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Katie Says . . .

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I’m going to be a big sista!!!

Katie is always saying things that remind me just how much life is about to change. Thanks to a book on becoming a big sister that I checked out from the library, “ewe-tuor-us” (uterus) is now one of her favorite words.

Many of you will probably think this is nuts, but if Katie is comfortable with it I’d love her to be present at Babypotamus’ birth. Yes, the actual birth part. Katie is fascinated when we go to the chiropractor for an adjustment. At home we reenact everything Dr. Haggerton does. Cranial-sacral stuff, cold laser, Webster technique . . . the whole nine yards. She appears to be seriously considering it as a career.

If she loves the chiropractor, just imagine what she will think when she realizes what a midwife does! With her love of babies I can already see her walking up to my pregnant friends and palpitating their bellies, then pretending to pack up and go to births.

Daniel has not agreed to this. He thinks it will freak her out. We’ll see how it goes.

Mommy, you’re not holding me while I’m sleeping

Katie said this to me at 4am the other morning. She loves to cuddle when she’s asleep. (Yes, we are a co-sleeping family. Yes, we got pregnant despite sharing a family bed. No, it was not a fluke and NO!!! we do not do anything besides sleep in our family bed. Gross.)

All in all we are pretty happy with the arrangement. What’s going to happen when there is a newborn in the mix? Daniel’s got the nighttime cuddle shift covered, but what happens during the day when the baby is fussing and I can’t quietly lay my hand on Katie’s back for 15 minutes until she falls asleep? I love those moments with her. She’s used to the comforting presence of me, daddy or Gigi as she falls asleep. Should I end this before Babypotamus is born so she won’t feel resentful? Is there another way?

Any co-sleeping mommas out there wanna help me out on this? What did you do????

I just pooped a lot because I ate  a biiiiig sweet ‘tato

YIPPEEEEEEEE!!! Katie is now 99% potty trained (she still wears trainers at night). I am diaper-free . . . for about the next three months. I love that Katie tells me when she needs to go potty. I love not washing poopy diapers. In fact, I love it so much I am seriously considering doing elimination communication for bm’s with Babypotamus.

Okay, gotta wrap this up and go veg for a bit. Hope you enjoyed this edition of Katie Says!

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9 Responses to Katie Says . . .

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I’ve certainly heard of kiddoes being present at birth. I think I read about it in Ina May’s *Spiritual Midwifery* or *Guide to Childbirth* – one or the other. (Or maybe that’s totally not where I read about it, but either way, if you haven’t discovered Ina May, you should! She’s modern midwifery’s matron saint, as far as I’m concerned.)

    Anyway, what I remember reading is that it just depends on the kid. Certain preschoolers have been known to sit quietly on the fringes and watch the whole thing, all of their own accord, and it was a great experience for them. Others might get freaked; still others might end up being a distraction to mom or dad. But having a little one in the room is certainly not outside the realm of possible, or reasonable, or even wholesome. I have no doubt you’ll know what to do where it comes to Katie; you know her best.

    • Heather says:

      So you’ve read Ina May. I actually haven’t, but one of my best friends is a midwife so I’m familiar with it. So does that mean you’re considering a midwife attended birth? I’ve been very curious ; – )

      • Elisabeth says:

        Oh yes! Beyond considering, we’re in the works. Because we live with 7 other people (3 of them under 5) in a 5 bedroom house, we’re not home-birthing. But there’s this fantastic birth center a couple miles away, a huge old renovated Portland house, which is where we’re signed up. (Think “homey” rather than “clinical.”) Actually you can see pictures:

        So our birth team consists of our midwife, plus 2 intern-midwives. All very cool people. I’m definitely excited about a natural, no-intervention birth in a big old house. If you read much on their website, let me know what you think of them!

        • Heather says:

          Oh good! I’m about to put Katie down for a nap but I have to say that Lili room looks perfect! Probably because I love water birth and that tub looks roomy ; – )

  2. Angela Aitken says:

    We co-slept for quite awhile (can’t remember how long, but know it was over a year) with our daughter, then brought her crib/toddler mattress into our room and she slept on that on the floor next to our bed. Then we finally (around 20 mos or so?) moved the mattress up to her room. Just baby steps. I think for our next baby I’m going to get one of those Arm’s Reach co-sleepers so we’ll have a little more room in our bed but he’ll still be easily accessible.

    As far as elimination communication goes…DO IT!!! I discovered it when my daughter was around 3 mos old and started immediately. It went great! Only the occasional poopy diaper after just 1 month of practicing EC, but she mostly did that all in the potty (yep, at 4 mos old!!!). Babies are so smart! She was completely daytime potty-trained by 16.5 mos, and is just now nighttime potty training (24 mos), but I think that was delayed by so long because I never did EC at night.

    Planning on starting EC with our newborn in August, so that will be a new experience for us, but I’m really looking forward to it. It’s sort of a fun challenge and so exciting when your baby lets you know he/she needs to potty and you get it! That being said, I think it’s just like reading any other signal such as knowing when their hungry vs. tired vs. wanting to be held, etc. It’s definitely doable and I wish more people knew about it and were open to it.

    Good luck!!! Oh, and what books have you found that you like to help prepare your little one for a new sibling?
    .-= Angela Aitken´s last blog ..Fit Tip of the Week: Squatting =-.

    • Heather says:

      Angela, I am so excited that you are sharing your journey here. It is particularly interesting since we have daughters the same age and my official due date is Sept.3rd . . . just a few weeks apart from yours I’m guessing.

      I don’t remember the name of the books we checked out from the library. Some have been fun to read but as we read them I changed certain facts. We ad-libbed the part where mommy “goes to the hospital” and instead talked about how baby will be born at home with “Miss Cindy’s help.”

  3. dianthe says:

    before i had kids, i NEVER thought i’d be one of THOSE moms – the ones that let their baby sleep in the bed with them – and here i am 28 months later co-sleeping with 2! in a Queen sized bed! to be totally honest, Sydney does sleep in her bed most of the time – we started slowly transitioning her when she was a little over a year and went straight to the toddler bed – she never slept in the crib – but as long as she was nursing at night, i didn’t see the purpose of her being in her room if i’d have to get up to go nurse her!

    now that Myles has come along, i do try a little harder to keep her in her room all night – but if i’m already asleep and she comes to get in our bed, i just let her join us – at bedtime, i usually take Sydney (she still nurses/rocks to sleep) and he takes Myles until i get Sydney down – if it’s just me and the kids, i nurse Myles to sleep and put him in the swing and then pray he stays asleep long enough for me to get Sydney down – most of the time it works – if it doesn’t, we just all get in my bed and everyone snuggles with Mommy until we’re all asleep!!

    since you’re already comfortable with the family bed, i wouldn’t sweat it – just like everything else, it’s trial and error – you’ll figure out what works best to get everyone well rested and EK will adjust – remember, kids are resilient!

  4. Taryn Kae Wilson says:

    Hi Heather!
    I just came across your blog for the first time today! We have a lot in common, which is so fun to find.
    Our son, Bracken, is 15 months. He was born in our living room. He is still nursing and we co-sleep. We started Natural Infant Hygiene with him when he was about 3 and 1/2 months old. I wrote a little about it here:

    I see this is an older post. I need to check out your updated ones and see if you’ve been doing EC and how it’s going.

    Just wanted to say hello!

    Love, Taryn

    • Heather says:

      Hi Taryn! My son was born with a tongue-tie which severely disrupted his sleeping habits until it was diagnosed and corrected. I was soooooo tired in those early months and therefore did not do EC. So glad it worked for you, though! I love hearing that! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

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