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Kozy Kitchen: Dallas Restaurant Using Organic & Pastured Ingredients

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Method Over Message

The first thing Daniel said when we pulled up to Kozy Kitchen in uptown Dallas was “Does Kozy refer to the parking lot?” Ahem. The parking lot is a tad on the teensy side, but nestled along McKinney Avenue’s bustling shops and restaurants is a dining experience worth hunting up a parking space for.

As we sat down I immediately noticed Kozy co-owner Jeff Wells passionately discussing the best way to cook shrimp with two women seated near us. After hearing about our purpose, he joined us a few minutes later to chat.

“So, do you read Sally Fallon?” he asks me right off the bat.

You had me at Sally Fallon,” I wanted to say. But I didn’t. It’s best to try to avoid becoming a blithering idiot whenever possible.

Our conversation was full of quotables like “the neurology of the stomach is just as complex as the brain” and “don’t let the message get in the way of the method.” Of his method statement, Jeff explained that he makes good food instead of good speeches and hopes people show up.

Like most owners striving to provide high-quality food, Jeff has had to prioritize which ingredients to focus on. His main focus it on providing quality protein with a sampling of the best produce, dairy, baked goods and specialty drinks available. The menu currently features:

  • Grass-Fed Beef (where to buy grass-fed beef)
  • Grass-Fed Buffalo
  • Wild Salmon, Shrimp and Scallops
  • Venison (when available)
  • Organic Spinach and Mixed-Greens
  • Raw Mild Cheddar Cheese
  • Gluten-Free Options
  • Fair Trade-Organic White Rock Coffee
  • Kombucha

Kozy also features meat from Dominion Farms on occasion.

The Meal

Daniel opted for buckwheat pancakes and breakfast tacos. I would have taken a photo but I was too busy smiling and nodding like the blithering idiot I was trying not to be ; – ) It must have been really good because it was gone before I got three bites into my entree: a buffalo burger topped with raw cheddar and market veggies. This is the first time I’ve ever seen grass-fed buffalo on a menu, which really impressed me. It was very good, but the sweet potato hash stole the show. Everything on the menu was a special at one point. When a special gets requested again and again it gets upgraded to the menu, so it’s hard to go wrong. Daniel and I were both big fans. Our only regret is that we don’t live close enough to visit often.

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