective. And hit it hard and fast at the FIRST sign … the burning. Bruising. Soreness feelings. Vit c to the pt of loose bowels.. raw garlic, chop it up like a pill to swallow it at least 4 to 5 cloves etc

  67. Kellie says:

    After six weeks of blocked milk duct and extreme pain after my seven days of mastitis I gave up and called my doctor. He gave me a an antibiotic. I was in massive pain and that was the only thing to help. I tried many things, but I love what you posted and I will keep this in mind for next time!!

  68. Joy Weisenburger via FB says:

    Mega doses of Vit C saved me back in the day. Suffered and suffered and then discovered Vit. C….start taking it every hour for several hours as soon as I felt it coming on and that knocked it right out for me….every time.

  69. I actually wore cabbage leaves in my bra for an hour or so for a few days … Miracle cure!

  70. Anna Desjardins via FB says:

    Heidi, made me think of you. I’m hoping for no mastitis with baby #4 for you!

  71. Mandy Wigington via FB says:

    Not sure if it was a coincidence or not but the last time I had Mastitis I took an Epsom salt bath at the first sign of it. Drank lots of water and went to bed. I had to pee a lot during the night and I felt achy all night but when I woke up in the morning it was gone and I was completely normal!!!

  72. Kristie Magnusson via FB says:

    Wish I had known this three years ago – a very “memorable” birthday! Merry Christmas Mommypotamus!

  73. Sarah Trease via FB says:

    I had major issues with blocked ducts & mastitis until I learned to “nurse around the clock” – meaning not just frequency, but literally having the baby latch on in lots of different locations – all 360 degrees. where there is a blocked duct (or one starting), that’s where the chin of the baby goes – literally pops it right out. Yes, we found ways to nurse upside down! works every time….

  74. Natalie Marcon Castles via FB says:

    Sara ‘Petzke’ Findlay & Anna Kimber you might be interested xx

  75. MaryAnne Monzon via FB says:

    Minnie Cypha

  76. Emma Davis via FB says:

    Jamie. xx

  77. Emma Watson via FB says:


  78. Crystal Wolford via FB says:

    Back when I had babies you would massage butter on your breasts and take a hot shower. It always worked. Now I think you could use coconut oil but haven’t tried it.

  79. Steena Brown Thought you might want to read this. ;)

  80. Marta M Diaz via FB says:

    Carmen Cabrer Lacted

  81. Marie Chilli via FB says:

    pinning this

  82. Carolynn Pyle Sauer via FB says:

    Valerie ‘Stuckey’ Parish

  83. Ella Bartelsian via FB says:

    Yes, cabbage leaves are perfect. And nursing, nursing, nursing.

  84. LeslieandDion Genchi via FB says:

    Laney-Jeremy Holbrook

  85. Monna says:

    I didn’t have mastitis till my third baby and I agree – it is awful! Felt like I’d been hit by a truck. Here’s what I did.

  86. Amy Gault via FB says:

    That super echinacea tincture is the nastiest thing I’ve taken. But the best for mastitis. I successfully dealt with a mastitis infection this summer with it. I also take oil of oregano capsules with it.

  87. Chantele Mack for your next baby : )

  88. Diane Carothers via FB says:

    Mandy Grimston

  89. […] sharing my tips over at Mommypotamus, so click here to get the skinny on how to prevent and treat mastitis […]

  90. Luisella says:

    Just treated an inflamed, lumpy and very painful breast today. Used warm compress and hand expressing between feedings and many feedings to empty breast. I also placed cabbage on the breast all day and ate 4 garlic cloves and stated hydrated. I am almost 100% now. I believe stress, lack of sleep and too tight bras did it for me. Grateful for these natural remedies!

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