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Opinions . . .  what a can of worms! Below are some articles from women full of opinions. I don’t agree with everything they say, but they sure did make me think!

Designer Babies, Designer God

A mother of four paints a disturbing picture of how advanced prenatal testing could lead to unintended consequences.

This morning I read this article about a pregnant woman who, upon discovering that one of her twins had Down Syndrome, scheduled an abortion. Only problem was that the doctor aborted the wrong twin. The healthy, wanted baby was killed instead of the undesirable, imperfect baby. Upon discovering the mistake, the mother rectified the situation by aborting the “right” baby. And then there were none.

Read more at It’s Almost Naptime.

You Crazy

A lighthearted look at being a counter-culture mom. I found her “top reasons people think I’m crazy and/or hate me” quite entertaining:

  • I like the Twilight series.  Love me anyway?
  • We want to adopt an inter-racial child.
  • We don’t drink tap water.  Fluoride is not your friend.
  • I use mostly organic products or fragrance or chemical “free” products because of how sick we get otherwise.
  • I think environmental issues like reducing waste and cleaning our air are important only because I think we’re stewards of this world.  Not because I believe in global warming.

Read more at To Think is To Create.

Warning About Manufactured DHA/ARA In Infant Formula

We all know by now that DHA and ARA are vital to a baby’s brain development, right? We see the commercials touting formulas “now with DHA and ARA.” But could these additives be more harmful than beneficial? Some researchers think so.

“It’s true that DHA and ARA are important nutrients for developing infants, that’s why they’re found in human breast milk. But we have also seen that some infants are experiencing side effects like diarrhea from consuming the manufactured DHA and ARA oils in formula,” says Jimi Francis, Ph.D., a biochemist specializing in DHA in infant nutrition at the Allie M. Lee Laboratory for Omega-3 Research at the University of Nevada at Reno.”

Persistent, long-term diarrhea in infants is “considered a serious and life-threatening medical episode,” the article says. Charlotte Vallaeys, Farm and Food Policy Analyst with the Cornucopia Institute, adds that:

“We investigated how a toxic chemical is used as processing agents in the manufacturing process, the inadequate testing for safety, and most importantly, how some infants are experiencing serious adverse reactions from consuming formula supplemented with these oils”

Read more at Cornucopia.

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  1. DanielthePoet says:

    That middle photo gave me the heeby jeebies.

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