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Levi’s Birth Film

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This is Levi’s birth story

. . . as captured by the lovely Amelia Hambrook, who also happens to be the mama behind our little potami’s newborn photos.








Note: Stick around till the 8 minute mark for a little peek into our first few days as a family of five. ♥


For those of you who read Levi’s birth story, you may be wondering a few things:

1. Were these images captured during the difficult “early labor” I described? Yes and no. Some of the footage was shot during a short break when my labor lightened up, while some of it was shot through some of the most difficult parts. Which parts are which? It’s hard to tell. Daddypotamus says I should learn to play poker with a face like mine. The contractions during much of my early early labor were incredibly uncomfortable – too uncomfortable to talk through – but  I process pain internally so it’s not super obvious. Seriously, I was in transition with people sitting right next to me and no one realized it!

In other words, scene of me eating in the kitchen = Light labor

Scene of Katiepotamus and Daddypotamus comforting me during my four hour nap-a-thon = NOT light labor.

2. Was Levi taken away from me to be measured, weighed, etc. right after he was born? Definitely not! My birth team gave us plenty of time to snuggle skin-to-skin, but I asked Amelia to edit most of that part out to keep this video PG. They don’t call it skin-to-skin for nothing, you know!

3. Why is my face so splotchy in the video? Okay, you were probably not wondering that, but the answer is that I put on makeup at 4am without thinking about how it would look once I got in the birth tub.

4. Why is there a large section of the labor/birth missing? Because it didn’t look like I was progressing very quickly, it was suggested that Amelia head home, check in with her family, and rest up for what could be a long night. But as you know if you read his birth story, things didn’t go quite as expected.


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346 Responses to Levi’s Birth Film

  1. Erin Raiford via FB



  2. Jessica Newman-McCracken via FB


    What a Beautiful Family!!!!! God Bless you!

  3. Michelle Seiler via FB


    I’m mobile and I don’t see where to click for the video?

  4. Shawna Lyn Morie-Pettus via FB


    This was simply beautiful.

  5. Elyse Levine Appi via FB



  6. Virginia Kosinski via FB


    I can’t find the video either.

  7. Stephanie Sikes via FB


    That is the most precious video ever. Your daughter wanting to jump in the pool as soon as he was born was so sweet. Big sisters are the best! Makes me super excited to greet #4 in June!

  8. Vicki Jackson Likens via FB


    So sweet! Thanks for sharing!

  9. we took a Baby break & am watching it with the 16 year old…she & I think its beautiful Mommypotamous

  10. Tara Frye Himes via FB


    You’re daughter’s reaction is priceless

  11. Angela Warner via FB


    Can you only view the video from a computer?

  12. Morgan


    Beautiful! Congratulations :)

  13. Valerie Fieber via FB


    it was so beautiful! thanks for sharing : )

  14. Kristine Winniford via FB


    This makes me so excited for my birth in May! I love birth (well, except for maybe 30 minutes of it). Congrats, again Potomi and good work to you Momma.

  15. Amy Jo via FB


    No video :(

  16. Madelon van der Hoek via FB


    That is gorgeous. What a beautiful keepsake.

  17. LOVE It!!! SO beautiful! Thanks for sharing and congrats!

  18. Sarah Reddick via FB


    Maybe iPhone issue…not seeing video.

  19. Thank you for sharing, Mommypotamus! <3

  20. Wanda Colbert Brigman via FB


    So is Levi a 2013 baby or a 2014 baby? :) Beautiful video and very well done. Congrats to all!!! Beautiful family!!!

  21. Carrie Kirby via FB


    I don’t see it either- I don’t think you can view it from mobile device :(

  22. Linda J. Davis via FB


    very touching, what great memories for all of you – lovely

  23. Mindy W


    Oh my goodness, Heather, that was SO beautiful! It literally brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I’ve seen birth photography before, but never a birth video (well not one done so artistically, at least). I loved it. What a beautiful depiction of what labor really is/can be like and how our bodies are so fearfully and wonderfully made! How great is our God!?! Congrats on your littlest love and your beautiful family. You are blessed! PS I love that Micah had a huge scrape on his forehead…SO little boy! ;)

  24. Deborah Currier-Hornyak via FB


    So made me cry. Absolutely beautiful. God bless you and your family. So many beautiful moments saved on film.. you are truly blessed.

  25. Mindy 'Tharp' Worley via FB


    Love, love, love. And then love some more :)

  26. Kim


    Beautiful video and pictures! Thank you for sharing. Watching your video was very inspiring and comforting to my husband and I who are trying to conceive our first. Wishing you and your family all the best!!!!

  27. Ruthie M DeGood Trobridge via FB


    I cried almost the entire time. So amazing! Thanks for sharing. ♥

  28. Donna Horne Smith via FB


    No video…..

  29. Leah


    Very, very sweet! Thank you so much for sharing!! Definitely wouldn’t have (and didn’t even when I knew!) notice the blotchy face! It was so beautiful!

    So the photos and video were by the same person? Are the stills taken out of the video or was it 2 cameras? I love them all :)

  30. Marisa Grima Bain via FB


    so beautiful , i cried the whole time. makes me want another one….congrats. You have a beautiful family.

  31. so beautiful. definitely cried :)

  32. Mae Annette Burke via FB


    Lily says “Oh, that little girl helped her mama have a baby just like me!”

  33. Charise


    Just beautiful. Makes me so very jealous. That was the birth I wanted for my son. Instead we had a nightmare of an experience that has since caused me to really cringe at the sight of any doctor or hospital.

  34. This made me want to have another baby at home. <3 Thanks for sharing!

  35. Therese' Pureveen


    Heather, Thank you for sharing that beautiful video with us! It was so special! Loved the music too!

  36. Allison


    Thank you and your family so much for sharing this special moment with all of us! With all of the horror stories that make their ways around, it is such a joy to see positive birth experiences shared in such a beautiful way.
    Congratulations Potamus family!

  37. Dionne Dukes Billstone via FB


    What a beautiful treasure!

  38. Erica Gott via FB


    Makes me want to go back 24 years and do this. I hope my children, should they ever have kids, get to do it right.

  39. Anna Savage-Powers via FB


    Perfect in every way!

  40. Maria Teresa Penna Frazier via FB


    Thank you so much for sharing. Your family is precious. God Bless!

  41. Oh so precious! Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful family you have.

  42. Nichole Grant via FB


    Wow.I think that might be the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen

  43. Danielle Debates-Martinez via FB


    Precious, thanks for sharing!

  44. Beautiful, strong and amazing. Well done mama

  45. Carmenica Turc via FB


    Congratulations! Beautiful :-)

  46. Paula D Holland via FB


    Beautiful! I want another home birth!! Lol

  47. Sukh Aman Kaur via FB


    AWWW! You make me want to have a home birth!

  48. Denise Passero via FB


    What a precious video. Watching and listening to the music practically brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing.

  49. Sarah Reddick via FB


    BEAUTIFUL!!! <3 Shelli Waldridge



    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  51. Meghan Ellison via FB


    Precious! Thank you for sharing such an intimate moment :-) God Bless you and your family ♡

  52. Leslie L. Sommers via FB


    So beautiful…just as it should be. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Alaysa Escandor via FB


    such an inspiration!

  54. Meg Bowen via FB


    Ugh so precious!!

  55. Beth Li via FB



  56. Leslie L. Sommers via FB


    Direct video link for mobile viewers:

  57. Katey Glasspoole via FB


    I am not even a mumma but I am sitting here in complete tears of joy! Well done done potamuses <3

  58. Kinnie Jae Inman


    oh, this brings back memories of our home births! So thankful we were able to birth at home, This is the real thing, beautifully and artistically done. Thank you for sharing!

  59. That was so beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  60. LuWanda Rollan via FB


    Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. Definitely the best video I have seen in a long time. I cried the whole way thru it.. Tears of joy for you getting to do this in your own environment in your own time with those dearest to you right there with you! Congratulations on a beautiful baby boy as well as a beautiful family!!!

  61. Linda K McNamara via FB



  62. Jenny Fitzmaurice via FB


    wow, this video is beautiful! It made me cry!

  63. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful & intimate portrait of a very special time for you & your family. I’m 30 wks pregnant & watched it with my 3 yr old who will be at the birth center with us come time. This just confirms our decision to have here there. She started squealing in delight at the same time your girl did. She was so excited for you! :)

  64. Tara Marnell via FB


    Amazing, and simply beautiful. :)

  65. that was wonderful! thanks you for sharing….

  66. Mary Kennedy via FB


    Thank you for sharing, absolutely beautiful! ♥

  67. Katrina Carnagey via FB


    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment in your lives.

  68. Anna Whitehead via FB


    So very sweet!!

  69. Kelly Ring via FB


    I cried…so beautiful!!!

  70. Erin Petrotta via FB


    Watching this at 37wks…. Tears! ;) lovely.

  71. Dawn Balzarano via FB


    I wish I could have done it this way, especially with my twins. Beautiful. :)

  72. Joanna Damon Vanderkooi via FB


    What a blessing that you have that! And, what a miracle the Lord has given you and your family! <3

  73. Melissa Dally Strickland via FB


    Thank you for sharing such an intimate family experience with the world! You are an inspiration for so many mommies and daddies. I laughed. I cried. And now…I want more babies ;)

  74. Jen


    That was so precious and beautiful! Memories to hold onto

  75. I couldn’t link to your video any way at all….your photos& narrative are precious.

  76. Where is the film I only see pictures

  77. Angela says:

    Absolutely beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing!

  78. Gudrun B


    absolutely amazing and beautiful!
    no comparison to a hospital birth! (and i have worked with both)
    thank you for sharing!!!!!!!

  79. Grace Seeger via FB


    beautiful! Just beautiful. God’s Blessings to you all!

  80. Jennifer Lawrence via FB


    So beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

  81. Marielle Medina via FB


    A truly eloquent presentation of such a beautiful moment. I don’t have any children but it moved me to tears. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family!

  82. Absolutely beautiful! Congrats!!!

  83. Becky


    Very beautiful! Thank-you for sharing. :)

  84. Laura


    Beautiful pictures, video, baby, children, family. I had 4 all natural. My baby is 20 years. Your testimony of a healthy lifestyle is the alert and awake infant at birth. God Bless you all! Thank you for sharing.

  85. He is so beautiful, Heather! Congratulations to you and Daniel! I just loved the video!

  86. Tanisha Iven Legg via FB


    That was SO BEAUTIFUL!! What a beautiful family you all are. I can’t help but get emotional watching this. =)

  87. Jill Redfern via FB


    Soooo beautiful. You are truly blessed!

  88. Anna


    Beautiful video. All the best to you and your family of five!

  89. Teresa


    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful family bonding. He will never doubt that he was loved and wanted.

  90. Christina


    Thank you for sharing these positively stunning and perfect moments of your life. absolutely beautiful. :-)

  91. Margaret


    I just broke down in tears watching this and I watched your previous one. Thanks for inspiring me to cook and make things at home and thanks for reminding me what a gift my children are. I have 4 kids I have given birth to all naturally. Thank you for sharing!

  92. Just beautiful! What a precious memory to cherish!

  93. Hope says:

    So beautiful. I love how each any every birth story I hear takes me back to those first sweet moments with my little girl. Thank you for sharing!

    (And Karla Adolphe is one of our favorites!)

    • Brandy


      Karla Adolphe is now one of my favourites too! (Had to search her out after hearing her on this video!) Her music was such a beautiful background to this beautiful story! Still teary…

  94. Wife21mom24


    That was beautiful. Now my 4 year old wants us to have a new baby for her to hold!

  95. This is beautiful. I cried watching this. Reminds me of all my kids’ births.

  96. Pamela Panyutin via FB


    Gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and congratulations to your family!

  97. Nicki


    cried the whole. way. through. beyond precious heather! congratulations. what a blessing this sweet family of yours is!

  98. Luiza Zlatovic via FB


    Congratulations, thanks for sharing it with us!

  99. OMG! That was so beautiful, I cried while I was at work. Nothing so sweet as when your little girl got so excited she had to get in the pool with you! So beautiful.

  100. Bethany Reilly via FB


    Laura Hoffmann

  101. Jo Freeland via FB


    That was beautiful…your labor seemed similar to mine, I walked around, used my bouncing ball and tried to stay busy to keep my mind off the pain. It was extremely painful, but I dont know if anyone could tell that from the way I handle it. I’m a quiet laborer to say the least. I loved the video and the pictures, they looked great and you are beautiful!

  102. Karen Bennell-Davis via FB


    This is beautiful!

  103. Jennifer Hitzeman Grubb via FB


    So beautiful.

  104. Diana VP


    Beautiful video! Wonderfully done Amelia! Congratulations Heather, and to the whole family. :)

  105. Vikkie Housley Smith via FB


    what a beautiful little movie.. thanks for sharing :) <3

  106. Diana Van Pelt via FB


    Fabulously supportive husband, family and friend. Thank you so much for sharing this! (still tearing up) :)

  107. Karen Davidson via FB


    Wow, that was so emotionally amazing…I kept crying! You have a beautiful family Mommypotamus, and thank you so much for sharing this with us all. You let us see some of your most intimate and loving moments, and now I really want to conceive this year and have an at home water birth as well.

  108. Amber Barrett via FB


    This is so beautiful and made me cry like a baby!

  109. Chris Mitchell via FB


    That was one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen.

  110. Susan Whelan via FB


    Congratulations! You gave a beautiful family.

  111. Debi Mendenhall via FB


    Love it!!

  112. Maggie Lynne Sorgen via FB


    Thank you! for sharing this exquisitely sweet video of your birthing of Levi and your whole amazing family!

  113. Julie Jacobs Deitering via FB


    Thanks so much for sharing this! Pure Joy!

  114. Kristen N' Jay-Jay via FB


    Congratulations on Levi! What a beautiful family you have :-)

  115. This is so beautiful and moving I had tears rolling down my face . <3

  116. Erica Newton Penton via FB


    So beautiful!!!!

  117. Jonathan Jesse Danson via FB


    Incredible! Makes me want to have another one! Thank you for sharing!

  118. Lois Schultz via FB


    Just beautiful.

  119. Shelly Southerland via FB


    He’s beautiful! Congratulations :)

  120. Karen Viteri via FB


    Beautiful! A love story of a beautiful family! Couldn’t get through all of it without crying :)

  121. Amanda Kaye via FB


    I see no video link just pictures and an article. :(

  122. Janet Christine Fuller via FB


    That is a beautiful video and what a wonderful memory and keep sake. Congratulations to you all xoxo

  123. Amanda Marie Fenske via FB


    He’s gorgeous!!! You look great…so strong. Ps- you have a beautiful home!

  124. Michelle Beasley via FB


    So beautiful congratulations :)

  125. Gina Campbell via FB


    awww…he was so super chill! loved it…the tears rolled down around minute 2

  126. Kimlyn Powers via FB


    Love, love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. thanks for sharing

  127. Julie says:

    Wow, this was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

  128. Melissa Rice Candelas here’s the super cool blog I was telling you about

  129. lynn


    this is…beautiful :’) !

  130. Shalonne Werthessen Halstead via FB


    Beautiful! Made me blubber and wish for more babies :)

  131. Danielle Hettinger Morales via FB


    I just gave birth last night so this made me totally weepy.

  132. Amber McKenzie Poindexter via FB


    Amazing video!

  133. Kathy Morgan via FB


    So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Especially when your little girl was rubbing your back. Thanks so much for sharing

  134. Karissa Michaelson Coble via FB


    So precious! Thank you for sharing.

  135. Love this. Thank you for sharing :)

  136. Myra


    What a blessing! Thank you for sharing this with us. The beauty of it all brought tears to my eyes.

  137. Oh my Goodness. This is beautiful. Congratulations!

  138. Precious Love! Congratulations to all of you! <3

  139. Tanya Vishnevsky via FB


    So beautiful!

  140. Loriel says:

    this is simply so beautiful.. I bawled my eyes out watching this. Thank you for letting us into your lives!

  141. Absolutely awesome… Thanks for sharing your family with us…..

  142. Ashley Langley via FB


    What is the name of that song…so beautiful

  143. Sloane


    What a beautiful video! Seeing Katie comfort you during labor and later helping out with Baby Levi made me tear up majorly. What a sweet girl she is!

  144. Bonita Stiggins via FB


    Absolutely Beautiful

  145. A beautiful family, God Bless.

  146. Kristi Leary via FB


    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.

  147. Michelle Kahclamat via FB


    So beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us!!

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    So so precious and beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  149. Dan Moit via FB


    “I wanna get in!” That was a fantastic response.

  150. Kristin Genev via FB



  151. Stefani Kanz via FB


    Thank you for sharing your precious story. What a blessing. God has given you a beautiful family!

  152. Kristin Mize via FB


    Thank you for sharing your lovely family. What a beautiful memory.

  153. Erika Kersey-Carrell via FB


    Beautiful! Such a precious family

  154. That is beautiful!!! What a fabulous loving family you have.

  155. @Wanda – He was born on Nov 21st. It took a little time to edit the film to PG status :)

  156. Amy Evers via FB


    Beautiful, thanks for sharing! I don’t think I could do a home birth with everyone around, I’d be too worried what my other child would be getting into, etc.

  157. Pamela Thompson Buettner via FB



  158. Facebook is not letting me tag right now but for those of you who are having trouble viewing the video it’s most likely due to a compatibility issue with your phone/mobile device. You might try accessing it directly:

  159. Isabelle Goyer via FB


    Thank You <3

  160. Melia


    Wow, so beautiful! Loved this video so much, I too was teary eyed. The song at the end was so perfect, loved it!

  161. Kelly Kott via FB



  162. Dahlena


    This is so incredibly sweet. Little Katie’s excitement brought tears to my eyes – she reminds me of my Anastasia. Big sisters are such a gift. =) Thank you for sharing this with us!

  163. Jennifer Young Harvey via FB


    Thank you for sharing

  164. Emily Guthmiller Pselos via FB


    AWESOME!! Thanks so much for sharing and congrats again! <3

  165. Mae Burke Photography – <3

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  168. Naya Daily via FB


    so so beautiful and peaceful! Thanks for sharing!

  169. Erin


    What cherished memories! This is just beautiful!

  170. Amber says:

    Beautiful baby, beautiful story, beautiful family! What is the name of the song at the end of the YouTube video? I love it.

  171. Gosia Gagliano via FB



  172. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I have 4 children and all born in a hospital, knowing what I know now I would choose a home/water birth in a heart beat!

  173. Amanda Colo via FB


    I just bawled! My little girl is due in a few weeks and this got me so emotional!

  174. Kelly Ramos via FB


    Thank you for sharing such a personal and incredibly beautiful moment in your family. I could not get through it without tearing up <3

  175. Françoise Twinkle Shewry via FB


    This is so stunning, thank you! X

  176. This is so beautiful.. Baby fever is creeping up for our # 3 :)

  177. Cindy Lou Jatras via FB


    Beautiful! I cried. Thanks for sharing this beautiful glimpse into your life with us…

  178. BillandTara Maxey via FB


    So beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! Tears are flowing. <3

  179. This is beautiful! I cried. I can’t wait to hold my little lady in 8 weeks

  180. Crystal Knox via FB


    That was so beautifully put together

  181. Tristan Service via FB


    Beautiful…just beautiful!! Annie you need to watch this!

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    This is the most beautiful video ever – thanks for sharing!

  183. Melissa


    aww, so nice. great music too.

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    I love this, thank you for sharing.

  185. Aislynn Batterberry via FB


    Loved this

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    Your children are so sweet!

  187. Tia Marie Chandler via FB


    Beautiful, I loved this. It was so nice to watch, as it mimicked my littlest girl’s birth sooo much ❤️

  188. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Your daughters reaction after Levi was born made me burst into tears it was so beautiful. Makes me so excited for us to become a family of 4 in March!

  189. What a beautiful video! the music is just lovely, as is your family! Thanks for sharing!

  190. Liz


    Loved it! Loved it all… And I really enjoyed the fork in the table trip by your middle boy. So fun.

  191. Your so right Casey simply Beautiful…….

  192. Amanda Kaye via FB


    Thank you for posting the YouTube version. Wow I’m speechless. How amazing! This is so special that you have this to watch years and years in the future. I love how your daughter just jumped right in the pool to get close to her baby brother, how very sweet.

  193. Angie Prentice via FB


    Wonderful :) thank you so much for sharing with us all, you have three beautiful children xx

  194. What a wonderful family….I watched this with my daughter and couldn’t stop the happy tears! Does anyone know who sings that song in the birthing video?

  195. Thank you so much for sharing! This was beautiful!!!!!! I just cried and cried. What a beautiful family God has Blessed you with❤️

  196. Denise


    Simply beautiful, precious, and a blessing. Thank you for sharing. Brought me to tears. :)

  197. Montse Velasco via FB


    Oh, I cried! Hahaha Congratulations!

  198. Laura Neill via FB


    what a happy family

  199. Thank you for sharing. That was so beautiful. What a sweet and precious family you have!

  200. What a beautiful family and video! Thanks for sharing!

  201. L. Michelle Smith via FB


    That was so awesome! Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations!

  202. Michelle Halpin via FB


    Wow, my heart swells for you and your family. So beautiful, congrats

  203. Daniel Dessinger via FB


    If you’re on a smartphone and can’t get the video to work, here’s the direct link to YouTube ->

  204. Tears streaming down my face as I watch this. SO BEAUTIFUL. And my ovaries are pinging as I type!x

  205. Ronit Sniter via FB


    So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  206. Beautiful! Your family is lovely!

  207. Narelle Wales via FB


    So beautiful

  208. Koreen Novak via FB

    says:’s so hard to believe that my 12 and 15 yr old boys were ever that little!!!…great job mama

  209. Misty Wohler via FB


    So beautiful!

  210. Carol Tillyer via FB


    What a beautiful video of welcoming the new member in your family. Thank you for sharing.

  211. Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing it today, just what I needed.

  212. I love this!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!

  213. Karrie Ingram via FB


    What a wonderfully special story! Congratulations!

  214. Cathy Strine via FB


    Hands down, this is the very most beautiful video ever made. I am an emotional mess and happy for it. Much Love.

  215. jessica


    What a beautiful video. It brought tears to my eyes. So so sweet!

  216. Susan Bergeron-Polk via FB



  217. Sheila


    Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing God bless your beautiful family.

  218. Mary Neill Schuytema via FB


    I had a homebirth with my youngest. One of the best things about the experience for me is that my other child will never be afraid of the birthing experience, and these children won’t either. It’s a beautiful gift.

  219. Melissa Cocola via FB


    Made me cry. Just beautiful :)

  220. Gemma MacFarlane via FB


    Tears. Thank you for sharing.

  221. Susie says:

    Thank you♡ Thank you♡ This is the most stunningly beautiful and precious ♡LOVE-ing story I have seen in a looooooong time. Oh the synchronicity and serendipity…..
    I have just 5 minutes ago written a post about welcoming ourselves and others as “an adored baby”… it is our job to welcome ourselves daily with that ♡LOVE-ing regard as well as those around us….and this shows up next on my page!!! :D…..
    Besides the miracle of the birth I am touched and grateful for the story of all your family welcoming your little potami… you have prepared for and do that is as important as the birth…..what a wonderful familypotamus you are…..♡

  222. That was absolutely beautiful! Beautiful family!

  223. beautiful testimony to natural childbirth, thanks for sharing.

  224. Thank you to a new generation of young mothers like yourself who are courageously living life bodly, honestly and sometimes making yourselves vulnerable so we can all get glimpses of what is meant by life lived with dignity, honor and cherished by God. My heart was once again enlarged.

  225. Jessica Garrison via FB


    Absolutely amazing! Breath taking

  226. Heather, thank you so much for sharing your intimate family moments. Absolutely beautiful. <3

  227. Jaci


    So amazing, and beautiful.

  228. thank was soooo sweet! thank you for sharing :-)

  229. So touching! Thank u for sharing! What a beautiful family, your very blessed!

  230. Christina


    Thank you for sharing such intimate moments. Your daughter seems as protective as any mother! This video made me sigh with happiness. I wish you every joy with your family in 2014.

  231. Emily


    Still crying. Life is so incredible. <3

  232. Kathryn


    That was amazing!

  233. So awesome, thanks for sharing…..

  234. Shani


    Thank you for sharing this! It is simply beautiful! We watched together as a family as we are preparing for our fourth child, but first home birth.

  235. Kiki


    So wonderful! I love it!!!

  236. Jackie St via FB


    Beautiful. I sent to my sister…she is 5 months pregnant. Tks for sharing. God bless you and your family.

  237. Samantha G


    Simply amazing. A beautiful family.

  238. Melodie says:

    Congrats Heather, Levi is gorgeous. I haven’t been in blog land for a number of years now and didn’t even know you were pregnant but wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful family. It’s nice to see everyone so happy and healthy. Your old blog friend, Melodie :)

    • Heather says:

      Hi Melodie, so good to “see” you around here again! I still pop by your page every once in awhile just to connect, but everyone’s always got such great answers to the questions you post I’m useless :)

  239. Kelley


    Thanks so much for sharing. I’m curious about the red welt-looking marks on Levi a few days after his birth and the redness on his arms and stomach. Was it a skin reaction or just his body adjusting to his surroundings?

  240. Leah


    What gorgeous photos. I love your video too. So utterly beautiful. Tears!

  241. Christina Michelle via FB


    This is beautiful

  242. Jacklyn


    Thank you so much for sharing. It is so very beautiful. This is the way I wish every child could be brought into the world.

  243. Toni


    Beautiful! I would love to do the water birth, Did it seem like it made a big difference? My 2 labors were pretty easy hospital births, one with pitocin due to water breaking and no contractions with one shot of nubane and for the second birth natural with all typical hospital stuff following. When midwives do home births does the baby have any of the blood or other typical hospital tests/procedures done? Who sings the songs in the video they are so pretty?

    • Heather says:

      YES, the water made a huge difference for me! Yes, babies still have genetic testing if state law requires it. Other tests are done as well if the client wants them. I’m not sure about the song, though. So sorry!

  244. Thank you for sharing your family’s most precious moments with us! I love the photos so much, esp. the 3 children snuggling together…It was so wonderful to watch your young family, I don’t know where the time has gone with my own little ones. Time should linger just a bit when they are little…!

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    This is so beautiful, and the way it should be done, whenever possible! Thank you for sharing!

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    Thought this was crazy the babies name is yours & your daughters :-) Levi Smith

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    Your family is incredibly gorgeous. Your children are beautiful. Levi looks so healthy and alert. This video warms and melts my heart on a cold day. I’ll never be able to have a birth like this but I’m sure your video and story will inspire lots of people. Happy New Year to you all!

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    Beautiful family. Those kids and mama can I just say you are stunning.

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    Brings back memories,Thanx!

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  254. Emily says:

    This is absolutely precious. I’m 9 weeks pregnant, due in August, and this video makes me so excited for labor! I know it will be hard (this is my first, so of course I don’t know how hard…) but I will have a precious child to hold and feed and love after it’s over. Seeing your sweet boy stretching and sucking on his hand gave me chills. Children are such gifts!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  255. B.b. Gunz via FB


    That was the best thing i’ve seen to start off my year :) Beautiful birth, beautiful family, congrats

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    Beautiful video! And you look ridiculously fabulous during labor & delivery. Congratulations!

  257. Brooke


    Beautiful video! And you look ridiculously fabulous during labor & delivery. Congratulations!

  258. Thank you for sharing your birth with us! I wish more soon to be mamas (esp first time mamas) saw more positive natural childbirth (and home birth) experiences! I hope it is ok for me to share this on my page – I have four patients who are moments to days away from delivering their first child!

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  260. Julie Turner via FB


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  263. Awesome vid!! I showed Harper and Ellie and they go: “Dad, we want a baby like that!!” and they both go: “Can we go see them!?!” Sooooo, I think a trip to Tennessee is in our future! Miss you guys and are so proud and happy for you as you add to your amazing family and continue down the path the Father is leading you. Love you.

  264. Marsha Smith


    If anyone would wonder or even notice that you had a blotchy face they should have their head examined! This is what childbirth should be like! Doctors have turned pregnancy into a disease because of malpractice insurance laws. And I bet your daughter will have some interesting stories to share when she goes to show & tell!

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    One of the most beautiful videos I’ve seen! I’ve been blessed to witness the births of several of my grandchildren, of which 2 were home births, and this video of your birth made me tear up and smile. I could feel the love, peace and joy surrounding you and your family. Congratulations!

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    Beautiful and inspirational! I got only a few pictures at my son’s birth, but video – what a precious way to remember those very first moments!
    So so very beautiful!
    If my phone had enough coverage to play the video all the way through without stopping to load every 10 seconds I’d have been crying!

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  271. Jim BobandCindy Haggerton – Yay! We would love to see you guys!

  272. So beautiful! Your daughter will certainly grow up knowing that birth is a beautiful and natural event! I love that she wanted in :) I love birth! I have not had homebirths but have had all natural births in a hospital. Been blessed to have great drs and nurses who have supported me in that! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

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    Wow this is an incredibly beautiful video. Thank you so much for sharing. Your daughters reaction when the baby was born was so precious I couldn’t hold the tears back.

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  286. So precious! Loved the video. This is one I will definitely share with my girls. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your family.

  287. Erin P.


    Did you listen to music in the background while laboring? What did you choose to have playing? We are planning to have our first baby in our living room in less than 3 wks and I’m trying to think about what I want to be listening to. The one song I do plan on is “Oceans” by Hillsong United!!!
    Thanks, Erin

  288. linda says:

    ty for sharing your precious birth of your son Levi

    I Am a birth keeper here living in New Hartford NY

    The sheer beauty of welcoming a new soul w such careful loving attention brings up emotions of pecae joy gratitiude yearning longing

    loving blessing from my heart to yours

  289. April L


    That was so beautiful- it makes me want another one – ha ha
    you have a beautiful family

  290. Rachel in Oklahoma


    Aww, they change so soon! Mine was born the 11th of Nov.– they lose that “new-born” look so quickly. Makes me a little sad for you that your labors are so long and difficult (mine are fast and furious, no time to set up a pool!) Good job for hanging in there and seeing it through, mama! You have a BEAUTIFUL baby!! Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Beautiful. Made me cry. Brought me back to my own sons birth. Totally emotional. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your joy!

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  293. Congratulations! What a beautiful blessing from God. Thank you for sharing his birth with us. Praying for you all for a New Year with continued health, love, joy and peace in Him. Blessings, Kelly

  294. Laura


    Absolutely beautiful…made me cry tears of joy for you and your family. You are teaching your children to not be afraid of the so very natural aspects of being a human being. Congratulations on doing such a wonderful thing so very well…we need more people like you in this world.

  295. Jodie


    So beautiful!
    Welcome to the world Levi.

  296. Stephanie


    Simply lovely. What an amazing visual journey of family. Thank you for sharing!

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    That was the most beautiful amazing thing I have seen! I cried, I loved it, especially when Katie jumped in the pool with you. Congratulations! You look exactly the same as junior high and high school… Well except for the boobs. : ). I a, so happy for you and your family!

  298. Christa


    this is my absolutely favorite video and post,,,,it was such a precious and beautiful experience to watch,,,I so wish my children’s birth had been so very calm and natural. I admire all you do and how you are such a amazing woman and blogger and mother. Thank you for sharing your most personal and intimate moments with us!

  299. Maria


    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing your birth and family with us. Your children are so blessed with such a wonderful momma and poppa and such wonderful family and friends. You are doing a beautiful job with them. If I had been more knowledgeable when my first child was born (over 17 years ago) I would have definitely gone with the water birth and midwife/doula. Congrats.

  300. Beautiful film! Thanks so much for sharing.

  301. Jeanmarie


    I found this incredibly moving. Surely no little brother was more lovingly anticipated by his siblings than Levi. What a treasure this video will be to him and your whole family through the years.

  302. Caren


    How precious. <3 Beautiful video thank you for sharing and congratulations.

  303. Natalie


    ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing!

  304. Coryann


    (long message) I just wanted to say that was so amazing and beautiful. Thats how I wanted my birth to go. I currently am in the military and have no options other than no epidual. My first birth was nothing like I had planned, I could not even have a birth plan. I currently am 15 weeks and plan t odo my best with at least all natural. But I have been getting so nervous because my husband and I are so busy and attched to work that we really have been unable to connect with this little one growing inside me. But watching your video has re affirmed what I wish I could have and has given me that “push” I needed to remeber to connect, do yoga, and the most I can do hypnobirthing. When my husband gets home I will have him watch the video as well and I know that will start us on the path to having the pregnancy we have dreamed about, or at least close as we can get. Thank you for sharing all that you do, it helps :)

  305. This was so beautiful and meaningful to me. I am entering my seventh month with my first pregnancy and trying to mentally prepare for a home water birth. While I am elated to have the choice and am feeling more confident every day that I can deliver my child without interventions, birth stories that this mean so so much to me.
    Thank you!

  306. […] Levi was born three months ago – here’s my birth film if you missed it, and here’s his story: A Frog, A Polar Bear And A Bullseye On My […]

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    BEAUTIFUL!! Made me cry, too! You have a beautiful family :)

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    That was so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  311. Kiki


    I love this video! Levi is so precious!! I love that Katie and Micah are included and were able to be part of the special day. So sweet!

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