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If You Happen To Follow My Husband On Facebook

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. . . and his page starts suddenly blowing up with confused, frustrated rants about car keys and black holes – don’t worry. It’s just that we are having a **slight** difference of opinion on our departure time. He says this morning, I say it would be lovely for Micah to take his first steps on sand, so we should stay indefinitely.

And now, a little ditty . . .

Come On In!

The Water’s Fine

I’ll Give You

Until I Count To Nine

If You’re Not

In By Then

Guess I’ll Have To

Count To Ten!!!

It’s not exactly a benediction, but I do have a wish for your weekend: May you laugh until happy tears are streaming down your cheek. And then, laugh some more!

Childhood is a magic castle of sand on a shore.
One moment, it’s here; the next no more.

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21 Responses to If You Happen To Follow My Husband On Facebook

  1. Wendy says:

    Looks like you guys have had a GREAT beach vacation!

  2. Alexis D says:

    Love the pictures! Glad you and the family could get away and enjoy a beach vacation!!! And I think you should definitely stay until Micah takes his first steps on the warm sand :)

  3. Brittany says:

    Love this! I am super excited because we are going to the atlantic coast in ONE WEEK! Hoping the hurricanes stay away so we can have a lovely beach vacation!

  4. Julie Charbonnet Whetstine via FB says:

    i could never figure out why my parents had periods of not speaking to each other whenever we were on vacation — now i’m the adult and i understand perfectly well.

  5. Michelle McCoy says:

    <3 the pics, thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking, what camera do you use? I am looking to get a new one. Thanks! Michelle

    • Heather says:

      I don’t mind at all! It’s a Canon Rebel XSI with an upgraded lens (250 mm) – not professional quality but it gets the job done. Definitely one of my fave gifts from Daddypotamus ever!

  6. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    LOL! He has graciously agreed to stay till noon but put his foot down about the whole waiting for Micah to walk thing. A girl can dream though, can’t she?

  7. Emily Brown says:

    great pictures! what a lovely family! :)

  8. Mae says:

    ok, don’t think me a creeper, but Daniel looks GREAT!! SO jealous you got to go to the beach :]

  9. Kate says:

    Thanks! This was almost a good as being there! And I’m with your husband. Why would you want to go home?

  10. Angela Campany says:

    The picture of Katie with “Linchpin” is priceless. I love it! Your blog always makes me smile :)

  11. Steven Dessinger via FB says:

    This collection of pictures looks like the makings of a Pulitzer Prize. Maybe I’m a little prejudiced.

  12. Jessica F says:

    I have to ask- where did y’all go (or did you already mention it and I missed it….)? Looks beautiful! I’ve been waiting to get back to the beach for a few years now but I’m wanting to find a carribean-esque beach in the states…. Traveling out of the country with 3 littles doesn’t thrill me :)

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