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Link Love

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On today’s menu are three links, served piping hot. Only, I need you to tell me what the last link is because my laptop lost power and erased all my tabs. Watcha got?

How to Avoid Dangerously Genetically Modified Foods

A MUST read on the health dangers of GM foods complete with photos of rat testicles! You know you want to look now!!! :)

Check it out at Real Food Digest

Prominent vegan advocate: “I was wrong about veganism.”


“This will not be an easy column to write. I am about to put down 1,200 words in support of a book that starts by attacking me and often returns to this sport. But it has persuaded me that I was wrong. More to the point, it has opened my eyes to some fascinating complexities in what seemed to be a black and white case.”

Read the original post or the above analysis at Hunter Gatherer

Happy Monday!!!

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12 Responses to Link Love

  1. Lisa Rose via Facebook says:

    Thanks for linking to my post!

  2. All your links look like you got them right! =) Wow this is incredibly interesting and eye-opening.

  3. Absolutely! It was incredibly well done . . . wish I had written it myself!

  4. Rachael says:

    Interesting article about the GMO foods…when I was 12 (in 1996) I started having stomach issues. When I was 17 I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease due to the damage in my small intestine. After years of basically being on a grain free diet (and I’ve never liked soy products), I was perfectly fine. 3 years ago I had blood tests done for Celiac, and they were negative…meaning I never had it in the first place. I’d be willing to bet GMO foods played a big role in all this.

    • Heather says:

      Rachael – I had an almost identical experience! I didn’t go off of grains but switched to traditionally prepared organic grains and have been fine ever since. Thank you for sharing!

      • Rachael says:

        Celiac diet calls for everything to be gluten free…and where I lived, the supply of such foods was limited, and tasted AWFUL…so I just went without grains. :) Incidentally a lot of meat made me sick within about 12 hours of consumption when I was younger, which makes sense if they were being fed GMO diets. I was 5 out of 6 kids, so when we ate out we went cheap…and every time we went to Burger King, I’d be throwing up that night. My parents eventually stopped making me eat things I knew would make me sick. :) The body knows what it needs..or rather, what it DOESN’T need. :D)

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