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Essential Oil News That Changed My Plans

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When I wrote . . .

The post that was originally published here, I did it because I value the trust you’ve placed in me. At this time, to protect my family to the best of my ability, I’m choosing not to discuss specific oil companies at all, nor publish comments that mention them. I feel incredibly sad that I have to limit the discussion in this way, and I am very sorry that I had to remove some of your comments even though there was nothing inherently wrong with them. Please know that I value the time you take to share your thoughts, and this is a unique circumstance I did not anticipate.

Fortunately, there are still plenty of things we can talk about! I will still be sharing all about the therapeutic use of essential oils as I work toward my aromatherapy certification, and I welcome your questions.

A few things to keep in mind going forward:

First, at this time I choose not to have any financial ties to any essential oil company. If that changes in the future I will let you know.

Second, if I could distill my “Mommypotamus Mission Statement” into just two sentences, it would be this:

I choose my family. And I choose yours.

Everything I write on this blog is guided by that. As long as this blog exists, that’s going to be the way it is. Thank you for being here.

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117 Responses to Essential Oil News That Changed My Plans

  1. KristenP says:

    I’m interested in purchasing PT products, particularly a diffuser. But they have so many different ones listed at different prices – I don’t know what the difference is or whether it’s worth it to buy an expensive one or if I can get buy with a cheaper one. Does anyone have experience with their diffusers? I would love a recommendation or some guidance! TIA

  2. Allison says:

    I just want to say thank you for making this brave decision. I so appreciate that you research things throughly and you share your info with us. I look forward to learning more from you!!

  3. Misty says:

    You are followed by many and there are tons of people that highly regard your advice, including myself. For that reason in particular, I want to say thank you for continuing to research and educating yourself so that you can truly make the best recommendations possible.

  4. Lauren at Empowered Sustenance says:

    I read the post that was originally here and then read this update. You are my blogger role model and always will be. I always find myself asking about blog stuff, “What would Heather do in this situation?” You are the epitome of integrity, composure and honesty. I admire you so much. (And I can’t wait until I can finally meet you in person, maybe at a WAPF conference in the future.)

  5. Sara says:

    Thanks SO much!
    Do you grind the peppermint yourself? I tried to with a mortar and pestle and that didn’t work well (they were still so large). And do you use the stevia powder? Mine doesn’t taste great, so I’m trying to figure out how to get it tastier for my little one to like it :) THANK YOU!

    LOVE your e-books! I reference them practically daily! :)

    • Heather says:

      I sometimes buy it pre-ground and sometimes grind it in my coffee grinder. Yes, I do use whole leaf stevia in my blend. So glad you are enjoying my ebooks!

  6. Becky says:

    I just want to say that I am impressed again and again with how you handle things with such grace. I hope your blog is blessed a hundred fold by your choice to operate with such integrity. Many blessings to you and can’t wait to hear about all you are learning!

  7. Sarah says:

    You are an amazing accomplished woman. I feel like and under achiever and very tired when I see all you do!!

  8. Karen says:

    I missed the original post that apparently explained why she stopped using [company name removed.] Can someone please summarize for me? I’ve bought some from [company name removed] and now I’m hesitant to use, knowing that something must be wrong…

    • Diana says:

      Karen I missed it before it was removed too and am wondering the same thin. :-/

    • Heather says:

      Hi Karen, I have not written anything that would cause anyone concern over using whatever brand they are comfortable with.

  9. An Important No-Nonsense Message About Essential Oils | Real Food Family - Traditional Food & Natural Living says:

    […] of mine recently and an interesting conversation suddenly started about essential oils. Heather at Mommypotamus had recently posted an article about buying essential oils and why she switched from using a […]

  10. Shanna says:

    Lotus Light is a great company that offers multiple essential
    oil lines. You can find them online. Look into Oshadhi Professional Essential Oils. They are a good company and practice stringent testing.

  11. Chasa says:

    There is no such thing as “schools of thought” for aromatherapy. This is a myth perpetuated within the MLM community. You can verify this by contacting the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, The International Federation of Aromatherapist as well as the Alliance of International Aromatherapy. Internal use in France is conducted by physicians and treated like medication. It is illegal for anyone else to do it. Aromatherapist are taught (in legitimate schools) that internal use has its place in the field but that place does not include casual, daily use….especially by those who have no proper training/information about aromatherapy, dosing, pharmacokinetics and anatomy and physiology.

  12. Gina says:

    The “French vs. British” standpoint idea is a myth perpetuated by MLM companies to distract from the fact that sales reps are totally unqualified to administer or recommend internal/neat use.

  13. Rebecca says:

    In the French point of view, oils that are administered internally are occasional, diluted in enteric-coated capsules, and under the supervision of a physician who is also qualified in aromatherapy. French doctors do not recommend long-term daily use internally (or externally), the effects of which can include toxicity in organs like the liver and kidneys, skin sensitization, and ulcers in the stomach. They also don’t recommend their patients to use drops directly in the mouth, which can and does cause ulcers/burns on the skin tissues. (Check out Shirley Price’s book, “Aromatherapy for Health Professionals 4th ed. for more great info.)

  14. marta says:

    can you tell us based on what knowledge you think that ingestion is safe? Do you hold degree in that field? I believe once you are certified and study aromatherapy you should only suggest that under supervision. Mamy MLM company’s reps (YL and Doterra) are doing that without any proper background. It is NOT safe! Plus their prices are not based on quality but the system- they need to pay commission from something right ?

  15. Martha says:

    So do you put oils on your skin? Anything you put on your skin goes directly to your blood stream in 2-3 minutes. That is internally consuming. There are different schools of aromatherapy. Where is your proof it is not safe?

  16. Heather says:

    Martha, I cannot give anyone a refund unfortunately, but I did email everyone who signed up with me and offer to give them all of my ebooks for free – that’s about a $70 value.

  17. Patti says:

    Mary – I just started with EO’s and have bought several from Mountain Rose Herbs. So far so good. What made you change companies?

  18. Chasa says:

    Martha, you do not have an accurate understanding of absorption and topical use versus ingestion.

    Yes, when we apply oils topically they constituents of those oils are absorbed into the blood streams but how much is absorbed varies based on the actual constituent.

    Internal use is riskier because you are receiving a larger quantity of these constituents at one time which means the liver would receive a larger dose by way of portal circulation. There is also the issue of the possibility of damaging the mucous membranes during ingestion since MLM companies have made adding oils to water such a popular though dangerous method of administration.

    There are plenty of references in regards to internal use. You will find them in published medical journals. You may find some on pubmed and maybe even Google Scholar but just like with conventional medical research, they are usually not accessible without paying for the annual subscriptions to these medical journals. This is due to the sheer cost and time it takes to do research.

  19. Chasa says:

    Again, I would highly recommend actually contacting non-MLM associated experts about this information. Especially those overseas. You will find, that this information is incorrect.

  20. Rachel says:

    Which part is not correct?

    From what I understand (from both MLM and non-MLM sources), Dr. Jean Valnet in the 1920s successfully used essential oils neat and internally in France and wrote the first “modern” book about the effectivenss of essential oils medicinally.

    Then Marguerite Maury from England (later joined by Robert Tisserand) branched off of that model to solely focus on the aroma aspect of the oils.

    Is that not what happened? I’d love to be pointed in the right direction for further clarification on exactly how Marguerite Maury and Robert Tisserand got started.

  21. Chasa says:

    Sorry, Rachel. It won’t let me reply under you….not sure why.

    You are correct about Valnet and Maury (she was a French biochemist, btw) though I don’t know if I agree with term “branched off”. While she did choose to focus on holistic aromatherapy and her focus did change the definition of aromatherapy, Valnet was known to also take a holistic approach with his patients by using not only essential oils but herb, monitored diet, etc. when caring for his patients.

    And yes, Robert focused on holistic aromatherapy but when you speak with him/read his books you will see that he does not denounce the use of neat application or internal use at all. He simply believes (due to research studies) that proper education needs to be had when using these methods.

    When you attend a reputable aromatherapy program, you are not taught only inhalation or topical use… are taught all methods of application and when they are appropriate because they are not all appropriate in all cases.

  22. Chasa says:

    Weird, apparently it did post it under you. LOL

  23. Sara says:

    Hi Heather, will you be posting PT’s usage recommendations any where so that those of us that use other companies can learn about them? TIA

  24. Sara says:

    Thank you! It’s scary how often people say to just put some in your water! I’ve recently found that oils should only be taken internally in enterically coated capsules. I wish I’d known this years ago when I used to take them internally almost every day b/c someone told me to! :(

  25. Sara says:

    Completely agree!

  26. Kristen says:

    As far as the MLM fear goes…
    Think about where your money is going when you shop at places like Walmart, Target, Whole Foods, etc. It’s going in the TOP person’s pocket. Direct sales, or how some people put it, ‘MLM’, is completely different. Unlike traditional businesses, you can do a lot more and earn a lot more if you CHOOSE to work for it. If you’re just wanting to use the products, hey, that’s fantastic.

  27. Bethany says:

    Kristen, I would much rather buy directly from a company and GIVE away the difference than be hassled by the mess that generally surrounds multi-level marketing setups.

  28. Jesse says:

    From the post above….

    ” (Update from Mommypotamus: Thank you for taking the time to stop by and read this post. I have removed it temporarily for legal reasons and will explain as soon as I am able.)… “

  29. kate says:

    Kristen, It was Dr Schnaubelt’s books that got me interested in the therapeutic usage of essential oils. I just completed his Aromatherapy Certification course. It was difficult! I wish more people would educate themselves properly with eo use.

  30. Sara says:

    In light of this post and others that say internal use is not the best, do you think your tooth soap recipe should be revised to not include EO’s or is it safe b/c it is spit out? I’m confused now! The above comment sounds like oils shouldn’t be used in the mouth. I’m tempted to leave out the oils now but are they necessary as a preservative or anything in that recipe?
    Thanks SO much!

  31. Heather says:

    Sara, I am comfortable using EO’s for things like tooth soap, oil pulling for exactly the reason you stated. I am also comfortable using oils for culinary purpose under certain conditions: In general, my rule of thumb is 1 drop of EO in place of 1 teaspoon of extract as long as the recipe calls for a lot of fat to dilute the oil. Hope that helps.

  32. Sara says:

    Thank you Heather!!!
    You’re the best!!!!!!
    For toddlers who can’t yet spit, would you just leave EO’s out of the tooth soap recipe, what did/do you use for your kids?

  33. Heather says:

    I wasn’t as aware of essential oil best practices when I used toothsoap with Katie, so I used a little peppermint EO in my recipe back then. Thankfully she never had a reaction, but if it were me I’d omit EO’s from the recipe for little ones who cannot spit. We now use a homemade tooth powder from my DIY Beauty ebook. It uses ground peppermint instead, and even though my kids can spit now they usually refuse to because they love the way it tastes. All the ingredients are food grade so I don’t worry about it.

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