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Not Me Monday!

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Note: I tried, I really did, for the official post at MckMama’s blog. But in lieu of waiting any longer I have decided to post now and link later. Enjoy!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday . . . a time where we confess our faults MckMama style by denying them outright. If you have no idea what I am talking about visit MckMama’s blog for a laugh that will keep you smiling all week.

This week, I did not pretend to try on clothes just so I could go into a dressing room and breastfeed Katie. No way, I am a proudly breastfeeding my 18 month old and I don’t ever just want a little privacy.

Also, I did not borrow a lawnmower and mow our lawn for the first time in years because we were expecting company and I was embarrassed by our messy yard. We got rid of our lawn mower when we hired our wonderful yard crew that just happened to miss the one week it was really important to me that our yard look good. So after mowing the lawn I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT use scissors to hand-trim because we also got rid of our edger! What kind of insane neat-freak would do that?

Katie is not the baby that cried “poop!” In fact, she does not often alert us to the facts of biology by saying “tee-tee” or “poopy” in her sweet little voice. We did not teach her that (we really didn’t), and we are not hoping that this means she will be easy to potty-train (a parent can dream!)

And for the record, I am not totally excited to meet baby Hammond sometime this month. I do not have baby fever and I can totally handle being around a newborn without asking Daniel a million times if he wants another one. Happy Not Me Monday! I hope you enjoyed this first attempt at total semi-transparency : – )

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One Response to Not Me Monday!

  1. Daniel (Daddypotamus) says:

    I can attest that she did NOT do these things. I am also NOT obligated to agree with everything she says. :)

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