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Let The Guest Blogging Games Begin!

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The Wait is Over

You may have heard about the newest member of Team Potamus (or would that be Potami?). We’re so excited! And tired. And in shock. And ready to read your guest posts!

As you can see below, Heather’s already done the REAL work. Now it’s time to play!

Let’s Go Over the Rules

In case you’ve forgotten, let’s review how you win this contest. Fifteen guest posts were submitted during the entry phase. A new post will be published each weekday in the order they were received.

To win this contest, your post will have the most people commenting on your post. That’s number of people, not number of comments. If 13 people comment one time each on a post, it wins over a post that has 7 people comment three times each. We’re monitoring locations of each commenter through analytics just to keep it fair (Daddypotamus insists).

You largely control your own fate here. I wouldn’t leave it up to chance and just see how many people naturally comment on your post. The best way to ensure victory is to get all your friends, neighbors, coworkers, and family members to leave a comment on your post once it’s published.

***Only comments left on each blog post will be counted. Facebook and Twitter comments will not count toward the total. ***

Three days after the last post has been published, the contest will be over and we’ll tally up the results.

Thanks again for being so wonderful

It’s felt amazing to receive so many tweets, comments, Facebook messages, and texts from all of you. There’s no greater encouragement during a difficult labor than knowing that so many people really are praying for you. I (Daniel) could literally feel the effects of your prayers. There was this point when all fear was removed from this house and in its place was this unshakeable confident knowing that this was going to work out well. Thank you for loving on us. You are amazing people.

Without further ado, let the guest blogging games begin! The first post will be published in about an hour. Get your friends, family, and total strangers ready to comment!

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2 Responses to Let The Guest Blogging Games Begin!

  1. Crystal - Prenatal Coach says:

    I’m really looking forward to reading all the posts! (I hope you received my entry!)
    Enjoy the next two weeks with your new baby! All will be well here.

  2. Kristine says:

    I love this photo of baby Micah. I’ve already copied it and printed it out. :)

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