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Well, hello! As you read this I am probably leafing through a brand-new baby/toddler cookbook that I plan to review and give away soon. In the meantime, I have a couple of interesting and informative reading recommendations just for YOU (if you are the kind of person that likes babies and butter).

Baby Seats . . . What works and what HURTS

Do you have a Bumbo seat? Or maybe a Jumparoo or Exersaucer? I’ll admit it, we put Katie in an exersaucer until my good friend and chiropractor, Dr. Jim Bob Haggerton, told me I am an idiot. Okay, he didn’t actually call me an idiot, but Dr. Haggerton is the kind of person that tells people when they have a booger hanging out of their nose because he would want someone to tell him. So, if you meet him, WATCH OUT. He’ll probably educate you and make your life better, because that’s what he would want ; – ) He’s hilarious (think Patch Adams), well-versed in nutrition (a true Nourishing Traditions advocate), and best of all, he’s a dad (no pie in the sky advice).

He recently started a blog and so far every post has been well worth reading. But back to this particular post: If you’ve never heard about the neurological effects of using these baby items before you’re not alone. However, according to Dr. Haggerton, putting a child in a seat that allows them to sit, stand, walk or jump before they are able to do these things on their own causes them to bypass crucial developmental mini-milestones. When these milestones are missed a child’s spine may not develop properly. He also says:

The reason these seats are so popular is that they are a convenient way for the parents to strap their baby down and keep them in one place so that they can get things done around the house.  I get that, I really do, but at the risk of damaging their pelvis, put a blanket on the floor and throw some toys down around them!  Neurological development is really really important and the order in which a baby learns to lay, sit, crawl, and walk is equally as important.  By bypassing this order of development, you are setting your child up for other developmental issues later in life.

Read the full article (and some more!) at Lifetime Family Wellness Center

Want to Increase Your Metabolism? Eat More Butter!

Matt Stone of 180DegreeHealth is offering a FREE ebook on raising metabolism using real, nourishing food (and lots of it!) Although I haven’t read it yet (I just signed up), I was very intrigued by one particular study he mentions:

Stephan Guyenet of  writes:

Susceptible strains of rodents fed high-fat diets overeat, gain fat and become profoundly insulin resistant. Dr. Jianping Ye’s group recently published a paper showing that the harmful metabolic effects of a high-fat diet (lard and soybean oil) on mice can be prevented, and even reversed, using a short-chain saturated fatty acid called butyric acid (hereafter, butyrate).

The butyrate-fed mice remained lean and avoided metabolic problems. Butyrate increased their energy expenditure by increasing body heat production and modestly increasing physical activity. It also massively increased the function of their mitochondria, the tiny power plants of the cell.

Butyrate lowered their blood cholesterol by approximately 25 percent, and their triglycerides by nearly 50 percent. It lowered their fasting insulin by nearly 50 percent, and increased their insulin sensitivity by nearly 300 percent. The investigators concluded:

Butyrate and its derivatives may have potential application in the prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome in humans.’

[Note from CHEESESLAVE: Butter is the very best source of butyrate.]

To read more or sign up for the free ebook, visit Matt’s guest post on

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4 Responses to Link Love From The Mommypotamus

  1. Esther says:

    I’m embracing the “eat fat, lose fat” concept more and more every day. The pregnancy baby weight is coming off as I enjoy generous amounts of saturated fats (butter, animal fats, etc), cheese, coconut oil, whole raw milk, etc…mmm!
    Speaking of butter, Tropical Traditions has a special until Sunday:

    • Heather says:

      Thanks, Esther. That butter looks good. I think I am going to price compare with Organic Valley Pastured Butter and may place an order!

  2. Joanna Moore says:

    how interesting! so, most people that are trying to lose weight totally skip out on butter, which would actually help them!

    • Heather says:

      So true, Joanna. When I first had Katie and still had all my baby weight I consumed a large bottle of olive oil and copious amounts of butter almost every week. The baby weight came off despite what people said!

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