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Link Love From The Mommypotamus

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I’m in the stacks today researching for future posts. In the meantime, check out these fabulous posts:

The Undervalued Therapeutic Power of Rest

If you think you might POSSIBLY ever have another baby read this (including comments) first!

We live in a culture that has no value or respect for rest. If you’re resting, you’re lazy and incorrigible. We have been raised on Tampax ads that say “Go play tennis, golf and volleyball when you’re having your moon time. An active woman is an attractive woman.” I love the Orthodox Jewish practice of giving women a bed of their own from when their period starts to 12 days later and arranging a complete day of rest from all household duties on Saturday. We would all be well advised to adopt these customs.

More at Gloria Lemay

How To Buy Real Food – 8 Helpful Guides

Since my egg farmer stopped delivering a couple months ago (he lives 2 hours away) our family has eaten A LOT of oatmeal for breakfast. This week a desperate craving for scrambled eggs this week drove me to pick up some organic “free range” eggs at my local farmers market. I had a feeling something wasn’t right, though, so I called the farm they came from and found out they are neither organic nor free range. They are factory farmed, full of GMOs and still sitting in my fridge untouched. The sad fact is,  these days it requires some detective work to eat healthy. Although farmers markets are a great place to shop, consumers still need to be careful. Here’s the best guide I have read on sourcing good ingredients:

Our modern food system is full of complexities, regulations, and corporate influences. How do we get to the truth of our food? The following eight guides will give you a strong knowledge base to make the best choices for how to buy real food.

Consumers need to be their own advocates.  In a transparent food system produce would include its list of accompanying pesticides, animal products like eggs, dairy, and meats would label how animals are raised, treated and fed, and processed foods would have truth in labeling.

This kind of transparency does not exist in our food system. Hidden ingredients and poor production methods have powerful impacts on our health- especially children and their developing bodies- and the environment.

Check out Real Food Digest for Part 1 and Part 2

Cry It Out: 10 Reasons Why It’s Not For Us

Here’s a broad, research-based overview of the effects of the CIO method:

Science has shown that stress in infancy can result in enduring negative impacts on the brain. Prolonged cries in infants causes increased blood pressure in the brain, elevates stress hormones, obstructs blood from draining out of the brain, and decreases oxygenation to the brain. Excessive crying results in an oversensitive stress system (likened to a faulty burglar alarm in one book) that can lead to a fear of being alone, separation anxiety, panic attacks and addictions. Harvard researchers found that it makes them more susceptible to stress as adults and changes the nervous system so that they are overly sensitive to future trauma.

Read more at PhD in Parenting

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19 Responses to Link Love From The Mommypotamus

  1. Cara says:

    CIO isn’t for us either. I am so glad I didn’t listen when I was told that I had to or my baby would never learn to sleep on their own. My 4yo sleeps on her own, my 2yo is in our bed about half the time, but he isn’t weaned yet either and I don’t mind that he’s there. They’re only little for so long!

  2. latisha says:

    oh mama. loving every single one of these today. going to schedule time for a yummy herbal bath this evening. thank you as always. p.s. i am soo impressed you keep delivering awesome posts. impressed and inspired.

  3. Vivian says:

    I appreciated the anti-CIO link, and sent it to my daughter who is a Cognitive Sciences major (which is an interdisciplinary degree in neuroscience/linguistics/cognitive psychology/computer sci) knowing she would find it interesting because of the Cognitive Psychology reference. She promptly sent me this email back:

    “I think it sounds like a REALLY bad plan to assume your baby is an evil mastermind. Just seems a Liiiiitle bit off to me. Glad you picked us up and loved on us,

    I can speak from experience with my grown children, that attached babies grow up into delightful adults. Hang in there. Love your babies. Enjoy your children. You will bless them and yourself!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for the links…and the egg info. Are they from the NRH Farmers’ Market? I am assuming they are. Guess I need to get my behind back on out to Cleburne.

    • Heather says:

      Yes, and this is the whole story: I have been told when I shopped there before that they bought their eggs from Mahard Farm in Prosper, Texas and that they were free-range. I think they also said they were organic but I can’t be sure. Anyway, we’re sure that was the farm mentioned because my mom remembers when the cartons were stamped with their name back in the day. When I bought my eggs I asked a lady if they were free-range organic. She nodded her head yes and said “Yes they’re the same eggs we’ve always carried from Prosper, Texas. Free range.

      “Organic?” I added. She nodded her head but didn’t say anything. So I called Mayhard and they are neither free-range nor organic. I called the NRH farmers market and complained. The owner tells me they don’t buy from Mayhard. He now buys from “a guy at the Dallas Farmers Market” that “says they are free range” but he doesn’t know the name of the farm and he’s never been there. To be honest, I just don’t believe him.

      • Stephanie says:

        Well, that is a bit disturbing. And disappointing. I won’t be returning there.

        You are right, it shouldn’t be this hard to buy healthy food. And how hard is it to be honest?

        Thanks for doing the leg work, Heather.

  5. Vivian says:

    Heather, I want to have a cool photo and not be stuck with gray outline guy. :-/ How do you get a picture with your comment? Or is that a question for Daddypotamus…

  6. margo says:

    I had the same ? as Vivian. The webpage is
    I couldn’t find it using the www. Just wanted to pass that along.
    Thanks so much! I am now addicted to your blog & leaning more and more to the “that mom” side.
    I was already going that direction but reading your blog and others make me want to be more of “that mom”.

  7. margo says:

    okay now checking to see if it works.

  8. margo says:

    okay, one more try. Sorry

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