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Epilepsy Symptoms Reduced 90% by Natural Lifestyle: Kennedy’s Story

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Epilepsy Symptoms Reduced 90% by Natural Lifestyle  "The pilot looked me in the eyes and told me I had to get a hold of myself if I wanted to go with Kennedy. I couldn’t even comprehend what that meant, I just shook my head and got in the helicopter."

What do you do when modern medicine has no answers?

After seeing six neurologists, two pediatricians, one allergist and a cardiologist, Dawn Willey learned that her daughter, Kennedy, has a rare form of epilepsy that is notoriously unresponsive to traditional medications.

Doctors said Kennedy would begin to regress developmentally between the ages of 2 and 6 years old. Older children with Kennedy’s diagnosis are often unable to speak and walk, even if they were able to as small children. 

Today, I am thrilled that Dawn, who blogs at Home Food Heals, is joining us to share how lifestyle changes have transformed her daughter’s life. This story gives me so much hope for families facing an “impossible” diagnosis.

Thank you for joining us today, Dawn!

MommypotamusOn December 26th, 2008, your world turned upside down. Can you describe how the events of that day unfolded?

Dawn: My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We have been together for 19 years. Christmas 2008 was the first and only time both our families stayed under the same roof with each other. It was one of the happiest Christmases ever!

Kennedy acted like a normal 9 month old on her first Christmas, but that night she had trouble sleeping. I went into her room about 3-4 times that night due to fussiness, but at 7am the next morning I awoke to something different, a noise I had never heard before. (It’s so hard to replay this back in my mind. I remember every single detail.) I ran into her room and touched her body because my eyes were adjusting so I couldn’t see very well. I tried to move her but her body was rigid and shaking.

I had only witnessed one seizure in my whole life in high school, I had no experience with them, but I knew she was seizing. I picked her little body up and ran into get my husband and then ran into the living room. Everyone there says they will never forget my screams/cries. They are came running out of their rooms to see what was wrong. My dad called 911. I kept begging for someone to tell me what to do and my dad was trying to get help from 911, but they said they couldn’t do anything over the phone due to liability reasons. My dad was telling them that we needed a helicopter not an ambulance because we were over an hour from the closest major hospital. They said only emergency personnel on site could determine that.

We lived in a gated community so everyone thought it would be best if we drove to the gate to meet the emergency responders. By the time we got to the gate, her right side of her body was completely paralyzed. One side was seizing and the other was limp. It was a mother’s worst nightmare. It was the most horrible day of my life and since then we have had many more horrible days, but that takes the cake, because I had no idea what I was dealing with.



The fire chief showed up first after about 15-20 minutes and immediately called for a helicopter. The helicopter showed up about 35-40 minutes after the seizing started. She was still seizing when it arrived. I was sobbing, dazed, lost, still in my pajamas when my husband told me to get in the helicopter. They could only take one parent. The pilot looked me in the eyes and told me I had to get a hold of myself if I wanted to go with Kennedy. I couldn’t even comprehend what that meant, I just shook my head and got in the helicopter.

Epilepsy Symptoms Reduced 90% by Natural Lifestyle  "The pilot looked me in the eyes and told me I had to get a hold of myself if I wanted to go with Kennedy. I couldn’t even comprehend what that meant, I just shook my head and got in the helicopter."They gave me head phones so I could hear everything happening to her. All I heard was “she is still seizing, can’t find a vein, need to get an IV.” However, once we landed, she stopped seizing and came to. In fact, after a short nap she was a happy baby for about 5 minutes. While she was in and out of sleep I contemplated everything that had happened in the last week that could have caused this. But I knew in my heart exactly what it was. Eight days earlier, I had walked into our pediatrician’s office and the doctor had told me it was going to be an easy day, only 1 shot. It was the only time in my life, I remember clearly hearing the word “flee” as the hair on the back of my neck stood up. It was her third installment of the DTaP vaccine. I started questioning the nurses and doctors, but they treated me as if that was just crazy talk. “Vaccines couldn’t have done this.” It was the first step on a lonely road, my first time going against conventional wisdom, but I knew and from that instant I have never waivered, even going against my own family at times (only at the beginning, they all see it now).

febrile seizure

The hospital wanted to release her within a couple hours determining it was just a “febrile” seizure. After you have just witnessed your child seizing for over 40 minutes, no one gets to tell you, “it’s normal and JUST a febrile seizure.” I demanded that we stay at least over night for observation. They said it wasn’t necessary. I called my pediatrician to get some help from her. She said she would call the hospital. It didn’t matter. I was holding Kennedy while she was sleeping. She opened her eyes, looked straight through me and went back to sleep. I said it’s going to happen again. The nurse told me I was paranoid. Within 5 minutes she was seizing again. They took her out of my arms and about 5-6 nurses and doctors and descended upon her. I stood outside the room watching helplessly, praying.

After that they ran every test they could possibly run, an EEG, spinal tap, MRI….they administered meds to calm her and to stop the seizures. They couldn’t find one reason as to why she had seized. It was after 5 o’clock and we were being transferred upstairs to a room. About 8 o’clock that night a nurse practitioner came and checked Kennedy and made us repeat the scenario for about the 100th time that day. At this point, I had not eaten, I was still in my pajamas and was barely functioning. She looked in Kennedy’s ears and said that she had an ear infection, therefore that is what caused the seizures. Okay, sure lady. At least 5 other doctors had seen her that day and now the worst day of my life was caused by an ear infection? I wasn’t buying it.

Epilepsy Symptoms Reduced 90% by Natural Lifestyle  "The pilot looked me in the eyes and told me I had to get a hold of myself if I wanted to go with Kennedy. I couldn’t even comprehend what that meant, I just shook my head and got in the helicopter."

MommypotamusOh my goodness, halfway through the fourth paragraph I had to get up and go squeeze my babies. What was life like after you left the hospital?

Dawn: My life will be forever divided by that day. Everything has changed. Everything I do, every action I take throughout my day, begs the question “how will this affect Kennedy?” Washing the dishes, doing laundry, cleaning the house, making our food, going outside, literally every single thing I do. Will she be sensitive to the dish soap (even though I do everything organic and as pure as possible), did someone (a neighbor or family member if we go to their house) spray pesticides, use toxic cleaning solutions, etc? Is it too hot or too cold outside? Is that person sick? Every place I go with her, I have to map out an emergency plan in case something happens. I always have to have a plan b. A lot of worry and stress…..

Obviously, it wasn’t this severe when we left the hospital, but then it was probably just as bad, just in a different way because there was no diagnosis.

Mommypotamus: How long did it take to get a diagnosis?

Epilepsy Symptoms Reduced 90% by Natural Lifestyle  "The pilot looked me in the eyes and told me I had to get a hold of myself if I wanted to go with Kennedy. I couldn’t even comprehend what that meant, I just shook my head and got in the helicopter."Dawn: We got a diagnosis 17 months later, more than 20 something seizures after seeing 6 neurologists, 2 pediatricians, 1 allergist and 1 cardiologist. The diagnosis, Dravet Syndrome, diagnosed only through genetic testing is defined as a rare, severe form of epilepsy that results in frequent, often prolongued seizures, speech impairment, developmental delay, ataxia, and orthopedic problems.

It is thought to be caused by a mutation in the gene that codes for the sodium ion channels in our nerve cells. Dravet Syndrome affects roughly 1 in 20,000 to 40,000 children, though there are likely many more undiagnosed cases. Children usually have their first seizure (a generalized tonic clonic or “gran mal”) in the first year of life, and it is often an episode of status epilepticus (lasting more than 30 minutes).

After a seizure, a few days or weeks pass by before another attack. The seizures may be spaced by one to several months, but gradually become more frequent as time progresses. The seizures are extremely refractory [resistant] to traditional anti-epileptic medications, and often require medical intervention to stop them. The second year of life often shows a lack of language development, more frequent seizures, and varying types of seizures.

Most children show some developmental delay in addition to speech between the ages of 2 and 3. The seizures morph in length, type, complexity, and keep the parents questioning what to medicate and what to “let go.” Gait issues such as ankle pronation and foot turning can appear, and children become extremely sensitive to heat, excitement, movement, and occassionally light, all of which can be seizure triggers. Medications that exacerbate seizures include Lamictal (Lamotrigine), Dilantin (Phenytoin), and Tegretol.

The prognosis for children diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome is unknown. They will always battle seizures, and all known affected teenagers and adults are dependent on caregivers. The mortality rate is 15-20%, most deaths ocurring during sleep due to EP (Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy).

Mommypotamus: What are the treatment options for children with Dravet’s? Did you try any of them?

Dawn: After Kennedy was diagnosed we immediately made an appt with a neurologist considered to be on the forefront of knowledge for Dravet syndrome. It was July 6, 2010. I still have the notes I took from our appt. with our “solutions.” Would you like to see them? It was a very hope crushing appt. Dr. Laux was nice and spent over 2 hours with us, but there is nothing hopeful about Dravet. Our options were: 1. Meds 2. Vagus Nerve Simulator 3. Keto Diet.


Mommypotamus: I’ll bet you didn’t love some of those options. What did you decide?

Dawn's Iphone 126Dawn: We didn’t love any of those options and none of them were guaranteed to help anything. I researched blog after blog of heart wrenching stories with Dravet children and saw no improvement with any medicines. We didn’t decide anything right away. We didn’t know what to do. Her seizure activity was increasing. We had the prescription for the meds the neurologist recommended.

Things were coming to a head…..I kept asking God, but heard nothing. I decided that story after story in the Bible, whenever a person didn’t know what to do, they fasted. So, I was going to fast. I didn’t really know what that meant or how to do it. I also didn’t think my husband would want to be a part of it, but when I told him I was going to do it, he said I will to. So, the next Monday, we didn’t eat any food. By the time, evening arrived we were both dying (not literally) so we ate food and thought “there has to be a better way.” I called our old church and asked for help. They told us about the Daniel Fast which is where you only eat food of the ground, ironically very close to how we eat now. We did that for three weeks.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. We felt completely led away from meds and back to our chiropractor who had helped us the previous year. I really can’t explain the hows or the whys, just that we both got confirmation this is where we were supposed to be and we never have questioned meds again since that fast.

We had not spoken to the chiropractor since the day Kennedy had had five seizures in one day almost six months earlier. We had felt let down by him also. He had felt just as sad about Kennedy and jumped at the chance to treat her again. He was a DAN doctor and he had been treating her as an autistic case even though she had no autistic tendencies.

The second time around I collaborated much more with my knowledge and he listened, it was much more of a team effort. He was a HUGE piece of Kennedy’s puzzle for us. He would come to our house when Kennedy was too sick to travel. He adjusted her during a seizure that she had while at his office. He worked with a local Osteopath to get more answers. He was relentless in his pursuit to help Kennedy. It was six months later that he convinced us to try the SCD diet. Kennedy was on so many supplements. She could take pills by the age of 2, but he realized that none of them were helping so he was convinced that her gut was broken and that had to be healed before we could fix her seizures.

Summer 2010 314

Mommypotamus: When you decided to forego medication and work on dietary changes, did you encounter push back from your parents, in-laws, or siblings? If so, what was it like to pursue something your loved ones doubted or disagreed with?

Dawn: There was no push back on the medication issue as everyone had seen what the meds did to her and what she looked like off of them so everyone was pretty supportive, however the food issue was a different story. My in-laws were the only people who encouraged us at first, but after one month of no seizure where as we had been having them weekly up until the food changes, my family became pretty supportive as well.

In fact, we started that in March 2011 and in May, my husband’s grandma became very ill and the hospital sent her home to die. She couldn’t even lift her head off the pillow. Her esophagus was bleeding out and she had pneumonia. I encouraged them to start the GAPS diet as soon as possible. 3 years later, she is doing amazing! At 84 years old she is living on her own again, has the ability to drive again, is off all heart meds….so, I like to say that Kennedy has saved all of us. Both sides of our family have dramatically changed their eating habits amongst other things.


Mommypotamus: So you transitioned from the SCD diet to the GAPS diet? Can you describe how this was different from the days before her first seizure? What did she eat before vs after?

Iphone91610 208Dawn: I am embarrassed now to admit how we ate when she was a baby, but honestly I didn’t know any better. She was still on formula and eating baby food out of jars or plastic trays heated up in the microwave. I grew up with both parents working so the only food I knew was out of a box or from a restaurant. I didn’t eat fruits or vegetables. Macaroni and cheese was my food of choice since I was 1.

Now, we don’t even own a microwave. We don’t have any cans of food in the pantry. Everything is from scratch every morning, afternoon and night. I juice beets, carrots, kale and apples or something of the sort every morning for all of us. Sugar used to be in everything we ate, now it’s not in anything. We use honey as our sweetener. Kennedy has not had any processed sugar, grains, processed food, gluten, etc. in over 3 years.

Mommypotamus: Did you see any improvement after changing her diet?

Dawn: Everything changed. Her attitude was much better, she slept better, she doesn’t get sick nearly as much (I would say her sickness has reduced by as much as 98%) and most of all her seizures went from weekly to every 8-12 weeks. Her ability to deal with heat sensitivity has increased. Her seizures used to happen any time of day, now they typically only happen while she is sleeping (which is a much safer place for her to have them). They would last anywhere from 2-4 minutes and now they are less than a minute sometimes lasting only seconds. It’s hard to believe that food has such an impact on a person’s body, but once you see it, your life is changed forever.


Mommypotamus: Wow, that’s amazing. So normally Dravet’s gets more severe over time, but she’s actually seen an overall reduction in symptoms?

Dawn: Yes! We were told that she would regress between the ages of 2 – 6 years old, more seizure types would appear and her overall quality of life would digress. She finishes Kindergarten tomorrow, she took surfing lessons in Costa Rica last year, she plays tennis, plays the piano, loves to swim and loves to ride her bike and catch lizards! She lives life to the fullest!

Mommypotamus: Dietary changes have been linked to improvement for a wide variety of disorders: ADD, autism, epilepsy, eczema, depression, and more. What would you say to a parent who is thinking about starting this journey?

Dawn: Why not start it? Real food is not going to harm anyone. There are no side effects of eating a clean diet. Medications and surgeries all have side effects. I am not anti-medicine, but I know it is overused. And coming from experience, if we would have used medications to treat Kennedy, she would not be where she is today.

My Chiropractor begged me to start SCD and I was completely against it thinking that there was no way food was going to help seizures. It took over a month and a seizure a week to convince me to try. He told me “Dawn, just try it for 30 days, if nothing changes, then stop.” What could I say to that? Sure, I can try anything for 30 days.

I beg you to try this option before opting for meds. The meds will always be there to try. So will food, but food doesn’t have the side effects. I understand it’s easier to pop a pill, but consider the long term effects for your child. Research, research, research. Since starting this I have learned of so many ways to heal your body.

Mommypotamus: I hear you’re going out of your way to help other families make this leap. Tell us about “Praying For The Impossible.”

Dawn: Praying For The Impossible is a charity designed to provide for families that want to use alternative therapies to help heal a person or persons in their family. I have learned of so many different ways to heal cancer, auto-immune diseases, epilepsy, the list goes on and on….but they are expensive because insurance doesn’t cover any of the costs. Whether a family is trying diet (GAPS, FODMAP, Ketogenic, Gerson Protocol, etc.), therapies (hyberbaric, cranial sacral, chiropractic adjustments, homeopathic, etc.) or even medical marijuana (so many families are having to relocate to a state to save their child).

We want to help very sick families get what they need and we also want to pray for them. Throughout our ordeal so many people reached out to us, people we didn’t even know, saying they were praying for Kennedy. It meant the world to us.

Here are some examples of our causes:

A little baby girl with FPIES (Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis)

A little boy with Autism

A little boy with Asperger’s

When we first started GAPS, we didn’t have any of the kitchen appliances to make my life easier. I always thought the difference in having a food processor to help out a mom who is already so stressed could be huge. Or another example is Kennedy has to have a whole house water filtration unit on our house or else her healing is futile. Many people cannot afford that but don’t realize how toxic their water is or how it is holding back healing. We want to help!

MommypotamusHow can we join you in helping these families?

I am so glad you asked. You can join in helping these families by donating directly through paypal to either your family of choice (located here) or directly to our charity. If you donate to a family, all proceeds will go to the family. The charity itself is supported by sales of items which you can find in our store.


The centerpiece of our charity is a bracelet. It’s a prayer bracelet designed to help you remember to pray constantly for whomever is on your heart. “Praying For The Impossible to Be Possible” is a statement that can be applied to so many situations, not just of a sick family member. The bracelet has space for nine characters so you can change the name to whatever you like. However, it will be sent to you with Kennedy’s name, hoping you will either help us pray for her or remember to say a prayer for her before you change the name.

Mommypotamus: Thank you, Dawn, for sharing Kennedy’s story with us. Your determination is an inspiration, and I’m so happy that she is doing well. 

Now, mamas, I have a special surprise for you. To follow up my interview with Dawn, Katie is interviewing Kennedy! This is an amazing video to watch when you remember that experts predicted Kennedy would severely regress by the age of six. Instead, she’s playing the piano, lobbing tennis balls, and generally doing normal six year-old stuff.

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  1. Suma Houldsworth via FB says:

    Jeannie Schnur

  2. Connie Yeager via FB says:

    I remember a article where a little girl would have so many seizures, she could not function, the only thing that helped was cannabis oil, it really opened my eyes when it comes to the medicinal use of marijuana and cannabis oil and turned me even more away from pharmaceutical drugs that can be harder on the body and more dangerous.

  3. Ashley Stewart Cross via FB says:

    Dawn Broers

  4. Tammy Desor via FB says:

    I wonder if that diagnosis was false and that her seizures were a result of her “tipping” point of toxins (that last dtap vax) and now that she has healed/sealed her gut, she’s recovering. Just a thought… I know they said it was confined by genetic testing but the moms instincts seemed to be pretty in tuned and accurate, maybe the toxins in the vaccines changed her DNA? Possible? I have no idea, just seems like the doctors slapped on this diagnosis when they couldn’t figure out what was wrong….

  5. Christy Sheldon Laudermilk via FB says:

    Rebecca Haller Myrick

  6. Ashley Pence via FB says:

    Haley Huffman Barrett – I’m sure you already know most of this but figured I’d tag you just in case

  7. Anna McKay via FB says:

    China , didn’t know if this article could be helpful

  8. Haley Huffman Barrett via FB says:

    Haven’t read it yet but I try and keep Monroe on mostly organic foods and I think that is what helps him. Ashley Pence

  9. Shannon Bates via FB says:

    Coleen Chrencik Hellen Thought of the precious little one we are praying for currently. Thought this was an amazing story and wanted to share it wilt you.

  10. Alison Westermann via FB says:

    Thank you for sharing, this brought tears to my eyes….

  11. Jitka Scherler via FB says:

    The author’s 9-year-old son suffered more than 100 seizures a day. When he started a high-fat, very low-carb diet, the number dropped by three-quarters. New York Times article here:

  12. Hannah Ashiya Augustine Bailey via FB says:

    Awesome! I believe I the wisdom of the earth! So true! I know so many people who have cured all sorts of illnesses because of food! Including cancer diabetes other serious chronic ones too! Amazing!

  13. Jill Herron Chapin via FB says:

    What do you do when modern medicine doesn’t have answers for your child?
    Whatever you want. Then you find out they never had any answers in the first place.

  14. Deepti Vadlamani via FB says:

    What is GAPS diet?

  15. Heidi Mitera via FB says:

    Jamie Jenkins I just got done reading this article and I know you’ll be so inspired. I follow the lady who posted it for dietary ideas. Basically the Paleo Diet. Such a good thing to hear how this little girl with Dravet is doing.

  16. Jamie Jenkins via FB says:

    Thanks Heidi Mitera!

  17. Jill Herron Chapin via FB says:

    The diagnosis wasn’t false, there IS a genetic component. The problem is that we ALL have genetic predispositions to something – Tammy is correct in that the vaccine (and other factors), may indeed have been a tipping point.
    Our bodies are all created with backup systems. Even our genes. But sometimes toxins can “switch on” a gene that can be difficult to switch off. IMO, vaccines are SO toxic, that they can often provide the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, but in reality, all kinds of environmental toxins can contribute to the problem, but a sudden, high exposure, can definitely switch on a person’s genetic weaknesses. That’s my theory, anyway.

    • Tabatha says:

      Jill, how right you are. The way it was put to me when I first learning is “Genetics loads the gun, diet & environment pulls the trigger.” Epigenetics is fascinating.

  18. Robyn says:

    This is awesome! We are currently following a similar route with my daughter who has MMA, a life-threatening genetic disorder where she cannot metabolize protein correctly. She had her initial metabolic episode when she was three days old, I believe that it was triggered by the HEP-B vaccine she received at the birth hospital. Although it is a genetic defect, I believe the vaccines can affect it’s presentation. It is encouraging to hear of someone else with a similar experience. It has taken longer for us to make some of the changes because she is g-tube dependent and her protein intake must be restricted. Unfortunately, GAPS couldn’t be an option for her, but she is primarily on real foods. Right now my biggest goal is to get her off of modified formula. We are working at putting together a team of functional medicine practitioners including a nutritional doctor. Our chiropractor has been a huge piece of the puzzle for us. I am also trying to launch a support website that will chronicle our story, hopefully that will be up and running in about a month. I would so love to have a conversation with Dawn sometime and compare notes! Thanks for sharing Kennedy’s story!

  19. Natalie Sidarous via FB says:


  20. Hilary Greco via FB says:

    I feel the exact same way, Jill Chapin.

  21. Brenda Lyn Williamson via FB says:

    Daniela Barron

  22. Gwendolyn Fullmer via FB says:

    Sarah Keller, is this something that interests you ??

  23. Abby J. says:

    Amazing story, so motivational! Blessings to Kennedy and her family.

    On a side note: what whole-house water system do you recommend?

  24. Monica Lopez Rayburn via FB says:

    Veronica Lopez Charles could be an option for James

  25. Cynthia Massey Herms via FB says:

    Amazing story! Love the charity idea!

  26. Linda Latronica Bull via FB says:

    Kathy Leonard

  27. Becky says:

    Our son has a similar story. He is 2 and vaccine injured… Doctors are searching for an answer and thinking mitochondrial/genetic/metabolic. But we know we lost him after his 9 month shots. He follows gaps stage 1-2 and very high fat low carb and the doctors can’t believe his progress. He was hospitalized and the hospital called the state on us for feeding our son real food and wanting a second opinion. I would like to be in touch with Kennedy’s mom and this charity if possible!

  28. Keira says:

    I am yet another mother with yet another similar story. My 3 year old son has epilepsy that presented in a rare and vicious seizure called “infantile spasms”. What’s really scary is that they are very subtle and can go on, as they did in our case, for months without being noticed. It causes brain damage and most children diagnosed with it end up with an autism diagnosis at some point, which is, unfortunately, a high possibility for our son. We can’t prove it, but it seems to have started after his 9 month DTap vaccine, as well. The thing is, when the doctor’s office gives you that piece of paper with the potential side effects, it mentions seizures. It doesn’t mention a seizure disorder. Take a look on the CDC website and it specifically mentions “infantile spasms” (an actual seizure disorder-my son’s diagnosis). I try to stick to a whole food diet as much as possible – we eat similar to a paleo diet. For the sake of money, I do give my boys wheat bread and tortillas. But, seeing how drastically diet has changed Kennedy’s prognosis, I want to change our diet even more! I would love to learn more!

    • Megan says:

      Keira, how is your son doing now? Have you been able to get the seizures stopped. I am very familiar with Infantile Spasms as my daughter was diagnosed 7 months ago and we are now preparing for brain surgery. All of her problems stem from a virus that attacked her brain at 10 months old and that large area of damaged brain is what is continually seizing (at her worst, over 100 times a day). The Ketogenic diet is incredibly helpful in lots of children with IS, are you familiar with it? If not, I would highly recommend you do some research online or read the book Ketogenic Diets. We spent 5 months on it (it didn’t help my daughter, but like I said, she isn’t the typical case, we know the cause of her seizures) and I am so glad that we worked so hard at the diet before considering surgery. Also, there are several support groups for IS on facebook that are an absolute wealth of information. The information I gained from parents on there is why my daughter is now seeing a specialist 11 hours away that is very optimistic about being able to help her. Hope some of this helps and praying that your son is enjoying some seizure free days. ((HUGS))

      • Keira says:

        Fortunately for him, we were able to get the seizures stopped quickly and easily with steroids. He does still have epilepsy and has occasional absence seizures. He is on keppra, now, for seizure management. He had been on topomax which was terrible. He was in such a daze. We talked to his neurologist and consulted an epileptologist about a ketogenic diet, but it will only help if the spasms are caused by a few specific disorders in the brain, none of which he had. We are blessed to live just over an hour away from Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN and had one of the nation’s top pediatric neurologists on his team when it all started.
        I am so sorry to hear of your daughter’s continued struggles. We have been some of the few fortunate who have not had to deal much with seizures since we initially got them stopped nearly two years ago. We do have the autistic tendencies and seemingly endless therapies. Even so, I can’t imagine what you must go through on a daily basis.
        You are SO right. God is so faithful. He has shown His faithfulness in amazing ways. As difficult as it is, I wouldn’t trade what we’ve gone through because we have learned so much about what a great God we serve!
        I’ll have to look up the facebook support groups. I had found a few things on the web, but nothing as direct as facebook. I’m excited to get involved! Megan, I will be praying for you and your daughter and her upcoming surgery. Hugs to you!

      • Tim Lundeen says:

        For a viral brain infection, you can check out Stephen Buhner’s book, Herbal Antivirals. There isn’t much that allopathic medicine can do for viral infections, but there is a lot of clinical research using herbs; they can be extremely effective. (Of course, the research on them is generally not done in the US.) I’d suggest trying them before you do surgery.

  29. Megan Taylor via FB says:

    Boy does this hit close to home. My 2 year old has catastrophic epilepsy due to a virus that went to her brain when she was younger and caused brain damage. At her worst she seizes over 100 times a day. We have exhausted all options- diets, medications, oils, and alternative therapies- so she is having brain surgery next month to remove the damaged lobes. She is on a very nourishing diet and I’m hoping that it will help her recovery and help her avoid some of the behavior/autistic issues that many children struggle with after going through what she has. Thanks for sharing this. I never dreamed we would be the family going through something like this, but God is incredibly faithful and good.

  30. Erica Ingalls via FB says:

    Brittany Amber Frost interesting read !

  31. Jenny Bates Wear via FB says:

    My daughter died when she was 10…they were never able to name the disease that attacked her. There is something especially terrifying about watching your child die slowly from an unknown predator.

  32. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Megan Taylor – Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story. I hope the surgery is a huge success!

  33. Mommypotamus via FB says:

    Jenny Bates Wear – I am so sorry for your loss. <3

  34. Tim Lundeen says:

    Dawn, thanks for sharing your story. Brings tears to my eyes to read it, very inspiring.

    Have you looked at possible histamine sensitivity? Heat sensitivity can be caused by high histamine levels, because heat releases histamines and that can put someone sensitive over the top. One of my concerns with GAPS is that it can be extremely high histamine and high salicylates (and salicylates trigger histamine release). I think a better approach is Sarah Ballantyne’s autoimmune protocol, she has a book out called The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body. You might try a combination low-histamine/autoimmune-protocol diet for a few weeks to see if it helps. But you don’t want to eat low-histamine at the expense of good nutrition; to thrive it is critical to have excellent nutrition, ideally you can add back higher-histamine foods, just making sure that the total load is acceptable.

  35. Diana says:

    Thanks for sharing your story Dawn, so inspiring.
    Heather, please tell Katie that she is fabulous in front of the camera and I enjoyed every second of the interview. Too cute :)

  36. andea says:

    Is there anyway you could expand on the “whole house water system” that you have chosen that aides in her healing?? It would be so helpful!

    Thank you and thank you for sharing your amazing story of hope!

  37. Around The Web This Week: 5/19 – 5/23 | Naturally, My Dear says:

    […] – How one family reduced their daughter’s epilepsy symptoms by 90% through diet. […]

  38. Janelle @ MommyLivesClean says:

    What a heart wrenching and amazing story! I am so thankful Kennedy is doing better. Dawn is an inspiration and I hope her charity continues to grow and help others. Food really is medicine!!

  39. Depression says:

    This is just amazing! And it goes to show how more and more, natural remedies are taking the place of harmful meds that may or may not work and could cause other side effects.

  40. Ash says:

    My LO was diagnosed with epilepsy at just 7 weeks of age. She started having seizures within the first few days of life, but becuase they are so subtle it took me some time to figure it out. Thankfully medication has been very beneficial to her. I don’t even like giving my kids Tylenol, but for her I feel so much peace in giving her the meds each and every day. She also was on a pure Primal diet until she was a year old. Now she has occassional grains or legumes. I think her ultra-nourishing diet has been so beneficial to her and a major reason that she has been seizure-free for 6 months (for a while she was having occassional seizures, even on meds). I also delayed vaccination– despite intense pressure. My heart goes out to those families where there is no readily apparent solution.

  41. Tim Lundeen says:

    I’d suggest that you try Andy Cutler’s frequent-low-dose-chelation protocol for her. Best overview book is Hammond’s Mercury Poisoning, the Undiagnosed Epidemic.

    There is a very strong case that mercury toxicity is the root cause for most cases of neurological damage, from autism and epilepsy through mild learning disorders.

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