DIY Organic Beauty Recipes E-Book

50+ All-Natural, Toxin-Free Recipes That Really Work

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In This DIY Beauty e-Book, You’ll Learn How To. . .

  • Make your own shampoo, conditioners, lotions, deodorant and assorted DIY beauty products
  • Whiten your teeth naturally without harsh chemicals like coal tar, fluoride, aspartame, aluminum and benzene
  • Use natural preservatives, make sure your skin and hair remain PH balanced, and formulate products that are safe for small children

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 NOTE: This is a digital e-book, not a print book. DIY Beauty E-Book currently available for download in PDF Format. 

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I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds and of dollars (Shh! Don’t tell the hubs!) testing DIY beauty recipes I found on Pinterest, websites and in beauty books. It’s surprising how many simply don’t work. They seem plausible. There’s no obvious reason they wouldn’t work . . . and yet the finished product is disappointing or even flat out unusable.

Take this lip/cheek tint, for example. Though most recipes call for butters and waxes as the base for a tint like this, these mediums can’t hold the vibrancy of this color – they turn light pink and become nearly invisible as they cool. Fortunately after many failed tests I finally figured out how to preserve the deep, jewel tones and now you can make it right the first time!

Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint

Beetroot Lip & Cheek Tint

 Why Choose This e-Book Instead of Free Recipes?

There are some great DIY beauty recipes out there that work really well . . . and some that don’t! Unfortunately it’s impossible to know which it will be ahead of time and it’s always a bummer to have to throw out failed attempts made with fantastic ingredients. Each recipe in this book has been tested over and over to ensure consistent results.

Also, I’ve worked hard to formulate products that will allow you to keep your refrigerator free from the clutter of ultra-perishable beauty products. Though these recipes are not infused with toxic preservatives that will make them last for years on end like those three year-old fast food burgers we’ve seen, most will stay fresh for months at a time. Not only does this cut down on time spent preparing each item since you don’t have to make small batches every week, it also saves you money and cuts down on waste.

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Bonus DIY Beauty Video Tutorials

Some things are just easier if you can watch someone else do it first.

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That’s why you’ll get access to exclusive video tutorials for several recipes, including:

  • White chocolate mint lotions bars
  • Whipped body butter
  • Lotion bars
  • Eye makeup remover
  • Gently lathering bar soap

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Want a Sneak Peek Inside?

Here you can catch a sneak peek at a few of my favorite recipes from the DIY Beauty Recipes e-book. They look good enough to eat, and while some ARE edible you’ll want to experience these goodies on the outside!

         Cinnamon & Vanilla Winter Scrub

Sweet Orange & Honey Shampoo

This one is a personal favorite. It smells oh-so-delightful and leaves hair soft, shiny and gunk-free!

Homemade Bronzer

Cinnamon & Clove Herbal Tooth Powder

Both whitens and cleans, while leaving your mouth feeling wonderfully fresh!

African Black Soap Shampoo


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  • A chance to craft amazing homemade, holiday gifts for friends and family you can know their bodies will enjoy!

A one-time only payment $24.95 empowers you to create a lifetime of natural beauty products. 

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