Hidden Sources of GMO’s (And My Weekend With Mama Natural)

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About this time . . .

Two days ago I was using one hand to apply pressure to the other, trying to dial for help with my elbows, and considering a visit to my neighbor’s in wildly inappropriate pajamas. Not my best moment.

A couple days before THAT, though, I got to hit the streets with my bloggy-turned-real-life friend, Genevieve of Mama Natural. As you can see below, Genevieve is a natural in more than one sense and I . . . am not.

I left my lipstick and brush behind in the wrong car, had “airplane” ear so I couldn’t hear myself talk, and managed to be less-than-discreet when sneaking milk out of the dairy section to shoot. Oh well, so what if my forehead and chin are apparently two different colors when I blush? I would dress up like a teenage mutant ninja turtle and break dance in Times Square if it would somehow help get the word out about GMO’s!

Of course, the real highlight of the weekend . . .

Was introducing our boys, whom we both went into labor with on September 11th two years ago. I tried to rest and delay while she embraced the day.

Though I can’t say I would change anything about my son’s story (he was born on the 12th), it’s not because I got the day I thought I wanted. I love his story because it is HIS, but thanks to Genevieve and some time for reflection I have come to believe that every day on the calendar is a gift. If you need a reminder of that today check out this handsome boy’s birth video, which Genevieve shared here. ♥



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16 Responses to Hidden Sources of GMO’s (And My Weekend With Mama Natural)

  1. Monica says:

    Loved this!

  2. Loved hanging with you, Heather!!!! We need to do it again soon :)> XOXO and heal up quickly.

  3. Megan says:

    Kinda jealous that you and Mama Natural got together! 2 of my favorites! Hey Heather, you’re a classic beauty even if you forgot your makeup! You guys did great – would love to see more collaborations!

  4. Love it!! That was total awesome sauce (as Dawn from Small Footprint Family would say).

  5. Great video! How fun. My question: if I use the beauty products in your new ebook, will I also look this good without makeup? Please say it’s so…

  6. Clare says:

    Just wanted to say ditto for September 11th 2 years ago. I was hoping for 8/9/10 but september 11 is just as perfect :) (as is the 12th!!)

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  8. The video was AWESOME! Loved it!

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