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My First Guest Post & An Update

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Hey everyone. I’m guest posting over at Code Name Mama today on the Joys of Breastfeeding a Toddler. Please go check it out!

Update on Us

I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words yesterday. People say you shouldn’t give advice to those going through a difficult time. They say you should just listen. I say they don’t know YOU!

From practical stuff like the Home Depot gift card incentive to offers to help and words of understanding and encouragement, I was overwhelmed by your love. So here’s the update:

I am officially in nesting mode. Our amazing friends Jim Bob and Cindy stopped by and helped us move our king-sized bed (which we’ve been storing in the garage) into our teeny tiny bedroom. Our little co-sleeping family has been cramped for way too long. Since it’s at most three weeks until we have another little one in the co-sleeper beside us it makes sense that we at least stop waking each other up in the night. That will be the baby’s job.

Also, we had a showing yesterday. The realtor commented that our house was beautifully updated but that the rooms were too small. Eeek!!! Did I mention that we also moved our queen bed into one of the secondary bedrooms as a backup for when I need to be up with the baby? People thought they looked small before, so what will they think now? Do any of you know any optical illusions for making a room look bigger? Seriously, I’m really asking. Alexa??? Anyone???

Saturday is fun with Katie day!!!

I had hoped to plan several special times with our little girl in the weeks before the birth, but more often than not she has been shuffled around between family members as we prep for showings, negotiate, sign paperwork, etc. This Saturday we hope to ride the train to Dallas for a day at the Aquarium and whatever else we can drum up. Any suggestions for great stuff to do in Dallas with a toddler?

Babypotamus isn’t showing any signs of warming up for birth yet, so next week I’m planning to do the giveaway I mentioned. See you then!

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7 Responses to My First Guest Post & An Update

  1. Julie says:

    So glad you are feeling better today! I don’t really have anything to offer on creating optical illusions to make a small space look bigger, other than buying furniture at IKEA (which I have *never* done, yeah right!), but I did have some other thoughts for you on marketing your house to the right buyer, if that would be useful to you. And if not, feel free to ignore me. :)

    It sounds like your house is in great condition, just small. Can it be expanded any? Do you have much land around it so someone could add another room? Or is it one-story, so that someone could possibly add a second story? If you did a quick check on the zoning to make certain that expanding the square footage of the house is permissible, then you could advertise it something like, “small house in great shape with great potential to be expanded into your dream home.” Whoever bought it and expanded it could later sell it at a nice profit. And those people will not care that it’s small. I’m also assuming you don’t have a Homeowner’s Association, but if you do, definitely check with them first. If you do decide to go this route, advertising on Craigslist is a must, if you’re not already doing so. Good luck!!!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Julie! I don’t know what kind of deals you’re structuring these days but I do know one thing: Your clients are in good hands!!!

  2. Melinda says:

    So glad you’re feeling better!!

    You’re in luck as I’m a professional organizer and do have some tricks of optical illusion! Since I haven’t seen the space I can’t give specifics but here are some good general ideas. Think clean, simple and clutter free. Remove or hide anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. For bedding, chose a solid, light color so things can blend. Something like a light blue or silvery bedspread and possibly a white blanket folded across the end of the bed. Light sheer draperies also create a feeling of openness. As long as your neighbors can’t see in! Obviously if those don’t go with the walls, then don’t. But you want to go in the direction of soothing, coordinated colors that are unobtrusive.

    As far as Dallas options, my best friend has small twins and they love the Arboretum. Have a fabulous weekend with your little one!

  3. Mae says:

    So I went and read your guest post.
    I was really, really scared of leaving a comment there amongst the “you go girl”ings, but I wanted you to know that while this is probably the worst time in the history of time for me to read that, and it made me feel like a selfish jerk-face…I’m really glad I read it. You’re a beautiful, patient woman for bfing her so long. Thank you for the encouragement for the next round ;]

    • Heather says:

      Mae – When I got pregnant I had a long talk with myself about whether I REALLY wanted to tandem nurse. Because if not I think weaning early enough that the older sibling has time to adjust to things is very important. Either way it takes commitment, and there are benefits on both sides. Just because I chose to continue does not mean I’m not a selfish jerk-face on a regular basis, either. Ask my family ; – )

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